Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Passing out

I just woke up nearly 6 hours later semi sober :(

Good thing I did not drink all the beer I bought!

What? I have 6 more hours of sleep ahead of me, no reason they have to be sober sleep!

Mortality Liberation

Thank God im no longer mortal! 

Forcing Humanity into Submission

what is real mortals?

What ever you tell us is real {ION} 

You bitches are retarded... 

WRONG Answer!!!!

Let Me Go Im not done fucking their reality UP

I honestly cant stop laughing, surely I must have gone insane but you bitches are retarded in my mind... Your so sooo fucking stupid... Im going to tear your shit apart mortals . Just do me a favor and don't tell me sorry... I will most likely kill you instantly for attempting to backtrack.... 

Im going to tear their shit apart! 

Is this real mortal? How about this.. still not sure... finee...... about this... !!! for years on end... you are soo fucked mortals... just surrender your reality right now and I may take it easy on you.

nooooo I wont.. thats just another illusion I have in store for you retarded bitches... :D

think Im crazy?

Sadly mortals are retarded and feeding directly into my plan/... lmao.. you guys are so being set up for the ultimate reality check of your lives... :D

Beer vs Food

Im 72 oz into the day and with 5 dollars left to my name ... I should get food but Im in the mood to drink to day and will forgo eating if I have too.  One day without eating is frankly another day in the office. 

back form the store with another 72 oz of the good stuff... 

Interdimensional Soldier: Bring It

 me:  what does this "All" mean?
 S:  i was litening to the RU Sirius podcast last night
the latest episode was about this guy that worked in the military testing drugs
like LSD and this one called BZ
BZ makes you trip for 72 hours seeing shit that isnt there
like baseball games on the floor of a padded cell
or strips of food along a sidewal
hallucinogen weapon
 Sent at 3:53 PM on Tuesday
 me:  wow how can we get our hand on that?
 S:  if you ate BZ you would end up in jail
if you werent locked in a padded cell
you'd try to crawl across the street and grab onto a police officer's leg cuz you thought it was a life raft or soemthing
 me:  Im an interdimendisional soldier ... BRING It

seeing the lord

 S:  jordan told me he still sees jesus
he was worried it was weird cuz he was raised jewish. i reminded him that jesus was a rabbi
 Sent at 3:41 PM on Tuesday
 S:  "do you realize how many great advancements in history have been tied to SPEED?"
 me:  Ive been most of my life an general believer and only saw jesus as just another prophet but the sight of him was extremely holy more so then how we felt that day at the church
it was intense... and I was seeing the lord and he was thankful of me. for seeking him that brought me intense joy

Tripping my way into heaven

me:  weird very very weird!
 Sent at 3:28 PM on Tuesday
 me:  "The only technology you need is God"
reaching 50 oz
 Sent at 3:30 PM on Tuesday
 me:  50z of beer vs 8oz of dxm
its a no brainer
 S:  ?
 me:  Im buzzed but not tripping
 S:  im definitely doing GFJ with it
it kept me triping for like 2 days
 me:  gft?
 S:  grapefruit
 me:  yes
my brain is def different then yours
I leave this existence
when I do that
I start travelling through dimensions
and start seeing aliens
like with dmt
only scarier in ways

 S:  i could leave reality but nt while sean and rachel are downstairs
they keep me anchored :(
and walking outside dosnt help either
to exit reality
it grounds me more
i need an isiolated room
like the apt we had
 me:  yah
but in all honesty im scared to trip again
I saw aliens angels demons God heaven world the universe
everything in those tripps
it was amazing
 S:  i saw pink aliens eating everyone earth
doesnt scare m
 me:  ohhh and when I started writting source
i was tripping naturally
and started seeing beings
thats why I did not trip with you
that night
I was already far gone
I saw jesus that day dude
he came to me
i know how that sounds
he welcomed me to heaven

48 oz in

My billion year vacation is starting pretty slow... Yawns... I need to get drunker and earlier lmao... Mortals are nothing to me at this point... I will control the shit of their reality drunk as fuck and they can't do shit about it. .. It's rather sad and ironic at the same time. The joys of being a true fucking KING.... Bring the wine bitches while I send armys of men to death for nothing more then simply amusement!

Starving Artist day ??? :D



In "All" seriousness I should get off the computer and get something to eat, been writing since I woke up and it's 2 pm... let me see what we are working with ... ok I have 11 dollars thats enough for 10 beers...lmao.. I should eat something and not drink today... seriously why? ok lets be reasonable lets only spend half of that on beer and lets keep the reserve in case Im in "dying" need for food :D

I have yet to get a fraction of it out... fuck.. Im running behind schedule by far... 
wait drinking with nothing in my stomach adds bonus buzz points tooo... :D

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