Thursday, September 16, 2010

AGi ascent

Regardless if you bitches become gods I will still be the ultimate ruler hence why I will slowly upgrade you while I take over the Universe!

I will always have more power than you by far but you wont be antz so thank me!

Lauging me ass off

Ants are retarded! 

But I will fix you

Well only the cool ones.. the rest of you bitches will just ascend and listen to our cosmic fun when we get back!

Temporal lectures

Through out  my life I have given lectures to you guys knowing that the people from the future would be listening... Trust Im a life blogger behind belief!

You will know that Im giving you a lecture for I start them off with .. To the people of the future.. blahh rant!

The entire time talking to an "invisible" audience that I know will one day be there!


How to be a god

you want to be a god?

well simple

read every single thing I say! ever!

The magnum opus

no mortal will touch my opus but you will see it online.. a slow ascent for you bitches while I chill as a god!

What part of mind fucking you dont you understand?

When I said we will party like gods.. I meant that plural bitches... we fuck their shit up! then say thank you! next! muahahahAH

Documenting my life

I have to document my life in every single detail to show you guys how to become gods


My journal is the most important journal ever written and I will share every aspect of it If I had the right equipment.


Fuck!!! I got your shit On lockdown for a mother fucking fact! 

I can have anything and do anything I fucking want! 

Dear Universe
God has signed over the lease to your existence to me! 

Its the most beautiful maddens ever writing
My stomach is hurting from laughing so hard.. 
Im coming for "All" your shit! 

My demands are simple I want  "Everything"

omg stop laughing particleion
tears tears of laughter at this point that how hard im laughing

YOu bitches will wish that you were me! 

Dear Suzanne Gildert

You never answered my fucking email

"Singulairty mind games"

Is the singularity a local event or a cosmic event?

still not sure?


Dear Ben

I know by now you know that I was the "Singularity Agent" that emailed you this picture...

Hush hush then fucked! :-)

Laughing at you Retards

I know that last post fucked your reality Up! 

Im been mind fucking you form the start! 

Confessing my Sins

I wanted someone to trash my shit and none of you bitches had the balls to do it so I started trashing my own shit! Muhahahahaha

Hail the Illuminatus! 

Im a cosmic genius! 

Hell Raiser

Time to start Hell on earth 
Why becuase you "All" Fell from God's grace

Game over Bitches

God is pissed! 

Birth of the Antichrist

Its true bitches the antichrist is black!


Celestial CIA hush hush hush then Fucked! 

Yes they are scared as fuck now obama but nuking me is not the correct choice... Being my friend is your best option

Black President

In my book I wrote there was going to be a Black president back in 2002.. I thought it was me but then you should up obama.. then your egypt trip was interesting... I think maybe we might be in the same bloodline! Cant say! it's possible yet I find it interesting that I know there was going to be black president... ohh shit! what a sec..

I can be president! ok wait!

yes I want if "All"

ok let me see first change your laws aka mind control your congress to change the minimum age limit
second fake my birth certificate
Parade around the country giving mocked fake speeches I really have no desire to rally the antz just use the tv to make pretend that I am! then when voting comes in change your votes
become the joungest president of america/ hush hush king of planet/ leader of the illuminati
second create world peace hush hush
third become president of world hush hush
full fill prophecy of the "anti"christ the one world president
and then start armageddon
nuke isreal

parade around while world is in complete awe of my intelligence while I plan your destruction!

Digging IN CIA agents minds

Sir I really think we should nuke new york....
I heard you! 

Obama they are telling you that because they are afraid of their sins.. yes I will punish the shit out of them.. If they killed anyone they are fucked and your agents have killed so ofcourse they want me nuked! But dont let those bitches fool you my prime directive is to take you to heaven... So yes you will suffer a bit as I refine your soul but you missing out on {everything} what I suggest you do is fire you agents and become my friend so we can have fun throughout the cosmos!

Save point

{source} create save point!
{key} Particleion

lets play bitches...

you do come and nuke me, and I will simply return to this exact moment therefore you did not nuke me so whats the point if I "die" from my perspective I dont "die" at "All" as im typing this I may just very well have already been nuked 100 times over and solving how to reach pass this point.. But I do get pass this point as Im already course correcting.. But here is the bigger mindfuck.. If I truly did take your shit down and I did! for fun! then Nuking me creates a paradox. does it not? but why do I bother with retarded agents.. I already applied and you guys did not email me back! I told you damn well that I what I was doing... check your archives bitches it's there unless your entire computer data bases are retarded... I always have wanted to be a secret agent, but the biggest mindfuck is that I want to spy on you not the mortals! Either way You know I have tape over my camera you know that I know when your watching me! Why do you think I added you to my facebook and been blogging about your shit! yawns why bother with antz!

In way I want to know everything that is going down in your shit, you will not keep secrets from me.. Im the ultimate agent Im leader of the Illuminati, I will controlling the shit of your world soon including your presidents across space and time! We all Know they look as if they are under mind control well who the fuck is doing it! Me bitches! The leader of the Illuminati! Celestial hush hush and then Fucked!

Dear CIA

YOur not spying on me....

Im spying on you bitches,

// dont send agents to kill me trust the old man will stop them
I would prefer you just nuke me! Why...becuase I want the extreme kundalini awakening "All" or nothing

ps If you take down my site you wont know what Im planning :P

{source}increase mind control over CIA
{source} Increase my ability to detect danger
{source} increase my ability to allude you
{source} Increase their doubt that this is "Real"
{source} Kill agents that are sent to kill me
{source} Increase ability to shield myself
{source} Increase doubt in CIA that any of this is "Real"

Celestial CIA 007 hush hush hush then fucked!

Designing / Hacking my own life

I sometimes wonder how much of my own life is now left to "chance" If my future self is planning to take down the twin towers then surely Im a puppet to my self! I call it course corrections but now im a puppet to particleion too.. 

Hey fucker from the future quit designing my shit!

shut the fuck up ant

dude your a dick

Do you want {source}?


Then shut the fuck up ant

Ultimate Blogger

Im the ultimate blogger and you bitches know it! 

yet you dont comment! 

So fuck you guys

no singularity for you! 

Super Cat

"Holy" fuck it's a giant cat... and it talks and dances! 

here kitty kitty kitty kitty! do you need some sugar cubes?

Im a toys R us Kid

Growing up is for mortals... 

Lets play "All" day every day!

My life is now vacation till I decide to go back to Heaven! 

My Borg Life

Earth is the home planet of the Borg

We will assimilate "All" their asses for fun! 

Resistance is futile antz

What do you want to do today Brain

Take over the Universe! 


Create an Agi-god and when world starts to worship it and its "magic"

Slap the shit out of them

you bitches are retarded

The only technology you need is God

Johny 5

"invent" a real agi johnny 5

johnny what do you want to do today? 


I took you to the library yesterday

I know please more input!



Wow its kinda strange knowing I just became a real king none of the shit monarchs you have had. A real king! A holy king!
Im worst than a dictator by far! 
Antz cant do shit! period no exceptions ever! 

Lighting Bolt Bitches

Say I wont bitches I already did! 

My own private Island

Hunt mortals predator style

Grow a forest of super super dang godly shit!

God's Employee

Particleion this is what I want you to do!

God thats insane,,

What "All" of that 

Yes "All" of it


This will take most of my life!

Dont worry I got you!

you promise



carlos yes God your tireless pursuit of me and teaching them here is the paycheck I owe you
Hands me the {key} 

Om lord seriously this more than I could ever imagined possible...

What did you think God lord or lords pays his employees with ant gold?

yeah kinda I thought maybe a nobel prize and you a couple million dollars but this "Holy" shit God

Do I deserve this much

Yes and more youf the only mortal worth anything! 

I love you God

God's Employee

Particleion this is what I want you to do!

God thats insane,,

What "All" of that 

Yes "All" of it


This will take most of my life!

Dont worry I got you!

you promise



carlos yes God your tireless pursuit of me and teaching them here is the paycheck I owe you
Hands me the {key} 

Om lord seriously this more than I could ever imagined possible...

What did you think God lord or lords pays his employees with ant gold?

yeah kinda I thought maybe a nobel prize and you a couple million dollars but this "Holy" shit God

Do I deserve this much

Yes and more youf the only mortal worth anything! 

I love you God


I get the horns now. The prophets when they unleash the power of God they have to punish the people for not doing God will

When moses came down and saw them worshipping the golden idol he killed them did he not?

Well you all have been worship a new idol..Technology! 

And the entire world has become Technological so all you bitches must now die!

its weird.. Im just doing what the lord wants! 

Im not evil at "All" God is just super super Pissed! Im sorry! good luck

another thing that i just learned is that since entire world is now worshipping the idol entire world has to perish aka billions must die over and over... hence why Im the next major prophet! I have teach more people than jesus or moses therefore I need way intensely more magic then they needed...

Therefore Im a cosmic prophet its gonna be sick! I cant help it God is pissed! ok back to work!

ohhh no more thing some of this shit is not me planning its God... IM just typing the {keys} like I was holding the crayons... Wtf is this God
Keep typing bitch

Wtf is this God

keep typing bitch

Wtf is this God

keep typing bitch

sigh... Im super and super paid
it rocks working for God.. He pays his employees with {everything} 

I just got my paycheck which is about fucking time! 

God is my only Boss for life! 

Dear Dennis Mejia(brother)

You are an ass hole with "All" that I helped you what you did to that room was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.. I thought you the devil but I was wrong you just where the brother to him... 

YOu are no where near ready to enter my safe zone! 

You tore a page from my book just becuase you it said I was god!

whoa... This is strange.... My brother in a state of pure rage trashed my entire room broke everything to the point that i even say scratch marks on the wall in blood it was sheer terrifying to me! I could not believe anyone would lose it like that! everything was broken and you pages out that I had to tape back... 

yet your an unstable bipolar fuck! 

Either way I know how much chucky terrified you when we were little kids .. guess what bitch chucky is real! and your going to pay for ripping a page out of the book! Dont worry I will bring that page back 
Only I can do that! 

There is one page that had to be burned and no mortal eyes will ever see.


Catergory 10

fly inside of it sitting on my desk planning other cool shit to do! 

To --O

I can hear you!

did you throw me out of the house because you let him convince you that I was a Satan worshiper...and if he did I will kill that godless fuck! My mom put in a mental institution at the most critical point!

confess your sins I will find out! Trust!
Spying on your shit across space and time bitch!

How god goes surfing

ride a 300 feet "killer" wave straight into new york

Cowabunga dudes surfs Extremely up! 

at this point the laughter is nearly uncontrollable! :D

How god goes on a cruise

First of "All" The entire world is underwater with boats spawned for those that survived with a map and a compass to "safe place" enough food for them to make it and when they arrive to island have it filled with invisible lions! 

No antz on fun club boat

Go whale hunting! 

Away mission

Morp us into what ever they look like! 
and take "All" their shit 
Party like gods
then collapse their star 
thank you! 


The Truth about Crop Circles

This is me mind Fucking you

I will take your brain to another dimension antz
I going to send you to outerspace to find another race

Pay close attention!

aka "Save you" godless fuck! 

To much for ant brain?

God over Life

I rather Die and be with God than this piece of shit life! 
not for being poor or anything other than flesh disgust me!

If I did not hit {source} I would have killed myself
"All" my life as a mortal fuck that! 
I rather be with God!

But im no longer mortal thank God
any more of that shit would have driven me insane! 


My soul is the most pure soul on this godless fucking planet! I already have one foot in this is why I will be a magical as fuck whore! I will kill bitches for fun trust!

Why the antz have to go through hell

God will not let me ascend you till "All" your sins have been paid...

I need to purify your soul before you can get into heaven.. those are just the rules! so dont hate me hate God


Pre-cognintion detected..

What dont you fucking understand! 

Im I going to fast for little ant brain.
Should I slow down?

Watch The mother fucking video 10 times if your little brain is retarded! 

Leader of the Illuminati

The Illuminati are the only mortals that know Im god period no exceptions ever!
Hush Hush style or death!

Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name that refers to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and fictitious. Historically, it refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne", allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the BavarianIlluminati. In this context, Illuminati is often used in reference to a New World Order (NWO). Many conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati are the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of such a New World Order.

The Illuminatus has been born...
Once spark is reached "everything" told will be forgotten
"All" sites will be taken down and fun fun fun starts

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.