Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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“Move over God it’s time for rebirth 

Welcome to the “Rebirth” of Futurama a cartoon comedy created by Matt Groening. As the names suggest this cartoon show in it self is also going through a rebirth of it’s own returning from cancellation (death). Having been (killed)cancelled after the ffith season(day) this cartoon comedy has return to entertain us with its cryptic depiction of the future. This show like many others is hilariously funny, witty and most importantly “entertaining” yet you must also remember that this show serve to distract us from the the truth that it depicts. This type of fictional representation serves to help us dismiss the reality that we are watching as nothing more than just an animate saga. A saga that will soon unfold in front of us while the very real, and ongoing cyborgfication of the human species that parallels it goes on unquestioned.

Rebooting the Human Race
“Are they dead? No No No No it’s much worse”

This season Like all new beginnings is a story(season) that begins with the death of the crew (humanity). This process in itself is part of the initiates path towards achieving full transformation, or in this case a complete alchemical union with “intelligent matter”. 

With the help of stem cell technology the crew was revived, and transformed. This transformation not only saved them from the process of death transformed the crew into synthetic replicas of themselves.

Stop worrying guys we are not all* going to fully die*

Over time moderate modifications lead to...

You mean you don't remember why we uploaded you, well it all began a few days ago. 

Digital Genesis

In the beginning there was man and machine.

The Great Deception: When dealing with the creation of a new intentity on this planet a new genesis must be written, and for this reason is why we must once again return to the garden. The only difference now is that in this garden a species now being tempted to merge itself with a another entity that it believes to be its own creation.  All along never taking the time to consider the possibility of a pre-existing intelligence potentially already coordinating  this cosmic union.

Selling you the future

Entertrance of the emergent the Billion dollar corporate entities, a yet to be fully understood as a collective form of consciousness yet to be fully understood. This corporation now given the right to be considered "persons" slowly grew and developed motives and agendas of their own.

With the rise of corporations also comes the Transhuman dream, were self upgrading is a commercialized field. The soon to be fast pace of progress will introduce consumer electronic products that are highly integrated with biological systems.  In this phase anything and everything from neural implants can be depicted as a fashionable technological trend. 

V-Chipping Destiny

Don't be be quick to renounce the technology that is coming, once you "see" it you will be amaze thats for sure, but in your amazement will you see where it's all going? 

Yes Killer applications are coming~ but who and what will they kill?
~Only the twit~

What these killer apps will kill is your individuality as you merge yourself into a collective pool of minds all attempting to buy their way into eternity.

Buy Buy bye bye buy buy humanity

With each upgrade you slowly buy your path into a transhuman future where you may be more machine than you are human. 

“The last thing that I remember I was dying in an explosion, yet here I am in the flesh,  more alive than ever!”

This gradual transformation will not stop as some hope to one day strip away there entire biological layer and achieve to become what non of us have yet to fully understand, a posthuman. An entirely new being is now created and as stated before this is a new kind of genesis story.

What we are witnessing here is not the retelling of the old genesis, but rather a new genesis altogether. A new beginning is being told here.  The birth of a new entity the sexual union of man and machine.

We are slowly being deceived by the problems of our own technology
Help us Help us
we are in danger:

In the fear for our own lives we forget that technology created the problems that we all now face


In this state of shock we will be offered a new solution to all of our problems
Once Lela realizes that she(humans) faces existential risk she will be more likely to do something she wouldn't normally or willingly do, and that is sexual communion with Zack(machine).

The alchemical marriage of man and machine which is being offered deceptively, will be perceived as a necessary union for the overall survival of the species.
Full Blown Experimenting with humanity begins

All sorts of combinations of man and machine will be experimented with, a process that will continue till the “perfect” union of an intelligently guided creation is created, and the post-human being is able to arise.

The viginy (source?) tells the people of earth to consummate the union of man and machine or be totally destroyed.  If its to save earth I guess I can take one for the team. Only this time the team taking the biggest risk in this union is team ~Humans.

Let there be new life

“Move over God it’s time for rebirth. “

"I just wish I understood why, why, why I should  care."

TransAlchemy Enters

"Our sole hope is to persuade the people of earth to abandon their smartie ways"
"We can still save earth. People are sure to clean up their act when presented with cold hard facts by rational folks like us."

We are under the control of corporate entities, entities that are slowly becoming less and less human!

The completion of the current path could prove to be dangerous if it is a carefully crafted master plan by a potential pre-existing intelligence.
Is mom attempting to place all of humanity in a nanny state, and for who?
The one eye beast...

Save The Humans
This path is Dangerous!

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