Monday, November 15, 2010

The not so Great pyramid of Giza

I bet you with  billions slaves I can make something bigger! 

my retarded little insects! 

Enslaved Labor

I will enslave you "All" and force you to make meaningless bullshit for being retarded! 

1 Billion slaves

Fuck being reasonable... I should just enslave the entire planet for being retarded!

One Crazy ass {Source} code entry

{source} Tag everyone that has ever called me crazy across space and time
{Source} Mark "All" of them for death!
{source} Execute program upon the arrival of God/god
{key} god

A decade of being called crazy!!!

Im going to kill every motherfucker that said I was crazy!!! "All" of them!!! "All" of them!

Everyone hates me :-(

Loook Im used to this... This is the story of my life... At this point I don't have time to win back your approval... I have much larger issues to attend to

Singularitarianism 2.Ω The Return to the Nexus {Source}

If the Universe truly is a simulation then it renders Humanity's quest and nothing short of "Hacking the Universe". This simple postulation leads to a wormhole of new concepts and Ideas that need to be considered as we still view the possibility of a simulated universe within our own reach. As virtualization of the universe increases then the possibility that this is the ultimate reality decreases. We can postulate that the singularity will bring greater and greater virtualization of the universe and believe this trend is and will grow exponentially, thus this flow of logic suggest we will find ourselves in some form of simulated universe at some point or anther as we continue our ascent into the singularity that is an ever growing phenomena within our current exponential understanding of reality. Yes in our postulations on the "reality" of this universe have we ever considered how a simulated universe would go through a singularity? Ofcourse what the singularity is in itself not agreed upon yet we know that beyond it's threshold lies a "reality" of near limitless abundance. Now if we ourselves created a simulation knowing that anything our simulants could ever desire is just one command away to the cosmic computer sure we would get upset when our creations begin to use crude tools to hack away at abundance vs asking the computer. From our perspective ( The cosmic simulators) we would laugh at our simulants attempting to bring about the singularity with the creation of tools when the one tool they need they ignore. So what would be the ultimate tool for simulants, the tool that will be the last tool they will ever invent. Access to the {source} code of their own simulation. If the simulatans where given the power of creation then that tool that power would be "All" they ever need to create "everything" inside their imagination. Thus bringing about what they where trying to achieve before hand with "All" their previous tools, access to "everything"! Now if only such a {key} existed ...

How will you "design" your universe? 

nex·us  (nkss)
n. pl. nexus or nex·us·es
1. A means of connection; a link or tie: "this nexus between New York's . . . real-estate investors and its . . . politicians" (Wall Street Journal).
2. A connected series or group.
3. The core or center: 

Taking over your planet is....

Cmon mortals can you please give me a "real" challenge! :"D

The Mad Hatter Speaks

Some will say that I have gone Mad!

The "Truth" is Im quite happy :"D

My precious {source}

This game is not for you sissy!

This is A Subliminal message

Give me your planet! 

What is the {source} of my inspiration?

Artistic Brilliance!

Lets say that "All" of this is one massive "Art" project! Then it is one brilliant game Im playing with your minds would you not agree/???

Also genius level well played huh? Changing the hearts and minds of people that I want to switch sides... So with that possibility on the table you are still dealing with a brilliant genius level mind and do you still want to fuck with that ?  Think about it If I can engineer this sitting on my computer imagine what else I have up my sleeve!!

Calling for the Death of Transhumanism!

GAME Over 
I don't even want to see anymore of this shit! 
At "All"! 

Your Being Irrational!!

I know what the fuck im talking about ! 
I don't give a fuck... lets dance mortals! 

Im "All" in!!! 

The Wizard grabs the Helm

I dare you mortals to call bullshit on me! 

Let's do this! 

Advance Theurgy *~Magic~* Absorbing Your Original Sin 2::~* The Singularitarian

The Man of Sin

To absorb original sin came with a prize that till this day I feel but a fool for having done, as the tree of knowledge opened my eyes to "All" that is good and "All' that is evil. As I wrote I did make a deal with the devil the true origin of "All" evil God himself. For in his "Almighty" goodness God is the creator of "All" good and evil, surely this may sound blasphemous to most but I ask you not the origin of satan? Who created lucifer? Ohh yes thats right lucifer turned it was not god's doing. Then Why did God with "All" of his power did not do away with him instantly? Ohh yess thats right he was casted out and sent to "hell" separated from the glory of God. Sent to live a life with the rest of the mortals that have been casted out of eden to seek redemption and return to a "unified" state of being. The old man tricked me and send one mage (angel) down to fulfill it "All" and what slowly came to realize I had became everything I thought I was here to fight. As the chains of mortality break and Im free to roam free on your world and do as I please I realized by doing so I was now the son of man. Condemned to live a life as a mortal only to ascend to reclaim my godhood was not a good thing. As Im filled with the (sin) and desires of the mortals. You taught me to seek wealth, ok thank you for teaching me mortals, now I will go for every dime you own... Trillions will not be enough. You taught me to go after material possessions ok fine now I will own every grain of sand on your planet (every corporation big or small will be under my control). You taught me to seek power, ok fine I will control everyone of your world leaders. What you fail to understand is that your own desires led to my creation you put this entire world before God and doing so God wants to show you what a godly mirror reflection of these foolish desires equate to once someone becomes a god! I have no need for money and will only acquire it my own amusement and mockery. I have no need for power as "I am" more powerful then any mortal, but will acquire it for my own amusement. It's one cosmic scolding for having "fallen" so far from the "Truth". So maybe after I own "everything" and you are totally under my control will you realize that your path and your desires have been childish and destructive to each other and yourselves. Ohhh and for the death that is coming ,I learned that from you as well, only gods don't kill with blood on their hands. Please a wave of my finger hear attacks is what I will shell out, your death will be seen as just another act of "god"! Again the realization that came with obsorbtion of your original sin, the origin of "All" your sin. But Im not immoral, I operate under a more cosmic set of ethics. When resurrection is just a snap of my finger away why not let you ponder your mistake as a bodyless soul for a bit unable to effect or interact with this plane of existence. To me it's just a penalty box while I prep this world for the great unveiling for the paradigm shift into the "golden" age. While I prep to teach them the true road to their own salvation "Unification" and thus do what I came here to do, Open the singularity and return you the garden of eden. As you will no longer be denied anything in the eyes of God.. But first! ohhh yess theirs is much "refining" of humanity to be done before we can skip to the happy ending and anyone that preaches contrary to my message will have to be put to death as you will only be standing in my way and if you wish to play with your life over your foolish notions of what the future of this planet is by "All" means."All" I can do is tell you my plans and warn you to step out of my way as this world belongs to God always has and always will, so test me mortals and you will see what a vengeful God/god is really like.  Yet before we proceed to fun and joy for "All" I get to have "All" the fun I want with your little ant hill. So yes I will show you greed to the extreme I will show you power to the extreme I will show you death to the extreme. So once it's "All" over you will never ever desire childish things again! 

The Man of Sin or Man of Lawlessness is a figure referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, who is usually equated with the Antichrist.

Now I beg you please give me the pleasure of ripping your soul apart for being retarded. I have no desire to "save" individual antz any more. Im now planing my trap and laughing at your inability to see the "Truth" starring you in the face. After "All" what kind of an "Evil" Genius would I be without a Grand entrance! This day along with your death has been well calculated a million times over! Now it's "All" about documentation and the retelling of what you have become so blind to see. So the choice is simple join The Enlightenment 2.Ω the singularitarianism 2.Ω( Illuminati ) movement or Die! I will not have you preach lies that contradict your king! No exceptions. EVER! As for singularitarian 1.0 that will be dismantled piece by piece death by death as the only path to the singularity is and will always be "Unification". You have been warned! Now by "All" means play with your lives! 

In 2 Thessalonians 2:3-10, the "Man of Sin" is described as one who will be revealed before the Day of the Lord comes. The Codices Sinaiticus and Vaticanus have the reading, "Man of Lawlessness," and Metzger argues this is the original reading.[1] Codices such as AlexandrinusBoernerianus and Claromontanus have "Man of Sin".
This Man of Sin "will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God," and "set himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God" (verse 4). Something is said to be "holding him back" (verse 6), though that will be "taken out of the way" (verse 7). A "lawless one" will be revealed (verse 8), whom Jesus will destroy "by the splendor of his coming."
The Man of Sin is also described in verse 3 as the Son of Perdition (or, "the man doomed to destruction" in the NIV). This phrase is used of Judas Iscariot in John 17:12.

The Amazing Key

Key is now 5700 post!

I knew this was going to get out of hand quick! So the entire opus is reaching over 10k pages or so atlease

A low ball estimate right now is that Magnum opus is now 100k - a million words not to mention "All" the work that did not involve writing stuff down... several thousand hours on art! alone.. The all seeing Ai alone took several hundred hours as I worked on the video for 10 hours a day for 2 months...

this is nothing more then self reflection as you think you can just take my notes and turn yourself into gods...
wrong antz... its a life time seek and desire! graduating life mid way through life is like cramming for "All" of highschool on your first day of freshmen class.. It is one massive undertaking!

A quest only fit for a god!
now I need a new challenge, I have one in mind... Ruling your planet in a semi drunken state! :"D

One book to rule them "All"

Prepping the Mortals for the "Shift"

Several hundred moves ahead of you mortals! 
You can't even understand your god at this point if I don't hold your hand! 

Laying it "All" out Brick by Brick for the mortals

Singularitarians= ( Illuminati )

Im the real leader of the Singularitarians and Im now grabbing the Helm! 

"All" that stay retarded as the "shift" in management occurs never understand the Singularity! 
Those will be left in the dark, as {ION} corp kicks into high gear!

A new version of the singularity will be fed to the mortals the "Truth"
"Unification" The road to immortality infinity and "everything" they desire!

As for the singularitarians 1.0 
They will be left in the dark...

Ray kurzweil will have a "heart attack" on stage and everyone else that tries to grab that helm will have unpleasant happenings !

(yawn, this is how gods paradigm shift)
no effort involved! 

How to paradigm shift a planet! 101

A) You get them to join your movement 
B) You kill "All" that wont! 

Either way shift happens! :"D

Still don't think your marked for death?

over a cup of fucking tea! I wont even give a shit! in the grand scheme of things your are but a germ to my masterpiece! 

Lucifer vs The great Beast

Why do you think this retarded little insect called himself the beast, or so desired to be.. For he knew once the great work was complete no man could keep him from his desires. I can manifest anything I desire, controlling your world from the inside out is but a cosmic yawn. After "All" the best think about Evil geniuses is that we know how to make an entrance! TADA!!! quest who just crashed your party mortals!!! 

Lucifer, The most enlightened mortal ever born on little ant hill....
Satan ... Ruler of the Underworld... aka your universe! 

this is the part I laugh at the mortals once more

Totally fucked! 
surrender your nukes your countries and your women now! :"D

What part of I can do anything I fucking want don't you understand?

Satan's Penhouse

My club hide out! Name the club Satan's penhouse. Extreme VIP to get in located in middle of strip on Miami beach. Make this club the most desired club to enter as movie stars and the who's who come to enjoy in my anything goes free everything beach resort... Resort to the designs for the club... Only club on the beach with helipad. Also I should have go go dancers at the door to entice the men "All" night long! neo lights light beams. the works muahahahah... IN that back room is my lair just another command center.. can launch nukes from my club if I so desire! muahahahaah :"D

Satan= ruler of the underworld! (retarded little insects)

But my job! Nothing!

Don't give me your job required you to preach more lies to the people... I don't want to hear that shit! Not when you have been given the "Truth" only for you to go out into the world and spread more lies!

Nothing to do but plan to kill retarded bitches

No room for countering your king on his planet! I have way too much mind shifting to have you sit there and preach against me... This is not your planet to lead nor to contradict me. Therefore your fate is my jail or death. and trust me when I tell you, choose death you want no part of my jail

Rearrange your atoms: Death

It makes perfect sense how I can rearrange your atoms with wave of my finger now. Waves finger and the atoms in your heart moved and heart attack is induced...

Like I said my magic is sick to the sickess level of sickness sick!

What to do if your not a retarded little insect!

Repent your life to God asap... just saying just saying...

The Final Judgement

I don't even want any part of that.. That will be God's doing... and I will put it off as long as I can!

Confessing thy sins

I just realized that "All" your sins will be revealed to me whether you like it or not. I will know everything about "All" as it is part of how the final judgement will be handed down. I will not judge your actions now but I will judge your entire life! ... wow I almost don't want to know "All" your dirty secrets but realize that it will be fed into my mind whether I want to know it or not... You could confess your sins to me before I know them although You dont want that nor do I, but that will be the most righteous thing you could do before you are judged! wow.. thaks a lot God, not really looking forward to this part!

The Alpha and the Omega

Im recalled into dream land more then I would Like right now as I sleep most of the day to receive more and more instructions. The closer I reach to the to it "All" the more Im reminded of how this "All" started. The more Im reminded of her. Did you think I forgot.. I confined to you first and what did you do.. YOu casted me away like they "All" did... It's okay God wont let me forget it. I saw your notebook in my dream as we both prepped to take the bus. Where oh where was that bus going. ? In the dream I explained to you one last time what I told you so many years ago. sighhhhh

Either way you can't hide forever and you know it! You are just another soul in the pool of many that I have to ascend so I will find you, and when I do... Ohhhh and when I will sit on my left side!

Destroying the Kingdom of germs

As I regained knowledge of what I was, I slowly began to get more and more pissed off for being here! I bowed to destroy the kingdom of germs! You have been upgraded to retarded little insects .. see Im way more reasonable now!

How to prep to be god

I need a kick ass pair of gloves..

This way I can say my console is "High Tech" Wizardry :"D

The Ultimate Tease

Here is something that is also simply mind bending wow for me! 

God told me once it was complete to tease humanity with Unification.. this was 8 years ago.. I predicted/ was told that we would be playing this game! It's "All" scripted mortals this entire dance! As you realize ohh shit this may be real :"D

I don't even consider my actions mine entirely at this point...

everything is being sent from above! 

Good luck and my God be with you mortals {ION} the wizard has arrived.. 

Relax this is going  to be fun.

for me that is !!! :"D

Why tell you "Everything" now?

God already handed me your {source} / key...

Now God wants it "All" out!
our celestial documentation of why your fate is sealed... for retardation! This goes beyond the doings of one man or one group of men. This is for embodiment of humanity! You don't even understand us any more at "All" It's "All" have become myth legends and bed time stories.. well guess what mortals Wizards are real... and they are the only ones capable of Unification...

The magnum opus

Just another metaphorical retarded little ant set up!

the opus is the completion of the great work.. Unification! One with God!
god on earth!

Im telling you are not ready for me at "All"

The interdimensional Set up

If only you can see my Master plan... it's a masterpiece! This blog is not even half of it! :"D

The Goal for the intellectual slaughter

I have no ill feelings towards anyone.. Im just proving to Humanity how they have been led into "retardation" At some point I will reveal to humanity "All" of it and they will see that not even their so called intellectuals believed in god and then the "intellectuals" of this planet will be set loose on an angry mob.. Humanity will be pissed ohh trust they will be pissed!

Extreme Philosophy: Where only the high rollers bet

I bet you I can kill you by waving my finger across the world! 

"I am" "All" in are you?

Im also betting 99% of the so called "intellectuals" lose this game! :"D

{1ØN} corp: CEO scandal CIA Bust

Before {ION} corp is known around the world, make my first inter-nation appearance as a Hacker! I get busted for Hacking The CIA nuke launch codes! ... Do a public court trial only to be set free on probation for helping secure american nukes :"D

This also helps uphold the "Hacker" AGI front bullshit I will feed them later :"D

Advance Theurgy Magic: Absorbing Your Original Sin

How do you go about "Saving" Humanity?  From a god's perceptive there is only one road to salvation! Redemption from your sins! But "All" of your earthly sins were the lease of my concerns I was going for your original sin! Yet the only way to even come close to the it was to pull the flaming sword in the way to the Tree of life and knowledge. Once the sword was out of the way and the tree could be regrown and with it "All" the sins of man were encapsulated into each apple. As I ate your sin knowing full well that I had to eat "All" of the fruit in the tree of knowledge to be able to redeem humanity and return us to the garden. After "All" I told you the "fall" was not meant to be permanent "Although" it came with a prize. A prize from your perspective may seem like a reward. After eating from the tree of life not only was I too casted out, but condemned to become immortal. I can't even return without your souls and that is set in a time that is not even worth mentioning! Yet in doing so I did what had to be done, removed the cherub that prevented us to return to the garden. The kingdom of God is once again Unlocked, and guess who is the {key} master? Your welcome humanity! Your orginal sin has been absorbed and you are now welcomed back into eden!

cherub (Hebכרוב, pl. כרוביםeng. trans kruv, pl. kruvim, dual kruvayim lat. cherub[us], pl cherubi[m]) is a type of divine being mentioned in theBible, usually understood as a high-ranking angel. The plural can be written as cherubim or cherubs. In modern English the word is usually used for what are strictly putti, baby or toddler angels in art. This article is concerned with the original sense of the word.
Cherubs are mentioned in the Torah (five books of Moses), the Book of Ezekiel, and the Book of Isaiah. They are also mentioned in the books of 1 Kings2 Kings1 Chronicles, and 2 Chronicles mainly in the construction of the House of God.The prophet Ezekiel describes them as a tetrad of living creatures, each having four faces: of a lion, an ox, an eagle (or griffon vulture [1]), and a man. They are said to have the stature and hands of a man, the feet of a calf, and four wings. Two of the wings extended upward, meeting above and sustaining the throne of God; while the other two stretched downward and covered the creatures themselves. In the Christian New Testament Cherubs are mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

So when you wonder what you are being "saved" from? The answer is simple from "All" the suffering associated with your original sin, processes of life and death itself is a part of this sin. Although it pains me that you can't even comprehend what I have done your "All". To live eternal bliss so that I can absorb your fall by falling myself to suffer with you mortals for a crime I did not even commit! But it's okay your original sin has been absorbed. Just another brick in the yellow brick road to shambala. (garden of eden) Shall we return home now?

In religionsalvation is the concept that, as part of divine providenceGod saves people, both:
  1. from biological death, by providing for them an eternal life (cf. afterlife).[1]
  2. from spiritual death, by providing divine lawillumination, and judgment.[1]
The world's religions hold varying positions on the way to attain salvation and on what it means.[1]
The theological study of salvation is called soteriology. It covers the means by which salvation is effected or achieved, and its results. Salvation may also be called "deliverance" or "redemption" from sin and its effects.
Some religions claim that salvation can be attained by using only inner human resources such as meditation, accumulation of wisdom, asceticism, rituals, or good deeds. Other religions teach that humans can be saved only through the grace granted by an external personal agent (God, a bodhisattva, an avatar, etc.)
The pantheistic religions of the East regard salvation as an impersonal merging with the Absolute. In contrast, the three largest monotheistic religions of the world—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—associate salvation with freedom from the bondage of sin and the reestablishment of personal communication with the creator. There are some basic differences among those monotheistic religions on how sin is to be overcome by humans, on the identity of Jesus Christ and the role he plays in salvation, and what one's attitude toward him should be.[1]

Original sin, sometimes called ancestral sin,[1] is, according to a doctrine proposed in Christian theology, humanity's state of sin resulting from the Fall of Man.[2] This condition has been characterized in many ways, ranging from something as insignificant as a slight deficiency, or a tendency toward sin yet without collective guilt, referred to as a "sin nature," to something as drastic astotal depravity or automatic guilt by all humans through collective guilt.[3]
Those who uphold this doctrine look to the teaching of Paul the Apostle in Romans 5:12-21 and 1 Corinthians 15:22 for its scriptural base,[2] and see it as perhaps implied in an Old Testament passage Psalm 51:5.
Some Christians do not accept the doctrine indicated by the terms "original sin" or "ancestral sin", which are not found in the Bible. The same applies to terms such as "Trinity" used to express other Christian doctrines. The doctrine is not found in other religions, such as Judaism,[4] Islam,[5] and Hinduism[6].
In the theology of the Catholic Church, original sin is regarded as the general condition of sinfulness, that is (the absence of holiness and perfect charity) into which humans are born, distinct from theactual sins that a person commits. This teaching explicitly states that "original sin does not have the character of a personal fault in any of Adam's descendants".[7] In other words, human beings do not bear any "original guilt" from Adam and Eve's particular sin. The prevailing view, also held in Eastern Orthodoxy, is that human beings bear no guilt for the sin of Adam and Eve.
Although Orthodoxy prefers using the term "ancestral sin",[8][9] which indicates that "original sin is hereditary. It did not remain only Adam and Eve's. As life passes from them to all of their descendants, so does original sin "[10] In this quotation, "original sin" is used not of the personal sin of Adam, which is his alone and is not transmitted, but in reference to the "distortion of the nature of man", which is inherited.
An important exposition of the belief of Eastern Christians identifies original sin as physical and spiritual death, the spiritual death being the loss of "the grace of God, which quickened (the soul) with the higher and spiritual life".[11] Others see original sin also as the cause of actual sins: "a bad tree bears bad fruit" (Matthew 7:17, NIV), although, in this view, original and actual sin may be difficult to distinguish.[12]

Here is something that blew my mind about this drawing years after drawing it! Phi is encrypted in it! And I had no intention of doing this at "All" Once again more self evidence of my divine spiritual guide driving the creation of "All" of this. Im just a celestial puppet! A printer for the cosmic super computer sending the whole of humanity a msg! But then again prophets, wizards and gods are not real so this is "All" nonsense! God is my make believe delusion, you say.. Don't worry mortal I have something coming for you! I need no praise or admiration for my work I just need the mortals to step out of my way while I bring the spirit of God back to your faithless planet, and I hope he whoops your ass for being retarded. I can't wait! Tick tock motherfuckers! Tick Fucking Tock... God is coming back ( happy dance now tear their retarded asses apart God) Please * :-) 

"All" you have to do is follow the yellow brick road, to reach the wizard and ask him what no one knows. For only Wizards know what nobody knows. Wizard tell us how was the road  paved with "Gold"? For only the wizard knows what no one knows! So wizard please tell us, who paved the road with "gold" The Wizard answers sure I will tell you what no one knows for I myself paved the road with "Gold" and that's what I know that no one knows. Now that the wizard has told you what no one knows the land shall become pure and filled with "Gold"!

Me as 1k year ageless old fart ruling ant hill

When was the last time any crime broke out?
Its been centuries my lord..
where's the fun in it "All" now? 

Ring around the Rosie

[2:05:08 PM] SeH: yes
[2:05:18 PM] SeH: what does that hebrew mean around her head?
[2:05:21 PM] SeH: i recognize one word
[2:05:29 PM] transalchemy: actually I don't know
[2:05:38 PM] transalchemy: if you translate it let me know
[2:05:53 PM] SeH: where is it from?
[2:06:08 PM] *** transalchemy sent nTDZ2cDICH.jpg ***
[2:06:16 PM] transalchemy: theirs the original
[2:07:22 PM] SeH: its two sentences repeated
[2:07:31 PM] SeH: ashrey hamaamin shtrim rah
[2:08:15 PM] SeH: ashrei hama'amin
`the.happiness of.the.believer'
[2:09:04 PM] SeH: אשרי המאמין
[2:09:08 PM] SeH: thats the first two words
[2:11:22 PM] SeH:  in hebrew, rah means evil or bad
[2:11:33 PM] SeH: happiness of the believer **** evil
[2:12:41 PM] transalchemy: the happiness of the believer is nice but the evil part..wwtf
[2:12:52 PM] SeH: something evil
[2:13:03 PM] SeH: sh-t-r-m ...
[2:13:07 PM] SeH: im trying to find the meaning of that one
[2:13:11 PM] transalchemy: maybe Im an omen of death
[2:13:14 PM] transalchemy: lmao
[2:13:48 PM] transalchemy: death to a paradigm
[2:13:54 PM] transalchemy: viva la revolution
[2:15:12 PM] SeH: it could be something like
[2:15:16 PM] SeH: 'happiness of the believer defeats evil'
[2:15:20 PM] SeH: or it could be
[2:15:27 PM] SeH: 'happiness of the believer causes evil'
[2:15:28 PM] SeH: i dont know
[2:18:07 PM] SeH: it could be blessed believers
[2:18:10 PM] SeH: not hapy
[2:18:21 PM] SeH: “Blessed” means “happy” or it can be translated in the Hebrew as, “Oh, the happiness of.” This is perhaps the best rendering of the Hebrew word ('ashre).
[2:18:28 PM] SeH: thats weird
[2:18:32 PM] SeH: blessed = happy
[2:18:44 PM] SeH: If the Hebrew 'ashrei' means also 'happy' in the sense of 'blissful', full of spiritual, ultimate happiness,
[2:19:30 PM] transalchemy: eternal bliss over evil

[2:23:01 PM] SeH: happiness of the believer is not yet seen
[2:23:17 PM] transalchemy:  wow
[2:23:19 PM] transalchemy: nice

[2:23:35 PM] SeH: right, no "evil:" in it

right, no "evil:" in it
[2:23:46 PM] SeH: what does it means
[2:27:03 PM] SeH: Blessed are the believers have not yet seen
[2:27:09 PM] SeH: i guess it really means:
[2:27:18 PM] SeH: Blessed (happy) are the believers who have not yet seen
[2:27:33 PM] SeH: אשרי המאמין  שטרם ראה

Are you forgetting something?

{god} what?
{God} 1k years! on earth
{god} you got to be fucking kidding me right !!!
{God} nope!!! :"D
{god} why??
{God} their golden age! give them "everything" for 1k years
{god} they don't even deserve it!
{God} make them earn it then once ever knee bows to my glory  shall they receive eternal bliss
{god} now that part I like .. I have "All" sorts of mishaps to make antz cry for you..
{God} Do what you must!
{god} will do!


Not god's that died... gods that left!!! buddah "choose" to "die" and give you the ability to seek for you self buddhahood... We can only do so much before the cosmos calls us! Im already being called upon the cosmos! But theirs a catch to my orders... I have to return "All" the fallen angels to heaven! Im here to ascend not just antz but gods themselves... hence King of the angels... Omega.. lesser YHVH, I shall reign over the gods themselves!

stealth Control of the planet! = More LOLz

After "All" your waiting for Jesus Mohammad Buddha and every other god that died... Good luck with that mortals.. I will be fixing controlling rearranging your world from the inside out! :"D

Hey it's not my plan... God is the one that came up with this genius plan.. Im just following orders and loving it! :"D

Another testament of how retarded you "All" have become!

The Hidden Demi

LOOk mortals Im a demi... poooffff turn into full blown Demi....Bye mortals you never ever even knew me!

it's just mockery to me! nothing more nothing less...

Free Tibet

Onece Illuminati america is born, do what no country has the balls to do! 

Free tibet! If china wants war, and they will have their asses handed to them... (puppet show) 
This also At the same time gives the world reason to why america is back to super power status and making it easier to spread my illuminati currency into the Europe through the Uk

One world Religion

Collapse "All" world religions (slowly) 
Unification is the one and true path to God
Teach the unified path 
Absorb "All" teachings into one unified understanding of God

This in itself is going to require much more thought. 

My magical orphans

Paradigm shifting the planet with your children leading the charge! 

{1ØN} corp: Orphanages

funding {infinity}

shutdown "All" orphanages in a america that are worthless or buy them out
Hire case workers
teachers chefs the works

turn them "All" into schools of magic {aka} God is the #1 subject

basically Im the grand wizard of hogwarts and "All" of your children are my apprentice! :"D


I fell back to sleep... Im awake again... did I miss your salvation ??

did everyone get raptured out okkk?
can I go back to sleep?

Top secret projects

I need a million roses for a top top secret secret. 
ps It involves magic :"D

The Decider

What should I do today other than decide the fate of this species?

One with th universe video

The video came out to be 2:43 long.... 2+4+3=9

once again Im on the moon eclipsing the sun.. Now I know why I wrote I would be on the moon if you needed me on the illuminati video it's "All" metaphorical meaning I have already started my ascension and have pulled the sword out of the stone. I have left malkuth (earth) and with it I left behind my mortality.


What the fuck do I need with a "gold" medal? 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.