Sunday, September 14, 2008

Virtualization of the Universe

I wanted to step away from whether our universe is a simulation or not and get into the topic of whether we would or can create a simulation. This may be more important to explore before we dive into questioning our own reality. In the video I use some of of my favorite programs that are I currently use on my computer to illustrate our progression with simulation technology. I use these programs to explore the reality around me. We all have used some form of mapping system be it a GPS or Google earth, or (I dare say it) an analog paper map

This is the internet we dont need to be so low tech
Karten / Stadtplan für die Website

.. hee hee Yes low tech is still out there folks. All of those are variants of our reality, while yes most are 2d at the moment is only a matter of time before our mapping systems go 3d and you can take virtual walks in a country you've never seen.

I want you to ask yourself one simple question why wont these technology displayed wont grow and become more and more interactive as we approach an infinity in computational power?

Yet it is important to note that as our technology evolves and grows more and more sophisticated so will our ability to create more complex and detail simulations of our "reality". No lets assume that our reality if 100% real (which I know we all hope it is) and we become the first sentient beings in the universe to create a full simulation of our universe, lets continue our exploration and say we develop only 1 simulation with what would be our future post singularity infinity computational abilities that gives us a 50/50 chance that our reality is the reality that we'll become the simulators and are not the stimulants. This gets way out of control if you just say that inside each simulation only one simulation is created. The statical probability of us being in the real "reality" drops majorly. So I guess this entire video and blog package is my way to get this out.

If we are able to create a simulation the odds of us already being in a simulation increase.

The rest is now just a rant so mission accomplished, the eagle has landed.


x= time y=technology
So as you can see the amount of technology needed to simulate reality is a function of time and that grows shorter and shorter with every second that passes. At the top end of the graph we hit Infinity. Not your regular infinity too qoute "Nassim Haramein" everything heads towards "Nasty Infinity". So with that said our universe is not getting more and more chaotic like the laws of thermal dynamics states the universe is headed towards a more and more complex systems.

I added that clip to show that what we perceive as real is not as real as we think. All of the electrons and protons in your body and your surroundings is popping in and out of existence, and you laugh at the concept of a virtual universe. If you don't then your not really getting it I say. I laugh every morning as I do the seeming less nonsense things in my life.

In my quest to understand the universe I would love to create and play with a simulated reality. Why ask why when you can see why. I would love to know if my life would have been any different if I choose to stay in the corporate world and live my life as a drone.

Im tired of not knowing what my reality is or isnt. But theres no going back and everyday I peel a layer of veil away.

I don't know why I cant let this die, I want to go back to Kansas i want this reality to end i want out of this realm of existence. This is not even about seeking to understand the universe anymore. See i feel trapped in this reality

For if you believe in a soul and where spiritual beings having a physical experience
this physical experience is my illusion

In a simulated universe it may be possible to learn how to manipulate the program and hack into the source code of the universe, by doing so I may find a way to bend reality towards my will then and only then can you truly be a master of the universe. This is also kind of troublesome for anyone that learned how to hack into our reality can promote themselves to an administrator aka God, yield cosmic power at par with none. From the perspectives of the stimulants it would take a force outside the universe to stop such a being. But im now just speculating into things That i will explore at a later date.

The more I explore these technological paths that humanity can take the less im able to shake the feeling of an actual conscious creator planning our entire simulated existence not in crude concept of a computer. No what im talking about is greater than our universe Im talking about God's interface into the universe

programs used in video

Google earth wwp plug in

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