Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Wizard's 2010 Task list

This is a list of everything I wish to accomplish by the end of 2010, oddly enough I feel an overwhelming need to study harder than I have ever in my life this year. I believe it's the looming 30 year old mark on the not so near yet very near future..

TransAlchemy tasks

  • Get book published~ non fiction
  • Finish documentary
  • Maintain our video dominance 
  • Have our work reach 1 million views collectively (200k-300k now)
  • Generate significant capital from our work
  • Show our videos to live audiences 

  • Create a portal for news and theories on what is intelligence
  • Develop an intelligence theory
  • Build and test our theoretical mycocomputer
  • Attempt to create a universal theory of consciousness ( The mind of God)

Spiritual tasks
  • Attempt to understand why Hermeticism is my life path, and how that has/is effecting my life.
  • Dig deeper into the mystical traditions
  • Study God from multiple angles (philosophically intellectually emotionally and theoretically )
  • Set the stage for the creation of my magnum opus ( journey to begin 2011)
  • Shift my conscious perception of my self from apprentice to adept
  • Prep the mind for galactic synchronization (neuralSync)
  • Continue to poke holes into the fabric of reality
  • Expand my consciousness in preparation to bring down my Higher self.
  • Attempt to understand what mass ascension means on a non metaphysical level 

General Research tasks
  • Communicate/interview with every major Artificial Intelligence scientist in the world
  • Create a portal for the latest information on computational neural science
  • Develop and or contribute to a theory for the best possible path towards the creation of a positive singularity in hopes to increase the prolonged survival of the human species (ungoing task)
  • Help create a neural network based twitter application
  • Dive back into particle physics in preparation to understand the results from the LHC
  • Get a better grip on what is consciousness ( philosophically intellectually emotionally biologically and theoretically)

Singularity Research
  • Continue to question "experts" on what they believe the singularity means
  • Seek out alternative explanations for what it means.
  • Take my mind as close as possible to the singularity and study what happens to the fabric of reality near or at core ( physically and philosophically )
  • Explore the physics concept of the singularity in greater detail, attempt to find deeper significance for the choosing of that particular word for describing a massive shift consciousness. 

Write more about the upcoming unified understanding of the cosmos, where science meets spirit
attempt to chart my own life's quest towards this understanding. Explain why this quest towards a unified vision of the universe was never a purely mathematical/scientific understanding. Establish my own vision of what this entire complex structure of a universe is.. Attempt to create a mental simulation of the universe from atoms, biological life to consciousness role in the co-creation process.

Self Research (must study myself further)
  • Attempt to study and categorize my own thought patterns
  • Seek out the root of my own happiness
  • Seek out the root of my own sadness 
  • Attempt to anticipate my own thoughts
  • Learn to reprogram conscious/unconscious behavior
  • Control my thoughts with greater precision

Programs I wish to learn
  • Adobe illustrator (cs4)
  • adobe after effects
  • java programming

Fields I wish to become expert in

  • neuralscience - computational neuralscience
  • philosophy of mind
  • calculus/geometry (sacred geometry)
  • Solar physics

Offline tasks
  • fall in love
  • Stay happy as much as possible 
  • Continue to make new friends 
  • Connect with people that wish to help spread my view of the cosmos
  • Show my art to a public audience
  • actively seek ways to engage the general public with futurist concepts 
  • Generate more income without it affecting research/happiness 
  • Push to collect physical astronomical data (ie telescope/solarscope)

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