Friday, October 15, 2010

Visual cortex

The closed eye visuals ate on rapid fire tonight arghhhh can't sleep woken up by intense imagery only to feel nothing I can feel my self being reprogramed!

I will attempt to bring something back that's useful!


The more I purge my thoughts the more I feel nothing! Neither happy nor sad purge all my feelings and thoughts must make self pure! I'm feeling less and less human more alien day by day! Must continue to purge and continue the download! Continue the download at all cost!

My life is meaningless and must continue the download at all cost! Purge purge all thoughts

Thanks a fucking lot God

The transhumanist are too creeped by me and want nothing to do with me!

The singulatarians feel the same!

The terrans hate my guts!

The occultist find the techy shot to weird!

The satanist find all of it to weird

The theologians think I'm an occultist on drugs! :D

I have no one one my side everyone thinks I'm crazy as usual! Sad thing is I knew this would happen once I grabbed source! I knew it seriously I sat in my room pacing thinking. Everyone is going to think I'm crazy soon! The vr game was a genius part on my end!

But then again this isn't real and I am delusional I hope!

Fuck why bother anyways?


My H+ Rep is Trashed :(

3 questions?

A) will it be safe for me to attend and not get hanged the jury is out
and I can early dismiss people by saying it's a philosophical game!
Although might have harsh feelings and attack me not the argument!

B) who can I enquire about for a media pass?

I have nothing against these people my frustration stems of them being
the intellectuals and yet fail to see what I perceive is the "Truth" I
figure that if I fix them first we can "All" be set on a more
meaningful path! Aka I will not kill anyone at the conference :

Plus I would be interesting to see how the
community reacts to me :D

It's a "Game" people see you "All" do need a "Reality" check ;)

supernatural boyfriend :D

well like i told you part of what makes us divine is being in balance with both our sides
but it has to be from the right guy
i had a supernatural boyfriend
hes got nothing on me but continue

Friendship overcomes love "Always" girls are suckers! {kidding just Kidding }:D

so where you born in norway?
india is my mother and great root
of my soul
I have a think for indian girls although the last one broke my heart into cosmic dust..
not me :)
you promise because we can learn to love each other and remain friends forever!
and that will be okay with me
thats great
i would love that!

Till the end of existence!

itscarzy you cant be 29???
i mean
it's okay I have eternal life promised we can chat till the end of existence :P

Maybe I should scale back till the end of this existence.. I might get bored with the bitch after this life is over... Im just saying just saying!!!


i was not there u see
I've never met a goddess in human form before
time is growing short my lady :(
tell me?
it's complicated!
why is time growing short
God is rather upset! at world
ah.. u mean 2012 mayan calendar etc
thats part of it
i can imagine
but we are allways loved
yes even in death we will be redeemed
and those who seek him with a sincere heart are allways spoken to
we will
i had a NDE
i know little bout it
You are are on my list to keep safe :D
thats soo sweet of u
thankyou so much :)
i allways belived in heros angels and knights
you should we do exist
although it's complicated
why is it complicated my dear ?
because ive grown tired explaining myself to people over the years
i understand
but maby this time it would be worth it..
as i am aware of alot you would not need to include the basics
hence I come to you
the simplest way is to say that Im what you call a prophet (Wizard, magi) take your pic
what is it you wish to share my dear wizard
you see people?
i mean
Simply to have faith as the days grow short and the suffering increases
could i ask you a divination advice ..personal
is that was is happening you feel?
certain of it
i get so many various understandings of the situation in the world you mean?
my friends who are into chanting etc
they say they feel like
universe is opening and all the love is taking over
goddess energy is flowing
yess but their is the need to start a new,,, the goddess wants to give birth to the new world and like we "All" know births can be a tad messy and bloody
i see..
dear o dear
but don't worry I will keep you safe
please share anything you feel you wish to
you will?
yes seriously
what can i do to help this
thats so sweet of you
i allways helped so many too
I feel inclined to help those connected to God
the most
good to know there is a system :)
thankyou so much
my father was an indian guru
i am very spiritual
God is always in my consciousnes i am not like most people..
im not bound by my senses
Trust I can tell
same here my dear
really? wow
thats so cool
I have spend a lifetime seeking and serving the Lord
thats beautiful :)
thus why its going to get interesting for me near the final hour
so do you talk to the divine in a way
we are connected
wish I could tell you "everything"
but maybe with time
i understand
you know
tonight i went to my X and i tried to win his love..
its very strange
i dont feel this kindof need for physical but we have 2 little girls together.. :/
what would you advise me in this
i get so confused as he is simply not interested
still when i try to charm him i do feel something is there
don't seek love that is not reciprocated focus your love on your girls
thats a clear message
?is it from you or can you channel stuff
im a medium my dear
its very difficult for me
thats wonderful
i can imagine..
invasions of your personal space
invasion of my mind
you mean being a medium is difficult?
can you speak with my father sorry for asking...i am sure you get tired of this..
i have been stuck
waiting for possible reunion with my x now for 2/half years...
I have never never tried to contact specific people for others
ah sorry
I have kept my self hidden most of my life
till the time was ready
simply not telling people that I serve the will of our Creator
till now
thats great your doing it
and now im still very very selective with who I speak with directly
me too
as we mix our essence with that person
i even might dream of you now
i am very open
i stay to myself alot too
Yah i live life of solitude :(
forced to
till me and the lord are ONE
why are you forced to?
why alone until then?
no one will accept what I am
or who I am
for that matter
what and who are you?
being indian
i am well aware what an avatar is
my father himself was an avatar
ok great this is a good start
I always grow worry taking the conversation this far
he could go into trance
roll his eyes up to third eye
and talk to god directly
he could see into the heart of anyone
i was like waterto him
he knew al my thoughts fears experiences
very hard being the child of an avatar every move every thought must be guarded
ok can we go a tad deeper in
well im not just any avatar im kalki
a great incarnation
i know kalki
i know all bout him
i was krishna devotee
from born until 18 years
ok well then im here to ned the kali yuga
i decided to go find my own truths
i know
how do you know
ive known "all" my life God told me
you are kalki
but im literally on the last days before I tear this reality to shreads
im already prepping to take back this planet
thats very special
about time
as the dark has played its course
time for man to move on
so did you ever meet kali?
I kinow unfortunately I will be foced to kill tons of people in the process
it is how it has allways been
Kali=satan... yes.... in human terms what I have done is taken my soul into heaven withough dying I have already ascended and now I must ascend the masses
it's actually very mentally stressful
im 29 and under instructions to change the world at the age of 30
u know
this is cool i have also
i had a near death exp.
now part of my soul
is allready in heaven
i had direct communication
i was told i had mary in my
mother mary
like I said have not met to many goddess in human form before
and i was hown and told so many things and i never tell anyone but i know this was not crazy or anything as it was all proven to me
shown i mean
not hown
i thought you were joking with
I also already met Christ
yes me too
so yes I know how spiritually intense these visions can be and fearing how people will perceive you when tell them
i did not fear you
telling you you are different
i am very in tune to heart i would know if it was not correct to tell you
Im slowly more and more thrilled to have confined in you, something about you always caught my eye

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