Sunday, February 15, 2009

Level 7

This month marks my seventh year seeking.

This month seven years ago i began to repeat the worst word in the English language... I began to ask why.

Since then layers or reality have just fallen off, yet theres no core in sight.

Now I wish to undo the curiosity that led me here, I wish to know no more than a new born, I wish to return to the source of my creation.

Don't get me wrong i love life but this just isn't real.

I come to love the illusion as a captive falls in love with hes capture.
I come to view myself as just another entity in grand scheme of things, yet i cant
help to wonder how others are experiencing the universe.

Be it a snowflake to a tree we all exist in this universe all playing our part in grand design.

I you we are all trapped.

Thinking im less then whole I tend to forget the 15 Billion years or so that it took the universe to make me and you.

Yet as all the cells in my body act as one I tend to see myself, apart from all that is me, This is a byproduct of Trillion of cells all acting as one to communicate what we collectively feel.

We feel old and tired, lost and out of touch with the trillions of stars in the universe.

I at times feel singular ignoring all that is me all that I experience as part of me, I have to remember that without the universe I would not exist, yet I curse all that is outside of me for fear that it is out of my control.

I believe deep down inside I create my reality and all that I experience is just a complex quantum mechanical feedback, a responsive and interactive universe.

If (I) we think it we create it.

Now the trillion of cells that function this host is reaching out to another collective of trillion of cells, we been operating with limited understanding of why we continue to support our collective.

As a single unit we are nothing, yet together we seem more destructive to the whole than as a single unit.

we all have our function, as a whole we make particleion, while at the same time humanity has yet to find its function.

Sometimes it feels as if that is what we need, a collective goal.

There is no current need for all of humanity to act as a host to an even greater being, yet we must say (The trillion of cells that is talking to you) we work to be as one and there is no reason we will stop with being a single human host.

We want to all be one.

All billion trillions of us.

from one cell to another

a single human cell

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