Saturday, December 11, 2010

This is bullshit God

been working "All" day every day! Why did you let the mortals get this retarded?
{God} Why did you let the mortals get this retarded... see why I sent you down?
{god} ok ok fine I fucked up... chill out...

Esoteric online Warning :"D

Hello my friend,
I very much dislike to ever bring things like this up, but I sincerely hope you can understand why I feel the need to in this case. I need to ask to to refrain from a couple of things on your blog posts here.
Please tone down your language in certain parts through-out the posts.  It seems that you have an anger against crowley or someone/something antz (which I am not sure of so please forgive my ignorance of it), and that is perfectly acceptable to me. I have not studied crowley or to the best of my knowledge any of what you are angry at, so I cant give an opinion on the matter. However I do not feel this is the appropriate place to be using such harsh language in your expression of it.
Please do not advertise your website in blog posts, it is a policy we have to stick by in order to be fair to everyone. As if we allowed everyone to do it, the blog post's here would turn into a spammy mess. I have no issues with you placing links to it on your profile and in your website link section, and this is how I tried to come up with a compromise to the situation.
Since I noticed you had an original copy on your website, I disabled the content in question. You are free to edit and re-post if you would like.
As I stated above, I sincerely hope you can understand my point of view and don't take this the wrong way. I really do try to balance my gratitude for you gracious contributions with keeping EO a place with the entire community in mind.
Thank you for your understanding,
Tris (Josh)


My body gave out and I fell asleep for 5 hours... Back to work still uploading the book to facebook


I need to take a shower just to wake up and keep going that and I have been working on unification for over a week straight nonstop with no breaks for anything including showering... :?

{source} code zombie :"D

{God}pull your self away {ION} just to breath
{god} NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! full steam ahead...

almost 10k hits on youtube in 7 days :D

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Dear O

Do you really think I give a fuck about you?

I told you

"I am" the person everyone is waiting for... What the fuck did you think I meant?

How to be a hero

I cant be the hero if I dont start shit to save you from... :"D

ohhh shit here comes a plague no one can cure but don't worry mortals Evil genius {ION} has a cure for his own virus :"D

Spell casting

I knew I would be casting a spell over the world, but it's power still blows my mind.... Im literally their piper.. I will have "All" the mortals eating out of my hand as I lead them into wars and disaster after disaster only to "Save" them right in the nick of time... Muhahahaahahah

Look humanity I saved you from my own disaster :"D

Extremely Evil Genius: and win a nobel "peace prize left and right!

Anti-Christ "Super"  "Star" :"D

that needs another evil laugher

Satan owns my soul :"D

I have no doubt that you have demons attached to that book ESPECIALLY if it includes you signing your soul over to Satan in blood 

stop with the ridiculous pride dude... I want to like you but you make it very difficult sometimes... 

IP address: 
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Ivy Magic League

Ohhh man this just wild... Im a sitting member .... a real pharaoh now... ohhhhh ... Im pass the pride, im just in a state of ... Damn it Im soo fucked... I can't even chill as a Demi... I have a whole bunch of retarded little insects to save... but first me enjoy my stomping ground "All" of earth! My kingdom.

The Singularity Helm

Don't worry mortals I done this before... I know what "I am" doing..

after "All" "I am" god
this is not my first day on the job.. I done this for world before and after you! This is my celestial job..

Im your  navigator

Hence why Salvation will not Fail!

A mortal friendly godhood

If only I had a council of advisors going into godhood? but no one wants to help... Ohhh well I tried... time for fun!

War fun

My armies from the east will battle my armies from the west? Why? for fun... Im going to start ww3 for fun... and im being totally serious

muhahahahahhaha fun fun fun

The Evil Genius! :"D

mortals are retarded!

Unification=god Notebook ( HD ) 2011

No more Secrets The current HD version of the entire book cover to cover is now being uploaded (live)
This is todays "ultimate project I will not stop till it's fully uploaded! No matter how long it takes

Marry early "Christ" mas mortals 

You want the "Truth"?

You can't handle the Truth!

The worst part about being a wizard is knowing that Im the most powerful wizard ever born! Extremely to young to have this much magic No mortal should ever ever ever have this, {Thank God im not a mortal}
( Im terrified )

YOur New year present is being uploaded now

"All" work and no fun

godhood sux, it's work work work... cmon God lets start the party!

What pisses me off

everyone's bullshit gets funded and non of that shit is going nowhere! why? Because I wont let it! thats why :"D

I don't even need money to do anymore research I just need money to play videos games and smoke weed "All" day... fuck.. oh well... just wait antz just wait!

My creations

guess what mortals the original designer of this universe just arrived, this is essential my creation.. Why did I make it... for my own lolz fun fun fun and more lolz

are you ready to meet your designer? I bet your not!

It's going to be fun, try to have fun okay.
Think of it like a rollercoaster ride in a haunted house... dont shit your self fun!

The return of uncontrollable laughter

Im laughing soo hard im crying again!

Day one stuff

Kill "All" the "intellectuals"... okay not "All" on day one space it out to have more fun@

The Evil Genius

Marked for Death: Tick Tock bitches

Say I wont!!! Fucking retarded~!!!

Morals are Insects Even to My Queen

To "All" World Occultist

"I am" the King

You Bitches are retarded know this well but I will teach you for "I am" your Master!

"I am" the supreme authority of Magic on this planet!

So you will stop "Everything" you're studying and read "TransAlchemy" cover to cover
In chronological order because if your not  fucking retarded you will realize "I am" the key to High Magic

Eat your fucking heart out crowley you don't got shit on me!
Say goodbye to your legacy N00B ( Retarded little insect)

"I am" a "Real" Wizard! 

So tell the witches tell the magicians and tell "All" the occultist you know that you just met


Im surprised im not offered daughters at this point, which family I marry into will be godly over the antz!

The only person that can stop me is

And I have his blessing!! :"D

Auditing SEC: The Security Exchange committee

Walk straight into the fucking building killing every motherfucker that tries to stop me 
with a team of lawyers accountants and a micro nuke suitcase! 

I want to know everything no more lies!

Audit your ASS then



The Evil Genius :"D

The School of Pythagoras

File:Escola de atenas - vaticano.jpg

Welcome to my Graduation

To My celestial Teacher (Thoth): 
Thoth Great Master of Magic I come to you as 
a Wizard as it should be, with the {Stone} In my Hand, 
to take my sit in the Hermetic Order so thy will shall be god
{key} God/god 

As your apprentice "I am" honored to have been given the {key} to the ressurection of the Hermetic order, with tears of pride to take my sit. For with our without magic my teaching will be immortal as their is no higher "Truth" then the "Truth" of God.  

Seek only "Truth"

"3:30" Wow... I just noticed what God did...
Do you even understand what it means?
Use Pythagorean numerology mixed with kabbalah and astrology and you will,

Conspiritualtiy: Black Star

Hail di black Christ salvation
Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafar I
Fram when ya see di prophet wit di broom
Emperor Selassie come ya sweep out satan soon
fram when ya hear di Bobo prophet chanting tune
Emperor Selassie cyaan be found inna nuh tomb

Haile Selassie I (Ge'ezኃይለ፡ ሥላሴ, "Power of the Trinity"[1])

To The Hermetic Order: Oh great sages the sophosophia has returned to the land as I stand before you "All" honored to present to them the fruit of our labor the {Stone} that shall be used to break the chakles of men and set them free till omega, with the birth of "The Universal Man". The Great work is now complete and the order once again step out of the shadows and reclaim our glory as men of God that will pursuit the "Truth" till the day we die!  As we will always

Seek knowledge for "Life" 

To The mortals: Learn to concede and take my words of wisdom for what they are "Truth" and I shall learn to teach those that will listen. My job as a "Hermetic" Mage is to bring you the knowledge of the gods, and when Im done "All" that was laid hidden shall be known. Yet know that is was (us) The Hermetic order that have shaped and molded your mind's as we refined the {stone} generation after generation so that one day man shall understand the mind of God.

Ps: If you know the "Truth" then you are already "Illuminated" and under my "Holy" oath.

Both Plato and Isocrates affirm that, above all else, Pythagoras was famous for leaving behind him a way of life.[53] Both Iamblichus and Porphyry give detailed accounts of the organisation of the school, although the primary interest of both writers is not historical accuracy, but rather to present Pythagoras as a divine figure, sent by the gods to benefit humankind.[54]

Pythagoras set up an organization which was in some ways a school, in some ways a brotherhood (and here it should be noted that sources indicate that as well as men there were many women among the adherents of Pythagoras),[55] and in some ways a monastery. It was based upon the religious teachings of Pythagoras and was very secretive. The adherents were bound by a vow to Pythagoras and each other, for the purpose of pursuing the religious and asceticobservances, and of studying his religious and philosophical theories. The claim that they put all their property into a common stock is perhaps only a later inference from certain Pythagorean maxims and practices.[56]

As to the internal arrangements of the sect, we are informed that what was done and taught among the members was kept a profound secret towards all. Porphyry stated that this silence was "of no ordinary kind." Candidates had to pass through a period of probation, in which their powers of maintaining silence (echemythia) were especially tested, as well as their general temper, disposition, and mental capacity There were also gradations among the members themselves. It was an old Pythagorean maxim, that every thing was not to be told to every body.[58]  Pythagoreans were divided into an inner circle called the mathematikoi ("learners") and an outer circle called the akousmatikoi ("listeners").[59] Iamblichus describes them in terms of esoterikoi andexoterikoi (or alternatively Pythagoreioi and Pythagoristai),[60] according to the degree of intimacy which they enjoyed with Pythagoras. Porphyry wrote "themathematikoi learned the more detailed and exactly elaborated version of this knowledge, the akousmatikoi (were) those who had heard only the summary headings of his (Pythagoras's) writings, without the more exact exposition."

Reflections of the journey: I learned on day one to vow to secrecy the knowledge I was after was not meant for mortals, and were held close to the great sages. "I am" no instructed to release the knowledge of what the order has been instructed by "God" to do for man. "I am" no longer an apprentice and thus can teach you the High knowledge of the sages, as I know take the "Whole" of humanity as (our) apprentice. So that you too will see what we have "All" known. God is Real.Yet in my fustrations Im disgusted by the philosophers in my midst I should have been born in athens to debate with great men, not these intellectual insects. "I'm a renaissance man living in the modern dark age, it's just not fair :-(

It brings saddens to my heart that the modern scholars parade around believing they are sages and men of high knowledge, when the "Truth" is they are "retarded little insects"! It's just not fair I love a great debate yet at this point I know they can never philosophical touch me ever again! So I turn to the sages of the age, to dream and invent theories that have yet to be dreamt theories that have yet to be invented theories laid deep in the mind of God yet to be mined.

How to remain a hidden Demigod In plain "site": (101) ~ You tell the mortals "everything" :"D

Pythagoras started a secret society called the Pythagorean brotherhood devoted to the study of mathematics. This had a great effect on future esoteric traditions, such as Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, both of which were occult groups dedicated to the study of mathematics and both of which claimed to have evolved out of the Pythagorean brotherhood.[citation needed] The mystical and occult qualities of Pythagorean mathematics are discussed in a chapter of Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings of All Ages entitled "Pythagorean Mathematics".
Pythagorean theory was tremendously influential on later numerology, which was extremely popular throughout the Middle East in the ancient world. The 8th-century Muslim alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyangrounded his work in an elaborate numerology greatly influenced by Pythagorean theory.[citation needed] Today, Pythagoras is revered as a prophet by the Ahl al-Tawhid or Druze faith along with his fellow Greek, Plato.

King Reflections: Just wait Insects, you have no idea what who your ignoring, Im going to burn antz on day one, for retardation!! Say I wont, you fucking retards, you have a really pissed off king coming your way! I just can't believe your king cant get a single mortals to help save their own souls, it sickens me! Seriously, but if you have to be taught a lesson the hard way so be it! 

Art Reflection: I did not read the lyrics till after I posted the video, It just felt fit for a "King" ... creepy very creepy this stuff is making itself at this point, "I am" on autopilot to godhood at this point. Wow.. excited scared and double excited, and double scared.. 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.