Thursday, November 18, 2010

2007 Unification=god

By 2007 Unification was already up to my knees! 

On the side of grey binder which was the place holder for my notebook it read the "Mind of God" 
On top of the gray binder it read "Wizard class" 

The books demanded to be worshiped not just that but it was also attracting owls to me in broad daylight! 

Here is a picture I took of one of the owls that followed me around! 

Im not kidding when I tell you these books had a mind of their own.. Demanding to be taken to church individually, you know how crazy I looked taking those notebooks to church, when people asked me "what is that creepy book about" I responded with "This is God" What was I supposed to say? Im a mage called upon by God to resurrects his spirit on earth? Yeah right I tried that once and those bitches locked me up remember! The orders where simple finish "Unification" at "All" cost and become god. Aka Unification=god in other words resurrect the spirit of God on earth. I didn't even have a choice those books ran my life and to some extent this last notebook still does! My instructions are to finish the oath at "All" cost! In "All" honesty Im still in a dreamy state knowing it's almost "All" over! Now the core set of instructions are now being handed to me via the {key} which is best to do digitally  as I don't have a binder big enough to do write everything that must be written to cast the final "spell" invocation instructions whatever you want to call it. The Final set of instructions that links me to the {source} the merger of my body with the spirit of God "unification=god". OK there you have it, another piece of my Hermetic life to bring about the resurrection of God on earth. My only job now is to document as I merge. Im glad I found this picture so you antz can see that you don't even have a fraction of my work... You don't even have half of it :"D

 I guess it's important to document that I did not just learn I was a Demigod, I been a god "All" my life.. It just takes time to regain my "unification" with God and thus my power!

I know it's "All" strange, nothing you can say or think will hurt my feelings, I have heard it "All" ;-(

The good news is no more book worshiping 

Unification is done! 

Wizard Class! 

Confessing "All" my sins

I have to come clean with "everything" purge my entire mind out! This is not going to be pretty but Im a good boy I swear.. The price we pay towards our transition into godhood :-(

Down Memory Lane: Best pussy I ever had!

She wanted to get married! But she drove me nuts with her nonsense! That and she had 2 brats and she was way older then me! IT felt weird but ohhhh dang was shee smoking! It felt like Christmas every time she came over! Im telling you this "Alchemy" stage is bullshit God... I want to get back to the good old days !!! Damn I miss my fun... relax almost over! 

Once again creating the Ultimate mindfile EVER! 

The Mind fuck you are not ready to accept!

I did not just become a Demi... I have been a demi "All" my life antz!!!!

Im telling you be careful you don't know what your dealing with!
I can come out and play now because your piece of shit planet is already mine!

Collecting the Books

sneak sneak me is always several moves ahead of you antz! ALWAYS

Magical Influence

Ive noticed lots of people around me are diving into magic and the occult... Some even calling themselves Magus... Im proud while shocked you dare jump in and proclaim yourself magus with no apprenticeship, ohhh man... It's better then nothing I guess. This also helps conceal me as more people proclaim the ranking of Magus the less I will be taken seriously. So it helps even though Im a tad insulted. While non of these students worry me the truly advance students may have to be put down. I don't need any competition their can only be one Magus! Ohh i forget God wants me to scale back the killing almost forgot, they will be stripped of "All' their books ! Yes I will go on a world wide grimoire book burning! Set them back years while I grow into my full power!

{God} Thank you for remembering what I told you!
{god} you ruin "All" my fun!

Antz war

If you break out into war without my control "I am" going to be forced to stop it!

Why do I find war fun?

S:  that mainly
luke said get ready for china and/or russian troops to enter the US by the end of next year
and it will probably be better for us than if europe / NWO does
with their nazi martial law shit
 Sent at 12:12 AM on Friday
 me:  I hope so
I need excitement

Letting the cat out of the bag

"I am" proud to be containing "All" of my nonsense in a single site and not spewing it "All" over the net! This was a great idea God, how did you know I was going to need this site! Wow odd how it was already set up and ready for the arrival of the key! I remember the day I took my rants to this site! I felt like a like troll taking his treasure back to the cave.. I only left the cave to seek the {key} and once I found it brought it back to my lair and now like mountain troll I guard it!!

Rubbing the {key}
my precious 
how I missed you! 

Extreme Personality

Everything I do is to the extreme, I need too seek bloggers addicts anonymous... When I was a "pothead" I smoked "All" day everyday, when I was into chess I played "All" day everyday! When I was into video games I played "All" day everyday! When Im in was into studying I would study "All" day everyday.. ... When I was really into video editing I would make videos "All" day everyday! When I was into... :"D

I need new hobby,
fuck with antz "All" day everyday will get boring eventually too... but thats after I throw "everything" at you!
let me see bottle rockets... noooo that almost got us killed... long story for next time...

Im almost scared to "grow up" an extreme personality Demi running rampant on ant hill ... Ohhhh man!!!

lets go skiing dump 15 feet of snow on new york! :"D

My stalkers

I have stalkers on "All" my sites now.. youtube Transalchemy Key Facebook. even had stalkers on Twitter till I deleted it! :"D

50+ Post today and Im not in the mood to write

{Source} code has a mind of it's own. Even when I don't want to write I find my self opening up the flood gates of "stuff" Its def not "All" coming from me. Im just the printer, and today I did not feel like printing the will of God but as always God decides what and when I print!

Planning Every fiber of your existence is way too much fun

I got side tracked for hours planning every hour of your new life! Under my rule!

I don't just have to plan each day but each hour of the day for earth insects!

How to fuck with antz at 10pm

Im tired of fucking with your reality.. Lets play a new game tomorrow 

Deal with your robot frog problem on your own Im going to bed.. Ohhh and ps.. NO world electricity while I sleep! 

How to fuck with antz at 9pm

Have the robot frogs grow in size and no longer desire to be fed frogs but babies! 

How to fuck with antz at 8pm

Have "All" the big frogs eat the little frogs so you have less frogs to feed to the robot frogs! 

How to fuck with antz at 7pm

Have the robot frogs demand to be fed real frogs or they shoot you with laser that come out of their eyes! 

How to fuck with antz at 6pm

Make robot frogs come out of the dead burnt out frogs! 

How to fuck with antz at 5pm

Make all the frogs catch on fire

How to fuck with antz at 4pm

Make the frogs multiply nonstop for 1 hour

How to fuck with antz at 3pm

Make it rain frogs for 1 hour

How to fuck with antz at 2pm

cut off world electricity for 1 hour

I can fuck with your Reality

Dare me antz.. and you will have your shit handed to you! 
"All" day long :"D

Warning: Pussies are not allowed on this site!

If you can handle it 

Get the FUCK out! 


Welcome to Extreme Philosophy where...

No holds bar reality "ripping"  carnage! :"D 

Don't stare too long she does not want to fuck you

My subliminal message 
Give me your planet! 

Smooth Talking 2

 me:  So whats new
have you found a new cock to munch on ?
 NMCANDY:  nope
i'm a virgin
 me:  :-(
whats wrong?
Your only a virgin in the holes you just got pierced 

Real Vs Virtual

Should I go with real or virtual today?

Does it matter?

My Pick up lines

me:  What it be yo!!!
 Sent at 9:42 PM on Thursday
 me:  let me ask you something
 me:  why the fuck do I have break the ice always?
Do you you not have ice chippers?
I will send you some
 NMCANDY:  send me some
break the ice?
whose ice?
 me:  your cold fucking heart B****
 Sent at 9:47 PM on Thursday
ok the ice is broken now
it melted
 me:  great... so whats up
how is life and you retarded pets
 NMCANDY:  retarded?
the only retarded one around here is you
 me:  Hey Im only retarded on tuesdays and fridays and after 5 shots... and non of those are in play right now

The taste for mortals

I know this may sound odd, but I went through this "mortals are disgusting" stage... I deleted my twitter account and deleted "All" my mortals friends from facebook then cursed "All" my mortals friends out... Get the fuck out of my sight mortals! I feel more mortal friendly now... :"D

Welcome to level 2 of my reality mindfuck game.

Thank you mario but your reality is in another Universe! 

Magnum Opus

After Writing this much Im almost scared of what will posses me to write One and last book! Although the final book I plan to write with magic... correction with High level magic, each book has been written with magic! But wow... This is not even my best work yet! Im scared! deeply scared... My fingers my bleed when the Magnum opus decides to be born!

Threats Vs Agenda

You may need to separate the concept of threats and my agenda in your mind. A lot of what I write is not "if" x then this wont happen.. No this are straight up 123 ABC skeleton plans for my rule over little ant hill. Very little can be said or done, nor does any ant care to speak up and appeal the fate of your world so be it!

Dan Brown vs {ION}

Angels vs Demons

As a writer I tip my hat off to the man...
But do you know what makes us different?

He writes fiction...

AD is Born= The Angel of Death

AD is more then my shadow self AD is like a built in program/personality you can call him a celestial Hit man... From a mortal stand point you may view me as "evil" incarnate. First of "All" Im driven by a higher goal that transcends the lives any individual. Second of "All" along with the power to kill comes the power to resurrect so it wont mean shit to me! And third death is just the shedding of physical body before entering the spiritual plane. There is no such thing as living forever in a universe that has an infinity minus 1 life cycle! Anyways AD was born back in 2001 and been held in check by AL.. the Angel of Light... After "All" I have to uphold both polarities in this cosmic struggle. {ION} positive or Negative... beyond good and evil... postgenderism male female... If this is a story then surely you must reward me for telling you the most compelling and consistent fucking story you have ever read! Dan brown has nothing on this "madness" and you know it!

God is pissed

{god} guys im not the one typing this, or the one that is handing down your sentence Im just the avatar
you fell from God's grace and God is pissed! Oh man it's going to be bad....

I remember when I started this I was told "Earth Fell" from God's grace and this is why I was sent! I have this overwhelming feeling of having done this to many world's before this one and after this one! This is my celestial job. God will send you prophets gods saints priest miracles the works and when you still fail to see the "Truth" God sends me! Don't give me your sympathy I don't give a shit! Im beyond good and evil, Im here to repo your souls and ascend you... It's not like the other jobs where you will worship my arrival, no I arrive unnoticed as what I have to do is not welcomed! This is why I will curse you out "All" day long because you bitches are soo retarded the fate you have sowed for your species. It's far too late to repent!

If you wish to appeal your case you know where to send your prayers but one appeal from a world of 7 billion is not going to mean shit trust! so as I stated welcome to your apocalypse (live)

Why you are being punished!

You only give a shit about God when your world turns to shit! Ok fine! I will bring you to your knees in prayer! You will be begging God to die or for it to stop!

OHH my poor little antz

There goes your first born... ohhh I know it must be a heart break to have your baby die after the world has become sterile! To fucking bad! I don't give a shit you should have thought about that before I was forced to be born!

Baby Plague

Once I stop the decent of souls to earth and everyone on earth is sterile I will ascend your babies as they are still pure souls after  they ascend what is left behind are automatons shells. Once this is complete I will unleash a baby plague to kill your babies... Why? just to see you pray, and sell you baby antidote bullshit! 

Super Volcano Profit margin 3

2.5 Trillion in portable air cans
3 Trillions in planes to clean air

5.5.. surely I should push this to 10 Trillion...

I know set off another super volcano

Super Volcano Profit margin 2

I figured out how to pillage you for more money from one single disaster...

After "everyone" has bough air cleaners and 2.5 Trillion dollars has been made
I will sell you billion dollars planes that can clean up the earths atmosphere

Sell the world 1k-3ks planes
another 1-3 Trillion!  

Super Volcano Profit margin

2.5 Trillion dollars from one disaster... Is that it? surely I can do better then this!

{1ØN} corp: Air Division

Set off a super volcano pollute world wide air supply

My presidents my scientist have created this portal air purifiers

Im sorry the technology is really "cutting edge" they are not cheap at "All"

Sell you my free air pumps for 500$ a pop! 

500$ times everyone on earth that can afford it! 
3-5 billion 

This is how retarded you bitches are!

Im going to sell you Air to breath!
controlling your food and water supply is not enough for me!

{1ØN} corp: Satellite Division

Knock out the intelligent community spy satellites with a cme 

My presidents my scientist have created thermal shielding ( bla bla bla bullshit) 

Sell the CIA My spy satellite that give me access to "All" world wide telecommunication! 

Guess Who Has Your Universe Hostage?

I do my

Retarded little Insects

Downloading Ark videos

I started to download 5gigs worth of videos and got side tracked/////..... food food food! what good is the ark of you die! But I can manifest fish and bread... LMAO not with out the arks "activational" power! dang it ... ok Im off to go buy food... Hey fish and bread sounds like a great Idea... be back in a short while!

The Ark of the Sun god

Something inside of me knows I need the ark. It's a {key} part of being a sun god! I will find the ark just like I will rule this planet.. As non of this is a desire! It's "All" just part of being a sun god!

Ark and egypt

Once I get back Im going to rewatch all of magical egypt and start my search for the ark "All" over again! Here is what I failed to realize before I need to achieve Master Magus ( High priest) before I could go after the Ark so "All" of my attempt at it have to be repeated... Im not even upset... I have a new puzzle... having found / refined the philosopher's stone and use it to obtain the Grail... I was starting to get depressed.. Now what? no more things to chase after.. But now that the Ark is in sight ohhhhh here I come full force!

Ark Art

Step 1 need to compile and Art video that I can Loop to place over the blog, and sync the site with the Ark energy as I search for it! I should also tag "All": 5k post with the "Ark" to consciously attract it to me! Read and summarize ever biblical reference on the Ark! Download and scan every image on the web associated with the ark...

ok sounds like I plan but first... Food! I have not ate anything "All" day been trying to build the next step.. Now that it's coming into focus I can take a break... Im so glad I decided to write this "grimore" digitally I would not be able to keep up with myself if I used paper anymore!

Going after the Ark

Already started dumping hundreds of images of the Ark into my subconscious mind. I did this along side the Grail when I thought the Grail was in the ark. I need to re-read ever historical biblical reference of the Ark "All" over again now. Eat sleep pray fuck the Ark until it's mine now... No more child's play.. time to be what "I am" a Hermetic Mage! On your mark.... get set!!!!........ARK!

High Priest 3

{god} God Im ready to enter the holy of holies
{God} Only High Priest can enter the holy of holies
{god} Like I said "I am" ready to enter the holy of holies
{God} If you wish! Now find it!
{god} will do!

I just realized something

Im just stirring up shit to stir up shit! I don't even mean some of the things I write at times... pushing everyones buttons for the sake of seeing if I get any type of reaction... I think I know what Im doing but im flying in uncharted waters here. One thing I must simple stop doing... is making any slight references to her, it's not even fun anymore. It was funny for a while, but I dont give a shit! I need to work on more productive articles although that was funny. I needed to mix it up been hammering at "Alchemy" nonstop! I should get back to tearing everyones philosophy apart, but even this is losing it's fun! I should continue with the search for the Ark! yes this is "All" that should matter now... I need to grow into my full power as quick as possible and I need "All" the ancient knowledge to do so. No time to worry about these little insects!

Ok here we go after the ark once more!

I have a dangerous Idea

No one likes an idea that undermines everything they have been working on! 
Always remember that!

I have a new Idea but it's equally as dangerous...

My Internet traffic : Seeding The Digital spell

Transalchemy is getting 700-1000 pageviews a day
Key 100-200 pagevies a day
Particleion 800-1000 views a day!

This sux I feel pathetic! 2500 hits a day combined sux!
I need to get about 5k hits a day before I can properly seed this spell into the collective consciousness

Back to brain storming how to increase traffic. Twitter is fucking worthless Im done with that shit! facebook is equally worthless. The only one that helps is youtube.

But wow.. I did what I wanted to do.. I wanted to build a blogger account that got as many hits at my youtube account.. I slaved for months with 50 hits a month or so ..  topping well over 700 by 5pm has been one "hell" of a journey. but still small potatoes! I want "All" the potatoes in the pie and I don't even like potato pie!

I need to get over the million witnesses milestone... in the 800-900k mark... shrug WTFFFF !

How to prep to be god

I need new boxers! 

Something that hides my secret Identity :"D

More nonsense

So let me get this straight when Im being serious and "Intellectual" no one gives a shit!

But when I go off my rocker and curse the fuck out of you everyone wants to be my friend?

Hey guys look at the crazy emo kids site it's turning into some crazy shit!!


Looks like that antz are in the sugar...
How easily you are manipulated and aroused by nonsense my retarded little insects! 

Look Aaron the site is hitting new "All" time highs! and you said it was degrading :"D

Deep down in my "crazy" messy mind I know what Im doing.. just buckle up and prepare for launch! 

From God/god to God

I have come to terms that I will always be the right hand of God as long as I stay inside this universe. If I want to go for the throne and drop God/god and just unite back into infinity I will have to become "everything" in "All" of existence! The goal is not to be god of this reality the goal is to be God of "All" existence! So I already know that day by day I will slowly get more and more bored toying with these insignificant little insects! The day will come where collapsing your entire universe will just be but a thought to me and in that mind space what will you be to me? Yes valuable but how so more then the whole of creation? Yet my love for you will be beyond the scope of measurement and still but an insignificant thought at the same time! I will care and not care to levels that extend your entire existence!

My new mortal friend

I decided to befriend a mortal today...

are you familiar with my blog?
yes i am
beautiful page
ok good
its too much for me right now though
im pouring out some intense magic
i can only intake little amounts of information at a time at this point
i know you are
into that page and key
thats why i was attracted to it
my favorite video is your master magus video
with the archetypes all over
in the four corners
did you see my secret group yet?
im too consumed
with this stream
that is coming down
i understand completely, from the archives :P
feel free to add my to skype
in the secret group i just post important shit to liberate those that need to be liberated
but let me go for now
alright, im on skype frequently talking to Seshat
alright, dear
about to jump back in
into key
do it
this is my other blog you should watch
its a raw download
ok well talk soon
i cant yet download at will
back to work
please go back to work!
i dont want to interrupt!
Read "All" of TransAlchemy
any longer
and "All" will be reavealed
yes sir
for i am Nous!
laters dude
again nice to meet you
the pleasure was both of ours!
but mostly mine
one last thing before you go
i met the second coming of him
in person
he is aphysical incarnation
hes already here
hes already fucking here
i am thoth
and hermes
thats Jesus Christ's spirit
he was born on 3/3/1989
his type is pisces
good then you will follow my teachings with ease
jesus died when he was 33
of course i will
i cant wait till us 3 get together
he was immortal
the holy trinity, in physical form
their is no death for gods
our son, and us!
hahahahahaahahahaha you make laws and i govern them bitches!
and remember lets take over with
magic motherfuckers
i am the force
you should see me fight, its divine.
ive never gotten in a fight though, just spar
k im out
i am quite the god

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.