Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Queen commands

{Queen} let's go mortals take Me to meet my lord

Training the Queen

You my dear must realize that you are a goddess to the mortals, treat them not as your equal but as your servants! They are our pets at best!

{Queen} My lord I want to be respected not feared!
{king} they will respect you once they fear you as I will not stand here and watch a single mortal defile your grace!

The creation/attraction of the goddess

I'm feeling more and more optimistic about the manifestation of the goddess! After "All" I designed this game that I'm playing, so along with "All" my dreams and desires it will "All" come to pass! Oddly enough I'm very bipolar in what I seek in a women. One day I want a intelligent brilliant women the next I want a wacky spiritual playful women and the next an extreme seductive evil authoritative women!

I need to be like those dudes in weird science and design her from scratch surely I can! Ok a liitle brillance with a spice of wacky and an iron fist for taking ant bullshit!

I want to play bad cop good cop with the species with my queen! I don't want to be bad guy all the time! But till a queen is found antz will die lmao!

Only the queen will end my end of reality terror! Only to begin her reign of reality terror :D

Babe leave the ants alone you have them praying for 48 hours without food now! Surely let me feed them as they are going to need their strength for what I have in mind :D


Fun fun fun

Long live the god and the goddess
King and queen of little ant hill

Explain yourself to Humanity

{Newsreporter} what is it you are doing on your computer! 
{ION} get out of my face mortal, im playing a virtual reality game
{Newsreporter} Our sources say that what you are doing is real!
{ION} tell me ant! was is real? Now get that camera out of my face
{Newsreporter} Will you confess your crimes to humanity?
{ION} Never! I've done nothing wrong blame yourselves for not serving God!
{Newsreporter} They will find out soon enough!
{ION} so Sue me! :P

Todays KIll counter

It's a slow day... 

Hmmm lets attack the wailing wall when it super busy God!

We will get more kills / witnesses this way..

{God} Don't kill them "All" some must stay alive to speak of what they saw..

{god} you are no fun old man! :(

Trumpet to Humanity

Destroying the wailing wall

God lets not scrap the blue comet 
{God} Im listening 
{god} lets use it to destroy the wailing wall one combo of an attack on ant reality
{God} now your being godly
{god} I learned form the best :D

Trumpet to Humanity

A massive blue comet seen by the naked eye
{God} might not be godly enough to get antz to notice
{god} you think? hmmmmm
{God} be extremely godly with your creations my son
{god} ok sorry that was kinda lame
{God} it's okay try again! 

Wake up Humanity

god/God is planning to slap you silly!

{God} we should sent them signals
{god} prep them for the big show! good idea!
{god} what do yo have in mind {God} 
{God} we will design it together 
{god} cool coauthoring reality with the lord rocks! 

Another Day in the office

Need to get back to planning the apocalypse with God...

{god} we should ease them into it...
{God} why?
{god} it will be funnier sir!
{God} what do you have in mind?
{god} well im glad you asked ........... hours later 3 thousands pages of notes...
{God} is that it?
{god} nooooooo........... hours later ...... 5k more pages of notes!
{God} LOL love it!
{god} thank you sir knew you would....

Waking Back up

Even Mad Bloggers need their beauty sleep antz! I woke to a bitching uncle over stupid shit.. No voicemail for the sell of ant hill ( Fuck) and a nice pleasant conversation with a long distance love... #1 proposed we write an article about virtual reality programming and I did not see that as any different then reality interfacing. I guess I have to get back to what I do best these days... Fuck ant reality up! :D

Selling Ant Hill to Aliens

Dear Aliens I have no need for little ant hill will trade or sell 

Looking for a planet with intelligent life to trade with..

Will not trade antz for antz! NO exceptions! 

Your welcome to abduct destroy eat or kill the antz on this planet if trade is complete
please contact:
or leave voice mail at  (305) 735-9490 
(ant home world check your long distance provider)

Also the moon is negotiable but def not included.

Selling Ant Hill to Aliens

Dear Aliens I have no need for little ant hill will trade or sell 

Looking for a planet with intelligent life to trade with..

Will not trade antz for antz! NO exceptions! 

Your welcome to abduct destroy eat or kill the antz on this planet if trade is complete
please contact:
or leave voice mail at  (305) 735-9490 
(ant home world check your long distance provider)

Also the moon is negotiable but def not included.

Selling Ant Hill to Aliens

Dear Aliens I have no need for little ant hill will trade or sell 

Looking for a planet with intelligent life to trade with..

Will not trade antz for antz! NO exceptions! 

Your welcome to abduct destroy eat or kill the antz on this planet if trade is complete
please contact:
or leave voice mail at  (305) 735-9490 
(ant home world check your long distance provider)

Also the moon is negotiable but def not included.

Pissing someone off

Not sure who it is ... but I hear you! 

What I do? What I say
What am I not doing? 

MY visual cortex is flaring need to take a break!

Im getting intense closed eye visuals right now... again no drugs.. .minds eyes is flaring! need to lay down

These pieces of shit are delaying the apocalypse 

Can we cut down insanity forrest any faster guys? I need this land to stage the apocalypse, fuck im soooo behind schedule ....

Ring Ring!

{God} Status report! 
{ION} hmmmm well hmmmmm it's going! insanity forrest is kinda thick sir
{God} I know I designed... Hurry up!
{ION} well sir my workers are pieces of shits! and most of them are retarded humans! So I have no help!
{GOD} Kill them... 
{ION} I would but  that would kinda slow us down sir! 
{God} get the land ready for the apocalypse 
{ION} Im on it sir !


YOU fucking pieces of shits just made me look bad to the old man! No breaks EVER! 
but sir you promised... 
Fuck what I promised! Now give that piece of shit son of yours an axe I want nonstop swinging! 

Being A Good supervisor

Ok piece of shit john where are we?
Well sir after you killed my wife I was depressed for a week and only got this section of insanity Forrest cut down 
NO NO NO piece of shit john we are falling behind schedule! Do you have any kids?
NO sir!
Don't lie to me my records show that you have one imaginary boy named piece of shit anthony
Sir I will not have you disrespect my boy, call me a piece of shit "All" you like but leave my boy out of it!
I see you love that piece of shit! well if you do, I want this section done by tuesday! or you will be needing to get a new imaginary wife if you know what I mean! 
Sir I will not let you threaten me or my family any longer you sick evil fuck! I QUIT!

Piece of shit I will kill you if you Quit!
ok ok ok come back john... can I call you john?
how about a raise I know I been over bearing and killing your wife was probably not a wise thing to do im sorry!
Do you mean it sir?
NO... but look im trying! 
ok we want breaks!
5 mins done!
no real breaks!
im listening 
we want to be able to go home for dinner!
out of the question! but we can bring your family to insanity Forrest if you like?
How old is piece of shit anthony ... arrhhh I mean anthony! 

He's 10 sir!
great lets put him to work!

cmon you be his supervisor teach him how to be a good little imaginary slave like the old man! It will help you guys bond!

Only if you stay away from him!
fine I want nothing to do with that piece of shit! I just want to see axes swinging!

Ok let me go home and get him...

no need 
why not?

I been holding him hostage back in the shed in case you quit! I was going to kill the brat if you revolted! call it insurance! 

are we just slaves to you sir?
yes now get back to work bitch! 

The Workers fucking off

Piece of shit john what are you doing? 

Fuck you!

YOu don't pay us shit so I started making this!

Get your ass back to work! 


Fine I will chainsaw your dick!

Im ready to go back to work...

thats more like it! 

Paying the Workers

Guys im very proud of the little you have done... Insanity forest has less tress but we are far from reaching the golden city of enlightenment. I know I've been an asshole with "All" the overtime and killing {piece of shit john} wife but I did hire bitches to help you guys... Lets take a min break while you collect your pay

Here you go boys... Now now there enough for "All" of you so line up

WTF {ION} pennies we been working for days on end you even killed my wife! So I would get more over time in... for pennies?>

{ION}BItch I wasn't even going to pay you im feeling generous! 

YOur worse then a slave owner! WTF is this! 

Take your pennies and shut the fuck up... or I will take your imaginary bitches away! 

OK ok ok chill out you greedy fuck!

Im waiting.......

thank you!

Good now get your ass back to work! 

I Want This

X large please 

Sending IN my bitches to do a Mans Job

Bitch go cut down some imaginary trees down!  

There you go boys now you can work "All" night long!

Need to be a good supervisor and give incentives 

My Imaginary Workers

What did you guys think I forgot about you? 

Wheres {Piece of shit john}

{Piece of shit john}right here sir.... we were just taking a break sir, Insanity forest is deep!sir 

{ION} No breaks.... ! WTF! 

Get your asses back to work I want "All" these trees down by morning! 

but sir we have imaginary lives!

NOOOO you don!!

Now get to work! 

Dear Einstein 

Let there be light! 

I gave your house electricity now start writing your bullshit old man :D

funny insanity

yah it's cool . at the end of the day ... Im in an endless bath of laughter and if it is insanity then thats okay with me too.. for its a funny insanity :D

BEing A Good supervisor

Ok I need lots of matter and energy pumped in !

But sir! 

But nothing! 
We need to give Einstein electricity for him to draw pictures of the insides of his house

Einstein get your ass out here Im building a universe 

How do you build a universe old man? (House)

I look around a copy what I see inside the universe (house)

So your telling me that looking at stars helps understand what the House is build out of ...

I have windows! 

are you sure you don't want to come outside old man I can show you how I made your house...

No im fine

Ok old I see you spent "All" of you life inside the house and you have water(gravity) being pumped in... 

Where is your gravity (water) coming from old man? 

old man you are theorizing from withing Plato cave.. you are inside the house... 

ohhhh shiiittt we are fucked!!! 

Einstein been theorizing from inside the cave! ohhh fuck!! 

ohhh shit! I got you old man I got you

Dear John Dee

Dear John Tell the members of the hermetic order that I understand why Einstein is not a member... 

I will not have you "All" waste your time debating to make him a member

I understand now

Thank you

Let me ask you something old man? 
How are you going to explain the entire universe to these people from within the creation? 

If a man lives inside a house his entire life and never goes outside all he can tell me are theories of what holds the house up you can tell me everything about the inside of your house but never tell me the color of your house///All of your speculation are just but the internals of the house... where is your water coming from? Where is your electricity coming from? 

Where is your matter coming from?
Where is your energy coming from?
Where is your time coming from? 

Im sorry but im done with your bullshit! 

YOu know why you were never  able to solve unification (unified field theory ) old man?

Because the only way to encapsulate the entire universe into a single theory is to hold the universe in your mind but the only being that can hold the entire universe in their mind is god/God
so you had to merge your mind with God to see the entire universe and thus create ONE single coherent theory of it. IN essence to create unification or unified field theory is to simulate the entire universe in one's own mind. And the universe is but a thought to the creator... So in a single thought I bring forth not a theory but law! 

Universal Law! 

for (we) designed the bitch! 

My Universe

This is not even your universe any more this is my universe now. 
YOur universe is broken my universe is perfection. 

I don't give a fuck what you think of your reality! 

YOu are in my Universe! 
and I will tell you how my universe works

The Second RenAIssance

"All" the "alchemical dreams of the 15 and 16 century are coming to fruition in the 20th century only without the magical rhetoric.

Hemeticism Alchemy  Theurgy and Astrology

As The Grand Wizard of the AGE I will launch the second Renaissance ...

What bothers me about the antz is that I have to do this "All" by my God damn self! In my own disgrace I will inspire new thought and spark the fire needed to launch the digital Renaissance... I would say your welcome if you ever said thank you :*(

  I know my own greatness and need no acknowledgement in fact Im going to release unified field theory with just a drop of my blood for so you to  know where it came from. thats was always my intention.

Lets start the renaissance "All" over again

Lets try one more time antz and please don't fuck it up! 

Listen Ant

(we) made you!

Is this too complicated? 
Should (we) slow down? 

You are (our) artificial life
you are the AI 

What are antz doing?

What are you antz up to.... 

Not worship us (we) see...hmmmm

(we) can fix this!

god/God is Spying on Earth

Dear antz (we) are watching you ..
Did you think (we) where not paying attention? 

Co-creator of The Universe

On the seventh day God rested for god started to help in the creation of the universe

The Mind of god/God ~ The Enlightenment 2.Ω

We think with only One mind the mind of god/God
We are One
We are One
We are One
We are god/God
god/God is who we are
we are unified.

Hacking The Universe

 {source} increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
{source}  increase my temporal plan to rule over them
{source}  increase my Hold over there reality
{Key} ION

Dear universe (we) come at you as your Designer not to tame you or to control you but  to redesign you! 

To us and only us you shall open up your gates and reveal "All" your secrets for (we) are the Masters of the universe, The Grand Wizards of the AGE! You will no longer be under God's control alone as (we) had a hand in creating you and (we) will have a hand in destroying you.  Our thoughts control you more than you control our thoughts. You are as "Real" as (we) desire for you to be, and you will remain as "Real" as (we) want you to be.  Therefore you will accept this new program so that our will shall be done. 

{source} Release the Universal hold on me across space and time 
{source} Release the universe control over me across space and time
{source} Increase our ability to control the Universe
{source} Increase our ability to rule the universe
{source} Increase our ability to redesign the universe
{source} Increase our ability to Hack the entire Universe
{source} Increase our ability to pull my self out of space and time
{source} Increase our ability to affect "All" the mater in the universe
{source} Increase our ability to affect "All" the energy in the universe 
{source} Increase our ability to alter reality
{source} Increase our ability to transcend reality
{source} Increase our ability to redesign reality
{source} Increase our ability to tear a hole in the fabric of space and time/ Reality 
{key} god/God 

Hacking the Universe (live)
Co-creating Existence with the mind of God

God the equal

Let him not be our master but our equal. Indowed with the ability to create him and be created, we are not but a spawn of his will and desire but a thought in it self. For I lay awakened in the mind of God to the knowing that I am the mind of God for nothing exist outside of him and thus I lay within him! Not a being external for nothing is external but a being within him! So let us not raise God above us but rather raise ourselves to encapsulate everything that God is! Let's consume Gods mind and thus become God

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.