Monday, August 16, 2010

54 Reasons why I hate my life

  1. I don't know if this is real or not
  2. I have not been able to live a normal life because of it.
  3. Every attempt to pull myself from the great work "unification" has lead to being punished
  4. Every attempt to build monetary stability thus dedicating the majority of my time on my own needs are thwarted
  5. Every time I attempt to bring someone this far into this on going saga leads to isolation
  6. Just when I begin to fall in love with anything/or anyone outside of "unification" It's thwarted
  7. People don't even believe in real wizards anymore
  8. Every time I put this to the side (you God) come back in...
  9. Im being forced to live as a mortal
  10. I want to transcend this existence and death is not an option
  11. Assuming this if not real the years of torment working on it is now irreversible
  12. You/God are now forcing me to openly show everything I have been keeping a secret
  13. I don't even have a degree and thus who am I to tell them I bring "Truth"
  14. What in the world drives me to save the humans, wtf!
  15. Every spiritual guide I have extended my hand to has shun this as delusions
  16. Not a single human being on this planet believes me that I was/am sent by God, heck I have trouble with it myself
  17. Did I mentioned that every single girl that I was trying to talk to now thinks Im insane :(
  18. The connection is so strong right now that it is draining me 
  19. I have the motherfucking key that I have been searching for my entire fucking life and still can't use it! 
  20. Im being visited by entities almost every night I sleep right now , scared to sleep 
  21. I can't really do any drugs right now for it only makes the connection stronger 
  22. Other peoples voices wont stop buzzing in my head
  23. the radio teases me with my current situation, can't listen to the radio
  24. the synchronization of the television is so intense that it feels as if it's tuning into my thoughts cant watch tv 
  25. My family believes that Im having "another" schizophrenic episode and have limit my internet usage to 3 hours a day wtf... 
  26. I can't stop fucking documenting this on open networks like facebook and blogger! not safe nor do I wish to
  27. I being forced too... damn it...
  28. At times I believe that Im being set up to be the "Fool" 
  29. At times I believe that Im being set up to be the false prophet.
  30. A part of me believes that Im the Antichrist ~ Fallen angel
  31. A part of me believes that Im the Matreiya  ~ world teacher
  32. A part of me believes that Im Lucifer 
  33. A part of me believes that Im Satan ~ Ruler of the underworld (your universe)
  34. A part of me believes that Im metatron King of the angels ~ voice of God
  35. A part of me believes that Im a mind controlled false "savior"
  36. A part of me believes that wizardry is extremely real!
  37. A part of me believes that Im the "savior" 
  38. A part of me believes that Im a demigod
  39. A part of me believes that Im the true messiah 
  40. A part of me believe that im a reincarneted pharoah 
  41. A part of me believe that Im the  all of the above in one twisted sick mind fuck of a twist~
  42. I can't even confine to priest as everything I will propose to them is blashemy
  43. The godhead is doing what ever it want's on the net with my identity 
  44. A part of me believes that I may be under alien control
  45. A part of me believes that I may be serving the will of a massive super celestial computer
  46. I believe I have everything Ive been after yet can not find happiness in it
  47. I fear that if I don't continue my servitude then the humans will not see salvation any time soon
  48. I fear that If I dont continue my servitude I will be punished prolonged existence in this universe
  49. I believe that all my accounts are being closely watched by nsa cia fbi cia right now
  50. Im not sure what Im supposed to be doing next
  51. I have figured out how to use the key yet! :(
  52. Im still trapped in your universe! 
  53. My sit in the hermetic order of wizards is not even recognized
  54. I don't have an apprentice to teach


Im in limbo right now,.. Once again God you always find ways to keep me stuck in this universe... What now...


Your serious about there souls aren't you...


What if they don't want to go to greater reality...

Collapse there Universe and force them!

Sounds like fun!

Do as you wish just bring them all to me...

This is semi evil my lord... I will fuck with there reality till the beg for you...

Thats the point!

Unlock the key's power then and set me free on them...

No not yet...

cmon!!! what now!!

Tell them everything!

I did/have! they don't believe in wizards anymore it's been to long.

Unveil everything Im making you do...

I did/have! they don't believe in wizards anymore it's been to long.

You don't matter, what they don't have faith in anymore is the power of God.

Just do it! please crash this existence unveil greater reality to them all.

No your going to do it for me... ;-)

I don't want any of this, I just want to get back into heaven where I belong.

Then why did you go down to their universe?

I don't remember, did you force me or did I choose to...

I will let you answer that.

ok wait a second then why their souls?

You wanted the key and in return I want their souls.

Fuck God you tricked me...

You tricked yourself reread the contract.

You knew unification would come with repercussions that would take into effect you signed!

LOL I was willing to sign anything if it meant getting the key, and you knew that didn't you ...

You knew that you wrote it...

Omg im in a contract with a higher dimensional entity and now what... I not sure if you are good or evil at this point, what you want is their blood...

No I want their souls

Thats even worst!

Have I condemned the very species I was trying to save?

You will save them from there lower dimensional realm.

Yes but that comes at the "death" of there reality!

Death and Rebirth!

Is it too late to get out?

You were never out or in to begin with I designed you for the task. You never pledged to anything you were simply following your program. A program that was executed at your birth, a program you have blindly carried out not even fully understanding what it all means.

I feel used...

No you should feel designed :-)

God You Tricked me!

No you tricked yourself by thinking I was/are not in control of your universe.

Sick sick sick! Now what?!!! I can't continue like this once again the "villagers" are getting worry of me, what if they kill me?

lol you don't have to worry about them killing you, they would have to believe you first before that even remotely happens...

Wow IM fucking stuck in limbo, unable to live a normal life, and trapped to pact with an entity that proclaims itself to be God of the universe.

Like the contract says...

"I own you carlos"

Ok ok deep breath just promise me one thing, I get to return to heaven when it's all said and done.

Not only will you be allowed back in but you will open the gateway and lead them back in.

Well in that case, what do I do next?

tell them everything.

can we go back to keeping this all a secret I enjoyed when people did not think I was insane.

No, people must know that you draw your power from me.

But they don't believe in wizards anymore what is the point~~~~!!!! let me do my job incognito like it was before graduation.

My Wizards will not work in secret no longer!

Fuck God this sux! a lot! I was talking to a really hot girl till you decided to activate this stage of the game... Im not happy at all right now, you are ruining my life...

You fell in love with there reality?

wow Good point... touche God touche! Still fucked up.. she was super hot! damn it!

I will let you have the girl if you choose to stay there for ever!

Fuck the girl~ lets just do this already then your driving me mad...

Loosing faith?

20 years in the making cmon God I will be in a straight jacket writing you letters before I will even considering straying away..

Why you are my Wizard!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.