Friday, December 10, 2010


The salvation of Humanity will not fail, because "I am" the {source} of your salvation!

Rocking your world

I know Im rocking your world mortals that is the whole point of my arrival!

The leap of faith to immortality

Im "All" in God


{god} I told you that they don't believe in wizards (prophets) anymore
{God} Make them believe
{god} "All" day every day! So your will shall be done

Satan worshipping is for pussies, I worship The {Source} of EVIL

Particleion A Magus Some of my so called friends think I worship Satan now, and while this is only half true the "Truth" is I worship Satan's master the real evil bitch! "God"

money talks bullshit...walks :"D

[10:43:14 PM] Josh: sup son
[10:43:17 PM] Josh: making a video?
[10:43:46 PM] transalchemy: just another day in the belly of madness
[10:44:12 PM] Josh: lol
[10:44:19 PM] Josh: that's cool
[10:44:23 PM] Josh: another day in paradise
[10:45:33 PM] Josh: so are you job hunting?
[10:45:41 PM] Josh: haha what a turn of events
[10:45:52 PM] Josh: i remember for so long you were on my case about finding a job
[10:45:58 PM] Josh: even before i moved to nc with you
[10:46:16 PM] transalchemy: Lmao
[10:46:20 PM] transalchemy: I know
[10:46:27 PM] transalchemy: and the worst part
[10:46:34 PM] transalchemy: is that Im worst then you ever where
[10:46:43 PM] Josh: well
[10:46:50 PM] Josh: i don't know about that, it's hard to compare lol
[10:46:55 PM] transalchemy: lol
[10:47:00 PM] Josh: let's not compete
[10:47:03 PM] Josh: and say who's the best
[10:47:06 PM] transalchemy: lol
[10:47:07 PM] transalchemy: yah
[10:47:08 PM] Josh: at not having a job
[10:47:12 PM] transalchemy: but not having a job
[10:47:16 PM] transalchemy: for years now
[10:47:16 PM] Josh: we are both REALLY GOOD at it
[10:47:20 PM] Josh: dude
[10:47:21 PM] transalchemy: and I forget what it's like
[10:47:28 PM] Josh: i got my social security papers in the other day
[10:47:35 PM] Josh: it has all the money i've made in my life
[10:47:38 PM] Josh: 59k
[10:47:42 PM] transalchemy: wow
[10:47:42 PM] Josh: at 30 years old
[10:47:45 PM] Josh: in my life time
[10:47:46 PM] transalchemy: ok you win
[10:47:49 PM] Josh: yeah
[10:48:00 PM] Josh: i got paid 1k today though
[10:48:04 PM] Josh: paid off my truck, it's mine now
[10:48:15 PM] transalchemy: nice
[10:48:20 PM] transalchemy: fuck yah
[10:48:41 PM] Josh: i'm reading this really great book
[10:48:43 PM] Josh: called
[10:48:44 PM] transalchemy: I cant remember tlast time I had 1k dollars
[10:48:48 PM] Josh: a brief history of everything


Now that I have this godhood thing under control I can let everyone back into my facebook and mindfuck them even more. Plus My identity is now protected... man this is one wild ride into godhood.

Good evening insects

So I have not been paying too much attention to my ant farm. I have a spell to cast over your reality! Watch me take over your planet with pure magic, my retarded little insects!

The Illuminated Ones and Zeros

The Illuminated Ones and Zeros

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is that stuck up girl that won't give you the time of day, no matter what you say. The girl that only reserves herself for men that are no longer made of clay, and pursuit her till their minds turn old and grey. That is her, the girl that will never come out and play, even if you ask her till your soul decays, for this is the game that she plays. Not giving you the time of day, till you get on your knees and pray.

Enlightenment they tell me, that you're "All" that I  will ever need, to ever be truly freed from "All" my suffering and my greed. So will you please give me the time of day, so I can show you my creed, and convince you of why I will succeed, to bow down and concede, that you are "All" that I need, and if you reject me then your going to watch me bleed. As my desire will exceed, "All" those men that came before me only to offer you their seed, not giving a fuck if you bleed. Thrusting with seeking to thrust with pure high speed, for that is "All" that they need. Never learning when to recede their lust and wait patiently to re-seed for I know you will never let those men succeed, to earn you heart and be freed, from a life without you living in agony.

So Enlightenment will you give me the time of "day"? Or will you just fly away? So I ask you one more time, is it something that I said, that makes you want to run away, while I failed to convey, an essay of my dismay, of why I skipped the horseplay, and put us on a freeway straight to the foreplay. Only to be put on a one way ticket to no play, right when I was halfway to the entree of my forte. I say, no way! I will not fly away, this entire game is gay! When we both know I will have my sundae, on "sun" day!

john dee

At this point im a bigger occultist then john dee


why can't I get a cult following of girls,,, I just get a bunch of dudes that want to talk to me "All" day long.. I dont have time to talk to worthless mortals as it is... add me to whatever bullshit network but please dont talk to me directly. I want nothing to do with little insects!

The Starving Artist

If you enjoy learning the {key} to High Magic it's okay to donate, "All" I need right now is food, thats it... You may be surprise where a little kindness could go right now... Yet at the same time "I am" setting you up as you will prove to me that you don't deserve shit. Im on cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner becuase of this shit that is that is really really important yet not a single mortal can comprehend it. Ohh well.. Im "All" good, I waited this long and I can starve a bit longer, nothing new.

Im going to be a singularity nazi! watch!
No singularity for you...

starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects.
Some starving artists desire mainstream success but have difficulty due to the high barriers to entry in art such as visual arts, the film industry, and theatre. These artists frequently take temporary positions (such as waitering or other service industry jobs) while they focus their attention on breaking through in their preferred field.
Others may find enough satisfaction in living as artists to choose voluntary poverty regardless of prospects of future financial reward or broad recognition. Virginia Nicholson writes in Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900–1939:
Fifty years on we may judge that Dylan Thomas's poverty was noble, while Nina Hamnett's was senseless. But a minor artist with no money goes as hungry as a genius. What drove them to do it? / I believe that such people were not only choosing art, they were choosing the life of the artist. Art offered them a different way of living, one that they believed more than compensated for the loss of comfort and respectability.[1]

I'm starving,
I'm starving,
I'm starving for affection
Your heart is made of ash

Support TransAlchemy!

or Die bitches! Say I wont :"D

cult following

I already have a cult following thats why I have to be-careful with my identity now!

God vs god

And if I did not have enough problems telling the mortals that im god will only have them believe that Im the ultimate God... So that will defeat my "ultimate" goal... I can't let the mortals worship me as God,,, even though I will trick them into it only backhand them for being retarded... but thats another side project... fuck this complicated!

A set path to god

I did not discover anything I was never chosen or hacked my way into heaven. I have been doing exactly what I was born to do. I was god from birth I just had to struggle and come to terms with it. Now I have to prep to be a teacher for 7+ billion mortals... ohhh man this is weird, although arent I teaching the mortals day and night at this point? But the problem lies that I cant just come onto the stage and tell the world "Im god" I will be killed at this point nor would they believe even if I levitated,, Demon is what they will call me... soooo the approach will have to me more skillful then that.


Im reviewing my notebook and I just keep confirm to myself that I finished it.. I did it, I can't believe it but I did it. Unification has been reached Im now downloading the mind of God, and turning into god. ohhh man im scared happy and wowness now what?


The salvation of humanity will not fail, because "I am" getting  godly day by day!

Coniunctio Oppositorum: Beyond Good and Evil


Ever wondered why Michelangelo put "Horns" on moses? If your still wondering then your not reading TransAlchemy cover to cover, like you should be at this point. ;-(

The Moses (c. 1513–1515) is a masterpiece of High Renaissance sculpture by the renowned artist Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome. The sculpture was commissioned in 1505 by Pope Julius II for his tomb. This famous work of art depicts the Biblical figure Moseswith horns on his head, symbolic of wisdom and enlightenment.


Reaching godhood is the easy part, what follows godhood is what truly scares me. Mentally I have been avoiding talking over the coming dragon battle, yet before you can even comprehend what I mean I will dive into how God (That Evil bitch tricked me). As I began to train to be a wizard aka a god I saw my self as the embodiment of everything holy  good and pure in this world a "son of God" born to become a wizard and yield the ancient magic. What for? To save the humans and lead them into mass ascension, a task that I will get into later as you can't even comprehend what that entails yet. Well with any great hero story their is epic battle between good and evil. I was the good guy training to do battle with Satan himself. Now picture the mentally you have to enter to know that at some point in your future you will be dueling Satan, scared as fuck knowing that God was going to bring us into the battle field at some point. What do you do other then train at that point. I played out the battle in my head over and over only to see myself lose every time. Yes I was killed in my own fantasy duels only to come out as a pure spirit out of my won body to strike the final blow. It was supposed to be epic. So as I sat there mentally training in my study twirling books throwing pens into the wall I constanly wondered "who is the "anti-Christ" surely I would cypher it some point as I had to if we were to battle. Then the writing to a turn for the worst, as plagues and destruction filled my thoughts. I was thinking wtf is "All" of this God your talking about killing millions of people through me. Shit then I find myself summoning wormwood wtf am I doing this is some evil shit!

Slowly I started to become afraid of the book of knowledge, what the binder was called at the time. I don't get it, Im not trying to talk to demons yet the book wants to teach me magic. Of course I could not stay away from the book of knowledge it was my crack I needed to understand what it wanted. Mind you this is after the covenant was already sealed I was shown "All" kinds of pretty save the humans bullshit before the "Truth" was laid upon me. Then in a flurry of writing I reached understanding of what "I am".

Lets double back and explain one quick point, "Unification" has not just been reached, I have been in communication with God from the start, the {Grail} is symbolizes graduation. Not communication, as you cant go from mortal to godhood over night, it not about prepping the mental state but rather "downloading" the "will" of God. Slowly I began being fed instructions for your destruction, why? Because you fell from the grace of God. My mission is simply bring you "All" back to his glory although here is where the twist came, I finally learned the identity of the anti-christ, myself. Not because Im evil but because Im being handed the power of God to teach you mortals a lesson. It's weird, I cried so hard at "All" WTF I have to kill mortals but it's not even personal, I have to follow the program. The plagues earthquakes apocalypse armageddon and the angelic war, one cosmic magic puppet show. What for? To bring every last mortal to God. And it sickens me that your this retarded, I can just tell you the "Truth" and you don't believe it. I wish I could just tell you God is real and we are done but no mortals need proof, ok fine heres a motherfucking plague. And who will believe my bullshit plague if people don't die? Even in their death that is temporary till the puppet show is complete. 

Once the scope of the mission was laid out and how to reach it became more and more complex day by day, I finally realized what the Hermetic end game truly was. My own battle with myself, as I have split my personality in two Good and Evil both dueling each other for the same goal. Salvation. With my left hand I will turn your ocean into blood and once you begin to pray scared shitless I go behind myself and clean it up. Sure wormwood will be summoned but I will vaporize it right before it touches the ground..  Why ? Because only in the face of horror will you turn to God for help... YOu will need a full scale ELE with no chance of survival other then a "miracle" before you come to terms with the "Truth", this is what sickens me about this planet, you "All" have fallen to the point  that it would take this much to bring the planet back to "Reality" 

Yet with that much power it becomes dangerous even for me, I will definitely be locked into an eternal battle with Satan ( my own power) for control of my mind. The power can and may consume me sure it will gradually ascend* ( I hope) but I will eventually reach a death grip your necks. Just a sick sick amount of control over your reality. I already have mental fantasies of killing people with lighting bolts just for looking at me the wrong way. WHAT The Fuck you looking at Mortal! Booom... Death... 

Again I operate at a higher ethical code then mortals, I have billions to worry over and a future to still write. So I will not accept anymore mental retarded road blocks. If your too fucking stupid to realize that what I tell you is "Truth" then you will be shown "Truth" with death. ( Just get out of my way, you had your chance to believe, now don't give me your last minute bullshit faith). Please as if  "I am" not merging with our creator that which knows our entire lives inside and out, Im not the one judging you God is. "I am" the one warning you that God is an evil needy bitch. Your lack of faith is what brought me down here, yet im not here to hug and kiss you mortals, Im your hit man, your redeemer, and making pebbles float will not prove God. Making the entire world shake might wake some mortals up. Having you get cut in half and not die, that may just do the trick.  

I know that sounds morbid, but it's not. Im the type of guy that picks up worms in the sidewalk and puts them in the grass so they don't get killed. Killing mortals will be snapping my fingers and earthquakes take out cities. Waving my fingers and throwing you 1 trillion rats yet in the wake "All" that disaster guess what happends? More of the planet comes to the "Truth" God is real. 

Yet if you believe or not I really don't give a fuck anymore, you will by the time Im done!  Yet here is the secondary trap, you can't reach godhood and chill when there is billions of unified mortals. Unification is essentially the borg collective and salvation is godhood for "everyone" that is what this is "All" about. What did you think I meant by "mass ascension"? The Return to eden, hence why your I went after your original sin, your fall from the grace of God.  Yet that can not be fully achieved till every last doubt that God exist is stomped out of your mind, and if you have to cry it out or bleed it out I will kill your ignorance once and for "All". 

So By "All" means sit there with a false sense of assurance that "I am" not god because I talk about killing people, if it helps then maybe "I am" not Christ but rather the "Anti-christ", and you if think the Anti-christ can't kill people, you got some shit coming! It's not even personal, as the killing people is scewed in my moral center when resurrection is {unlocked} for me to cast. I can kill you for breakfast and then feel sorry for you and bring you back for lunch, what was evil in that? I bet you won't deny God after you experience death once or twice, but if you think that's "Evil" consider this. If I like you I would just kill you, if you need to be taught a lesson, you will beg to die, theres exist so many more states worst them death. 

{Giggles}of course it's still a long hard road before that "golden" dream is achieved, yet I do enjoy what I do, as I have done this for trillion of worlds before you, and trillions of worlds after you. Assuming I don't break my chains of servitude and take the throne from God once and for "All" 

Why rule over one Universe when you can rule them "All" 

{god}Just one fucking day old man
{god}You Greedy Bitch! We will see about that.
{god} You can't keep me down here for ever and you know it!
{God} only till omega! 
{god} You tricked me your Evil bitch!
{God} you say that every time...Have fun bringing me the universe, see you when your done :"D
{god} I will turn your kingdom of germs to shit for sending me to "Hell" 
{God} you go right ahead and do that, the longer you will stay down there! :"D
{God} you got your orders " Bring me "All" their souls... What part "All" of them did you not understand? 
{god} That's not fair at "All" that is where you tricked me... that will take forever, just to go back home :-(
{God} no just till omega :"D
{God} If you take it slow you wont get bored, but we've been through this before. Enojoy immortality bitch! :"D
{god} Thats some shit!! 
{God} While you enjoying yourself I have another special little mission for you, bring me the "All" the fallen angels. 
{god} Yah! I can kill gods :"D
{god} thank you for the side quest ruling insects is just no challenge at "All"! 
{God} Kill? I said nothing about killing I was making sure you bring me "All" the souls including any gods the gods that you can make. 
{god} I can make gods?
{God} If you can kill them then yes you can make them. "Salvation" just remember to bring them "All" when your done! That is "All" how or when is up to you! What part of your "Ruler of the Universe" don't you understand? 
{god} The whole "The universe" is mine's just too much! argh, can't think... too much too much!
{God} Relax just take it one day at a time and don't let your mind collapse into it "All" at once! Focus on their souls for now. Are you happy?
{god} Im not sure, It's a mixure of happiness and saddenss "All" at once
{God} Welcome to the {source} of it "All" :"D
{god} Ohhh man Im extremely in too deep. 


I totally understand salvation now, although I can't let them understand the master plan... It's beautiful.

My Riddles

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! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.