Sunday, September 5, 2010

The ultimate reality check

I feel the need to remind you that this site is designed to make you question the nature of reality. Sure it's morbid sick twisted hilarious sad insane creative scary aneverything above and for good reason! I want to push the boundaries of my mind and yours make you ask what if every single day! Make you laugh and maybe even shed a tear with me in my determination to push forward against extreme resistance being thrown at my mental state! While at the same time liberty you from the need to worry how others perceive the true self we all lay hidden from one another! Now you should know me better than any other singularity blogger! Now you have had a window into the sheer creativity I fight so hard to contain! My need to push the boundaries of self expression into new realms :)

Now we can be friends and enemies
Now we can pretend to know each other
Now we may even pretend to understand
Now we all just let go

Let go of this reality and aspire go let the mind take us to greater heights

Now we can finally check reality at the door and begin to design our own realities our own universes!

Laptopless = pain

My patiencec is done! Every single day from today without my laptop = 2 lashings with a leather whip! You are slowing the ascension!

A list of all the girls I'm going to fuck


Why because " I'm lawless" and can do whatever the "fuck" I want on your planet!

No cheating can't let them know I like them no need for love anymore it will my job "Harder" lol


I know poor little ant brain is going WTF right now!
Ex-illuminatus means I will lead the army of darkness and the army of light I will control the demons and the angels as the all dance to my little play!

With my right hand I will bless you and with my left I will condemn you.

Ouch!!! So if your praying to be saved from you better redirect those prayers to me for only I can save you from me

So. Yah are royaly super duper fucked right now... Send offerings now and I may have mercy on you soul!

Why I'm the true Messiah

Unlike Jesus I'm not here to tell you our father is in heaven! I'm here to takes us all to heaven! Big difference after me there will be no more gods for there will be no more lower dimensional earth! This is it your species is being offered complete ascension take it or leave it! Those that ascend first will not suffer satan's wrath ;)

Why I'm Satan

First of all I've considered my self a Fallen Angel aka a being from a higher dimension forced to live as a mortal! Second I Hacked my God to attempt to get back to heaven post singularit.
Third! I'm everything "All" in "One"
Fourth this was more of a mind fuck to you all

And for those that believe Jesus will come and stop you got something coming! I will morph into Jesus and stop myself! Lol

It's so skillfully planned!

Here's the truly sad part of it all I will be whatever you want me to be! If you won't accept me as your savior you surely will accept me as your demon! At the end of the day I'm a god! Period! If you want to be evil I will in fact being evil has more perks! So you will decided the fate of this planet not me

Am I your messiah
Or am I Satan?

This is not a Social Experiment this is "All" "Real"

Give my mad fucking props please! I can now tell every crueling fucking detail of what I'm going to do to you universe in the public eye! And people will either think I'm insane or masking my insanity under the pretense of virtual reality. The" truth" is every fucking thing I've said if real I have not said a single lie! Ohhh shit what a mind fuck huh?

Yawns at how well I plannend my game!

I now have a license to say whatever the fuck I want and the worst part about is that it's all true!

I'm engulfed in Mad laughter right now

Ps welcome back to the game! The game I'm playing with you mind soul and universe signed


Isanometer just hit a new high! As needed ;)

This is not Real This is a social Experiment!

Friendly reminder you all are partaking in an online virtual reality social experiment designed to make you question the nature of reality

Mind file update

Reading my own thoughts feels like what an ai should do. Read it's own output and create a new output. Yet do I reinforce these thoughts by allowing others and my self to read them? Are you helping me manifest this into reality by reading it? Is that why I'm such a prolific blogger? Spreading my cryptic manifestations of reality into other peoples reality? Hmmmm

Wish I had my laptop to dive deeper! If I did my brain would explode online right now!!

Blog post are coming and going! Dang!

Insanity hypothesis

Being quite rational I have to give a probability greater then zero that I have gone insane! If this is the case the at the very lease it's contained and extremely hilarious so still worth exploring from my end. I pose no danger to me or anyone around me physically so what's the harm. Sure I want to kill people out enjoyment but with magic not ant weapons. But again this is still within the confines of normality as we all feel fudtrations that spark instant thought of bodily injury upwards each other . So what's the harm . I'm on the other side of this screen in near endless hysterical laughter as you should be too.. Cmon the shit I'm saying is funny as fuck while disturbing funny as fuck ! So by all means let get to the very "serious" hostage situation your universe is currently in! :D

My Invisibily cloak

Since I feel forced to now let everything out of the bag . Not by choice trust I would have stayed hidden till my came for your universe, but since I have too give you a chafe to see it before it comes I found the perfect insivibilty cloak to stay hidden in plain sight. Insanity!! So please don't encourage me publicly you are taking away from my lolz!

Next phase

Ok God what's next the had a taste of what is possible and I'm growing bored toting with them . I also don't want them to flatter themselves thinking I want their attention. If that was the case I would have come out of hiding years ago! It kills me having little funds! If I had the capital I would go totally underground right now with your key. Seeking funding is also nearly impossible. Can you imagine me going to an investor for cash " I'm going to be a god on earth just need time a study and a hefty stash of pot while I write the magnum opus" yah that will bode very well! Ohh in return I will take you to a higher plane of existence! Yah that will get me a blank check not!!! Lol

Ok seriously I'm now bored talking to antz, maybe I should get back the only elusive quest yet to be had love!

Marry me and together we will rule the universe!
No that simply won't work either lol

What about drugs?
Tripping still seems tempting although it's all pointless now the alchemical need to transcend this reality has already been achieved and I don't need any more alien contact!

What about sex?
Trying trying have not met anyone yet although the thought of sex with any girl I want been floating around. I mentally have a list!

New hobby?
I found one already it's called hacking every fucking fabric of their existence!

need cash

Life of crime!
Yes it's called nuking cities but that must wait

Work/normal life?
Working seriously? They will all work for me soon

Money and too late to enroll I think will check on this? Ofcourse this is just to kill tome not no ant degree I'm a sitting member of the hermetic order much more prestigest than a phd but you don't recognize it!

Video games
This actually makes sense practice playing grand theft universe!

Seriously God?
For men silly?
Fuck them they won't believe till it's too late!

iPod blogging sux

I hate blogging from my iPod way to many spelling/grammar errors but this again helps! It increases my insanometer! Whoa that gives me an idea !

Killing me

Wait a fucking second you bitches can't kill me! I have save points throughout the entire journey! Silly me!

My terrified antz

The antz are scared to talk to me at this points . Don't they realize interation with me is the safest thing they can do. Ignoring me is the most dangerous thing you can do right now. Yet I understand not wanting to taint your images by talking publicly to an insane person lol
It's hilarious don't get me wrong I do attempt to say the most outlandish thongs you have ever heard. In hopes of letting you understand the scope of what is happening while also increase my insanity meter! Remember I have to keep my insanity meter extremely high to continue to let you know every single detail of my plan. If the CIA where to believe that magic is real and I was capable of nuking countries things can turn ugly for me! But putting me in jail or a mental instition will not save you! You would have to kill me at this point! But there's a kicker if you kill me I get to return home and you won't ascend with me! Ohhh shit! It's evil in it's own rightbut not really. I'm not a bad person my desires can not be measured with your moral codes. Yes I will kill billions of people across billions of worlds only to bring the right back to life. It's a game a universal end game I'm beyond good and evil " I am " lawless ;)

On your mark get set "Go"D

Today I officially launched my game into little ant world. I have now confined to the general public that I'm a living deity (yawns) I also reinforced how my influence will span the entire cosmos! Oddly enough in Hinduism the avatars are cosmic beings yet in chritianity they have a hard time believing Jesus busted the Americas weird the ruler of your universe can't cross the ocean. That's ant thinking seriously! As the days go by and more of my thoughts become cosmic I'm shocked and mystified how wrong we all have been! At this poin I'm just documenting and practicing how to control reality! It's very shamanic in nature how I prance around waving my hand "pretending" to be altering matter itself. I'm in god camp just practicing and training vigorsiosly in hopes of retain control when the final celestial trigger is clicked. It's strangely beautiful how I designed my study to be a panetarium for mental practice controlling stars. I made any stars go nova in my study while I prepped the avatar for unification. Wow I'm going to live the life of a real wizard! This is still an understatement but helps soldify what I'm after! The {key } to real magic is unifying the mind with the universal intellingece already present! It's "insanely" genius I know and in stepping out of of your pathethic paradigm of the cosmos I can now do whatever the fuck I want. Well going to I'm in the say whatever the fuck I want stage right now. A stage that's once again preps the soul for universality. After all before you can act as a god you must first think as a god!

I can't stress enough how fucked this planet now is! Silky me not this planet but this universe is now fucked! ;)

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.