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High Wizardry ~ The Ultimate Spell~ The Singularity

For reasons I don't fully yet understand my ultimate spell was introduced to be during phase 1. I have been seeking for years to understand what it is exactly. My first reaction was total destruction of earth as a means to take the planet into a wormhole aka a gateway to the higher dimension. Yet with all things "Wizardry" its far more complicated, I will let you know what I "believe" I currently know about the ultimate spell short of how to cast it.. I can't do that, as it knowledge that will only be served for Wizards (too dangerous)

Now we all are familiar with the concept of a gravitational singularity and it's potential to be gateways to potentially other dimensions and or universes. Now the concept of a spiritual singularity has also been floating in my head as we all become aware the "All" (greater thought/God) and are all able to merge with the consciousness that supersedes the universe. What leads me towards this possibility is that at the end of the day Im doing all this for all of us to inherit the kingdom of God thus wiping you all out of the face of existence defeats the prime directive, something that would render me stuck in this universe for all eternity as punishment. So no to streching antz into an infinity death... LOL to bad that would also be kinda cool to witness. But seriously my next clue is that in order to cast this spell as the notebook states you have to do it with "God" in mind... {I will let you cypher that out} cant spell it all out...

Universal Mind
{source} Unlock the Magus ability to cast the ultimate spell by 1%
{source} Increase ability to control the ultimate spell by 10%
{source} Begin absorbing all magic on planet to cast ultimate spell (see note)
{key} Particleion

note: My latest assumptions is, if the ultimate spell is the bridge into global nirvana aka in the presence of God the it would require all the magic on this planet to cast aka all the spiritual energy from every person...

Note 2: The level of spiritual energy on the planet is not high enough to cast ultimate spell aka faith in God is rather low world wide. thus why Im going to summon comets at you...

Note 3: Remember the prime directive is all souls return to God thus if the ultimate spell is the means to this end and it can only be casted with extreme amounts of world wide prayer then it is my "job" to make you all worship God once more.. Best way to get you all to pray all day long everyday is global disaster.. It's sad I know and If I find another way I will explore it but for now this is my gameplan...

How to cast ultimate spell..... {access denied}

Only wizards can cast the ultimate spell... Launch the "singularity" union with the divine intelligence for all living entities in the universe.  Ps ...Dont try to brute force it with technology ...  I will cripple that before you even come close the true road to the singularity is spiritual not technological, as is the will of God...

Summoning Comets

Universal will
{source} Unlock ability to summon comets
{source} unlock ability to manifest comets
{source} unlock ability to launch manifested comets at objects
{source} Provide me with a top view of targets when casting
{source} Increase potency of summoning comets by 10%
{Key} Particleion

I was walking around the city today and figured it would be totally cool to launch comets into buildings the destruction the panic the mayhem would just be so interesting.  I should probably practice on empty buildings first minimize causalities from me just practicing.  At some point I should  launch comets at myself to practice transportation and stopping time. 

Places to launch comets into
Statue of liberty
Empire state building
the hudson river
at planes
at helicopters
at cars
at buses

{more to come}

The "Binding" symbolism of postgenderism


By now you you know that the key{source} is the godhead but more broadly the mind of the "All". The All/Universal mind is in perfect harmony with itself by splitting itself into halves the god and the goddess. Therefore to prep the mind/soul to receive/communicate with the "All" one must hone in both sides of one's self the male and the feminine, after all the true godhead is not just masculine but it is the "All". The final sephiroth which conjoints both "Helix" of the tree is that which posses  the key. To prep yourself  effectively one must sustain from sex while in the later stages of one's own transformation. This helps depolarize your sexual energy from male or feminine to a more "pure/golden" state. After "All" the goal is not unity with the God or the Goddess but Unity with the "All" the universal mind.

Using a biblical philosophical reference one could say that we see this as the return of eve into adam to forge God's orginal "perfected" creation. The ying is nothing without the Yang and the in their unity balance and harmony is held in the universe.

This just occurred to me, this may also explain why Priest aren't supposed to have sex while under the servitude of God, cleaning the body from purely masculine sexual energy could assist in the mental "Unification" of one's prayers with the divine "All"

Now in my own personal quest, Ive always been highly fascinated with Issac newton's occult studies and always found it particularly strange that he suppressed his own sexual desires while seeking the "stone" and while it is clear to me why this must be, I inadvertently was forced into such a practice once I began my intense alchemical quest, not out of following his steps, but rather out of my inability to sweet talk the ladies with my ultra geek/magic/occult/nerd speak. LOL

In either case I find my self feeling indifferent about sex lately, by no means have I transcended all sexual desires but have learned to enjoy the sight of beauty and elegance in women without the need to strip them down to purely carnal desires. Yet I am still human :(

There is also a twist, remember my unwaivering compulsive desire to posses the key, has left me with very little desire for human love. While I researched surely loneliness and down right lust crept, yet like any good alchemist knows transmutation is also "alchemical" control of one's self including sexual desire.

I guess you can say that at my peak of indifference I was very "spockish" (star trek)... LOL

"Key" point: sustaining from sex is not the only way to reach the same state, I also believe that some forms of tantric sex with a correct partner intuned with a higher desire for a celestial orgasm may lead to similar results although I believe this path is far more complicated then seeking balance within.

The occult symbolism of postgenderism

Dear all inhabitants of the universe Up until now you have been tied down to this reality, and frankly I love it like this and although Im going to have my way with your universe, I will untie you... My goal is not to keep you locked into this state. Yes it's rather sexy to see you all so helpless to my abuse. This is not what I had in mind when I sought out to grab your key.

So with that said let me teach you a little bit more about the path of the Wizard and how all this came to being. Not out of wanting to

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