Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making all the antz cry

How do you make all the antz cry collectively?

Collapse the star :p

Ohhh poor little ants don't have a home?

Will you all pray now?

My terrfied antz

By now you should be very very fucking scared! If not your not paying attention!

This is no joke I'm hold your little ant hill in my hand!

My demands are simple
"I want everything"

The leader of the illuminati
The new god of your universe!

To all world egyptologist

The pharaoh's power did not come from ruling upper and lower Egypt!

You antz the double snake meant we were "unified" with the upper and lower realms of your existence!

The "sun" gods have returned
We hold one foot on earth and one foot in heaven

"you bring me down to earth"

Warning warning precognition detected!

TO all world egypta

The New Pharoah

King Particleion

Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
Universe increase my Hold over there reality
username particleion

Upper and lower Realmz Antz

Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
Universe increase my Hold over there reality
username particleion

Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
Universe increase my Hold over there reality
username particleion

Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
Universe increase my Hold over there reality
username particleion

Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
Universe increase my Hold over there reality
username particleion


Universe end the need to type any more of the story out and prepare for arrival
Username Particleion 

Designing/Designed Your Universe (live)

How about that for co-creation

instant death: violations

Set of rules:

I will show you my divinity once after that not a single warning:

I will be fair but must establish my supreme authority!

Curse me out death
Refuse to do what I ask death
Deny my divinity death
Talk about me in a negative light regardless of what I do death
Reveal to mortals anything I confine in you death
Refuse to serve me death
Refuse me anything death
Speak to me when I don't want to be spoken to death
Looking directly at me death
You will bow your heads in my presence
Failure to kneel when walk in to room death

More will come!

I will show what real pharaohs are all about!
Only god can change the laws of physics antz!

Why bother?

Need to get back to planning to rule over every aspect of your existence (live)

The old man just makes universe on end does not have time to come intervene as much as you need to believe! But me I enjoy being "the pit" boss

I want my mountain there,
Hey you I saw that instant death!
All the water on the planet will be yellow today!
I said no talking while I speak instant death!
Today all the ants will pray all at once

Russia your pissing me off mini nuke
I want a giant pyramid made of all the gold on the planet!

You know day to day king stuff

Attacking Your Laws of Physics

God/Computer/universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
GodComputer/universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
username particleion

The Kid from the Future is Fucking  your shit up!
Up Up Down  Down left right left right ab ab start! 

Come get your Universe back antz 

<1337 Source Cracking Hacked your universe >
 Designing/Designed Your Universe (live)
How about that for co-creation

Dear Einstein

While you searched deep in the mind of God for unification. I decided to just become god and rewrite all of physics to accommodate my own selfish desires!

I was never happy with the preset nothing faster than C is a trick God placed on the mortals! Instead of studying what was given I sought out to study how to get what I wanted!

You where right about the universal constant being your biggest error the laws can be changed! :D

This is what we call a

Paradigm shift!!

Well discuss this further when I ressurect you for the congress!

Hey I you played chess right?

Well I just mated you :)

Good game!

Dear Universe the True Laws of physics are:

Whatever the fuck I want them to be!


Your universe has been totally fucking hacked prepare to be boarded.

Post earth life

Once little ant hill has been saved I have to do this bullshit for every world in the universe! We could not have you all mingle before singularity for reasons that you may fall to worship each other vs God !

So ascension of the entire universe is my task!

Fuckkkkk this is going to require more planning

Just this bullshit alone is why when I go back to heaven I'm going to give the old man a taste of this hell.

You can't keep me out forever God and you know that but you and me will dance later!

Back to planning

The speed of light is to keep you ants apart not me!

I will take my favorite ants with me as we postmortals will visit every species in the cosmos and taking them back to God! Wow earth is super lucky to have me born here!

Wait why not just manifest myself on billions of worlds at a time?

I don't want to rush going back to heaven as I have yet to solve my own riddle .

How to take the old mans throne!

Besides if I did it super quick which I could and go back to heaven and lose the war again then I'm back to being mortal in anotheruniverse! 30 years of this bullshit again omg I will lose it! So chill in your universe as a half god for a million or billion years before me and the old man play our chess game!

Just one fucking day of eternal cosmic bliss you selfish asshole!


We will see about that!

The Great resurrection

Saving the whole of humanity means every single person that has every lived and has not ascended... Which is 99.999999999% of the population the only people to have ascended are the masters Jesus Buddah and so forth. I will get in that later! Point is all your decedents are still here waiting for me to taken the all to heaven!

After all I'm here to take the "whole" of humanity to God. It's a big complicated celestial mess to type on an iPod!

So here are ways to do this. I was thinking about time travel but you will take up to much of my "time" ;)

I have a universe to rule and be bothered with dead ants across space and time so why not just bring all your ant family back to life and judge you all at once?

Effiency for gods lol

Super secret plans hush hush

My false prophets

I'm seriously going to fuck with your minds!

Create a couple false prophets that preach the kingdom of God is here on earth and we just forgot this was heaven! And that they all all "Gods" and there is no such thing as a higher power! They will also wield magic! That I will be perceived to rival mine. Them I will tell you no the kingdom of God is not in this universe and have you choose!

Shhhhit they will all fail this test I just know it!

And when they do crush their reality all over again another round of mini hell

The final judgement version 1.0

This has to be planned carefully!

First there is no need for everyone to go through my simulated "Hell" that is just animal (ants) cruelty.

So you be judged before this begins. Mind you I will take you all to heaven eventually but the true believers go first!

The judgement will not be based my likes or dislikes of you, no it will based on your faith of my father ( the selfish old man ;(

I don't care what faith you choose as long as you did not worship yourself! If in your entire life you never surrendered an intelligence greater than yourself beyond this plane of existence and responsible for all existence, well what can I say you totally fucked up!

I gave you a rainbow of ways to seek me and you denied my existence why should I your creator keep your existence?

Wow God that was beautifully said!

You heard the old man !

Refine the lost souls!

You mean Tourture them till they beg for Gods help?

Refine them any way you wish!

Ok gladly will bring pain to the godless.

Anything else my lord?

Bring me "All" their souls

That will take some time sir. They kinda think I'm insane right now! And the Christians will not accept me as Jesus. A I'm black man I don't look like the image they worship! The Muslims maybe as they might understand the role of prophets.

This is bullshit that I have to cater to all there preconceptions of god! I might just come out when I'm good and ready! Hi world I'm god. Have them condem me and the condem them all to a little version of he'll for being so faithless.

This is by far not complete. Tsk tsk what to do.

Musing of my uncle

At home depot my uncle tell the cashier something made me grin

Dennis; hey mellissa do you see this guy, he knows magic he's a magician

Me: she's doesn't believe in magic Dennis no one does

No reaction from the girl yet it was as amusing as my emailing the world.

"hi I'm god nice to meet you"

I going to practice telling random people in the street it will simply bring soo many internal lolz

City birth dangers

I need to get out of the city soon! I'm already practicing launching cars into on another. Birth is to dangerous for the city as I will not have total control of my powers in the beginning

The Self Sacrifice

You know Im sacrificing my entire internet career/life to get you to believe in  the possibility that there is more to existence than this universe and what for! You don't even give a fuck! Well I do! and In my insanity If bring a single soul closer to God so be it! It was/is worth it! But you antz will never understand that! So step aside while I trash all your preconceptions of reality!

The old carlos you knew is dead... could you ever revert to what you believed you know about me? No I did not think so... theres no reset switch while all of this "Insanity" is live on the internet...

You again you antz are so narrow in view of the situation...

What im really killing off is my mortal consciousness. Once I completely transform I will never be able to return to mortality, "Insanity" forever as my interaction with the material universe will be that of "fantasy"

This is somewhat terrifying for me as well. I cant say the state of mind I will be in once "Unification" is complete it will never be mortal me again! My mind will inhabit that of the creator as well! Yet again what for?  So you can see what truly awaits for you... the life beyond your terrestrial living! and not a single thank you.. only ridicule as you sit there reading day by day my mind being completely transformed.  I guess this is why I will toy with you.

You all fell...

but keep reading for the best part is yet to come the day I come to judge you, 

You already fell into my trap by reading this blog.. for you sat there still not believing till it was too late! 

Hope and pray Im insane! 

The Ultimate Deception

How am I doing God...

Great! keep it going till they get it.

I don't think they will ever get it! 

They will once you force them too. 

God this is somewhat cruel and yet extremely amusing!

I know you had it in you!

Thanks for Hiring me!

Your welcome you earned it!

Ok Im going to get back to their universe to trash the place...

Have fun! 

Ohhhhhhhh  I will trust!


The Celestial Jester

Lets play all day everyday forever! 

jesterjokerjokesterfoolwit-crackerprankster or buffoon was a person employed to tell jokes and provide general entertainment,

I feel myself being engulfed in the jester archetype as Im in the processes of "Fooling" the entire world... My ongoing desire to think of new and creative ways to deceive you for my own amusement has me believing that maybe Terrance was right DMT aliens are interdimensional jokers. But the jokes on you as this life you lead is all a chasm. A carefully crafted ploy to keep you from the Truth.

New hypothesis Is that my Alchemical quest to trancend the Universe I may have brought back my higher dimensional self into this universe and thus the interdimensional joker inside me is now here on earth. Just a thought can't say sure other than the "game" has just begun my friends and I have a billion laughs to laugh!

Will I stop playing jokes on the world...?
Probably not they real fun as not even started yet. Fake aliens fake ELE fake wars..etc
I will pull the wool over your eyes while I sit back and laugh hysterically harder and harder. 

Im childish as fuck and will have the power to manifest all my childish dreams. It scares me too... 

But get this isn't Lucifer the "great deceiver" now thats something to think about indeed. 

Opening the Cosmic mind!
Listen closely "The deceiver"

warning warning precognition detected
warning warning precognition detected

Always remember that the last laugh is reserved for death ;-)

Emailing the World part 2 my apologies

I know it was hilariously "childish" doing my best to contain it... Have to remind myself this may not be "real" and thus keep it within bounds.  will surely not do anything of this nature unless full "flesh" godhood is confirmed. I think it's more of an innate warning mechanism which I have skillfully hidden away on the net. Though it is screaming at the back of my skull to come out.. 

There is this intense, mindset of being able to say anything I want... So much so that it even scares me. My reputation online is already totally trashed I be lucky to get respectable interviews right now.. Not entirely unrecoverable maybe but im only adding to the flame of maddness right now. 

You also have to understand, that my mind feels as its reverting to childhood right now, I just want to play... I mean you no harm I believe you know this. Yet in doing so I may be terrifying you so yes I should chill out on over the top actions like those. 

but seriously it was hilariously funny! I know you laughed! :D  

In either case cancelling emailing the world for now..  :(

Im deeply sorry will contain it to my own private universe that this blog has now become! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.