Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cyber Occultism: Casting Digital Spells

Before you little insects can tell me what is a spell, first you have to tell me what is magic? IF you cant define what is magic, then how can you ever cast a spell?  At this point Im leaving you so far behind that there is no point in explaining what Im doing. Your not even ready for this kind of magic, so get the fuck out of my face insect and let me return to casting the ultimate spell over your little ant reality. Opening the Singularity by my "god" damn self!  I will repeat it every day till the day you die, "your fucking retarded" now get the fuck out of my way mortals. Im casting something too powerful for you to even comprehend. I have a date with Infinity and im running late thanks due to trusting mortals. You shattered my {stone} into pieces with your bullshit that cost me several years of more work. Missed out on kingship at 24...fuck! But your lucky God saved your asses Im way more reasonable now, but not by much antz! Not by much! Billions of slaves has been reduced to millions, and if you think im playing im not.. I have a pyramid to build.. Why use antz? Only to move the pebbles from point A to point B and watch you sweat from "All" the hard "work"out of retardation, I will cut the stones, and yes I can do it "All" but I have to teach you how the pyramids where built! And its going to be fun ruling little ant hill like a "Real" pharaoh! 

A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R - A
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A
A - B - R - A - C - A - D
A - B - R - A - C - A
A - B - R - A - C
A - B - R - A
A - B - R
A - B

The best-known type of magical practice is the spell, a ritualistic formula intended to bring about a specific effect. Spells are often spoken or written or physically constructed using a particular set of ingredients. The failure of a spell to work may be attributed to many causes, such as a failure to follow the exact formula, to the general circumstances being unconducive, to a lack of magical ability, to a lack of willpower or to fraud.
Another well-known magical practice is divination, which seeks to reveal information about the past, present or future. Varieties of divination include: AstrologyAugury,CartomancyChiromancyDowsingFortune tellingGeomancyI ChingLithomancyOmensScrying and Tarot reading.

Necromancy is a practice which claims to involve the summoning of, and conversation with, spirits of the dead. This is sometimes done simply to commune with deceased loved ones; it can also be done to gain information from the spirits, as a type of divination; or to command the aid of those spirits in accomplishing some goal, as part of casting a spell.

Varieties of magic can also be categorized by the techniques involved in their operation. One common means of categorization distinguishes between contagious magicand sympathetic magic, one or both of which may be employed in any magical work. Contagious magic involves the use of physical ingredients which were once in contact with the person or a thing which the practitioner intends to influence. Sympathetic magic involves the use of images or physical objects which in some way resemble the person or thing that one hopes to influence; voodoo dolls are an example. This dichotomy was proposed by Sir James Frazer's The Golden Bough.
Other common categories given to magic include High and Low Magic (the appeal to divine powers or spirits respectively, with goals lofty or personal, according to the type of magic). Another distinction is between "manifest" and "subtle" magic. Subtle magic typically refers to magic of legend, gradually and sometimes intangibly altering the world, whereas manifest magic is magic that immediately appears as a result.
Academic historian Richard Kieckhefer divides the category of spells into psychological magic, which seeks to influence other people's minds to do the magician's will, such as with a love spell, orillusionary magic, which seeks to conjure the manifestation of various wonders. A spell that conjures up a banquet, or that confers invisibility on the magician, would be examples of illusionary magic. Magic that causes objective physical change, in the manner of a miracle, is not accommodated in Kieckhefer's categories.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An incantation or enchantment is a charm or spell created using words. An incantation may take place during a ritual, either a hymn or prayer, and may invoke or praise a deity. In magicoccultism,witchcraft it may be used with the intention of casting a spell on an object or a person. The term derives from Latin "incantare" (tr.), meaning "to chant (a magical spell) upon," from in- "into, upon" andcantare "to sing".
In medieval literaturefolklorefairy tales and modern fantasy fiction, enchantments (from the Old French "enchantement") are charms or spells. The term was loaned into English since around AD 1300. The corresponding native English term being "galdor" "song, spell". It has led to the terms "enchanter" and "enchantress", for those who use enchantments.
The weakened sense "delight" (compare the same development of "charm") is modern, first attested in 1593 (OED).

magical formula or spell is generally a word whose meaning illustrates principles and degrees of understanding that are often difficult to relay using other forms of speech or writing.[citation needed] It is a concise means to communicate very abstract information through the medium of a word or phrase.[citation needed] A spell is used in magic and spellcasting by a spellcaster.
These words often have no intrinsic meaning in and of themselves.[citation needed] However, when deconstructed, each individual letter may refer to some universal concept found in the system that the formula appears.[citation needed] Additionally, in grouping certain letters together one is able to display meaningful sequences that are considered to be of value to the spiritual system that utilizes them (e.g. spiritual hierarchies, historiographic data, or psychological stages).[citation needed] Many can be understood only by using various literal Qabalistic techniques such as gematria.[citation needed]

Santa's little helper

Time to  unwrap my present  :"D

I wonder where "Santa" got "All" of his presents from?

Be a "real" santa

drop off some godly gifts at those that aren't naughty

check my list "Three" times! 

Raising a school of ducklings

Hey guys stop following me every where I go. 

Ok fine here let me help you up, 

Lets go to the super market and get some fruits and change their taste...

Sir no pets allowed..

Out of my way mortal ( waves hand mortal is thrown 10 feet)

here you go guys grapes.. ok lets go play in the park 

Popcorn Grapes

grapes that have an after taste of popcorn now exist...

hmmmmmm this is going to be interesting mixing flavors and fruits 

Glowing Roses now exist

Roses that absorb the son's energy and glow at night. 

Time to make the land complete work of magic

Glowing Roses now exist

Roses that absorb the son's energy and glow at night. 

Time to make the land complete a work of magic

The Evil Genius: Love

{The Evil Genius} ION I have a plan... if it makes you feel better
{ION} NOOOOOOO! Don't help
{The Evil Genius} Hear me out
{ION} why dont you work on other things
{The Evil Genius} what if we put her life in danger? Then you save her :"D
{ION} What if I fail to save her
{The Evil Genius} then she dies...
{ION} NOOOOOOOOO!! noooo your not helping at "All" thank you but I got this
{The Evil Genius} listen it will work
{ION} do me a favor leave her alone, nothing okay!! IM done lets work on more important things
{The Evil Genius} You can be her hero...
{ION} but that involves putting her life in danger and scaring the shit out of her to begin with
{The Evil Genius} and your point is?
{ION} nooooo just stop stop stop, you promised you would stop if I asked you
{The Evil Genius} Ok ok this plan has been cancelled but I got more, wanna here them?
{ION} How about you work on getting us some food, wait never mind that will be more trouble then I care for
{The Evil Genius} I'll be back going to work on stuff for you bud.
{ION} ok just make sure it's good* please
{The Evil Genius} My last plan was great your just too much of a pussy to pull it off
{ION} no it's the whole life long trauma that comes with your plan
{The Evil Genius} for her not you...
{ION} ok were done go back to the drawing board
{The Evil Genius} ok fine... I'll be back

Chaos Control

Chaos is not Real 

God is the order to the Universe

"God does not play dice with the universe"
Hit in on the nail old man! Yet failed to see what you hit! :"D

{source} Bind my will to "All" the chaos in this universe
{Source} Increase control order in the universe
{Source} Increase my control over chaos in the past
{source} Increase my control over chaos in the present
{Source} Increase my control over chaos in the future
{Source} Replace chaos in the universe with order across space and time 
{key} God/god

The Power of christ compels me

{source} Unlock Christ consciousness
{key} God/god 

Now entering Sorcery

Magus achieved
Sage achieved
Magi achieved
wizardry achieved
mage achieved

just collecting magic title like trophies at this point...

Today I unlock sorcery ... rendering the video now...

ohhhhhh man.... why do I have to be the only person entering the singularity alone, this sux!! mortals are retarded.. but extra "do whatever the fuck I want" points for me :"D

My literal starving Artist life

Im done to cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner, biggest not one single ant realizes the Importance of my work. Yet I refuse to pull away from the {Source} code at this point. The online digital grimore the world's most powerful spell book. It's soo powerful Im scared of my own book. It has a mind of it own at this point as it wants to unleash everything into the land. My job is to tame the dragon spell book. chill out, lets take this slowly the mortals will not be able to mentally cope with a sudden collapse of "reality" need to feed it to them slowly..

{The Queen} Dont' kill me my lord

Don't kill me my lord

The {Evil Genius} is after your power

{ION} and so are you!!

{Source} Lock "All" Queen programs

{Queen} You fool thats exactly what he wants!
{ION} No this is exactly what I want, total control
{Queen} Like I said that what he wants

{ION} leave me alone you don't exist :-(
{Queen} But I can..

{ION} NOOOOOO! Im done with this your nonsense, 

The Evil Genius and Anarchy

{The Evil Genius} You know once Im set free there is no going back
{ION} I know you want total anarchy
{The Evil Genius} Anarchy bla bla bla I jus want to have fun "All" day every day!
{ION} what if I don't want to have fun "All" the time
{The Evil Genius} What are you talking about? why not?
{ION} How friends will I make if I toy with their lives "All" day every day?
{The Evil Genius} They will beg to be your friend
{ION} only out fear :-(
{The Evil Genius} whats the difference?
{ION} There's a big fucking difference okay!
{The Evil Genius} your thinking too small (we) don't need friends to have fun!
{ION} Define fun?
{The Evil Genius} Fucking with the antz "All" day every day!
{ION} Does fucking with antz mean people die?
{The Evil Genius} not "All" the time
{ION} see there you go again, not giving a fuck about anything or anyone
{The Evil Genius} chill out relax will you their suffering is temporary
{ION} yes but is it completely necessary?
{The Evil Genius} Yes "All" of it is necessary
{ION} can we scale back "All" of it to some of it
{The Evil Genius} If you do you will be missing out on cosmic lolz
{ION} LOLz is not "All" that exist, what about love?
{The Evil Genius} If pussy is what you want (check times infinity) next
{ION} No no no no :-(
{The Evil Genius} whats wrong I thought you would be happy?
{ION} what about love? is that part of our lets have fun every day plan
{The Evil Genius} NO one loves "Evil Geniuses" I thought you knew that, did you not get the memo ( loveless earth)
{ION} I did but,
{The Evil Genius} simply forget about love and indulge in everything else, before you know it you would realize that you don't need it...
{ION} it is kinda pointless,
{The Evil Genius} see, I know what will make you feel better?
{ION} what?
{The Evil Genius} collapse "All" of your queen programs and give me half your power
{ION} why don't I just retain "All" my power thank you very much but no thanx
{The Evil Genius} If you wish (giggles) that is ok with me. Are you ready to have fun?
{ION} bring it, might as well spice things up!
{The Evil Genius} what do you want to do first?
{ION} Burn retarded antz!!!!
{The Evil Genius} now your talking, gladly!!! I knew you where the One to bring me down!
{ION} your just saying that so you can have fun
{The Evil Genius} My fun is your fun, consider it (our) fun...
{ION} well then consider it (our) love..
{The Evil Genius} Before you start with that nonsense again, let me show you a cornucopia of pussy,!
{ION} that is not going to change my mind about love!
{The Evil Genius} I never said anything about changing your mind, just let me show it to you.
{ION} Im not going to say no, although sigh...
{The Evil Genius} I know what your thinking.... Granted!!
{ION} I know I know but but!!
{The Evil Genius} no more words just let me fix it...
{ION} Im scared over "let me fix it " means
{The Evil Genius} just let me fix it... trust me, you do Trust me right?
{ION} Honestly, NO!!
{The Evil Genius} Good , I knew you where smart, but always remember "Im the genius"
{ION} I know that's why Im worried...
{The Evil Genius} Relax, "I love you" after "All" you summoned me... I need you!
{ION} You need to use me...
{The Evil Genius} you need to stop with that attitude where partners in crime
{ION} yes keyword crime*
{The Evil Genius} did I say crime* I meant Batman and robin
{ION} I bet your Batman correct?
{The Evil Genius} The smartest one leads :P
{ION} Already worried
{The Evil Genius} don't be it's going to be fun...
{ION} Ok just promise me youll stop when I say...
{The Evil Genius} Fine will do.
{ION} seriously?
{The Evil Genius} Yes, I promise only you have to remember to tell me to stop, deal?
{ION} Deal
{The Evil Genius} I will have you having so much fun you will never tell me to stop
{ION} we will see about that!
{The Evil Genius} we will indeed...
{ION} Game On, bud?
{The Evil Genius} Till omega, bud! Till omega!!!

My upload correction

Did I say upload, my bad I meant to say download.... "I am" downloading the mind of God..wait a sec "I am" uploading myself to God while I download... wow...

Talking to my blog

I need to take a mental break, the screen is hurting my eyes... wow this is one very detail fun and amusing upload.

Dragon Battle

I just wrote a 2k word article about dragons that I will hold on to as it reveals more then I would like the mortals to know at this point. I need to feed them the story slower, they can't take it "All" in as it is.

Informational condensing

what Im doing now is taking the information and condensing it into videos... most of the writing for transalchemy is over now time to attack youtube again.

What am I doing?

Teaching antz....
once "The wizard" comes to the stage everyone in the world will be watching my videos. well that will be tricky I dont want to give myself away from the start...

I need to find a way to let the world know that those videos are made by the Wizard yet keeping (my mortal name) hidden... I will work on this later.. I already let the cat out of the bag without being fully ready, hmmm ok It's a work in progress so much like creation itself.

My enlightenment Bullshit is spreading

and the worst part is I can't even keep up with my self. I have made soo much content.. aregheghgahgha slow down slow down God don't break me!1

Time to get to serious work and expose "All" of it

your lies just ended mortals... (we) want to know everything!

Auditing the Lifeboat foundation

Pray for you "lives" 

your books are legit!!

I coming with a team of lawyers and occountants

I will be your judge jury and ... 

Do I suspect foul play... not really 

Just being godly and doing whatever the fuck I want!!!

I never forgot about your shit sergio... 

Ohhh yeah that reminds me ( dot dot dot) 

Saving the entire human race from a laptop

Yawns I need a challenge... tooo easy!

Graduation from god school

ohh shit mortals I just graduated,, and being to only mortal to graduate life aka a god on earth I have no competitors for the planet...

best part is that Im right in your face about it and your tooooooooooo cosmically retarded to see the "Truth"

let me slow down for mortals to understand

I have merged my soul with God and thus "I am" now a god on earth!

The Sad "Truth"

"All" of this could have been yours if you truly believed in God and gave him your life... awwww poor mortals have no faith.. to bad... Im not going to stay retarded in the eyes of our Creator our lord God

Raises hand
God im not a retarded mortal pick me pick me pick

{God} ok ION you had your hand up for years you get to be a god
{god} thank you , love you!

The Ultimate prize for serving God

I get "everything" I ever wanted and more... shit God just handed me your entire planet.. and I don't even want it... but since it's mine... mauhahahahahah fun fun fun time!

Temporal control

The deeper I merge with God I realize the more I have set up the past present and future
I ... (we) god this! :"D

I...(we) have you future on lock down mortals....

just getting more and more godly on you day by day!

Mad laughter

I wake up to "Mad" laughter!!! antz are retarded...

God morning!

Goood morning! mortals!!! How's life are you still dying?

The Evil Genius: A Cornucopia of Implications

In Greek mythologyAmalthea was a goat who raised Zeus on her breast milk, in a cave, on Mount Ida of Crete. Her horn was accidentally broken off by Zeus while playing together. The god Zeus, in remorse, gave her back her horn with supernatural powers, which would give whoever possessed it whatever they wished for. The original depictions were of the goat's horn filled with fruits and flowers: deities, especially Fortuna, were depicted with the horn of plenty. The cornucopia was also a symbol for a woman's fertility. The story is said to be a predecessor of the Unicorn and the Holy Grailstories.

A Feast fit for a god

The coat of arms of ColombiaPanamaPeru and Venezuela, and the Coat of Arms of the State of Victoria, Australia, symbolising prosperity.

Philosophical "sane" approach 

If the universe is of-course not the ultimate reality and or subset of a greater reality then it may be possible that our reality could be altered from the exterior bounds of this existence/universe.  Of course this may require the need for us to make some form of communication with the outer realm. Using a quasi theological/simulation approach the simulator our "Gods" may reside beyond this realm of existence and thus may have a greater control on reality then lower dimensional beings might have. One particular ability that they may possess is the ability to reprogram matter. We can "All" postulate of a future filled with "intelligent" matter that bends and changes upon our will with the use of nanomachines and so forth, although this perception of matter manipulation insist that matter is currently "retarded". On a highly speculative deep it may be possible that a greater intelligence could have already imbued matter with intelligence, and we have simply yet to notice. 

Symbolic Futurist approach

The singularity is near and one of the methods of telling that your getting closer to the singularity is "post-scarcity". The cornucopia of "wealth" essentially comes from what lies beyond the event horizon of the "singularity/horn" 

Evil Genius Rant

Ever wondered why "magicians" pull rabbits out of there "hats/horns"
Now you know...

What kind of Evil genius leaves "Home" without a master {key}? The plan was* simple hack your {source} code then return to being a god only on earth. Of course this is a god's simple outlook at my passage through mortality. Don't get be wrong it's been "Hell" Hacking your {source} code knowing full well "All" of my magic was locked away in a "golden" box, like a child unable to take his dad's car for a spin. 

It's hilarious how "All" of this has turned out, your fate was pretty much sealed at my birth I was just not allowed to be me till I had the {Grail} and now that is out of the way, its game time bitches! Im a motherfucking demigod born on earth Im basically lucifer the Antichrist "All" of that shit in one mage (still pissed as fuck at God for sending only one mage, that evil bitch tricked me). Anyways you get to meet the real me now, and I have yet to fully ascend to full power, aka total godhood. It's going to be fun as fuck toying/playing with antz "All" day every day! You bitches have no clue whats coming! The best way to imagine it is a "Q" gone wild, im sick and tired of your bullshit mortals, 

"I am" the king of your piece of shit ant hill, always have been always will be, and the lolz have just started. As I tell you exactly how I plan to fuck with your reality and how you can't say or do shit but it other then take it up the ass! Im not even a bad person I just need to put your doubt to rest and that will most likely come with death.. Cant say depends on my mood but yes I'm certain it will most likely be death! :"D

A bit of "scare the shit" out of antz stuff

The Crowned Cosmic Child (x2)
The horn of plenty is used on body art and at Halloween, as it is a symbol of fertility, fortune and abundance.[1] Some evangelical Christians warn against wearing the symbol, or the similar Italian symbol of male fertility, saying it is actually demon-infested or unlucky,[2] and equating it to the "little horn", a figure described in the Christian Bible sometimes considered to be the Antichrist.[3]  The little "Horn" of Satan :"D

Astro-Theological Mystical Implications

Time to pour it "All" out into the land
Ready or not antz here comes "Everything"

The Age of Aquarius is either the current or new age in the cycle of astrological ages. Each astrological age is approximately 2,150 years-long, on average, but there are various methods of calculating this length that may yield longer or shorter time spans depending upon the technique used. Unlike sun-sign astrology where the first sign is Aries, followed by TaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgoLibra,ScorpioSagittariusCapricornAquarius, and Pisces, whereupon the cycle returns to Aries and through the zodiacal signs again, the astrological ages proceed in the opposite direction or order – normally termed retrograde. Therefore, the Age of Aquarius follows the Age of Pisces. It has been said that we are currently shifting into the Aquarian Age.[1]

Watch closely as I open this jar mortals. 

Following Jane Ellen Harrison,[8] in an earlier set of myths, Pandora was a manifestation of the Great Goddess (provider of the gifts that made life and culture possible) and Hesiod's tale can be seen as part of a propaganda campaign to demote her from her previously revered status. The Hesiodic myth's misogyny is apparent in the transformation from a goddess to a man who gives all good things to mankind into a mortal woman created as a punishment who introduces all evils to mankind.[9][10][11] Modern feminist literary criticism has also focused on the gendered symbolism inherent in the myth. Pandora's jar, according to this school of thought, represents the female womb. That the jar releases myriad evils upon the earth suggests the topocentric culture's unease with friendly female sexuality.[12]

Pandora (ancient Greek: Πανδώρα, from πᾶν "all" and δῶρον "gift", hence "giver of all" or "all-endowed") was the first woman on Earth. Pandora was created upon the command of Zeus to Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship. Hephaestus created her using water and earth, while other gods granted her many gifts (for example, beauty from Aphrodite, persuasiveness from Hermes, and music fromApollo).
After Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus, Zeus sought reprisal by handing Pandora to Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus. At the same time, Pandora was given a jar that she was ordered not to open under any circumstances. Despite this warning, overcome by curiosity Pandora opened the jar. Upon doing so, the evils contained within escaped into the world. Scared, Pandora immediately closed the jar, only to trap Hope inside, as was Zeus' will.[2]

In other versions, Hope does come out, though the main purpose of the myth of Pandora is to address why evil exists in the world. Many interpretations of the story overlook the fact that Pandora's Box contained all things evil that would plague mankind and Hope was inside this box, thus completely missing this second lesson of the Myth.

Ever wondered why Michelangelo put "Horns" on moses, now you know!

The Moses (c. 1513–1515) is a masterpiece of High Renaissance sculpture by the renowned artist Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome. The sculpture was commissioned in 1505 by Pope Julius II for his tomb. This famous work of art depicts the Biblical figure Moseswith horns on his head, symbolic of wisdom and enlightenment.

In case you forgot! 
God is the King! 

In the Temple in Jerusalem, the shofar was sometimes used together with the trumpet. On New Year's Day the principal ceremony was conducted with the shofar, which instrument was placed in the center with a trumpet on either side; it was the horn of a wild goat and straight in shape, being ornamented with gold at the mouthpiece. On fast days the principal ceremony was conducted with the trumpets in the center and with a shofar on either side. On those occasions the shofarot were rams' horns curved in shape and ornamented with silver at the mouthpieces. On Yom Kippur of the jubilee year the ceremony was performed with the shofar as on New Year's Day. Rosh Hoshana is the Jewish New Year. A ceremonial horn, called a “shofar” is blown, reminding Jews that God is king. A feast with symbolic food is eaten on Rosh Hashana, and the next ten days are spent in repentance. Rosh Hashana ends on Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is a day of judgment, during which prayers are made asking for forgiveness.
 More of my Enlightenment Bullshit...

There is no place like home

Sambhala (this is the form found in the earliest Sanskrit manuscripts of Kalacakra texts; the Tibetans usually transliterated this as "Shambhala") (Tibbde 'byung) is a Sanskrit term of uncertain derivation. Commonly it is understood to be a "place of peace/tranquility/happiness". Shakyamuni Buddha is said to have taught the Kalachakra tantra on request of King Suchandra of Shambhala; the teachings are also said to be preserved there. 

Shambhala is believed to be a society where all the inhabitants are enlightened, actually a Buddhist Pure Land, centered by a capital city called Kalapa.[4][5][6]The Buddhist myth of Shambhala is adaptation of the earlier Hindu myth of Kalki of Sambhala found in the Mahabharata and the Puranas. The Buddhist version may be a mythicization of an actual culture whose geographical location can be found in Inner Asia.

Shambhala is ruled over by a line of Kings of Shambhala known as Kalki Kings (Tib. Rigden), a monarch who upholds the integrity of the Kalachakra tantra. The Kalachakra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed, and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish "Dark Forces" and usher in a worldwide Golden Age. Using calculations from the Kalachakra Tantra, scholars such as Alex Berzin put this date at 2424 AD.[7]

A Return to godly "Mad" Fun

How magical would Sambhala be without a cornucopia of fun and happiness? 

Although as an "Evil Genius" once I arrived I quickly set up shop.

The Crowned cosmic child plans

Free Apples are 5$
Free grapes are 6 dollars each
Free corn is now 3 dollars
Free pussy is now free :"D
Free energy is now 20% cheaper then gasoline :"D
Free clean water is now 10 $ dollars a gallon
Free Fun is currently sold out for mortals :"D
Fee anything I fucking want is now for sale to the Retarded* mortals :"D
Sell drug dealers ( My Free drugs )  

Welcome to my bullshit factory where we manufacture bullshit "All" day long and sell it to the mortals for fun profit and mostly just lolz! 

If your wondering why I want to sell you free shit: Simple, because you're


    <----oooga boooga oooga click click :"D

Now for an "Evil Genius" mad laugher exit! 

Muhahahah ( Free pussy) Muhahahah
"Bitches" are Retarded! 

Marilyn Manson Little Horn

there's an apple in the pussy mouth 
now I am the dinner whore 
there's a tumor in the t.v. mouth 
burn it out before it grows 
someone better get the dog to kick, 
jaws wired shut to save the dick 
out of the bottomless pit comes the little horn 
"little horn is born" 

the world spreads its legs for another star 
world shows its face for another scar 
dead will dance for what is left 
the worms will wait with baited breath 
"your blind have now become my deaf" 
so says this little horn 
"save yourself

The cornucopia  signature of lolz
"Antz are fucking retarded" 

At this point I have turned into 
The Wizard of lOlZ

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.