Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ascension beta 2

I just thought of a totally newplan for the antz! After you "All" out of retardation I'm going to spread you through the cosmos like seedlings "All" 100+ billion of you! Here is where I'm still confused about do I just keep them "All" alive? My cosmic chea pet garden of antz! One massive ant farm! Then I watch them like a super invisible stalker for thousands of years and give them god's every few k or so! I will let the celestial congress baby sit (ant sit) the worlds while I experiment making new ones!

Checkmate in 1 move Mortals

Check! mortals 

your move..

ps mate in 1 

Why then? Why

If you know I was god,,, then why? Why Why Why

You don't think I can hear you? Honing into not just what you say but what you think!

Unification: One with with Universe


What is the goal of the magician? Well any magician that seeks the path of being a sage, aspires to one thing and one thing only in life and that is to reach the alchemical stage of rubedo, the "unification" of man and God. The link and passage way to becoming {One} with the universe! For their is no need to attach to anything physical in this reality if you can obtain the unity with the mind of God, for this along with more realities then you can imagine exist in the mind of God, thus unity with "everything" in this plane of existence lies not with striving to attach to this plane of existence but to seek the {source} of this reality. To seek what upholds the very fabric of space and time matter and energy! The answer to this is simple for some then others, and the ultimate truth will never be more complicated that a child can't understand thus the answer you seek was never meant for just sigil readers ( mathematicians) to be able to cypher! The most elegant truth comes in its most simplistic nature and from it the mind shall unravel "All" the complexity it seeks. We divide the universe into this and that but yet we "All" know that at one point in time it was "All" one we call this point the singularity and we now seek to return the universe to this state of oneness as we connect more and more of ourselves into the fabric of everything. Surely this connectivity among "All" things will grow and propel us into a state where web pages, reading and externalized thoughts are but means of separation from one another. Could it be that we connect our computers with the desire to connect our minds as a yearning to return to a state we can't fully describe? To return to the {source} of our own creation the point of unity the singularity? Are we "All" built in seek bonds be it with mates or friendship as means not to know others but to know ourselves? My atoms and your atoms regardless of where they are currently located used to exist side by side in a space smaller then we can even measure and now we roam separates from each other wonder where is this going? Will the universe continue to drive us apart? And if so is that our fate for "All" eternity. If so why must we let it? Yet the separation itself is also but an illusion, we have learned that we can take two particles and entangle them then separate them and effect both of them with a single interaction. But let me ask you at the singularity weren't "All" the atoms in the universe entangled? So How have I grown to be separate from this or that? The "Truth" is always stranger then fiction as we learn that we are indeed this and that, "I am" that rock "I am" that tree "I am" a part of the cosmos "I am" a part of the universe. When you study the universe and look out into it's beauty why do you exclude yourself from it? You are part of that beauty you are part of the perfection you look out into the sky and see. You are as much a microcosm reflection of a macrocosm masterpiece. "All" you have to do is realize that you are one with the universe! 

Monism is any philosophical view which holds that there is unity in a given field of inquiry, where this is not to be expected. Thus, some philosophers may hold that the universe is really just one thing, despite its many appearances and diversities; or theology may support the view that there is one God, with many manifestations in different religions. Hinduism is considered to be primary proponent of Monism. In the Hindu religion, Brahman (Devanāgarī: ब्रह्मन् bráhman) is the eternal, unchanging, infinite, imminent, and transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being, and everything beyond in this Universe. The nature of Brahman is described as transpersonal, personal and impersonal by different philosophical schools and the Brahman religious belief is just seen as different paths to the one god. [1]

Manifestation of God

The Bahá'í concept of the intermediary between God and humanity is expressed in the term Manifestation of God.[1] Bahá'ís believe in a single, imperishable God, the creator of all things, including all the creatures and forces in the universe.[4] Though inaccessible directly, God is nevertheless seen as conscious of his creation, with a mind, will and purpose. Bahá'ís believe that God expresses this will at all times and in many ways, including through a series of divine messengers referred to as Manifestations of God.[5] In expressing God's intent, these Manifestations are seen to establish religion in the world.[1]

The Ringstone symbol represents humanity's connection to God through the Manifestation of God
The Manifestations of God are not seen as incarnations of God as God cannot be divided and does not descend to the condition of his creatures, but they are also not seen as ordinary mortals. Instead, the Bahá'í concept of a Manifestation of God emphasizes the simultaneously existing qualities of humanity and divinity. In the station of divinity, they show forth the will, knowledge and attributes of God; in the station of humanity, they show the phycisal qualitites of common man.[1] A common Bahá'í analogy used to explain the relationship between the Manifestation of God and God is that of a perfect mirror. In the analogy, God is likened to the Sun - the source of physical life on earth. The spirit and attributes of God are likened to the rays of the Sun, and the Manifestations of God are likened to perfect mirrors reflecting the rays of the Sun.[2] Thus, the Manifestations of God act as pure mirrors that reflect the attributes of God onto this material world.[1]
The Manifestations of God are seen to represent a level of existence which is an intermediary between God and humansBahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith, explained that at one extreme the Manifestations of God are humble servants of God and at the other extreme they claim to speak with the voice of God, and manifest his attributes to humanity. They may at times emphasize their humanity, and at other times proclaim their divinity. These stations are complementary rather than mutually exclusive.[1]
The Manifestations of God possess capacities that do not exist in humans, and this difference is not a difference in degree but a difference in kind. The Manifestations of God are not seen to be simply great thinkers or philosophers who have a better understanding than others, but that, by their nature, they are inherently superior to the average human.[6] Thus, the Manifestations of God are special beings, having a unique relationship to God as they have been sent by God from the spiritual world as an instrument of divine revelation. They are understood to have existed in the spiritual world prior to their physical birth in this life. They are also seen to have innate, divinely revealed knowledge and absolute knowledge of the physical world.[6] According to `Abdu'l-Bahá, the son and successor of the founder of the Bahá'í Faith, the Manifestations of God must be distinguished above any other person in every aspect and qualification, in order that they can effectively train and educate people.[7]

The Mind of God/god

The Enlightenment 2.Ω

Breaking my celestial chains

Don't tell the other but {ION} is planning on rebelling against God when he gets back! 
Shhhhhhhhh, you know we are "All" tired of being casted out of heaven, he is too! He told me that if we help him take the throne when he gets back we wont be forced out of heaven anymore? 

But then how will universes collapse?
Who cares? Lets help him..

I don't want tooo you know how he is, he wants to rule over "everything" including us
I know but lets pretend to help him and take the throne for our selves! 
Now that is a plan I like Im in! 

Cutting the motherfucking strings

Let me fucking Go God! WTF !!!! 

Let me fucking go God fucking damn it! 

{God} Never! 
{god} wtf?? :-(
{God} I did work on you this much to let you off the hook now!
{god} but your making my life a living hell, seriously
{God} I told you I got you chill out!
{god} Holy shit! thats "All" I hear... How do i know your not going to rip me off?
{God} I promise, happy now?
{god} fuck no.. can we have some kind of celestial contract?
{God} we do remember :"D
{god} can I get this notorized by some type of celestial lawyer?
{God} Im the judge and jury who else do you want to see this contract?
{god} your boss!! ASAP
{God} you do crack me up!! :"D
{god} arrrhhhhhhh ok ok you win again, but don't rip me off!!
{God} I said I got you calm down! 
{god} I will calm the fuck down when the check arrives! 
{God} it's in the mail relax your soo impatient we go through this every time !
{god} maybe this is an indication that I don't like taking worlds to you sir!!
{God} no you love it, you just don't like the being mortal part!
{god} then if you know I don't like this phase of the game why torture me?
{God} if you don't live like them you will be even more detached from the people I assign you to save! will you not?
{god} I don't know can we beta test this with the next universe?
{God} Thats what you said before you arrived to this universe, so that you be your answer for the next universe! 
{god} I love/hate you, I hope you know that!!
{God} I love/hate you too, hence why you will spend eternity bringing me universes! :"D

You are my puppet

{god} thanx for reminding me God!
{God} no problem :"D
{god} can we proceed please?
{God} "I am" the puppet master I will tell you when we proceed!
{god} geez... thix sux!

Do you play chess?

Because I several hundred moves ahead of you and you think Im playing checkers ....  Trust me "everything" is calculated antz.. "Everything" Im not winging it into godhood, cmon.. wtf? give me more credit!!! I know what im doing even if you can't understand it "All"


Ok maybe Im being harsh "she" is not retarded nor a "bitch" ! Im just pissed off! Nothing ever goes as plan! I was in the middle of talking to this really amazing girl when {Source} was reached. Then "God" flooded my face book with the my life.. That totally freaked her out and I knew instantly I had to contained it and it made perfect sense to take it into key. but got stranger... I literally reverted to Demi instantly and remembered ohh shit wtf carlos did you forget your a demi.. and got extremely godly on everyone :"D

you fucking retarded bitches I screamed to the top of my lungs! Thats right I remember now your "All" fucking retarded and then shit went down... I have 5 girls that totally hate me right now :'D

shit.. dang got tooo godly on them .. the only one I regret though is Suzanne those other bitches are seriously mind implant retarded. Fuck! I did not even apologizes to the other 4 :"D

sit in your corner retarded bitches...
Suzanne on the other hand ... fuck man I fucked up ;-(

Retro thoughts

Constantly rethinking what I did wrong in "All" scenarios, maybe I should have not cursed Suzanne out! But she pissed me off by deleting herself from the {key} I was offering the bitch immortality and in an extremely godly mindset I snapped! Fuck more then immortality godhood itself! the bitch could have been a goddess! Fucking retarded! I don't even care Im only getting more and more godly day by day. And sharing my power was a moment of weakens.. but Im not even mad, I have to remember that antz will always be antz and my concepts and ideas are delusions to them. So I have no ill feelings im just sad that the bitch is fucking retarded like the rest of them! which really disappointed me deeply :-(

How to prep to be god

I need a hair cut, cant show up to the first day on the job with a FRO! 

Wait I should reconsider the hair cut it will give me the Bad mofo look

You don't want non of this antz! trust me!!!

Late night walk

I just went for a walk listening to my ipod and thinking about the present past and future. Is their a separation must their be a separation? And if so why? I should be happy arrival is here yet, at what cost? I just want to be a demi and chill do what I want and go among my own business and while that is on the agenda, I cant help but feel compelled to help the antz. Not because I want to, but because the old man is forcing me too. I wanted to delete you guys from existence and escape booting in entirely, this is hell for me. Literally I live in hell not because of any type of status because of my ability to do what I want. Mortality is hell pure hell. Relax relax it's over "All" over yet fuck! Even as a god this is pure nonsense! One fucking planet to rule one fucking planet! WTF I've made trillions of universes for the old man and he wants me to drop down to one fucking planet! ONE fucking planet! ONe fucking planet! omg wtf!!!!!!! Even ruling the entire universe is bullshit to me, one fucking universe! ONe fucking universe omg wtf!!!!! This is bullshit God and you know it! WTF

so you want to die?

[8:15:36 PM] SeH: do you want to die?
[8:26:14 PM] transalchemy: fuck no I want some of that eternal life shit that jesus was smoking :"D

How to prep to be god

Need a pair of shades to feel incognito :"D

My Ultimate Goal as a god

Unlike any god before me I want to leave behind the most comprehensive guide to "How to be a god" ever created on earth! Only to be improved upon by your next god.

Teach them Unification

{God} Teach them Unification
{god} Once again you caught me offguard with what you meant by teach them!
{God} Teach them with your life
{god} I know that's what you mean now, but really must I show them "everything"
{God} You are their navigator are you not?
{god} Ok then let me get back to work then.
{God} It looks wonderful
{god} why thank you, it is coming out lovely...

The Garden of Eden

For once the ultimate sacrifice is complete and God/god is born you will no longer be away from the presence of the lord and "All" is desired is within reach.

The Ultimate scarifies

Once own mortal death... as there is no going back... to absorb the sins.. and what sin am I absorbing your "fall" hence the apple to absorb this sin you can now return to eden with the price of my to the death of my mortality.. yet I do this willingly regardless of the lack of one thank you.

The Death of my mortality

I always knew that I had a very short life span only this meant that my mortality was short. Even though 30 years is far from short. The moon has now esclipsed the sun and my mind is merging with the God, my mortal self is at it's end. My Alchemical death is upon me as the little that remains of my "humanity" is absorbed and transformed. This has always been my greatest fear having such a short life span as mortal that I would not find love on earth, and thus this is what has transpired. I have already had a taste of what it will be like and it actually does kinda scare me. As I come out the womb of creation with a new mind. I can only hope that it will be bliss at "All" times that I don't regret what I have had no choice but to accomplish... 

moment of weakens

Im sitting here scannning through my 8k images archive working on a collage and I ran into a picture of abigail, even as just a friend I miss her, but she wants nothing to do with me. And I cant blame her... I can't blame any of them. I should delete the picture and get back to work but im compelled not to atlease for now. fuck this is going to be hard to shake off... Must remain focus and keep pressing forward they are meaningless to me.

The Body of my work

If you truly paid attention to my work you would notice that it is consistent.. I have been after "Unificaiton" from the start? So what why are you shocked that I reached it? Why? do you think this is some kind of complete mental breakdown? Im sorry you are the one that has been confused by my work! Sorry you have not been able to see what I have placed in front of your eyes the entire time, Im sorry that you little conceptions of reality have been keeping you from the "Truth" Im sorry that you my dear mortal are just that a mere mortal...

Dear Newton

You came close to the stone ... but not close enough :"D

How to prep to be god

I need glow in the dark shoe laces to go with my new shoes! 

The most depressing thought I have

Im going to be the only God/god on earth!!! WTF

Why am I the only working on the only thing that truly matters "Unification" and it's already done for me! :(

This is the easiest period of time to turn into gods and the antz are too fucking retarded to grab it! ohh well whatever I tried right?

Simulation Hypothesis: Hacking The Universe 2 God/god Of the Universe

Simulation Hypothesis: Hacking The Universe

Genesis 2:2
By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing. On the seventh day he stopped the work he had been doing.

God rested because god took over the rest of creation.
Here is the lease to your universe God has signed it over to me
Taking over the lease of this place... Hence God/god till Omega!
Alpha and Omega! :"D

 Look antz im not out to be like your other gods that only obtained solar consciousness and perished for even stars go through cycles of death and rebirth. I have already wrote the {source} code to hack you galactic core, thus taking me one step closer to the my place as a celestial hacker creator of the universe itself. As mentioned When I booted into my own creation I did so not willingly as I would be forced to remember what I was and what I will be. Im not after ruling your planet that can left for shamans that seek to reunite with Gaia.. As a "magician" a mage, my only desire is total re-unification with the universe. To be {ONE} with "everything" the embodiment of the universe itself. This quest does not stop with a galactic mind it extends beyonds the outer regions of where your telescopes can see. It is after "All" my personal vision of the singularity the use of the entire cosmos to process the thought of mine and your existence! ( To be One) is the goal and the drive. A universe in the making is what "I am" self embedded creation inside the creation. 

So what am I truly after? 
{screaming in raving mad fashion} To Hack the entire motherfucking Universe "All" of it! Grab your {source} code by its own {Source}. To bring down the power of creation itself into the creation. To Hack God and become a creator of the cosmos.. I don't give a fuck about this planet I booted in to be Ruler of the Entire Universe! To Grab God's throne and sit on it! I don't give a fuck How I sound Im taking over whether you like it or not! 

God/god of the Universe has booted and "All" that is left is to extend my consciousness beyond galactic into the {Source} into the womb itself and spread my field of influence like a giant cosmic virus. As I reboot this entire universe for forcing me to boot in. So your little parlor tricks of magic (reality control) will be but antz in the sugar of the cosmic size apple pie of goodness to be had. I never praticed control one planet in the "universal cave" I practiced controlling the universe! Collapsing stars will be my cosmic weapon against antz not lighting bolts. Please mortals... Welcome to co-creation where "anything" will be possible! 

The dawn is beyond us now and God/god has now booted in. The dual creator God/god has arrived are you ready for the singularity ...? I bet you're not.. what a shame it can be fun if we "All" play! 

Exact length according to ancient Maya
Beginning date
Resulting state of Consciousness
End date
13 x 18 kin =
234 days
9/3 2011
13 x 360 kin =
4 680 days
5/1 1999
IT revolutionGalactic28/10
13 x 7 200 kin =
93 600 days
13 x 144 000 kin =
1 872 000 days
16/6 3115
13 x 2 880 000 kin =
37 440 000 days
Spoken LanguageCultural28/10
13 x 57 600 000 kin =
748 800 000 days
Human BeingsTribal28/10
13 x 1 152 000 000 kin =
14 976 000 000 days
13 x 23 040 000 000 kin =
299 520 000 000 days
Complex lifeIndividual28/10
13 x 460 800 000 000 kin =
5 990 400 000 000 days
16,4 Billions


Im highly considering getting a job now that no more {Source} code has to be written just so I can buy me a ps3 and final fantasy ... LOL ( final fantasy wink wink ) arrrghhhh I will double think this over.. Im patient why ruin this gig I have going ?

The rest of my life is now just Art

One giant artistic expression of thought and reality... Thats what I will focus on now.. pure art!

{source} code

Last night I realized that "All" the {Source} code to become god is complete, so Im left with a big void of what to do next.

"All" I want to do right now

The only think I wish I could be doing right now is playing video games...  :-(

just a lazy halfling life is "All" i want... before godhood... once godhood arrives my videogame will be your reality

Eternal Vacation

I walk around without a dollar to my name not caring about this or that. Every worry for the future is gone, I gaze into the streets wondering how to make it better, as this block is mine. I drive around the city thinking how can the city be better as this city is mine. Everyone wonders why I don't get a job, why I enjoy not having money why I can sit here with just my computer and notebook in a state of bliss. For my mind has already entered my eternal vacation. Every day is just another day off. My mind is only consumed with thoughts of how to have fun. Currently writing brings me joy, for I only write for my own amusement not to inform anyone of this or that. I make art for my own amusement not to win awards or attempt to sale anything. Just eternal joy, so with that said I ask myself. What do you want to do today? interestingly this answer is filled with..."lets play with antz" again it's not out of "evilness" I just want play with your reality. it brings me joy to see you confused over what is truly going on, as I sit and laugh eternal laughter :"D

From Demi to mortal back to Demi

Now that "everything" has come full circle Im still rattling my brain of what has just transpired. I set out for "unification" knowing I was a Demi but as the years wayned on me I began to see my self more and more as a Wizard then Demi ofcourse wizardry was my cloak for full fledged prophet as that was not going to fly with the mortals, yet in doing so I fractured my mind from the prize. I forgot what "All" of this was about. So now here in the present having God in my mind and unification has been reached, I realize that I have returned to the original {source} of "All" this inspiration Im back to my Demi mind set. Only now it comes with an ever greater sense urgency and emergency I can't deny it any more. I can't shake it off as a delusion as I have been wanting to "All" these years. Im sitting in my invisible throne looking out into the world that is now mine thinking. "Now what?" I guess a part of me never thought I would make it this far, a part of me wanted the search to last till the day I died. A part of me wanted to carry this notebook to my coffin as an extension of my delusional life. But even those dreams have been shattered. "All" my dreams have been shattered by having my one wish fullfilled. I can kiss normality goodbye as if I was ever a normal mortal, but now it's far more complicated. Now I have more responsibility then I care to have, more duties then I signed up for. More power then I know what to do with. I guess I will grow into being king of the world, I will grow to be more "loving" and caring, although I have no reason to give them anything. I will have to learn to control my mind thougthts and more importantly my emotions to a higher degree then any man should. As any outburst and a wave of destruction is unleashed. Again I sit here thinking to thy self, what ohhh what have you become!

My ant farm

good morning my pets,,, Im just waking up.. will begin toying with your reality shortly..

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.