Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Whore of Babylon

The Great city that would be destroyed near the end of time by our tiamat dragon beast, is also associated with the beast that would aid in its destruction. Now Ive started to touch up a little on how tiamat is being (summoned). This is just the start there's also tons of imagery of our cities or more importantly New York Being destroyed by a giant cthulhu/dragon beast.

Now as previous stated that a sacrifice has to be done to enchant a sword that will summon the beast.

Lets not forget our iconic whore that all kings of all nations have bowed to

I cant help to wonder about the similarities of all the pictures of the whore she is baring chalice or object very similar to a torch
Again we can sit here all day mix matching pics so this would be the last one.

I want to add that I will be adding more and more information to these post so just because you reached the end of this post does not mean there wont be more added to it. Im just adding as i go while I also build up the traffic here and start post production for new videos.

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