Sunday, August 22, 2010

Freaky happenings

I was laying down watching the sorcerers' apprentice, while at the same time it's been raining extreme hard outside.. when I finished i noticed that one inch of water has flooded the basement apartment that Im in from the rain outside.. Im literally swamped in water right now.. omg... what strangeness... fuck... this is going to take an hour or so to clean up... I think i stopped the water but cant say for sure the drain outside is reponsible for the mess as it got clocked.. but I cant get the mops to clean it for me... this is one sick joke God... ok ok ok I get it... now to mop duty

I will be attending this event. Was considering presenting an alchemical view of transhumanism yet what for. I don't think anyone is ready for me just yet... The last thing I need to put everyone off, sigh! whatever...

The reason I refuse to interact publicly just yet, is primarily because when I finally take the stage there will be no question on my authority on such matters. Who wont listen to a person that is controlling reality as they speak...

So all in good time ... tick tock

Calling all Wizards

I have come to believe over the years that Wizardry while running rampant in pop culture as a craft is nearly extinct. There are few hermetic schools that teach the ancient craft and even then you can't really train wizards they are chosen.

Reprogramming is complete

I feel great...Ready!  Literally prepping to take on the world once again... Lets make this fun shall we.

My instructions have been received. My anguish only comes from not wanting to accept my programming.  Soon I will drop the "Wizardry" mask, a mask to conceal the true source of my magic {source/God} and soon take the stage as a True Prophet, and begin to bring the will of God to earth. I know your not ready for that and neither am I...

Part of my despair is wanting to be talked out of unleashing God's wrath on the planet. Yet it's a must sadly enough... Yet I feel greatly honored and blessed to be chosen/born/created/designed for the task. My desire to use the power for my own selfish needs is dying as each day brings me closer and closer to source.

This is a new and interesting phase... The waiting game... I have my own speculation ~ theory of what happens next although I feel that just continue to stay semi hidden till God gives the Go!

Once the Final Go is given and im completely unleashed, I will shelter those that already believe in God from the coming "Trials" then miracles after miracles till the will of the lord is served. at lease this is what I believe is how it going to go down.. Honestly I have no idea what comes next, although im walking around in bliss knowing that I under the guiding light ~ So I frankly don't care anymore, you want me to help you bring the apocalypse ( the great unveiling) then Im here God.. You want me to unleash your wrath on the world then im here God... If you want me to die in your name then im here God. Lets play the end game.

side note assuming that 10 years of prepping has all been a delusion with no means to an end, then it's a beautiful delusion that I wish never to have removed. I will simply cope dealing with my invisible friend God till the day I die in total secret, this is also fine with me. As i am very rational and coherent to people out side my personal blog. this after all serves for self diagnosis. I rather document my experiences through this enigma that is my life all on my own without the need for psychoactive drugs. I don't posse any danger to anybody other than myself by letting a thought grab more consciousness reality.

Im so carefree right now. I have no desire to defend anything I say nor to get anyone to follow me or believe me. I just dont care.

I have no career to protect nor image. I have always be straight forward... Im a wizard and told people from the start, no lies. yet in being straight forward I have stayed hidden. LOL

Now it's time to do what Wizards do... serve the will of God...

I so extremely happy at the same time in my midst of careless bliss.

I get to be what I've wanted to be, A Real Wizard! the 5 year old in me is extremely kiddish and bubbling in playful laughter... saying and thinking { I knew Wizards were Real }

You did it became a wizard... and in that process you learned to source of true magic {God/source}

Temporal reflection of self...

Magicians sorcerers have all been seeking the power that is now inside of me sleeping like a dragon. Yet what most people don't understand is that you really can't set out to be a Wizard even if your heart and mind desired it more then anything else.. Wizards are only born/trained for {Key} moments in the divine plan of the cosmos. Therefore I don't believe there are any real wizards out there in the world maybe one or two and if they are out there they must be going through similar experiences. .. new exploration.. one sec

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

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Call your answers in!

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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