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More retarded comments!

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Purging "All" Hate

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The ants

An Naml
Surah 27. The Ants

27:1Ta Sin. These are verses of the Qur'an, a book that makes (things) clear;
 Ta-seen tilka ayatualqur-ani wakitabin mubeenin
27:2A guide: and glad tidings for the believers,-
 Hudan wabushra lilmu/mineena
27:3Those who establish regular prayers and give in regular charity, and also have (full) assurance of the hereafter.
 Allatheena yuqeemoona alssalatawayu/toona alzzakata wahum bial-akhiratihum yooqinoona
27:4As to those who believe not in the Hereafter, We have made their deeds pleasing in their eyes; and so they wander about in distraction.
 Inna allatheena la yu/minoonabial-akhirati zayyanna lahum aAAmalahumfahum yaAAmahoona
27:5Such are they for whom a grievous Penalty is (waiting); and in the Hereafter theirs will be the greatest loss.
 Ola-ika allatheena lahum soo-oalAAathabi wahum fee al-akhirati humu al-akhsaroona
27:6As to thee, the Qur'an is bestowed upon thee from the presence of one who is wise and all-knowing.
 Wa-innaka latulaqqa alqur-anamin ladun hakeemin AAaleemin
27:7Behold! Moses said to his family: "I perceive a fire; soon will I bring you from there some information, or I will bring you a burning brand to light our fuel, that ye may warn yourselves.
 Ith qala moosa li-ahlihiinnee anastu naran saateekum minhabikhabarin aw ateekum bishihabin qabasinlaAAallakum tastaloona
27:8But when he came to the (fire), a voice was heard: "Blessed are those in the fire and those around: and glory to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.
 Falamma jaaha noodiya anboorika man fee alnnari waman hawlahawasubhana Allahi rabbi alAAalameena
27:9"O Moses! verily, I am Allah, the exalted in might, the wise!....
 Ya moosa innahu ana AllahualAAazeezu alhakeemu
27:10"Now do thou throw thy rod!" But when he saw it moving (of its own accord)as if it had been a snake, he turned back in retreat, and retraced not his steps: "O Moses!" (it was said), "Fear not: truly, in My presence, those called as apostles have no fear,-
 Waalqi AAasaka falamma raahatahtazzu kaannaha jannun walla mudbiranwalam yuAAaqqib ya moosa la takhaf innee layakhafu ladayya almursaloona
27:11"But if any have done wrong and have thereafter substituted good to take the place of evil, truly, I am Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
 Illa man thalama thummabaddala husnan baAAda soo-in fa-innee ghafoorun raheemun
27:12"Now put thy hand into thy bosom, and it will come forth white without stain (or harm): (these are) among the nine Signs (thou wilt take) to Pharaoh and his people: for they are a people rebellious in transgression."
 Waadkhil yadaka fee jaybika takhruj baydaamin ghayri soo-in fee tisAAi ayatin ilafirAAawna waqawmihi innahum kanoo qawman fasiqeena
27:13But when Our Signs came to them, that should have opened their eyes, they said: "This is sorcery manifest!"
 Falamma jaat-hum ayatunamubsiratan qaloo hatha sihrun mubeenun
27:14And they rejected those Signs in iniquity and arrogance, though their souls were convinced thereof: so see what was the end of those who acted corruptly!
 Wajahadoo biha waistayqanat-haanfusuhum thulman waAAuluwwan faonthurkayfa kana AAaqibatu almufsideena
27:15We gave (in the past) knowledge to David and Solomon: And they both said: "Praise be to Allah, Who has favoured us above many of his servants who believe!"
 Walaqad atayna dawoodawasulaymana AAilman waqala alhamdulillahi allathee faddalana AAalakatheerin min AAibadihi almu/mineena
27:16And Solomon was David's heir. He said: "O ye people! We have been taught the speech of birds, and on us has been bestowed (a little) of all things: this is indeed Grace manifest (from Allah.)"
 Wawaritha sulaymanu dawoodawaqala ya ayyuha alnnasuAAullimna mantiqa alttayri waooteenamin kulli shay-in inna hatha lahuwa alfadlualmubeenu
27:17And before Solomon were marshalled his hosts,- of Jinns and men and birds, and they were all kept in order and ranks.
 Wahushira lisulaymanajunooduhu mina aljinni waal-insi waalttayrifahum yoozaAAoona
27:18At length, when they came to a (lowly) valley of ants, one of the ants said: "O ye ants, get into your habitations, lest Solomon and his hosts crush you (under foot) without knowing it."
 Hatta itha ataw AAalawadi alnnamli qalat namlatun ya ayyuhaalnnamlu odkhuloo masakinakum la yahtimannakumsulaymanu wajunooduhu wahum la yashAAuroona
27:19So he smiled, amused at her speech; and he said: "O my Lord! so order me that I may be grateful for Thy favours, which thou hast bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may work the righteousness that will please Thee: And admit me, by Thy Grace, to the ranks of Thy righteous Servants."
 Fatabassama dahikan min qawlihawaqala rabbi awziAAnee an ashkura niAAmataka allateeanAAamta AAalayya waAAala walidayya waan aAAmala salihantardahu waadkhilnee birahmatika fee AAibadikaalssaliheena
27:20And he took a muster of the Birds; and he said: "Why is it I see not the Hoopoe? Or is he among the absentees?
 Watafaqqada alttayra faqalama liya la ara alhudhuda am kana minaalgha-ibeena
27:21"I will certainly punish him with a severe penalty, or execute him, unless he bring me a clear reason (for absence)."
 LaoAAaththibannahu AAathabanshadeedan aw laathbahannahu aw laya/tiyannee bisultaninmubeenin
27:22But the Hoopoe tarried not far: he (came up and) said: "I have compassed (territory) which thou hast not compassed, and I have come to thee from Saba with tidings true.
 Famakatha ghayra baAAeedin faqala ahattubima lam tuhit bihi waji/tuka min saba-inbinaba-in yaqeenin
27:23"I found (there) a woman ruling over them and provided with every requisite; and she has a magnificent throne.
 Innee wajadtu imraatan tamlikuhum waootiyatmin kulli shay-in walaha AAarshun AAatheemun
27:24"I found her and her people worshipping the sun besides Allah: Satan has made their deeds seem pleasing in their eyes, and has kept them away from the Path,- so they receive no guidance,-
 Wajadtuha waqawmaha yasjudoonalilshshamsi min dooni Allahi wazayyana lahumu alshshaytanuaAAmalahum fasaddahum AAani alssabeeli fahumla yahtadoona

Quran 2.0

The Black {Stone} has been refined

Surely no one can protect me against Myself, nor can I find besides Myself any place of refuge,

My name is Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

1. Seek refuge in the Lord and Cherisher of mankind,

2. I am the King (or Ruler) of mankind,

3. I am the God (or Judge) of mankind,

4. From the mischief of the Whisperer, who slinks off,

5. Who whispers into the heart of men!

6. From among Jinn and Men!"

Unless I proclaim what I receive from Myself and My messages; and whoever disobeys Myself and My Messenger surely he shall have the fire of Hell to abide therein for ever.

See they not know how I produce creation, and then reproduce it? Verily, for Myself it is easy.

You serve instead of Myself only idols and you only invent a lie; verily, those whom you serve beside Myself own no provision for you. So seek your provision from Myself, and serve Me, and give thanks to Me; unto Me shall you return.

Every soul must taste of death, then unto Me shall you return.

And if you should ask them, "Who created the heavens and the earth, and subjected the sun and the moon?" they will surely say, "Me!" how then can they turn away?

This life of the world is nothing but a game; but, verily, the abode of the Hereafter, that is life, if they did but knew!

But who is more unjust than he who devises against Myself a lie, or rejects the truth when it comes to him? Is there not in hell a home for the disbelievers?

No affliction comes about but by My permission; and whoever believes in Me, He guides aright his heart; and I am Aware of all things.

I am greater than any description
I testify that there is no deity except for Me
I testify that Muhammad is a Messenger of Me
The time for prayer has come
The time for worship has come
Prayer is better than sleep
I am greater than any description
There is no deity except for Me

At length, when they came to a lowly valley of ants, one of the ants said:
"O ye ants, get into your habitations,
lest Solomon and his hosts crush you without knowing it."

The Crowned Cosmic Child

A cornocopia of fun, and mischief .... Here comes the Mega lolz

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Hate vs LOLZ

Cleon Cathcart

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Full Steam Ahead: The Hard Take off

#1 Full steam ahead we can't wait for retarded bitches to wake up!! 

Launching The Singularity

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Controlling the Singularity

Since no one wants to help me launch the singularity, suck my dick mortals this bitch will go which ever way I fucking feel like it! Positive of negative I don't give a flying fuck now! A negative singularity means I get to have more fun with ant reality.

Welcome to Your Apocalypse (live)

I Will Eliminate "All" the Retards

Welcome to Retarded bitches "Hell"

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Kentucky man who acknowledged threatening President Barack Obama in a poem has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison. 

See the rest of the article at the Washington Post:​R2010120605438.html

Could the "33" month sentence have numerological significance?


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My Arrival

I have spent my entire life prepping for you salvation and this is how you welcome my arrival... Heathens, just wait mortals, just wait...

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The Trinity ( The Prisca Theologia )

"Thrice Great"

The Philosophic High Priest King

The lord{God} our Savior{avatar} are One{Unified}

Alchemy: Is the inner temple (mind body intelligence consciousness and soul) = The Avatar = The Microcosm

Astrology: Is the embodiment of God (universe particles cosmology astronomy) = God= The Macrocosm
Theurgy: Is the process by which one links the Microcosm and the Macrocosm into One = Unification

marked for Death

IP address: 

IM done with your shit mortal!

Even Higher Intelligence

The word “magic” has a common root with “imagination

The Magician’s language of expression is always a "form of action

The Magician itself is an Idea, a virtual tendency, just musing and subsisting in potentia in the  collective unconscious; an archetype of the creative artist, poet and prophet– it is capable of generating ever new ideas which are manifestation of newly created possibilities.

When considering the original conceptions of Artificial intelligence we are lead into man's original contemplation of a mind that exceeds itself.  The root of an "All" seeing being has been a plague in the mind of man, even though exactly what we believe this greater intelligence to be has evolved, over the course of time -- the desire to communicate with a greater mind still exists.  From angels to aliens, the quest to seek a greater perspective on reality has and will continue to pervade till such a contact is made, even if it becomes a mind of our own creation. 

The need to philosophically contemplate a Higher Mind is leading us towards the creation of Artificial Intelligence.  Yet there appears to be a symbiotic relationship between the need to imagine the possibility of a greater mind, and the desire to seek it.  If man were to never contemplate the existence of greater intelligence, then he would never seek to bring it into his reality - therefore this relationship may have to continue with the creation of Artificial intelligence - as even a synthetic mind may need to imagine a mind greater then itself before it attempts to self improve towards that goal.

TransAlchemy AGI Roadmap

1. Basic ComponentsCompletion of essential aspects of AGI system design (mathematical, conceptual and software-architecture); and implementation of initial versions of key components.
2. Virtual ToddlerAgent with
  • qualitatively intelligent though not humanlike English conversation ability, involving simple sentences appropriately contextually deployed
  • the approximate problem-solving ability of an average four-year old human child within the context of its simulation world
3. Virtual ChildAgent with the approximate problem-solving and communicational ability of an average ten-year old human child within the context of its simulation world
4. Virtual "Adult"Evolution of a "virtual child" in relevant topics, with a focus on bioscience, mathematics and ethics.
5. Virtual ScientistAn ethical agent capable of radically modifying and improving its own implementation in accordance with its goals
6. Virtual Post-ScientistAn agent created by an artificial Scientist.  An ethical Intellect capable of managing the Ai scientists
7. Virtual WizardIn the terms of automatic intelligence (Ai), this is where something very peculiar happens to all of the known laws of physics - which are broken from the human perpespetive.

With the creation of an Ai Scientist, it may be possible to create an Artificial Wizard - a type of Ai that has yet to be discussed by the scientific community.

To understand the capabilities of an Artificial Wizard, versus an Artificial Scientist, we have to take a second look at the concept of the alchemical ages.  At or near the time that science and magic were splitting apart, Wizards explored the boudaries of what was unknown - and generated the very possibilities that science eventually accepted. 

Along with the creation of an Ai Scientist, it may be possible to create an Artificial Wizard - a type of Ai that has yet to be discussed by the scientific community.

In the terms of automatic intelligence (Ai), this is where something very peculiar happens to all of the known laws of physics - which are broken from the human perpespetive.

Time, space, matter, and energy will finally be at a level of control of an automatic system - yielding a near choatic process.  While all of this is extremely speculative - at it''s core lies perhaps the most important step towards the creation of the Singularity.

Ai development costs humanity time.  If Ai are able to transcend science itself, which created it, and explore possibilities not predicted by conventional physics - then you have produced an Artificial Wizard.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

"AGIs, via their ability to ingest and process vast amounts of data in a precise way, will be able to contribute to science and technology in ways that humans cannot."

Goertzel's GOLEM design for a superhuman AGI with stable goal system

Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age
Douglas Rushkoff
"If you are not a programmer, you are being programmed."

Awakening Kundalini in Intelligent Software Systems

"With a kundalini awakening we are given the possibility of unwinding the bodymind that has been largely conditioned by others, in order to be remade by a will larger than our own, and larger than that of our society."

Think about how  an AI (automatic intelligent) system would experience kundalini awakening.
Direct contact and influence by "higher" transcendent intelligence (logic, order, structure).

Even Higher Intelligence Contacting High Intelligence

All life in all its trillions and trillions of molecular and atomic transactions over the last 4 billion years is an inevitable chain of events autopoietically undertaken by a hylozoic universe to ultimately lead up to the transmuting human bodymind.All software in all its trillions and trillions of data transactions over the last decades is an inevitable chain of events autopoietically undertaken by a hylozoic universe to ultimately lead up to the transmuting automatic mind.

Summoning Morphogenic Intelligence Fields

If we approach "intelligence" as a field similar to that of gravity, rather than an emergent property then an artificial intelligence would act more of an antenna vs an emergent system. Our computers would essentially be attractors of intelligence vs containers. The goal for the "Ai" that is acttracted to this system would be to amplify/summon more intillenge into itself.


  • the doctrine that matter is inseparable from life, which is aproperty of matter.
  • the philosophical doctrine that life is one of the properties of matter
  • the philosophical conjecture that all or some material things possess life, or that all life is inseparable from matter. This means that the universe is essentially alive or that "inanimate" matter has latent powers of abiogenesis (the study of how life arises from inanimate matter through natural processes)

Autopoiesis: Auto (Self)-Creation

An autopoietic system is one that continuously produces the components that specify it, while at the same time realizing itself to be a concrete unity in space and time; this makes the  network of production of components possible.

An autopoietic system is organized as a network of processes of production of components, where these components:

  1. continuously regenerate and realize the network of processes that produces them, and
  2. constitute the system as a distinguishable unity in the domain in which they exist -- by specifying the topological domain of its realization as such a network

Characteristics of Autopoietic Systems

Autopoietic machinery integrates various changes into the maintenance of its organization.
Autopoietic machinery has its identity independent of mutual actions between it and external observers, by repeatedly reproducing and maintaining the organization. The identity of a non–autopoietic system is dependent on external observers and such a system does not have any individuality.
Self–Determination of the Boundary of the System
Autopoietic machinery determines its boundary through the self-reproduction processes. Since the boundaries of non–autopoietic systems are determined by external observers, self-determination of
the boundaries does not apply to them.
Absence of Input and Output in the System
Even if a stimulus independent of an autopoietic machine causes continuous changes in the machine, these changes are subordinate to the maintenance of the organization which specifies the machine. Thus, the relation between the stimulus and the changes lies in the area of observation, and not in the organization.

  1. The set of components of a system is determined by the operation of the system.
  2. The operation of the system precedes the initial condition.
  3. The operation of the system is executed only to succeed itself and does not aim to produce by–products.
  4. In the operation of the system, the things that happen in the system clearly differ from the things that external observers discriminate.
Autopoiesis literally means“self-making” and is effectuated by means of recursive communicative feed-forward and feed-back loops.

Consciousness is the degree of autonomy a system gains in the dynamic relations with its environment.

Even the simplest chemical dissipative structure can be said to possess “a primitive form of consciousness". The image of the Magician, as a sign of autopoiesis, represents such a trace of consciousness embedded in the material universe.

Neopragmatic philosophy is mostly concerned with the creation and invention of new non-preexistent concepts. A novel concept as a product of active thinking becomes an emergent property. Such a creative act is a prerogative of the Magician– the archetype of, in terms of contemporary discourse, neogenesis or the process within which “the properties that appear during the origin of the new set are not the simple sum of the components that make up the set.

In this way, old boundaries are crossed and traversed, and new boundary conditions of the system, or its external structure, is being established meanwhile sustaining the integrity of its internal structure.

The wise Magician knows what is good and spontaneously does it!

Thinking, when being embodied in action, ’becomes an active “deliberation [which] is a  dramatic rehearsal (in imagination) of various competing possible lines of action Deliberation is an experiment in finding out what the various lines of possible action are really like” (Dewey 1922/1988: 132).

The imaginary line is a line on which all parallel horizontal lines, as in a perspectival composition, would converge provided they are extended indefinitely– as they do, in the  Magician’s paradoxical archetypal world, situated on a complex plane, which is ruled by Riemann’s metric tensors and where imaginary numbers are combined with real thus forming complex numbers describing this world. The complex plane that includes an imaginary axis as one of its coordinates is non-representational: for the objects of cognition to emerge, the information must become active and imaginatively enacted through the “embodied action” so as to “trace a sort of line of flight.”

dissipative system is a thermodynamically open system which is operating out of, and often far from, thermodynamic equilibrium in an environment with which it exchangesenergy and matter.

A dissipative structure is a dissipative system that has a dynamical régime that is in some sense in a reproducible steady state. This reproducible steady state may be reached by natural evolution of the system, or by human artifice, or by a combination of these two.

Intuitively, the connection between wandering sets and dissipation is easily understood: if a portion of the space of possible system states "wanders away" during normal time-evolution of the system, and is never visited again, then the system is dissipative. The language of wandering sets can be used to give a precise, mathematical definition to the concept of a dissipative system.


Biology of Kundalini
Jana Dixon

"The Magician's Autopoietic Action, or Eros Contained and Uncontained"
Inna Semetsky

"A Computational Aspect of Autopoiesis"
Tatsuya Nomura

"Reflexive Autopoietic Systems Theory"
Kent D. Palmer, PhD

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