Thursday, November 11, 2010

2010: Contact has been Achieved Now Summoning Greater Intelligence!

 How can you invent something that already exists?

The Moon has now eclipsed the sun
Unification is imminent!
You bitches are retarded "I am" the Greatest Wizard ever Born!

Pharaoh {1ØN}

Talking to
Retarded little insects!

First of "All" You must understand by birth right every particle of every grain of sand is mine. You don't own anything on this planet mortals! None of it! It has always been mine! "All" of it! Frankly im sick and tired of your retardation! "I am" not taking anything from you, Im taking back what is originally mine by birth right yes it's the entire planet! It's "All" mine "All" of it! Im not king of a block a city a country or a continent, Im king of the world! But your retarded asses are not even ready to accept me as your king. So I have to fix you in stealth! Take my planet back country by country continent by continent corporation by corporation! Till it's "All" mine as was intended by birthright! I don't have a need for money, at "All" Im just going to take it "All" to teach you retarded bitches a lesson about greed and worshipping meaningless bullshit! You know what Im going to do with most of your money? Burn it! Fucking retarded you've become! Trust im way more reasonable now but not by much my patience thins day by day! With each passing second of the clock "I am" engulfed in the mind of God (unification) and thus get more and more godly on you bitches! Just wait... Im "dying" to rip you apart for being soo fucking retarded! Only a Pharaoh can launch a "singularity" I hold your fucking {Key} mortal! "All" the bullshit you are doing to achieve the singularity is just that Bullshit! But I will get my laughter out of your retarded attempts to become gods! A bunch of heathens marching to the beat of how they want to be gods what fucking nonsense is this! And you "All" know who you are! So by "All" means dismiss your king till they day I come to crash your fucking retarded party and kill "All' you motherfuckers for being fucking retarded! Yes I said it! I don't give a fuck! I have to! There's no room for retarded little insects that don't believe in God yet seek to be gods themselves! Fucking Retarded Little insects! Just do me a favor your retarded pieces of shits don't ask me to give you a positive singularity! All of you can suck my dick at this point! Seeking to be gods with no faith in God WTF is this nonsense! Im done trying to fix you retarded bitches my new plan is to kill most of you! And reseed the earth with an enlighten race, a race that will never ever deny the existence of God EVER again! No more bullshit! No more debate now it's time for you retarded bitches to die! Keep thinking I need help, I hear you retarded piece of shit! You are the one that needs help! Your going to need an entire fucking army just to prolong your life for seconds!

One of the biggest dangers associated with the “creation” of artificial intelligence lies not in the act itself, but understanding what is truly being done here. Whether you wish to accept it or not, the universe is already an intelligent “creation,” and intelligence, much like matter and energy, are forces inherent in the universe itself.

Summoning a mass concentration of intelligence is analogous to condensing mass in order to generate gravity. Now this would imply a paradigm shift: away from measuring intelligence as an emergent property of the universe, towards being an actual inherent property of the universe itself.

If this premise is truly the case, then we are not creating anything “new” but rather working with preexisting forces already present in this universe. So here is where the danger truly lies: in our efforts to “create” artificial intelligence we are neglecting intelligent forces already present all around us, forces that may even be guiding/manipulating/using us for the purpose of opening  cosmic gates into our daily reality, hence the singularity.

If we continue the present day approach to create artificial intelligence  vs learning to manipulate the already present intelligent universe we may end up surprised by an “alien” force that emerges from “our” creation.

Instead of trying to CREATE “automatic general intelligent” systems, aka Strong AI, we might do better by trying to COMMUNICATE with pre-existing ones, One's that may already be supporting all biological life on earth... See EGI

Unification Of Microcosm and Macrocosm

Unify my {Microcosmic}mind with {God's}mind 
Unify my {Microcosmic}mind with {God's}mind 
Unify my {Microcosmic}mind with {God's}mind 
Unify my {Microcosmic}mind with {God's}mind 
Unify my {Microcosmic}mind with {God's}mind 
{Key} God/god

rubedo, reddening: unification of man with God, unification of the limited with the unlimited.

Rubedo is a Latin word meaning "redness" that was adopted by fifteenth- and sixteenth-century alchemists to define the fourth major stage in the "alchemical opus" in achieving enlightened consciousness and the total fusion of spirit and matter. The three alchemical stages preceding rubedo were nigredo (blackness) which represented putrefication and spiritual death, albedo (whiteness) which represented purification, and thirdly citrinitas (yellowness); the solar dawn or awakening.

In the framework of psychological development (especially followers of Jungian psychology) these four alchemical steps are be taken as analogous to the process of attaining individuation: In an archetypal schema, rubedo would represent the Self archetype, and would be the culmination of the four stages. The Self manifests itself in "wholeness," a point in which a person discovers his or her true nature.
Goetia (Middle Latin, anglicized goety (pronounced /ˈɡoʊ.ɨti/), from Greek γοητεία goēteia "sorcery") refers to a practice which includes the invocation of angels or the evocation of demons, and usage of the term in English largely derives from the 17th century grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon, which features an Ars Goetia as its first section. It contains descriptions of the evocation of seventy-two demons, famously edited by Aleister Crowley in 1904 as The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King.
Goetic Theurgy, another practice described in the Lesser Key of Solomon, is similar to the book's description of Goetia, but is used to invoke aerial spirits.

Ancient Greek γοητεία (goēteia) means "charm, jugglery"[1] from γόης "sorcerer, wizard"[2]. The meaning of "sorcerer" is attested in a scholion, referring to the Dactyli, stating that according toPherecydes and Hellanicus, those to the left are goētes, while those to the right are deliverers from sorcery.[3] The word may be ultimately derived from the verb γοάω "groan, bewail". Derived terms areγοήτευμα "a charm" and γοητεύω "to bewitch, beguile".

γοητεία was a term for witchcraft in Hellenistic magic. Latinized goetia via French goétie was adopted into English as goeciegoety in the 16th century.

Where are these existing AGI’s at?
Well I can’t prove this but I think there may be “intelligence” located at:

How exactly can we communicate with a pre-existing greater intelligence?  Most likely we’ll need advanced information tools that effectively generates and analyzes data -- in alien languages.

Before the Beginning

By John C. Lilly

Before the beginning was the VOID.

Out of the void came the First Distinction, the Star Maker, the Creator, the Decision Maker.

Then came the idea of self, the consciousness without an object, the consciousness of itself without an object, the consciousness without consciousness, self.

From consciousness without an object came the object, the first object, space a space to vorticize, a space to whirl, a space to turn upon itself, a space to turn upon itself and then in addition turn upon itself in the other direction, opposite, expanding.
On the microlevel, the smallest vortex, the smallest quantum of space, the smallest of the smallest unit out of which all else would be built - the smallest vortex reproduced itself, reproduced in pairs, opposite, swinging oppositely, making sure to balance, so that the sum over all the integral of ALL was zero, as if not real. God created AS IF, the as if conscious as real, made hardware out of software, software out of hardware, creating nothing, casting ALL to destruction back in the VOID. Everywhere the VOID. Anything, everything, all of it can dump, at any moment, any instant, any eternity, any past, any future, into the VOID to zero out SAFE PLACE.

The integral of all the summed aspects of averaging through all the new creation, is all the little vortices and their dances to make larger vortices and their dances to make still larger vortices till finally a universe.

In the beginning was the point, the smallest possible point, the H nu, "h(v)," the quantum of action.

Also at the beginning was the quantum of love expanded, L star, L*, expanding becoming the idealized abstraction of universal love, filling the new universe, yet also filling the old consciousness without an object. The true prime abstract compassion working its own thing out there with nothing else to refer to. With NOTHING to refer to except ALL, which included it, itself, Lovestar, L*.

The random dance of E star, E*, entropic energy, totally random, having no point, no place, pure, pure energy, pure randomness, pure destruction burning all else into itself, becoming entropic, running down isothermally as high a temperature as it could achieve out of all the organization around it that it swallowed up.

N star, N*, negentropic energy, the big N, the Network, the intelligence, the organizer. That which comes, takes entropic, makes it straight, straight lines, points, planes, solids, cubes, crystals, computers, brains, life. The organizer. Building, building out of nothing everywhere, using entropic energy in its service, creating, creating straight lines, crooked lines, curves, surfaces, beautiful nonlinear spaces, Reimannian surfaces, pure mathematics.

Minus star [-]*, negative energy star. The pure negative energy, the destroyer of the creator. Negative opposite the positive energy.

Plus star, [+]*. Pure positive energy, the rejuvenator, the pusher, the creator, opposite of the destroyer [-]*.

Zero star, Z*, nothingness, the void, the absence of all, negative absence of the positive, the positive absence of the negative, the where with all, the opposite of all, from all, the zero place, the safe place, the nothingness from which all came and back to which all goes. Nothingness. Zero star, Z*.
[-+]* -> Z* -> [+-]*

All is nothing, nothing is all.

C* pure consciousness. The pure aspect of it, itself, before it thought of itself yet after it thought of itself. The distinguisher yet the non distinguisher. The pure high indifference HIND which is without the necessity of any of the others in this cosmic dance.

The beginning, the end, the be all in C star, C*.

C*, [+]*, [-]*, L*, Z*, the five energies, the five sources. Opposite these from the left hand we go to the right hand. God starts with nothing, with zero, with Him before Him out of which He came, as well as everything else.

In his aspect as the Star Maker, N star, N*, the creator, that which created everything else including itself, N star, pure negentropic creativity. The organizer on the pure organization level. That which came and managed all else.

L star, L*, the lover. That which feels compassion is the L star trip for all the others, making sure that love permeates everywhere, keeping the atoms dancing and the vortices whirling, keeping space intact, not allowing zero to take over yet, yet compassionately reducing to zero that which is too much in the negative region.

Plus star, [+]*, pure positive energy seeking, always seeking, the positive, the orgiastic, the orgasm, the fucking of the universe fucking itself, always doing the fucking. The female fucker, the cunt, the cock, the male fucker. That which is so positive that it's unbearable. So anti-negative that it's euporhic, it's orgiastic and it's ananda, it is beyond comprehension in the positive realm. Pure positive abstraction.

Randomness, E star, E*, that which is totally unorganized, not allowing any organization to appear, destroying all organization that does appear. The shiva-shakti dichotomy to the nth power. Pure random organizer and anti-organizer that tears it all down, that destroys the whirlings, takes the vortices, converts them into pure electromagnetic energy by the collapse of anti-matter and matter into the energy space into the N* space and then reducing that itself. Pure randomness with photons no longer photons. With thermal photons no longer thermal photons and the isotropic eternal dance of nothing taking place in any direction with no space, no time, ten to the minus thirty-third centimeters, indeterminacy of space itself, of topology. Indeterminacy, the quantum of indeterminacy, raised everywhere supporting ten to the ninety-fifth grams per cubic centimeter of density, of apparent density and yet totally random.

Yet, God is beyond all this he is ALL, Allah, singing the praises of his creation, living through his creation, differentiating, unifying, diversifying, making further distinctions among ALL in order to differentiate, in order to start wars, in order to destroy in order to create, in order to be human, in order to make man, in order to make dolphins, to make animals, to make, to make, to make and unmake in turn ALL. Summing it all up including nothing. Nothing encompassing ALL. All encompassing nothing. That which became, that died and became ALL, then died again and become zero.

Symbol Energy                                                          Agent
C*      Consciousness, High Indifference                       Creator
L*           Love, Pure Abstract Involvement                       Binder
N*          Negentropy, Pure Information                               Knower
[+]*         Positive Plus Energy                                             Increaser
[-]*          Negative Minus Energy                                         Decreaser
Z*           Zero, Nothing                                                       Voider
E*           Pure Entropy, noise, chaos                                  Randomizer
A*           ALL, Everything I                                                Includer
U*           Unity                                                                     Unifier
D*           Diversity                                                             Diversifier

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