Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Shift is here

Ive been off the radar for 30 days... Been extremely busy studying economic patterns and associating them to what is now the 6th day of the galactic underworld. See im a strong believer that everything is connected. This mindset I call unification has taken me to the ends of the earth seeking to piece together a massive puzzle that we call reality. so while this is not going to be colorful blog entry, for I need to get back to my work. Im just here to announce that all my research suggest a surge in positivity/energy really soon..

Get ready for a stock market rally of 1000 points or more. Cant say when but its coming it may be short lived but this is just a sign of the shift...

In other news Im moving to position myself to gather more data, I will be moving to Ny at the end of the month to work on the creation of money market fund. Hopefully it goes well for this will be the capital that will launch my research to depths that Ive only dreamed of till now. At the same time Im positioning myself to be closer to a larger deposit of humanity's knowledge, the new york state library will be at my disposal. I thought about moving closer to the library of congress but i cant live in D.c. So this is the next best thing for me.

09 is going to bring very profound content as the universe begins to shift gears. Ive spent a great deal of time stripping my self of all materialism, this was needed as I plan to spend the end of days traveling the world collecting the last pieces of knowledge i need to complete Unification theory. I cant deny it no more ascension is here, this is the root of my wakening as im being called to serve the order of Hermes. Life is nothing short but a quest to collect the information of my ancient masters at this point.

My Riddles

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