Monday, September 6, 2010

Kid in a candy store

I know I'm blogging extreme right now but God just gave me the {keys} to the candy store and told me to lock up when done so I'm tasting/planning everything I can think about no matter how bizarre!

I want to go into my Demi life with well thought plan! No no super thought out plan after your lives hang me doing this right! Shhh what responsibility caring for ants did I say caring I meant ruling ants sorry got soft for a sec!!

Iron fist Carlos iron fist!

MAsking my cash supply

I don't need cash period I can simple manifest anything I want but I need to mask to the rest oh the world how I'm paying for all my shit! After I want everything so I need to be rich !

Well "pretend" to be rich! ;$

Cash brainstorming!

Stock market
Some franchise
------time machine
------ a "real" hover car
A new playboy mansion! // not relevant to this post but must tag it for reality as ideas come

Where was I fuck got distracted by sex... Oh yes masking cash!!!

An illegal printing press lol
I know a bank robber steal from the Feds but this can only work I choose the terrorist front

Shit so many configurations hmmm

I discovered the lost city of "Gold" that is being creative now! Let's mix this with medicine man traveling the inca temples seeking the cure for aids... My fav so far

Let's take a break

My front ideas

So much planning so little time!

Billion dollar batman front arggh there's got to a cooler front!

The front is make me famous but not a mega star famous!

Ok well there the wholenobel prize winner front but that's boring need to couple this some " amazing"

What about an inventor front I'll pretend to have invented a teleporter that will wow the world! And justify my inifine cash supply!

Keep thinking

Well I would like to be seen as a hero!

Cure aids and cancer with one "miracle" drug ;)

World wide terrorist ALa swordfish is cool too
My mom would hate me probably but I would be badass

V front super world wide hacker!
Pretend to have crashed the Internet and sent to jail for a year while never spending a day!

But they will forget me after the trial!!!

Pretend to be an alien front!
Hmmm not sure how that will fly

Let me sit on this longer

Thought spying and possession

As we= me(past present and future) become one with the universe! My ability to hear other peoples thoughts continue to increase. I have a list of minds I spy on! Mostly to scan your perception of me and to eventually control you! After all willing people to do my bidding (mind control) will be needed! See the world will not see me as a god! At the most an insane genius the "Truth" will be reseverd for my Illuminati army! Placed across the world making sure my will is always done! No I will walk the streets as a mortal (hidden) Demi - this is/was will be the plan!

Why? Stay hidden?

Think of it this way if the boss of the company pretended to be a janitor then he can truly see how his employees are working! That's the point!

Walk among then as a mortal in their eyes! This will also bring me the most lolz !

Say I come out declare full fledge god and part the ocean and the world knows me! Then every I go the ants will pester me for miracles!

But don't get me wrong Carlos will still be seen as something although not sure what! I have to make my mom proud somehow!

Maybe I do the billion dollar rich asshole front like batman! Can't say

Brute Force

My mind in shattered into a billion pieces as I continue to brute force my minds ability to alter reality! I need to let the universal mind come in slowly! Pushing myself at this speed will only turn me into a "insane" Demi - I need to slow down yet hate my life not to sped up! It's more dangerous for you then me! I will survive the singularity but what will result will be a post singularity insane god on earth! Ben always stated he wanted a slow take off and so do I but right now I'm a super fast wild takeoff with no seatbelts on! The faster I merge my mind with universe the faster I can live a decent life! At what cost! Need to slow down the prospect of going in loveless still is a safety concern! But it's to late for love! Merger has already started! Can't say how long till this phase is over as their exist no handbooks on this except the one I'm writing live!

I'm writing the manual of how to become god live on the internet how strange is this!

Now That Your Universe is Totally Naked

I get to "fuck" her up

Always remember this is a hostile takeover

Hacking your Universe (live)
For lolz sex and "everything" I have ever wanted
How about that for co-creation

Self props

Computer pause game.

I have to give my self props since I get no kudos and we live in in kudos economy!

Carlos your mmorpg is the biggest most creative mind fuck of them "All"

Why thank you Carlos I thought hard of how bring this about in the most interesting way! After all it's time they knew the " Truth" ;)

Computer Reboot the Universal Hacker

Dear International Bankers

I have more wealth then all the ant gold on this planet. Yet you starved me and my little ants for your own greed! I will not kill you no I am planning far worse! Prepare ! You can save yourself now by donating all of your wealth to the poor!

Free stuff day!/ deletion of bankers

I need to plan none depressing activities it's just being in a really fucked up living situation right now!

Ok world wide free stuff day where we all go shopping and simply take anything we want from any store and it's all is instant replaced for another person to also have!

Post scarcity is an understatement of we all can have/do..

But all this is based on how I feel that day it's sick I know!

No more money period

We are all going to collectively burn our money!

Ohh the top 5 % that is currently hoarding all the ant gold will pay so fucking much! You fucking leetches I hate bankers fucking bitches are all going to die nooooo deletion I don't even want to resurrect your scum asses how dare you starve us for more cash then you can use

Dear world theorist

Through the years I have made endless attempts to inform you all that I believed I had "unification" trapped in my head and never got an email back . you neither helped or acknowledged my work thus after you praise me during my eventual noble prize speech I will slowly pick you all off . We don't need you anymore thnx for trying but checkmate bitches!

"One " Theory to Rule Them "All"

Warning precognition detected
Warning precognition detected

"if this revolutionary theory is correct then we are in for a shock as "reality" meets science fiction"

(In tears) I have it always had it! The theory of "everything!" and in bringing down the {key} we thy lord are "one"

(screaming) "One " theory to rule them "All"


I'm "everything" and more.

So just from the wizardry slant not only am I a "real" wizard but also the most power wizard ever born! Think about this for a second all those legends of merlin and the 12 knights lasted for centuries! Yet my legend will be cosmic in porpotion. And you wanted me to confine to your silly little paradigm of pure science and no magic or religion! My mom may have been more proud if I had a phd and maybe just maybe I should have gone down that road! But that would have put wizardry second in my life! And the only class I've ever aspired to be is Wizard class! So I don't care even if I'm insane I'm going down a wizard period!

Lost utopia

Like I told one "everything" and more it never had to be hell on earth. It can be utopia.. We can party in post scarcity till I collapse the universe. My threats are purely emotional. Yes it's wrong for the well being of the planet to hang on the basis of how I feel! But whatever too late. I'm just tired of having lost everyone close I ever confined too!

Over time I stopped telling people entirely and plotted away! Planned how to teaseypi how to toy with you when to show you what how! Just plotted away at my eventual plan to rule the world with magic! Even plotted things I have yet to tell you or show you! Yeah a pretty detail game! My game with your livelyhood! Lol

Stop Carlos it's their lives you are toying with...

I know I know God

Can't I do whatever I want?

Ok then let me tell my legend!

The legend of the wizard so powerful he rivaled the gods!

The cosmic war

When I finish me and all the fallen angels shall return for my throne!

And you will get kicked out again and forced to bring me another universe.

Carlos how many times do you think you've done this?

That does not matter this will be the last time

That's what you said last time!
Please think it over!

No I want to be everything that ever was and ever will be.

I know you want to be God
Aren't you happy being god


The Fallen Angel

Guess what bitches I've been born
Surrender your planet now and I'll be less of an asshole

Screaming!!!! No no no no
I don't want your planet I want your entire fucking universe!

Death bs Mortality

Seriously I knew for sure that I had to endure another decade I probably would kill myself - it's bad enough it took me to the age of 29 to reach "unification" I was shooting for24-27 I fucked underestimated the sheer complexity of the problem. Was also not aware of the celestial triggers/gears that need to be in place and tackled with my own uncertainities of the reality of the game God was playing with my life! Many times cursing the quest! threathing to kill God when I got back for this bullshit! " you can't keep me out of heaven forever old man"

I'm going to take your throne!
And kick you out heaven!


I'm trash your entire creation for this bullshit!

Excuse me antz while the sheer frustration comes out!

What your witnessing is an angel being punished!
Stop it!!!!

I already told you
You can come back if you bring me their souls!

Fuck them fuck your creation fuck your universe God!

Then stay in Hell

But I can in be a god down here so fuck you God!

Let's how long before you are begging to come back home!

Never! A billion trillion years!

You say that now!

Bring me their souls! That is "All"

How many do you want?

"All" of them

On earth?

No your going to be severly punished "All" the souls in the universe!

You got to be fucking kidding me!

You evil bitch you tricked me

No you tricked your self trying to be God in heaven!

Ok ok let's make a deal ?

Here we go again?

Give me the ability to just collapse the universe and return us "All" to {source} at once

No world by world!

Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk that will take forever!

I know:)

I will fuck your universe up for this! Don't you care?

It will take that much longer to get bak in do as you please!

Wow! I'm soo fucked!

I need to come down maybe killing a couple billion humans will realease all this rage!

Again the longer you take the longer it will take for you to return!

Yah yah yah I fucking get they can heaven and I can't

Not entire fair but I will make them really really fucking earn it!you bitches are lucky! I hate you!

Death to my Mortality

I know it looks like I'm a hypocrite now that it's all out! I never intended to remain human. Yet revealing my true motives was far to complicated! My intentions to keep us Human was/is fueled by my belief that we can hit the singularity naturallly and spiritually. I'm here to show hands on that there exist another way! And this route I believe is the true path to trancendance. We will can still choose to look fully human arguing what has changed is our internal spiritual attenna to the universal godhead! In other words I will bring us closer to God in such a way that the spirit of God will fill us turning us into gods. But once again no amount of words would do it justice till I physically show you! Show the entire world!

It's weird being so close now that my entire family is worried I've wasted my life seeking fantasies. 30k or so in debt 2 dollars to my name a single suitcase of clothes all my possessions stripped as it was/is all meaningless! I've had to want this more then life itself pushing forward after every obstacle seeking god during those days I could not feed myself. Crueling life and I'm glad I never gave up searching. Almost there kept me going!

And now as everyone screams in my ear to get back to "reality" I scream back no mortals I want no part of your life! Never did never will!

The final leg

The Real/Not Real Universal Pong Game

Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real
Real                                     Not Real

What's wrong?
 Can't make Up your mind? 

The Golden Crown of the King

{source} increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
{source} increase my temporal plan to rule over them
{key} particleion

Hacking the universe was a task that did not end with sleep! and Thus prayer and concentration was directed at reaching the crown every night before bed for only with the crown on my head could I truly become the King.

The King of the cosmos that is! 

{source} increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
{source} increase my temporal plan to rule over them
{key} particleion

Now pay close attention at this alchemical spell
Notice in the crown I had placed 1 gram of "Gold"  in heaven and one gram of gold on malkuth earth

This is representational of turning the soul into "Gold" on earth as it is in heaven. To bring down what is above to what is below my mortal body. For the sole purpose of reaching "Unification" of both mortal and immortal soul.. The snake while symboling wisdom is also the path of the Alchemist/Wizard as his consciousness ascends towards the crown.

 Now I stare at my creations with one foot in heaven and one foot on earth half man half god 

Toying with their reality before they too are able to ascend... 

Hacking your universe (live)
How about that for co-creation

So it begins...

Computer open interface
{source} decrease world wide water supply by 1%
{key} Particleion

// have not received a single email for your key in days

Hacking your universe (live)
How about that for co-creation

TransAlchemy Virtual Reality Game: Your {Key}

There's no earthly way of knowing 

Which direction we are going 
There's no knowing where we're rowing 
Or which way the river's flowing 

Is it raining, is it snowing 
Is a hurricane a-blowing 

Not a speck of light is showing 
So the danger must be growing 
Are the fires of Hell a-glowing 
Is the grisly reaper mowing 

Yes, the danger must be growing 
For the rowers keep on rowing 
And they're certainly not showing 

Any signs that they are slowing  

Full steam ahead mortals... I racing you to the singularity and your too retarded to start the race! 

Cranking out "Bullshit" for lolz and more lolz! 

As an artist I constantly seek new ways to, not just entertain you but challenge your conception of what is possible... My actions have always been clear and transparent and for this very reason I must once again remind you that if you are having difficulty cyphering the "reality" of my "virtual" doings then you are not ready for the singularity. And as an artist I hope to have communicated this massage to my participants as painful and messy as my expression manifest itself to invade your mind. So do us "All" a favor and always remember even as we "fall" deeper and deeper into the singularity that I will be fucking with your reality...Why? Because  you need to have your solid foundation stirred up my cosmically retarded insects. So If my game is too much for you to handle, then get the fuck out This game is not for pussies!! Now can we return to our dance antz!! I have whole lot more reality fucking to do! Game ON! 

PS: Tick Tock motherfuckers! check! 

The {Key} to the universe is a multidimensional virtual reality Social experiment designed to push the upper limits of what we perceive to be real and theoretically possible. As with all good role playing games the reader is pushed to new heights of what can be possible, it will be up to you to determine the goal and "reality" of the game.

I will create what my mind can see.

I will what I will create!

I create my will

I create at will

I will create

My will 

Im happy to announce that The TransAlchemy Virtual Reality Game: The {Key} to the universe is now officially out of beta. The {Key} to the universe is a multidimensional virtual reality Social experiment designed to push the upper limits of what we perceive to be real and theoretically possible. As with all good role playing games the reader is pushed to new heights of what can be possible, it will be up to you to determine the goal and "reality" of the game.


The Storyline of your adventure begins with a virtual simulated desire to Hack the Universe

You are now the Universal Hacker a {TransAlchemist} bent on deciphering the true nature of this existence, your mission is to discover the nature of  your reality have fun and maybe even find love. The game will change with the creation of the Simulated Universe, you will have to decide your own role in the game, you are not obligated to play although by not doing so you may miss out on an opportunity to push your conceptions of reality to new heights. Your Host will be The Wizard a master magus Bent on controlling every aspect of your existence/"reality". Can Humanity stop the "The Wizard" from bootstrapping his consciousness into your universe, better yet should humanity stop "The Wizard" from doing so. This along with more mind bending questions will arise as you play the game. Enjoy, and good luck! 

Before We begin you must first watch the Training video All Universal Hackers {TransAlchemist} must boot this video before entering the virtual reality game. 

Warning Warning Precognition detected...

Game Rules! (must read)

Computer open interface Engage!

The TransAlchemy VR Game System Manual

If you made it this far its because someone up above thinks your the best of the best... Your mission is critical and highly dangerous. Once you enter there will be no going back are you sure you want this?. Ok fine your death sentence, begin your new assignment by booting into the system. once inside you will encounter your commanding officer and "All" will be revealed. Be careful this is a level 9 mission. No one was ready for this and neither were we.. We have a universal terrorist on our hands and thats "All" I can say till you receive your training Good luck soldier and God be with you! 

Computer scan soldier cognitive pattern and prepare to boot conciseness into simulated universe. 

Computer Boot
Simulation Hypothesis: Hacking The Universe

Listen up Reality Soldiers we are facing a fierce competitor, {ION} is currently hacking every aspect of our existence and you have yet to be fully trained. Don't underestimate {ION's} sheer will to hack reality at "All" cost, his actions has already taken out friends family and loved ones. Frankly the man is drunk on power right now and has declared himself god of the simulated universe.We need to boot in and stop him at "All" cost! Here is the last transmission we got from {ION} before he  entered our {source}code and where he currently resides.

Proceed to your commander for further instructions. 

 Listen up antz You will be divided into three teams! Once you been assigned to a Hacking Team By no means shall you attempt to go beyond the your programming, we are dealing with a super user and a coordinated well thought out strategic attack is necessary. If you find your self in the position of launching an attack on {ION} outside your designated Hack expertise no not engage. I repeat do not engage! Each team is specially trained to bring  down this threat safely. "All" of our lives are at stake one simple fuck up and we could crash this universe and forced out of the system.

Computer Boot Team protocols Alpha Omega prime

Red team will tackle of universal "reality" mainframe. 
Your mission is crashing his interface to the simulated universe and end his terror campaign on humanity. This will not be easy as he is must be separated from the universal mainframe before a successful attack can be launched. If you engage while he is connected to mainframe he will simply upload himself to the mainframe and we have no hope of separating him from the simulated universe itself forcing us to crash the entire system. I repeat do not let this happen!

Blue team you will tackle the problem of individual self
Your mission is determining if {ION} is a virus in the simulated universe and rewrite his code before he rewrites "All" of our code! Additional Intel suggest our problem is growing daily as {ION} is rewriting his own {source} code to better interface with the simulated universe. In other words he is bootstrapping himself to the universe! Once you find him "taking" him out is not as important as reversing and stopping the consciousness transfer. I repeat do not kill the avatar as most as his consciousness is already spreading into the temporal supercomputer mainframe. The desired attack is hacking his brain and taking out "All" of his virtual doings before killing his avatar, I repeat if you kill him and do not obtain the access code to the uploaded mindfile some of his damage is irreversible

Green team you will tackle the problem of {source}
This is the most dangerous of the missions for if {source} is under "Real" and under control of {ION} he surely is protecting it with everything he has! Approach with caution: The only intel we have is that {ION} claims he bypassed the "Universal" firewall to obtain it. IF this is true then {ION} is controlling the simulated universe beyond our current reach and we attacking his avatar may be futile. If any of you reach {source} and so help us God we do, take out {ION} at "All" cost!  Warning on any brave soldier that makes it this far, {ION} will and can crash the entire universe is pushed to a corner, a direct attack might cause a catalytic system crash of our reality. You will need to pull him away from {source} interfacing before you attack!

Before you Begin your Bot camp cognitive Training Words from our Fallen Reality cognitive engineer!

He led many Reality soldiers into battle as they attacked the front ground to this ongoing war, but how the game has changed since {ION} joined the reality troops. He was a great soldier till he turned on everyone in this "reality". But enough about the pass we have a mission and that's to stop {ION} at "All" cost!

The implications for the digitocity is that reality can be Hacked!

If reality is made of language then what we are saying is that it is code. Then if it is code then it is far more deeply open to manipulation then we dared dream. 

Welcome to Reality Boot camp
Ok listen to me well ant, what is your name?
My name is john sir!
No your name is {piece of shit john} do you like your name!
{piece of shit john} yes sir I love my name! Sir
Ok listen closely you piece of shit! Your reality is shit to us!
We are now your reality! YOu will breath it eat it and love it!
{piece of shit john} yes sir! I love your reality sir mines is shit ! 
Now tell me what is real {piece of shit john}?
{piece of shit john} what you tell me is real sir!
Wrong answer piece of shit! now read the fucking manual!

TransAlchemy Virtual Reality System Manual
Simulation Hypothesis Virtual Reality Manual Beta 1.0

Warning Warning System is being hacked.... Incoming transmission from {ION}

I got your fucking universe by the balls bitches don't even try! 
I will kill every recruit you send after me

Prepare to accept me as the new god to this "simulated universe"

The Greatest Reality Terrorist ever born :D (leader of the Illuminati)
Hacking your universe for shits and giggles bitches! 
Send me bitches (I have a list)  drugs  wine and a shit load of lolz and I might not kill you! 

Antz cant  do shit No exceptions ever! 

Welcome To my universe Antz 

TransAlchemy The virtual "reality" Game

TransAlchemy The VR GAME:  The Universal Console

The old world order aka illuminati are weak and confused. u and ur friends have the ability to regain control. sector by sector industry by industry

Incoming Transmission from Commander:

Listen up pieces of shits (we) believe you bitches has what it takes for your first “Real” world simulation. {ION} and {seh} have been spotted in sector alpha 3. They are using avatars and can not be approached directly, we believe they are both controlling their avatar from {source}. Your first mission is to learn to use the console this is a highly secretive military peer to peer communicational tool. You will use it  to communicate with each other and coordinate a plan of attack.

Begin By booting into the console: Navigate your way through the simulation, your mission is not to engage as you are not ready for this task. This will simply be a recon mission. We believe that {ION} is currently placing micro EMP nukes on {key} informational plexus's. We can not let this happen at “All”  to our communicational outposts around the world. This will cripple world wide digital information exchange.

Meanwhile In undisclosed "cCentral command" {ION} plots away total world anarchy

Ok this is what I want you to do with the {source} code today #1

#1 nuke every country at the same time to confuse them.
Micro nukes and then we sit back and watch them fight each other till little ant hill is destroyed :D
{ION} all of them?
 Yes #1 I said "All" of them! (screaming)

Seriously Antz did you need that many nukes?
What part of thou shall not kill don't you understand? 

Muhahahahah Antz are retarded! :D

{ION} what is the purpose of this? other than total world anarchy?
Going Down as the Ultimate "Reality" Terrorist you piece of shit thats what! :D

{Queen} Babe I think you've done enough to these people let them breath

{ION} Shut the fuck up women! let me have my Fun 3D--------
fun fun fun fun fun

{ION} To world: The only technology you need is God~ 

Excuse me lieutenant am I boring you? 

Now refer to the system manual and choose your team: Once you chosen pick your class and prepare to boot into virtual simulation. We don't have much time {ION} is bent on total world control and growing stronger day by day we must hack him before he hacks us "All".  Inside each Color team you will have the option of choosing how you may best help central command. Choose your class wisely! And remember This game may cost you your life so dont hack in till you are ready to die....

Choose your Class: *
{The system only allows for one Wizard class agent in play at "All" times" option locked out due to {ION}

alien, assumes nothing

constructs, destroys, maintains, cleans up

optimizes health and happiness of all living beings

defends the planet and seeks justice

reports news

includes scientific research.  applying science



shares and curates knowledge

inspires and creates novelty

finds weaknesses in the system so they may be fixed

Organizes, inspires, manages

Computer Open Universal Console
Username Commander: Snake11782
Password: **********************

  • Access granted Welcome to the Universal Console Commander:
  • The current mission statement is located below.
  • You have unread msgs in your recent box

Your first Mission is to Find the location of the micro nukes! The fate of the internet and world depend on it.. Good luck and God speed :D

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.