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The Simulation Hypothesis 2-3

The cosmic road map

Lets begin our journey at the start of the universe ;P

If you really want to understand what the LHc is really trying to do you must read a book by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman seen here below

"The God Particle"

The entire experiment is designed to search for what is described in this book.

"Dubbed the "God particle" by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman, the Higgs boson is a hypothetical particle which, like divinity, is all pervading but undetectable. Scientists around the world race to find this clandestine particle. This book is about a different quest to find a different particle. This too is all-pervasive and totally clandestine. By revisiting the key experiments of the past, those that have shaped physics as we know it today, and re-assessing them in the light of a new theory based on a prime particle, we confirm the existence of the elusive God Particle. It's a particle belonging to an as yet undreamed of class of matter, many orders of magnitude smaller than anything we have even imagined. The theory based on this particle ultimately leads to an overarching but simple proposition that all of the phenomena of nature can be described in terms of one particle, one force and one law."

Its also important to note that finding the higgs is important to our concept or reality, why? Well the higgs is the particle that gives matter mass and with out that the entire universe could very well be "Holographic" e.i (a simulation)

Whether our universe is real or simulated, is not as important as whether its possible to reproduce our experience of reality. We seek to simulate our world with greater and greater detail on a regular basis. This is not just a scientific quest this is a quest for our own enjoyment and entertainment.

So when is our virtual simulation perfect? Can perfection be reached with simply photo realistic graphics?
Heres an example oh the level of complexity our virtual worlds are now reaching.

I sat out side today and watch the squirrels move around the yard doing what we call instinct. In a simulated universe threes no chaotic behavior, sure you can have what appears to be random code generators but this is not fully random.

Randomness in a program is generated by code, for this reason I stare back at my little squirrels and wonder. Is there a higher pattern controlling there every moment,and if so why would this pattern not be controlling me. what happens to the concept of free will if the universe has an underlying pattern to it?

"God does not play dice with the universe."
-- Albert Einstein

Unfortunately we have to save chaos theory for a later time.

With that said If we ever wanted to simulate our own universe we would need to have what I currently call the "The source code" to the universe

What is the source code of the universe you ask?

The greatest video game physics engine ever designed will be,the one that uses the source code of the universe, and that would be a unified theory. So is this the end of our understanding or reality?

NO by far! This actually makes our universe more complex for it takes our understanding of the universe into new realmz of understanding ;)

They say that I'm a by-product of entropy and chaos yet the complexity in my own cells show other wise.

The simulation Hypothesis 2
"How Real am I"
coming soon

What we observe as the universe

Is just a little island of existence and to explore this futher we need the source code of the universe.

The Simulation Hypothesis 3
"The source code of the universe"
coming soon

"As above so below"
Were getting ready to fire up our beam to give birth to our simulated universe right around the same time a cosmic beam called a Gamma ray burst from half away across the universe hits us Read story

SO what does all of this mean? Well before we get into that lets take a look at the progress so far with our particle beams.

On an even larger scale everything that is going on is the begining of the Singularity event. I cant stress enough how much our concept of the universe is going to change as we approach the Universal cycle! The universe is almost at our grasp i can feel it. Before we know it we will have a complete theory of the universe and start work on what I call dimensional theorem.

For more information check out this book
The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology

I guess i should explain myself some more especially after throwing out terms
that I made up. Mind you I made that term to explain something that was not yet being explored by mainstream physics in the late 90's

Photobucket Image Hosting

what your looking at is my crude version of membrane theory. Each large circle is an entire universe on its own, the smaller circles are galactic superclustersinside those circles is our Local Group .Now the entire image is what i call our local universe group. This hierarchy of groups is what is truly Infinite not the universe!!! Yes you heard me the universe our membrane is encapsulated and grouped with other universes that may even be bigger older smaller or younger than our universe. This Is ultimately what I mean by realmz of existence.

theres more!!!
The freakish twist
this pattern works both ways. Up and down!!
"As above so below"
Photobucket Image Hosting
Introducing The Fractal Infinity

Deep inside the atom lies not the higgs boson but a mirror image of the universe.
Yes this is very speculative but were about to learn if its true or not. What im proposing is that if our universe is a fractal then pass the singularity point you come out into another universe.
Photobucket Image Hosting
Using that picture im going to show how the universe works.

General Relativity

Quantum mechanics

Unification- Singulatiry

quantum mechanics

General relativity


Now remember this pattern is the true infinity so it really more like this

and for the grand finale we now are reaching The Holy grail

Look Deep with eyes wide open
seek and you shall find

THe Pattern in the Universe is...

The Key to the Universe

Over 12 hours into this project now... I need to rest
more when i wake up

Good night all and remember

SEEK Truth!

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