Monday, August 25, 2008

Babylon a.d. and the Ancients

The upcoming movie with our ex Furyan warrior returns sporting a noticeable body features.

This is the sigil of Simon from the Necronomicon which is a attempt at ressurrecting Sumerian mythology and the legends of the "great ones"


Now in the book it calls for the sacrifice of eleven men to enchant a sword to summon tiamat. The Sword of the dark lord maybe?

Now Tiamat is depicted as a mult-headed dragon,also notice in my video "Holy sword raised against the dark lord" (The new expansion for world of warcraft) shows a king using a sword to waken a dormant dragon.

This is going to get better folks just give me time im doing a million things at once right now. More to come

Further digging into the patterns of our warrior reveals that prior to being XXX=666(the beast) He lived in a realm of pitch black

This clearly looks like a black star, Therefore our hero first playing a role as our blind hero in the realm of the black star goes on to become the xxx beast only to later defeat the leader of the negromangers and effectively becoming leader of the army of darkness which from there point of view a god of the "underverse"

Here he is again sitting on hes newly acquired throne knowing hes "guilty of hes crimes" after this he remains fully sited in hes next movie appearance The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift till we arrive were we started

Now heres my question, what is the xxx beast doing resonating with the person that may lead to becoming or creating the new messiah?

My Riddles

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