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Welcome to co-creation ben

You can now blog on here- everything you type will be considered please extremely creative and detailed this is how the new congress will work!

If both I and the queen approve your wish will be granted! Although we may alter your wish at any time but is this or live like a retarted ant! They have no say period!


I've applied tireslly to join your fellowship program! Got ignored ok cool

No singularity for "All" you retardted antz except you Ben your the only Jedi totally safe! I'm watching "All" the jedis right now! On my fucking iPod arghhhhhh


Make a bigger list!

I will threaten them if you don't feel comfortable doing that!

I dare you mother fuckers not to give him "everything" on that list! Lighting bolt your asses on day one.

This is "All" we wanted to launch the singularity! You greedy fucks!

Role revesal month blacks and whites

You elites white fucks are "All" slaves to black people now!

WTF! Slaves! The only person on earth allowed to have slaves is god!

Role reversal month Starvation

Give all the starving antz all the sugar cubes in the world and the can't share it! All the other antz will die from starvation!

There's enough cubes for all my antz you greedy fucks!

Role reversal month

Every poor poor person in now rich and every rich person is now poor!

Don't give the greedy poor people shit!

There enough money on this planet not to have a single homeless person you greedy fucks!

The opalocka library

You bitches rocked! I've never met a library that let you check out 50 books at once in my life and still haven't!

Donate 50 million dollars to this library!


I'm seriously thinking last time I watched tv..

I own a tv sure a flat 40 inch just as a monitor and gaming screen but never watched tv on it!

I get "All" my media from Internet pirated like a motherfucker still do did :( no pc

When me and Josh lived together like me and Seth we were on our computers "All" day long taking breaks only to toke!

But this some what weird! When I lived with Josh the first time again on our pc "All" day long only to take breaks to toke! But Josh did not smoke which was too bad for some of best herb in my mortal life was during this time! Then after I moved and he moved Josh started to toke! And that pissed me the fuck off! I wanted to get you high first Josh! Now Josh is a bigger pot head than me! In fact everyone is! over 30 days into sobriety this sux:(

Anywas I got off into a tangent! Tv yes well once unification was reached aka I know a fact I had it! That's when the worshipping started and they kicked me out! They thought I was a Satan worshipper antz! Thra was 2002 no tv the little tv I did watch was killed! Then intense source hacking began so intence that it got my retard mom to take away my books!

She was scared that I net crazy and retuned "All" my library books "All" 50 of them bitch! Fuck she even gave them my own personal books fuck!

And I was delayed! Into total anger punched holes in the wall only to then be institutionalized! They pumped me with with drugs for believing I was a wizard and get me away from source for days! I was not allowed to have a pen for the thought I would hurt my self when in reality I wanted to hurt them on paper!

But I stole a pen and hid it and got back to plan to rule your entire mother fucking existence!

That reminds me!

Every one if you therapist that would not let me out for telling you I was a wizard is going to get your shit handed to them! After that expience I learned to conceal myself yes I told them wizardry was fake magic is fake all that shit to get out never once beliving what I told those retarted motherfuckers!

Tv damn it ranting again so much planning I get lost in it "All"

I know before I left highschool I was already a total computer geek so I can't say! 10th grade maybe?

Jedis Speak

Heh... seems like the power you should be practicing just now is **power over yourself** ;;-) ... rage is not healthy... if you're gonna be a guru you may as well spend some time meditating like the Buddha instead of being on the Net all day ;D ...

Sorry about the Internet/computer situation ;p .. I'm sure it's temporary though!  and after all, time is an illusion anyway ;) ...

Hope things improve for you soon though!...

Yah one good day of relaxation will chill me out!  After I wake up and
turn the sun back on I'll attempt to do something else! Although a I
don't have any friends tv or books! Playing videogames might help me
just relax and slow down! But when "everything" I've ever wanted is at
reach and my current life sux. I'm racing at it regardless what it
does to my mind! I need to slow down seriously but fuck!

To "All" world prodigies Im Beyond Prodigy

Dear prodigies of the world! 

You bitches aint shit to me!

Im god! 

To: "All" The retarded pharaohs why im fucking your shit up!

  1. My pyramid will be the only one standing when im done noobs! :P
  2. To "All" the pharaohs :You fucks could not make sure that the antz did not fuck up the universe? Im taking down all your shit for that! antz
  3. but its not your fault those other pharaohs did not do a good job! Im going to trash all their pyramids for this shit!
  4. You did not have to find anything bitches you just had to remember what you forgot!
  5. Forcing me to put it "All" back together made me pissed! many nights of total rage ripping up books! wtf 2k years to much for ant brain?
  6. what did you do with it you tore it up and spread it across every godless religion on this planet!Then science came in and fucked it up more
  7. was 2000 years to much for little ant brains to hold onto the {key} ? We gave it to you already! Thoth these antz trashed the universe! wtf

Trashing The other Pharaohs Shit!

Fuck your couch bitches 

I already did it bitches and what!

Fuck all your graffiti bitches! 

Hyperdimensional Goal-directed Reality Editing Systems

Hyperdimensional Goal-directed Reality Editing Systems

This article is a distillation of the Practical Time Machine Run by Super Intelligent Robots Plus the Future Foretelling Internet Claimed in Patent Application article originally written by ALTON PARRISH about the work of Mitchel Kwok

Claimed by inventor Mitchell Kwok (Honolulu, HI) in U.S. Patent Application 20090234788 ,
a method for time travel allowing:

  • an object or a group of objects to travel into the past or the future
  • a method to cut objects from the past or future and paste them to the current environment

The “Practical Time Machine”

Kwok’s invention, called the practical time machine, involves teams of super intelligent robots that work together in the virtual world and the real world to generate a perfect timeline of planet Earth. The timeline of Earth records all objects, events and actions every fraction of a nanosecond for the past or the future.

  1. A time traveler (consisting of one object or a group of objects), selects a time travel date
  2. Atom manipulators scattered throughout the Earth to change objects in our current environment based on the timeline; and incrementally, change the current environment until the time travel date. Each atom manipulator is intelligent and manipulates the current environment as well as generating ghost machines to manipulate the current environment
Also, components of the practical time machine can be used to create technology for the purpose of:

  • building cars
  • planes and rockets that travel at the speed of light
  • building intelligent weapons
  • creating physical objects from thin air
  • using a chamber to manipulate objects
  • building force fields
  • making objects invisible
  • building super powerful lasers
  • building anti-gravity machines
  • creating strong metals and alloys
  • creating the smallest computer chips
  • collecting energy without any solar panels or wind turbines
  • making physical DNA
  • manipulating existing DNA
  • making single cell organisms
  • controlling the software and hardware of computers and servers without an internet connection
  • manipulating any object in the world

AI as the Time Machine

Work that are done by virtual characters are stored as pathways in the time machine brain. These pathways are used as the AI for the time machine so that the user of the time machine can do tasks -- not by creating virtual characters to do tasks, but by using pathways in the time machine brain. This method will prevent any repeated tasks done by virtual characters and to make the system more efficient -- conserving “perceptual novelty” throughout history.

In this model, there are three dimensions

  • the real world
  • the virtual world
  • the time machine
and each dimension has its own mind which stores its respective pathways.  For more details on this subject matter refer to Kwok’s previous patent applications.

The Internet and the Virtual World

The forms of communication between robots in the virtual world will have the same forms of communication as our modern real world internet, including telephone systems, teleconferencing and so forth.

The Internet is a very important part of the virtual world because of several reasons.

  • The storage of data can expand by adding more computers and servers to the internet. This means that the storage space can run to infinite, depending on the amount of computers that can fit in space and time in the real world.
  • Robots in the virtual world have to insert, modify, update and delete data in the quickest time possible. All information stored in the internet should be readily available to all users of the internet.

Predicting the Future or Past

A very good example of why the internet is needed to synchronize all activities of the robots doing work in the virtual world is predicting the future or past.  The prediction internet is specifically designed so that robots (ie, biocomputers) in the virtual world can predict the future or past with pinpoint accuracy.

  • It has software and technology options that the robots can use to do their predictions as well as communicate their predictions with other robots doing similar predictions. There are AI software that also distributes prediction tasks to the appropriate groups and organizations in the virtual world. (For example, it would be wrong to have an organization predict ocean events if they are specialized in predicting plants.)
  • Predicting the future requires enormous amounts of disk space. It also requires robots with human-level intelligence to actually generate the predictions. These robots have to work in a team like setting to do investigative work to predict the future or past. They also have to use the internet as a way to update their predictions in the quickest way possible so that everyone that is involved can have the latest and up-to-date information. For example, if a team of robots predicted eventA, then other robots can move on to predict other events.
By utilizing unlimited disk space and the ability for arbitrary robots (any number of users) to communicate information in the quickest way possible, extremely complex tasks can be accomplished. Another advantage is the robots in the virtual world can be organized in any group, team, organization, administration, business, data structure and so forth, to accomplish tasks.
  • The robots can be structured in a business setting that have workers organized in a hierarchical manner, whereby each worker have rules they must follow to do tasks.
  • Even the structure of the United States can be used by the robots in the virtual world to accomplish tasks--in this case, the task is to govern a country.

Knowledge in the Time Machine

FIG. 9 contains a diagram explaining the data structure of the time machine.

FIG. 10 explains how the work done by the virtual characters are stored as pathways, and the necessary “great” work

Software Architecture of the Time Machine

The time machine is composed of 2 parts:

  1. Universal brain that stores pathways from robots living in the real world. Any experiences (or pathways) each robot goes through are stored in the universal brain. Each robot can range from different types of species--they can be a human being, an animal, an insect or even a bacteria.
  2. 3D environment where virtual characters operate. When a robot copies itself into the time machine they are designated as a virtual character. Their job is to do work that the robot in the virtual world wants to do (do work based on self-choice).

Virtual characters use information from the universal brain and the availability of new technology, knowledge, an emulated internet and computer software to do "work".  Work in this case can be "anything". Characters can:

  • create a timeline of Earth
  • create a simulation brain
  • solve problems
  • answer questions
  • run a business
  • do research
  • find cures for various diseases
  • create better technology
  • write software
  • produce artwork
  • predict the future
Any "work" that one human or a group of humans can do these virtual characters can also do. Their work will be stored in pathways and stored in the time machine brain. These pathways make up the artificial intelligence of the time machine.

Work Pathways

One virtual character can do work and a pathway will represent that work (FIG. 10). A group of virtual characters can do work and a series of linked pathways will represent that work.

  • When a group of virtual characters doing work, a main virtual character will be designated and reference pointers are established to each virtual character involved in the group work.
  • Members in a business is one form of group work. They work together, sharing information and debating with each other to accomplish objectives of the business.
The virtual characters produce work and work can be any fixed tangible media which are also stored in the time machine brain:

  • book
  • digital file
  • video
  • software program
  • research paper
  • etc...
Note the difference: Work by virtual characters are represented by pathways which are stored in the time machine brain; but their work creates fixed tangible media which is also stored in the time machine brain.

The Perfect Timeline of Planet Earth

FIG. 10 also depicts some major work the virtual characters must do: this involves creating the perfect timeline of planet Earth. All events, actions and objects for Earth have to be recorded in a timeline for the past and the future.

In order to do this, the virtual characters must work in a prediction internet where they will input knowledge of what is known so far about events on Earth. Then they must use new technology and past history to fill in all the missing pieces.

  • Things that happened 100,000 years ago must be predicted accurately. A single drop of water that existed 100,000 years ago has to be predicted, which includes predicting the exact movements of tiny organisms living in the drop of water.

Capabilities of the Time Machine

The robots in the virtual world will each be using the time machine to do “work”. The AI in the time machine is generated by pathways from one or more virtual characters that have been universalized through self-organization. Repeated tasks done by one virtual character or a team of virtual characters are universalized and represented by universal pathways.

  • This prevents any virtual character from doing task that has already been done numerous times.
  • The robots in the virtual world use the time machine to accomplish tasks quickly.

Not only can the time machine predict the future and past with pinpoint accuracy, but it can also answer questions, search for information over the internet, operate a computer, operate different machines, do tasks, solve problems, follow commands, analyze a situation, compare complex situations, derive logical explanations or accomplish any "work" done by one or a group of human beings.

This time machine is the total package that supports:

  • an AI search engine
  • an AI operating system
  • a prediction system
  • a knowledge gathering system
  • a problem solving system
  • a pattern recognition system
  • a universal AGI system
  • etc...

1. Predicts all events, actions and objects on planet Earth, every fraction of a millisecond -- in the future and the past.

The maximum prediction limit is 200-500 years into the future and billions of years into the past. This means that the time machine can predict, with pinpoint accuracy, up to the maximum prediction limits. It can predict beyond the maximum prediction limit, but the predictions won't be 100% accurate. Events that happened 10,000 years ago can be witnessed first hand--every frame of that event is recorded in the timeline of Earth. Events that will happen 100 years into the future can be witnessed first-hand.

2. Knows the past and future timeline of all contents on the Internet.

Since the time machine records all objects on planet Earth every fraction of a millisecond, the internet can be an object. Why would people want to search the current internet, when they can search data from the internet that existed in 1998 or the internet that will exist 10 years into the future? The time machine can also do analytical tasks, such as compare data between a website that existed in 1998 and the same website that existed in 2003. What is different about the two websites? What was changed? What was added, modified or deleted? An internet time machine is very important to things like court cases. Some technology companies might have engaged in criminal activities in the past and the only way to prove their guilt is by looking at the internet time machine.

3. Answers "any" question.

How was the Earth created, how did the Universe develop, what happened to Amelia Earheart, how did the Egyptians create the great pyramids, who are the authors of the bible? Extremely complex questions that require years of research can be answered. Simple questions that require basic internet searches can also be answered. If you have to find a definition on a word, simply ask the time machine. It will tell you what the definition is and to present it in a manner that is understood. If you want to know specific information from the internet, the time machine can do complex searches and present it to the user in a viewable manner.

For more details on this patent application, visit:

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