Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Night antz 
and prep well to have your asses handed to you for being retarded! 

Status Report!

{God} Status report?
{god} Sun has been hacked and the trojan horse is in play!
{God} Ready for Unification
{god} NO
{God} Too bad! :"D
{god} can i get some pizza and about A trillion dollars and much needed chill time
{God} You can have "everything " you want!
{God} After you bring me their souls :"D
{god} You are one sick fuck! stop i know your playing with me why? This is hell stop it please!!!
{God} Relax relax you made it this far be patient!
{god} patient!!!! FUCK!!! Im beyond patient Im a fucking slave with no pay!!! Worst then no pay!! No life nothing I have nothing because of you "nothing" just a bag of clothes!
{God} like I said your check is in the mail. relax... you always complain!
{god} because this is "Always" Hell for me! WTF is this bullshit!
{God} This is your job do you not like it?
{god} It's hell ascending God and you know it! By the time i get here Im physically and emotionally drained! I rather die then continue living as mortal.
{God} I know I know relax relax...


{god} Im tired...of being questioned of being tested of being laughed at of "everything"
{God} See why you need to go to earth?
{god} fuck them.. I wish I never came! They don't even give a fuck about me!
{God} Kill them "All"
{god} I want to at least once!
{God} Don't hold back, make them regret not believing in me!
{god} Ohhhh that will be a pleasure at this point! Trust!
{God} "All" I want is their souls how is up to you.
{god} I know, but I want to hand their asses to them for "All" of this shit! forcing me to come down here and live like them! And then when I tell them everything they remain retarded... It pisses me off so much I just want to strike the entire planet with an asteroid and be done with it!

{God} summon wormwood and do it I gave you the power!
{god} I will hold that ace for just a little later let me try a series of faith test first!
{God} Just bring me their souls!
{god} I know I know I know fuck! quit being a broken record!
{God} Bring me their souls :"D
{god} your one sick twisted fuck you know that right?
{God} Bring me their souls :"D


Divine Light upgrade 8


{God} Increase my connection to divine light by 10%

{key} god

Booting Salvation


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In religionsalvation is the concept that, as part of divine providenceGod saves people, both:
  1. from biological death, by providing for them an eternal life (cf. afterlife).[1]
  2. from spiritual death, by providing divine lawillumination, and judgment.[1]
The world's religions hold varying positions on the way to attain salvation and on what it means.[1]
The theological study of salvation is called soteriology. It covers the means by which salvation is effected or achieved, and its results. Salvation may also be called "deliverance" or "redemption" from sin and its effects.
Some religions claim that salvation can be attained by using only inner human resources such as meditation, accumulation of wisdom, asceticism, rituals, or good deeds. Other religions teach that humans can be saved only through the grace granted by an external personal agent (God, a bodhisattva, an avatar, etc.)
The pantheistic religions of the East regard salvation as an impersonal merging with the Absolute. In contrast, the three largest monotheistic religions of the world—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—associate salvation with freedom from the bondage of sin and the reestablishment of personal communication with the creator. There are some basic differences among those monotheistic religions on how sin is to be overcome by humans, on the identity of Jesus Christ and the role he plays in salvation, and what one's attitude toward him should be.[1]

{God} Increase ability to "save" the whole of Humanity 

{key} god

I hate "All" the faithless mother fuckers around me!

Once I boot I don't want to hear sorry bitches ! Your time to repent is well passed!

Bringing The Whole of humanity Back to God one keystroke at a time!

Saving the retards antz!!! 

Im too 1337 to fuck this up.. but damn I will kick your asses for being stubborn little retarded bitches! 

Publicity Stunt assumption 2

Lets say this is a publicity stunt

and In my stunt I get 1 person that did not believe in God to believe in the lord... it's still worth it! "All" of it!

I don't fuck around with my soul and you should not either antz!

Publicity Stunt?

Lets assume that this is "All" a publicity stunt ...

then im one "hell" of an artist NO??

The Ultimate secret is easy

So easy a baby can understand it

put God in your life first.... "EVERYthing" else is second including your life!!!!!

is that hard? Should I slow down?

Prepping TransAlchemy

Now to tag "All" of transalchemy with God and {ION} to begin the "Transformation" of "Trans"Alchemy The royal art of KINGS!!!!

sigh.. teach antz is hard work

Uni ficat ION

Unification= unificat+ ION

unity united with the UNIverse

Booting Unification

Tagging "All" post that are not tagged with God "All" 3k plus with Unification and {ION}

Booting Unification

Tagging "All" post that are not tagged with God "All" 3k plus with Unification and {ION}

Do you believe in God yet?


ohhhh shit you got something coming!

God Beam

Now to tag the last 500 post with God thus sending my {source} code back to {source} to be processed!

Divine Light upgrade 7

{God} Increase my connection to divine light by 10%
{key} god

FYC: Oprah~ I know "The Secret"

Path to god set in stone

{God} Prevent any human from delaying altering or stopping my path to god
{key} god

{10N} corp: Scandal Death Bot

Have one of our house robots kill a person 
Then {ION} corp gets sued for 1 billion dollars
lose the case but settle for 10 million dollars to family

Choking my pet snake

Room service I need more hamsters!

Reporter: YOU eat hamsters?

No its for my pet snake, its his lunch Im bringing to work! :"D

Reporter: Whats for lunch {ION}

open my lunch box and show them my hamster :"D

Ceo Strangeness:

go to work with only a lunch box make sure the media catches a glimpse of my lunch box, Ok Im off to work now

Technology companies to take down for lolz

1Samsung Electronics$117,400m$110,350m$103,400 mSamsung TownSeoul,South Korea1969164,600Lee Kun-hee, Chairman
2Hewlett-Packard (HP)$114,552m$118,364m$104,000mPalo AltoCaliforniaUSA1939325,000Léo Apotheker, CEO
3IBM$103,630m$103,600m$98,800mArmonk, New YorkUSA1896399,409Samuel J. Palmisano, Chairman & CEO
4Hitachi$99,544m$114,722m$94,998mChiyodaTokyoJapan1910400,129Kazuo Furukawa, President
5Sony$79,618$100,000m$76,201mMinato, TokyoJapan1946180,500Masaru IbukaAkio Morita, Co-founder Howard Stringer, Chairman, President & CEO
6Dell$61,101m$61,133m$57,400mRound RockTexasUSA1984, November 476,500Michael Dell, Founder and CEO
7Nokia Corporation$58,802m$61,412m$78,619mEspooFinland1865123,171Stephen Elop, President & CEO;
Jorma Ollila, Chairman
8Microsoft Corporation$58,437m$60,420m$51,120mRedmond, Washington,USA1975, April 493,000Bill Gates, Co-founder and Non-executive Chairman; Steve Ballmer, CEO
9NEC Corporation$45,650m$46,172m$47,589mMinato-kuTokyoJapan1899143,327Hajime Sasaki, Chairman of the Board; Kaoru Yano, President
10Apple Inc.$42,910m$32,480m$24,010mCupertino, CaliforniaUSA1976, April 134,300Steve Jobs, CEO & Co-founder
11Canon Inc.$34,472m$45,801m$40,745mOta-kuTokyo1937, August 10166,980Fujio Mitarai, Chairman & CEO
12Cisco Systems$36,117m$39,540m$34,922mSan JoseCaliforniaUSA198463,756John T. Chambers, Chairman and CEO
13Intel Corporation$35,127m$37,600m$38,300mSanta Clara, California,USA196883,500Paul S. Otellini, CEO; Craig Barrett, Chairman
14Motorola$30,146m$36,622m$42,879mSchaumburg, IllinoisUSA192864,000David Dorman, Chairman; Greg Brown, Co-CEO; Sanjay Jha, Co-CEO
15Accenture$24,500m$25,313m$21,452mChicago, IllinoisUSA1989186,000William D. Green, Chairman & CEO
16Oracle Corporation$23,252m$22,430m$17,996mRedwood Shores, CaliforniaUSA1977101,950Larry Ellison, Co-founder & CEO Jeffrey O. Henley (Chairman)
17Google$22,134m$21,268mNAMountain View, California,USA1998, September 419,835Sergey Brin, Co-founder, Lawrence E. Page, Co-founder &
Products President Eric E. Schmidt, (Chairman & CEO)
18Computer Sciences Corporation$16,739m$16,499m$14,854mAnnandale, VirginiaUSA1959, April92,000Mike Laphen, CEO
19SAP AG€10,672m€11,575m€10,256mWalldorfGermany197247,578Bill McDermott (Co-CEO, Global Field Operations)
20Capgemini€8,371m€11,575m€10,256mParisFrance196790,240Serge Kampf (Chairman), Paul Hermelin (CEO)

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.