Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Creation Creates the Creator

The more I experience reality and interact with you universe the less you fool me day to day.. I know your there watching every thing I do patiently and silently watching and waiting. Yet in my quest to understand the creator from the stand point of the creation I stare into the veil and see my self. At this point in a complete logic loophole I seek to shatter the mirror. This is not you universe why are you playing games with me..

The creation can not be the creator I yell..

I ---- what a concept ----------

I am-------the end of everything

I am all that I am --------------

When studying the universe why do i exclude my self.. I am part of the thing i study...
I am part of the universe...

The answer to the universe is not out side of me..
At this point im pulling on my hair.
Its soo clear yet faded by self... Im my own obstacle ....WtF
I want to be the universe and I.... THAts it ..

I<------- is what is stopping me..

you cant have a self when your one with everything that exist.

I cant be the universe if I want to be..

I just have to be what ive always been.

The observee observing the observer observing.

My Riddles

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