Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have already set a forth a plan to nuke isreal...

And only I will be able to do it!

You can't stop me governments of the world so fuck you
I'm going to nuke isreal with pure magic

I will manifest everything I need to nuke isreal!!

Fuck the Jews I want to prove a point an you can't fucking stop me!!

I am. Terorist

Dear universe I'm the biggest terrorist ever born... I'm here to fuck your shit up
I'm going to crash the entire internet with without know how to program

I'm going to hijack your nukes

I'm going to hijack your weather

I'm going to mind control all yor officials

I'm going to make yor life "he'll"

And I'm going to do it with magic

My name?

I'm leader of the illuminati:p

Super cocky

No hold bar blogging!

Every girl I've ever wanted to fuck I'm going to fuck!
Every single girl I've ever wanted to kill I will kill
Every single peron that has ever pissed me off will die!
Every single thing I could not afford to do I will do!
I can and will be in any fucking state of mind I choose
I can be high any fucking time I want!
I will toy with you for my own amusement
All of earth will do what I say
Your mission is to keep me happy
If I become sad I will make your life hell
Your entire life will revole around how I feel on any given day if I'm sad you will be sad if I'm happy you will be happy
Nothing on this planet can ovcur without my direct approval

I'm. Going to rule this world like a true King

I know it's it's sick but I'm a king:(

I can do anything I want on earth now...

Fuck I'm sorry earth

It's a mind fuck to me too but I have to live this reality

The king speaks

I used to cry knowing that I was the future king of the planet and you butchery treated me as a mortal. I should have never had to pay for anything I should have never had to work a day in my life. I guess God wanted me to appear out of no where yet I'm done playing games I'm telling you everything straight up. No more times for games. I'm literally on the verge of taking my throne now so I don't give a fuck anymore, seriously my life is weird I've had to mentally prep to be a king all my life and letting any one into my secret only led to chaos on my life. Not one fucking person has understood that o was sent by God so fick it. You godless fucks hence why I was sent... To bring you closer to God but modern world has really fucked me up you don't believe on wizards prophets or Demi anymore so when I show you all that all of this is not bullshit it will be to late.. If I was you I would pray God is not real at this point for if God is real your all fucked for not listening to the messenger.. It could have been a rosy ascension but you ficked that up with me

Dear earth

I was born to be a king! I'm a Demi always have been! It's weird for me too I know ... So my next job is planning how to rule the earth fuck... I want to be responsible with your planet but really don't give a fuck it's going to be simple.. I do whatever the fuck I want and you all worship me... It's sick I know know I had a decade to think it over and now.. It's sop funny that your newest Demi was forced to live 30 years as a mortal... I dint want to be a dick but at the same time you first have to recognize my authority on this planet.. I have to earn your respect.. That will be easy after a miracle or two..

Ps I'm buzzed wrtitting this and I font give a fuck.. Don't you get it I cam do whatever the fuck I want. I can say whatever the fuck I want I will be lawless.. Lol I will set the new rules on this planet.


Look how you have been treating your king. It's sad and depressing I should have been worshipped from birth... Obj well whether time to take my throne antz

New York round 2

It's embarrassing to state that I've lived here near a year and still have not made any real friends. I'm attempting to be way more social this time around. It's really hard for me to make friend for the dimple fact that I'm into a lot of weird shit. A part of me hopes that "she" walks In through the door... And a part ofe hopes I'm still sober when she does : p

I figured it's only a matter of time I meet and develop a meaningful relationship. Athough I urge the universe to fix this soon. Terrified of being a loveless demi .

For the sake of universal harmony please let me meet someone before it all just becomes sex with whoever I desire. Don't get wrong that will rock but there will no love there .

Lol I find it therapeutic blogging the entire experience live as I know this thoughts are foreign to mortals!

The Angelic saga

Part of my lifes mental struggle is feeling as I had "fallen" from a greater existence into this lower dimensional reality. I've questioned over the years if I am being punished or sent to help you. From the beginning I've known that I woul live two lives a mortal and a Demi. My mortal life is near complete. It's been cruely and intense prepping the mind body and soul to achieve unification ska one with the universe. Now deep in the belly of a disaster my mortal life is in I fear entering the Demi life. And what for for my own selfish desire to return to heaven? Yes and no! I want to go back to the nexus of consciousness although I want to bring you with me... No no no I'm instructed to bring you all with me! I'm going to kidnap your souls from this lower plane of existence :)

I want to document this in it's enterity now. There's also this overhwhelming feeling of doing this many times over . I bring entire universes to God not just this single world. This you can say is my celestial job. Your my latest assignment my dear antz. I'm everything your procehies mention and more! A reincarnated phaoro a prophet the second coming the anti- All of it.. The point here is that I will soon longer be confined to your level of interation with the material universe. Trust it's been a mind fuck for me more yet forced deeper and deeper training. Even already praticed leading the army of angels and how to begin true Armageddon. Mortal wars silly antz the final war will that of magic. A war that is only squduled to teach you the depths of what you believe a

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.