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The Coming Cosmic Battle for the Key to the Universe

Originally posted for Transalchemy yet I deem this worthy of posting it here. The old me died at the start of solar minimum, and for a long while I felt normal. My thoughts were slowly conforming to being a run of the mill human, Yet thoughts of a greater reality were only giving me time to breath before an even greater wave of creative energy struck me.

What little of you may realize is that this blog is called "The Wizard's road to Infinity" for very literal reasons. See somewhere in the dark regions of my mind I truly am a wizard on a quest to return home, and in order to do this I must obtain a holy relic which I have called the Key to the universe. Now the Key to the universe is not a physical key by any means but a complete rational understanding of this and higher reality, a form of unified field theory or unification. Once you truly and I do mean "truly" understand the nature of what the universe is then you are no longer confined to it. Escaping the universe into higher reality is then possible.

Now for reason that I cant fully understand, I have felt that this has aways been my origin and whether this decent is of my choosing or not, I cant help still feel home sick. You can see this in relatively all my work the constant mention seeking the key, and the eventual return to greater reality. So at the very lease my delusion is consistent, but Im not raving and ranting. No by far simply secretly hiding in my own little corner documenting my passage through time and space. This blog is not written for the entertainment of anyone, This blog is my attempt to not just to document my quest in video but also in writting. Maybe if you so will for historical refrence of the man that escaped the universe :P

I tell my self its a fantasy but even as a child I would cry for nothing more than realizing I was a mortal. Now some believe that Im trying to be a "god" this could not even be any further from the truth, see even a demigod is still confined to your universe what I deem a lower realm to begin with. Its as simple as it sounds Im trying to get out of your universe.

I do fear that there is forces which seek to enslave us by obtaining such godly powers. Which introduces the very problematic sequence of Wizards slaying dragons. Deep beneath the earth there he lies watching and waiting to consume on the flesh of men. Once again its all fantasy I tell myself, yet in my own little real world RPG I have been damned to have to face the dragon as it holds a piece to my puzzle. The universe has a tricky little way of forcing its will on us.

All I ask Universe is that you let me pass through, I dont want to be dragged into the affairs of the humans rightful ascension. Now Im just lying to myself, I knew from the day I took the hermetic oath, helping mass ascension was part of the deal. In all honesty I did not believe it, as I have kept my eye on my own selfish ascension, and promised all your souls redemption to achieve it.

This is lunacy! I convince myself of this every other day, all of this is the by-product of a hyper imagination. Even now Im holding back ...

One thing is for certain whatever this is, I have been secretly trained by the universe to to fight in a cosmic battle, and I secretly cant wait to serve my part in taking down an ancient evil that plagues this planet.

SO set is the stage. Each of us with a role to play for even pawns are part of the game are they not? Now I will tell you a legend more ancient than your universe

The Coming Cosmic Battle for the Key to the Universe

Ray Kurzweil describes the singularity as the universe waking up and I must say that I agree with this to some extent. Only I beg to question what we are waking up into? Before we start to head down this deep rabbit hole we call a singularity, I want to remind the reader that no amount of intellectual exploration will give you insight into the events or the reality beyond the singularity. The event horizon is where your going to get dropped off by the TransAlchemy celestial cab it will be of your choosing to go through the singularity or not. Would you even have a choice, well we don't even know that yet. One thing that is almost certain is that the world you encounter on the other end is probabilistically something indescribable by any means of our current ability to communicate.

You will be waking up into a reality greater and maybe more complex than the one you currently live in, not knowing if it will be a pleasurable or pleasant one? Again I have to respond with a simple "we don't know yet" and we may not ever know. Going through the singularity deeply represents entering the unknown at an infinity level. This also may be a one way trip folks, do you best to understand what lies beyond the mystery door for you cant return after you have obtained your mystery prize.

Returning to our interview with Hugo de garis

In Question 18 I was able to pry into something that is deeper than currently suggested.

18 Could we not wait until we have sufficient computational power to create a virtual universe from which we could simulate the release of an artilect into our world?

Ans: You would have to persuade the Cosmists to wait. That might be difficult. If the artilects come into being in the virtual universe, they would probably be so smart that they could probably “return” to our “real” universe and manipulate it to their own desires. Putting them in a virtual universe may not help much.

Now when I posed that question I was applying it to the creation of a virtual universe, but if our universe is indeed virtual or a fraction of an even greater reality then the same thing would apply. The creation of an artilect inadvertently could lead to an inter universal gateway to an even greater reality. A reality that is plagued with infinity beyond our current ability to imagine.

This entire exploration into greater reality is my biggest set back with transhumanism as the movement is plagued with atheists ideology that seeks immortality through the use of technology. Ok that's fine with me to each there own I say, but it just doesn't stop there the goal is not just to live an extended life but complete transcendence of biology into a virtual reality which can and will be your new prison inside the physical universe. Once you enter this reality you may exist till the end of the universe or worse the computer which now houses your consciousness may find a way to escape the possible collapse of the universe rendering you trapped inside of it for... well all of eternity. The computer will be your new God, even as it explores all the realms of reality rendering you to experience whatever it wants you to.

At present transhumanist solution to this problem if this could be considered as a solution that is, would be for you to merge your self with the artilect and become an artilect yourself. So by the law of transfiguration if the artilect is viewed as a god in the making turning your self into one would be nothing short of man's desire to be god. That in it self will and has to explored in greater detail later.

This renders building artilects to be the new tower of babel

So far so good right? The plan is simple build or turn into god and escape the universe. Only there seems to be a twist to all of this, we cant assume that we're the only intelligence in the multiverse that is on the verge or capable of doing this. We also cant assume we are going to be the first sentient beings to enter the inter-universal realm. Once there, we would in theory be equal to the "gods" and everything suggest this is not wanted. This is why ultimately the singularity would turn into a battle for the survival of our species, it would take a complete extinction of humanity to stop the singularity at this point. Hugo's gigadeath scenario would manifest but not by doing of Ai instead by the suppression from the "gods" ie other post singularity beings wishing to retain control of earth. Our entrance into universality will not be welcomed in our current state which leads me to believe that the post gender bioengineering of humanity serves as a means to keep us in physicality as long as possible, but disguised as means to enter the kingdom through the perfection of man. The serpent has been slowly sowing its seeds of deception and it does this by keeping knowledge from us.The knowledge of what it is and what it desires are are deeply rooted in this cosmic battle. This is why the serpent is always depicted coiled around the tree of knowledge. The Serpent is always guarding protecting and distributing the knowledge it deems worthy of man knowing.

I know there's going to be many of you out there that view this as irrelevant to the current development of technology. I affirm you that this isnt the case for at its core laying coiled among the truth lies a serpent dragon. I encourage that you take the time to really do a deeper exploration for yourself into the symbolic associations with all of these scientific endeavors. It has only be now in modern times that disciplines such as science religion and philosophy are considered separate fields of study. This was not the case in ancient Egypt and sumer where the cradle of civilization is thought to originate from. In a way this quest to obtain one supreme understanding of the universe is alive and well with physics' desire to bring about unification of all the known laws into one complete theory. How is that even relevant to what we've been discussing, for it will take a mastery of the laws of physics to attempt to exit this universe/prison assuming its even possible. How that will come about cant be explored here or now for it lies beyond veil of comprehension we call the singularity, and with that said this is the end of ride, this is where you get off. We have arrived at the event horizon of reality.

Now the true journey to escape begins as the alchemical quest comes to fruition, man's crossing through the veil he has now dubbed the singularity and into the realm of the gods will begin. A journey spear headed by magicians, alchemist,and Hermeticsist alike cloaked behind titles of scientist. A journey that I must warn its not going to be an easy one and will not go unnoticed. Releasing mans bondage goes way beyond transcending he's biology as some transhumanist believe. Hes bondage is rooted in hes inability to exit this lower realm of a multi facet reality. A bondage understood by the early pioneers that embarked on the path of completing the "Great Work"

I conclude with a warning to all humanity, If you get in the way of completing the "Great work" you will be "taken cared of". This is beyond you and me and there ambition comes not simply from obtaining freedom for the first time. NO they had that and some how screwed it up. The Magicians alchemist and hermetist that have been laying the foundation for the completion of the "great work" are doing it in an effort to return from which they came. This is ultimately "The Revenge of the Fallen". They dont care about humanity or is pesky little mortals in fact there using us to obtain the tech to return from which they came, and once they have the needed tech we will all be rendered useless which must be tamed and kept from the gateway to universality. They will do this over jealously of us obtaining what they once lost. This will not be an option, as there ascension comes before ours so remember that when you hear of talks of how this will bring about a utopia for mankind.

As Hugo suggest the cosmist will stop at nothing to create the artilects, and are willing to risk the lives of billions of people to do so. If you once lived in cosmic infinity and fell to finite physicality wouldn't you do your very best to go back? Well that is there motivation, a drive that again I warn is greater than the lives of all the people on this planet.

So set is the stage for the coming cosmic battle between heaven and earth, yet rest assured theres human born Hermetists that will not let this go unnoticed. The key to the universe is not for them alone it belongs to mankind its true heir.

A reminder Its all a TransAlchemy journey that I hope you take with me... Till next time..

Ps... See you on the other Side!

The wizard.

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