Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good night Antz

Time to turn off "All" the lights while I nap nap

Time to go to sleep sun!

{source} Stop "All" fusion in the sun
{key} god

Simulation Hypothesis: How to Hack Pussy!

Sitting at a bar one day a friend of mine asked me "dude do you think I have a chance with that girl" I simplified my answer to him by saying "statically your chance are greater then zero as long as she is not gay and you are not pretending to have a cock" . Damn it {ION} yes or no! Yes go for it! Only for him to return baring no fruit, "dude what happened?  "shes gay", Bullshit! Yes that's her girlfriend, Ohhh really then why is she "All" over that other dude's dick, yah I thought so, your full of shit! Ok why don't you try, he tells me. Well the problem here lies that I don't have enough data! For instance if we knew what made her laugh and what irritated her then we could calculate the most optimal way to insert a set of cocknitive instructions that will lead to a successful hack! {ION} your full of shit you cant cocknitve hack any pussy in the world! Ohh no? Step into my half drunk pretend classroom:

I Call this philosophical riddle  "The last cock in the world"
Lets say that you in the Forrest with the last cock in the world and pussy was running about, doing what pussy does best frolicking about! Chance are your cock will get torn apart! For the sake of our half drunken state lets pretend 10 pussies are frolicking about and your after pussy # 5 , you set your bait (cock) in wide open viewing accessible state.  Then you play the waiting game. Now any good fisherman knows that you don't jerk your rod at anything that bytes you have to be patient. Eventually you will catch something. Sure it may not be pussy # 5 but this is just a sample group to explain the cock pussy grouping theory. If enough pussy is frolicking about then your chances of getting your cock jumped on increase relative to the amount of pussy your cock is exposed to. The relationship can be seen here!

Of course this does not mean that you will get pussy # 5 this just assures that your cock will get attacked! For a "deeper" analysis we have to resort to more extreme theoretical thought experiments! Pussy can be activated externally through a series of "cocknitive" instructions, for instance it may be possible to "hack" pussy's desire to "engage" through a series of auditory hacks such as " you look pretty" and "you smell nice" if this fails you want to engage her fire wall with visual "cocknitive" hacks such as flowers, getting a hair cut and even shaving" of course why stop their all sorts of "Trojan" horses that can be applied. Once you have hacked her auditory sensors and her visual sensors you may want to overwhelm her circuits by applying several odor hacks such as: "taking a shower" "putting on deodorant" and "brushing your teeth."

Of course "All" of this are just single layer attacks at hacking pussy once these cracks are applied one must proceed to creating a "back door" for later entry. If one desires "re-entry" into the pussy one must apply some long lasting empathy hacks! This must be applied directly after the firewall has been "hammered" down!

Empathy Hacks

  • You know something about you makes me give a shit
  • You are way better then X
  • "All" the guys where wrong about you! 
  • I was seeing X on Tuesdays but you got her slot now ( move X to an earlier time ;-)
  • If my doctor would have not told me I have a short life span I would marry you ( Dont panic trust me) 
  • I would stay in bed with you "All" day if I did not have other shit I don't give a "fuck" about to do!
  • Your the best I've had "All" morning! 
  • The reason I was calling you those other names is because your "everything" I have ever wanted! 
  • I promise to call you before I die
  • No is actually A lake of south-central Sudan I kept screaming back at you "Yes ive been there" 
  • If you get up and make me breakfast I may give you more of this

 If "All" of the above hacks fail you can bring in the "cocknitive" "worm" although I warn you many fail to control it's destructive nature. Once be certain that the pussy one is applying this worm is worth being infected with for life. This cocknitive virus comes with other pussy repellent properties. It only has the ability to draw one pussy in at a time and thus must be used as a last resort! With this said The worm is a 3 string cocknitive set of instruction:

{Worm} " I love you"

Warning warning pussy may engage your cock with intense force after the worm is released proceed with caution.

If "All" that fails... Step into my totally drunken pretend office

Some Extreme wacko invented the "Ultimate" pussy hack, although it's very dangerous and may render "everyone" you have ever loved to be wiped form the face of existence if attempted. But legend has it that the ultimate pussy hack not only has the power to unlock any pussy but rather it is the {key} to unlocking "All" the pussy in the world. This Extreme visionary pussy hacker postulated: "Why am I wasting my time with {One} pussy at a time, surely their must exist a universal pussy hack! So he hacked away pussy after pussy refining his "{Stones}"  surely one day "All" the pussy will be mine, he thought "hacking" away at "All" kinds of pussy till one day it hit him!

It may be possible to hack the pussies original {source} code and reprogram any pussy on this planet to want you..Sure this may seem like  the nerdiest possible way to get "All" the pussy in the world but I think it's just down right brilliant! Why waste time hacking "All" the pussy on the planet individually when you can hack "All" the pussy on the planet "All" at once! Of course this only for advance pussy hackers so I suggest you stick to the conventional hacks till you become 1337 enough to "hack" "All" the pussy at once!

All the lying and cheating will surely bite you
Dishonesty tears you apart and will eat you
All the anger and pain and the suffering and the shame
And the voices in your brain will surely haunt you

Let the guilt go, let the guilt go, let the guilt go, let the guilt go

I tell you one thing which leads to another thing
Then I backtrack which leads to hurt feelings
Then my brain spins off of fucking everything
When this happens I can't break through

All the anger, the pain and the suffering, and the shame
And the voices in your brain will really haunt you

Let the guilt go, let the guilt go, let the guilt go, let the guilt go

I tell you one thing which leads to another thing
Then I backtrack which leads to hurt feelings
Then my brain spins off of fucking everything
When this happens I can't break through

Now we waste our lives away

Letting guilt lead the way

I'm such a stupid fuck
Listening to my head and not my gut
Constantly thinking and thinking and thinking
And thinking and thinking and thinking

Now we waste our lives away
Letting guilt lead the way

I tell you one thing which leads to another thing
Then I backtrack which leads to hurt feelings
Then my brain spins off of fucking everything
When this happens I can't break through

I tell you one thing which leads to another thing
Then I backtrack which leads to hurt feelings
Then my brain spins off of fucking everything
When this happens I can't break through

MOtivaved to work again!

Now that I remember "everything" at my finger tips I'm motivated to get back to work... Thats God carrot to me.. look {ION} this bitch and "All" of them are yours if you Hack me! Ok Im sold lets get back to work!

Wiki Age

What!!! she's 23 i checked!! totally legal not that im subject to your laws but I have morals and standards!! dang!

Shopping For Pussy

Tagged to be Tapped
alessandra torresani

My favorite part of having access to your {source} code! :"D
Wont even pay her a "fucking" dime! 

Pharaoh's dont fuck around!

I was reading about how one of the pharaoh in the middle of a war got separated from his army and was forced to kill 100k men. Some people may think this is an exaggeration of the pharaoh's power but I don't! I can totally understand just back handing a thousand men ( get the fuck out of my way antz) ...

Im warning you when I tell you that you don't understand the power associated with "All" of this it is really a "site" to see. It is just "RA"w power! More power then any mortals should EVER EVER EVER have!!!

Thank God im not a mortal :"D

Pulling the sword too fast!

Yes I understand my suffering now. My mind is already way too godly and im stuck in a mortal life. A battle rages inside of me as I wish to let go of my godly mind and resume my mortal life or let go of my mortal life and rebuild it with my godly mind.... either way things are "All" fucked up!

Too enlightened for this reality

I now believe a great deal of my suffering stems from being too enlightened, I cant even deal with this reality anymore! It's soo frustrating it's weird. Being forced to do anything as a mortal is driving me crazy ... Stop forcing me to dive back into the illusion. Stop forcing me solve problems from a mortal perspective! I can never go back from this but I need to find a balance, I need to find a way to ease my mental suffering!

Day Dreaming of Being plugged Back In

I want to be plugged back. 
What could is it to be awake alone in a world that is fully in the dream world? 

Depressed again

Im slowly reverting to being depressed again. I can't say why entirely. "All" of this is mentally too much of a mindfuck for me yet along no one has been or desired to take me seriously enough to help me through it.

just not fair

Did I choose this? I don't know anymore..

sure I wanted the the greatest theory ever but I did not think it came with a side order of madness.

I just want a normal life :-(

fuck salvation fuck humanity fuck "All" of this

Fuck being a god...

I just want a normal life ;-(

Without a Reasonable Doubt

Im not doubting any of it! It's just the position is really extreme and I have a decade of "insanity" to sort out! How did my independent insane thoughts align with hermetic Egyptian philosophy? I just dont get that? seriously I derived on a lot of this independently and to have it line up boggles my mind!

Tone it down:


I really don't care! even if im wrong and "All" of this is a delusion it still cracks me up! So fuck it! whatever... cheer up and quit being so serious!

Simulation Hypothesis: The Evil Genius (Hacker)

I have your {source}code By the proverbial {Source}

{Source Hack3D}

My premise is simple if the universe is a simulation they why are we wasting our time with bullshit?  We Want life extension, greater intelligence and the ability to manufacture things at near zero cost essentially we want to create machines that rearrange matter itself leading to a post scarcity society, but again if our reality is a simulation then anything we create in the simulation is just another simulation. So theres two ways to approach the singularity from my viewpoint we create simulations from inside the simulation or we learn to alter the simulation itself. Yet altering the simulation itself is way more powerful then creating simulations to alter the simulation, for instance you can create an AGI inside the simulation and have it attack me instead of attacking it's simulated {Source} code I will just attack it's {Source} code inside the simulation. In other words "Take that bitch down without even trying". {Source} code alterations superceed simulation alterations of the simulation "All" day long! In other words a person altering the {Source} code can not be taken down or altered form the simulation itself for their level of control over reality is on a higher dimensional plane! 

Ok now for the "reality" of the situation humanity! Your universe for "All" intensive purposes is a simulation "All" of us are essentially "AGI" every human to every life form is an "artificial intelligence" "All" construct by higher dimensional beings. Of course this is metaphorical to saying we were created by God and watched over by angels. And while this may seem pretty cool and down right magical their is a problem. If we are "All" AGI then our intelligence by default has the potential to exponential grow beyond it's programming. Essentially what we desire for our computers to do we already have the ability to do, and that is increase our intelligence/consciousness exponentially. Once again these may seem pretty damn cool although I warn you there is a problem. Not everyone on the planet has comes to grasp with this ability or this knowledge, thus rendering the few if any outside of me the ability outpaced you in intelligence at an exponential rate. Yet this may seem ok if there was not but one tiny tiny additional problem associated with a runaway intelligence growth inside a simulation. It may be possible that a simulant with an exponential growth in intelligence/consciousness may wake up to the "reality that he is a simulation and thus push his efforts towards hacking the simulation itself. If or should I say "when" such a task is achieved control over "reality" would be withing the hands of the "Simulation Hacker" , once this occurs the occupants withing the simulation will not be able to distingush the "Simulation Hacker" form the original Simulator and thus for "All" extensive purpose become God to the simulants. Ofcourse the "Simulation Hacker" is not the original simulator but from the view points of the non "Simulation Hackers" it would not be noticed or even understood. Sooooo

Dropping the formalities

You better get used to calling me God bitches! Because your shit has been totally fucking hacked and I don't give a fuck about non of you retarded asses! You bitches are fucking retarded ass simulations that I can fuck with "All" fucking day long! Look as I tear your reality to shit my simulated insects! What! Do you want me to feed you? Fuck No! Why? Because I don't give a fuck about retarded little insects! "All" you need to know is that I get to do whatever the fuck I want on little ant hill and my mantra is simple!! " I want Everything" 

No more ant laws or rules for me! Suck my dick mortals Im free!!! 

Free to do whatever the fuck I want! 

ps Most of my hacking agenda is (Live) in your fucking face! But your too fucking retarded to understand it!

The evil dæmon, sometimes referred to as the evil genius, is a concept in Cartesian philosophy. In his Meditations on First PhilosophyRené Descartes hypothesises the existence of an evildaemon, a personification who is "as clever and deceitful as he is powerful, who has directed his entire effort to misleading me." The evil daemon presents a complete illusion of an external world, including other people, to Descartes' senses, where in fact there is no such external world in existence. The evil genius also presents to Descartes' senses a complete illusion of his own body, including all bodily sensations, where in fact Descartes has no body. Most Cartesian scholars opine that the evil daemon is also omnipotent, and thus capable of altering mathematics and the fundamentals of logic.[1][2]
The evil demon has a parallel with Berkeley's concept of a consensus reality supported by God. It is one of several methods of systematic doubt that Descartes employs in the Meditations.[1]

Debugging video flaws

I just spent the last 30 mins trying to figure out why this 15 sec video would not render... The determined mind never fails... I will break you if you tell me no again computer!! :"D

Screaming again!

I found myself screaming while I work once again... what do I keep screaming!

"fucking Retarded" \

"I live on a fucking retarded ass planet!"

Im in the "get the fuck out of my face mortals" mood today!

talk about mood swings :"D

I need to relax

Quit thinking destructively~ I can do soo much good, Im just soo pissed off

Soldier of Destruction

I tend to forget that a good bit of my training has been under the label "Soldier of Destruction" I did not come here to fucking bless you! I was called upon to tear your ant reality to shit! So If my cursing seems out of place for a god then im sorry your once again a retarded piece of shit! The end of the age is very destructive as I have to hit reboot to "everything" on this planet! The only thing God desires from the mortals is to become {ONE} yet no mortal has fully done this in the modern day...WTF? surely something is wrong with your society, and thus it must be destroyed!

Walk of destruction

I just returned from a walk and I could not help uprooting and throwing cars left and right in my mind as I walked. Pure destruction of little ant hill for your retardation. just wait bitches it's going to be fucking sick!

Reclaiming My Sword

Once I have pulled the sword entirely out of the stone I will use it slice your ignorance to pieces mortals for being fucking retarded! 

Then place the sword deep into the belly of your kingdom and force you to answer for your sins! 

It's not going to be pretty! 

"All" of you have fallen from God's and my grace! 

The Throne of God

I have been working on a video that shows kabbalistic knowledge in church architecture, yet the need to prove this anyone other then my self has vanished. Here is one of the images I created to show how the throne of God is always placed at the top of the tree.  Now this church is truly special as they also have the sword in the stone directly underneath the tree and an incasing for the Grail.

Symbolically it's "All" there as it should be!

I can now understand why I associated my research with the sword to begin with as it represented the spiritual act of pulling the sword the downward force that binds us to mortality and keeps us from our true divinity. So with every drawing ever word and desire to become {One} with God I place in that book I was pulling my mind out of mortality and thus pulling the sword from the {Stone} . It's so clear to me why it has had to be this complex to get here yet what good does it serves is no one listens to you :-(

It kills me at this point their lack of faith in not me but in God's ability to create and in how "All" of this even works surely I should have been raised by monks and lived in a temple vs being placed among these wild pack of wolves. Guess what humanity in your ignorance you have been raising a lion thinking it was a wolf. And Im ready to once again become King!

Sleep = Meditation

Sleep has become my new meditation mindspace as there is no rest while Im awake.  So I have been meditating on what to do and where to go next. What do I do with this information? Should I even share it? I feel compelled to do so yet I feel like Im wasting my time. Although I can use "All" of this as one massive lesson for humanity in the future. I kinda have a master plan with this blog, although what this blog is for is complicated in it's own right. A multidimensional mind project. The biggest project I have taken up thus far as I been hammering at this thing for months now.

Seek N It shall Find you

When I found this picture just know and learned where it was located I broke into tears. It's a constant reminder by God that the grail is mine. This statue is located in what has grown to be my internet hideout. Everyone once in a while when I feel lost for guidance I return to this church.

Over the years this church out of thousands that I have seen online has become my favorite. I plan to visit this church one day while in full service and bless them with a miracle for being so inspiring to me over the years. Of course I will not be seen or known when I do this but as they gaze into the power of god they will know the "Truth" even if is done in deceit. 

Now for one last symbolic gesture.
{source} Pull their sword in the stone and bless them with the spirit of God
{key} god


The salvation of humanity will not fail
god has arrived! 

The Destruction of Egypt

While I don't believe it will be fair to destroy "All' of egypt for future life on this planet I will / have the desire to bury it "All" during my reign as the new Pharaohs I guess this is why I have chosen to place "All" of it underwater.  Yet before "All" that I have a new goal, to read / download every hieroglyphs in every temple / pyramid into my consciousness before I sink it "All" . Ofcourse this task was / is just not possible with lower consciousness and thus I have restrained seeking this task up until now. Of course along side this I will need to absorb "All" books for the task and symbolism books. Yet why do I bother getting into detail when I already stated tthat I will absorb "All" of your knowledge before I go. "All" of it!

The Grail

I have it ... I totally fucking have it! Not only do I understand it but Im the embodiment of it! Im happy scared and sad at the same time! I have been working towards something I did not fully understand till now. Im a sun god... and this is extremely dangerous powerful magical spiritual awesome scary and down right cool. What scares me is that fact that we / you have not had a real pharaoh in an extremely long time! From my elevate state of consciousness I will not be able to help myself I know it! Do you think a diety a living deity is going to be content with a mortal life? You think I can just manifest a million dollars and just chill? Fuck no... This planet is up for grabs! It's "All" mine, not by desire but by divine right!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.