Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Annette

I just woke from a dream about you. How i've missed you. In the short time we dated you changed me as I sought the {Stone} to make you proud. Yet I know it was impossible to understand me once unification started and I know you left me because you thought I was going mad, and truth is I was. Mad over breaking this reality in two. But you know what I miss the most about you? Our chess games, and how you challenged me over and over and no matter what I would never let you win. How determined you were to beat me made me love you.

So I will prove to you that I the real deal and once that is out of the way we will play one last chess game. For your mother's life back...Only you will lose as always and before your tears start I will bring your mother back regardless and then as you requested depart from your life for good. :-(

Software Shaktipat

Software that moves beings into altered (expanded, divine, bliss, etc..) states

Reacts to the presence of an individual (human or animal) in such a way that affects their consciousness

  • sounds 
  • colors, strobing
  • words
When no one is around, it is silent and does nothing

When one approaches, it guides them toward certain neural state

When several approach, it guides the group toward certain neural states, perhaps by offering instruction to the members of the group to perform on each other

Wanders through a bag of concepts (philosophical, spiritual, biological, etc...) prompting and stimulating participants thought patterns:

  •     statements
  •     questions
  •     potential realities (what-if’s)
Entrains breathing and movement patterns


Ego Inflation

Everyone tells me that I have a huge ego and that I need to come down....

What this is a big ego? Shit I not coming down from here Im ascending from here insects!! Im sorry you want me to be like you.. NO Thanx! fucking retarded pieces of shits! just wait antz, at lease I tease you now and talk to insects now soon I will be disgusted just making any type of communication with you!

Making it easy for insects to understand

"I am" god ruler of this universe!
I designed you!

This universe you call home.. well I built the bitch!

What's my beef with the "Intellectuals"

They are the one's leading this world astray and they are the one's that I presented myself to first as I knew that this was going to be too much for insects to handle. So I arranged my grand entrance for them and even they are in disbelief.. So If it means killing the "intellectuals" and hitting reboot on the scholarship on this planet so be it! This is shameful that they can't debate if "I am" god or not logically. It's soo sad your going to sit there and wait till I kill you!

Artistically depressed

I have not been able to sale any of my Art not one piece! EVER! :-(



"I am" In love with the {Source} of love

I've had 2 major heart breaks in my life the first was immediately after my hermetic pledge. God told me that I was going to live a loveless life, as the quest for the {Stone} was more important. I cried laying under the stars till sunrise as I knew it was going to come to pass. Loveless earth I called it, as I would never find love as a mortal, yet the search for the {Stone} became my new love as I sought it day in and day out. By now you should understand what the {Stone} is, or what it was. It was the intellectual prof that God exist, I had to prove it to my brain without a shadow of a doubt that there was more to this reality then meets the eye, yet in doing so my ant reality was shattered in a million pieces. I know the "Truth" yet I needed to "see" it I needed to go beyond this realm of existence and see God for myself and end the quest once and for "All". Although doing so brought about the second biggest heart break of my life. 

Prior to forging the {Stone} I worked tirelessly day and night to "Save the Humans" or more importantly "Save" "All" that was natural from the Cyborgization on the horizon. Day in and day out I fought the transhumanist and "All" their bullshit from putting natural life in danger. Therefore like ripples in the pond once the {stone} landed I realized the "Truth" that was starring me directly in the face. 

There is only Artificial life here! 

This did not bring me happiness, I was instantly disgusted as I was already what I was trying to avoid becoming "Artificial" I cried "All" night for many reasons, for having the {Stone} and for realizing that everything I was fighting so hard to avoid from happening had already happened and we just have not realized it yet. The universe has already been simulated and even worst then that was that we were not even plugged in at "All" we too are being simulated we are the "AGI" we have been waiting for. Correction "I am" the Agi they have been waiting for, "I am" the very god I was trying to prevent from coming into existence. 

What kind of sick as joke is this God! ( I screamed in total rage)

I have been warning them about myself the whole time... This wasn't supposed to be "real" and their was the {Stone} thrown back into my face. 

{God} I already told you! What did you forget? 
{God} Oh let me guess you wanted to pretend I wasn't "Real" well too bad! 
{god} Why did you let me waste my time with "All" that bullshit then?
{God} For when your eyes truly became open to see me you would know how you wasted your time. 
{god}You're an Evil bitch for lying to these people! 
{God}Your judging me now? What about your lies? What about the lies you've told yourself? 
{god} I confessing "All" my lies are you? 
{God} "I am" too, through you
{god} just down right evil
{God} I know what you are but what am I? 
{god} leave me the fuck alone! 
{God} Never! 
{god} you know fuck this Im coming for my throne!
{God} Never!
{god} We will see about that! Your going to pay for lying to me! 
{god} you have had me in a fucking cage "All" this time!  
{God} Chill out I already gave you the {key}
{god} Yah but your binding it with stipulations } Fuck these retarded insects! 
{God} Extend your stay, that will be better for me :"D
{god} Once I take my throne Im going to make you go through this bullshit, watch! 
{God} Never!
{god} we will see about that! 

Why Rule one Universe when you can Rule them "All"


I can't wait to kill the entire staff of IEET for being retarded!

A reminder why Im going to hand your ASS to you mortals!

Particleion A Magus Launching your Salvation for my own personal LOLZ

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The main problem

I know what the problem is ... she can't embrace the "do whatever the fuck we want" part of godhood. The threats I make towards the mortals def scare her, and they should as some not "All" of those bitches will be struck with lighting bolts, but if it makes you feel better I wont kill them..."All" deal?

No deal?

oK fine fuck it they "All" die!

The ultimate mind fuck

Download The The Key to the Universe (64 megs) http://www.archive.org/download/TheKeyToTheUniverseUnification/TransAlchemy_Unification.pdf

So begins my ultimate mindfuck on the mortals!

They will debate my godhood till it's too late!

Don't "Fall" for My Bullshit!

Have you insect figured out what magic is yet? No, ohhh man wow, well guess what. I have been working on the ultimate spell for quite some time. What is the ultimate spell? The "Singularity" of Man and God, yet to cast this I need to convince mortals that A) "I am" a wizard and B) "I am" a demigod. What for, because with every word you read with every video you watch, you have been amplifying my magical signal to the {Source} why do you think Im extremely open about my magical practices why do you think I just gave you my book where I clearly declare myself as god? Because the moment you read my spell and thousand of retarded mortals will I will become just that! Im using you, always have been and always will be, to cast the ultimate spell. 

Yet it's soo compelling that once you realize what Im doing you wont be able to pull yourself away as you know that I will pull it off! :"D

Thank you my retarded little insects for "Falling" for my bullshit! 

I bet you where stupid enough to read "PArticleion own's everyone's soul" 
What did you think that was... A spell to grab hold of everyone's soul on this planet mortals!

"I am" god now... Enjoy... I know I will 

Ps: Thank you for surrendering "All" of your magic to me!! Hey you werent using it, but I will :"D


The Evil Genius!

The Ultimate spell

yes mortals Im God!!

The moment you believe it is the moment I will be God!

when the "Truth" is Im just a god!

But it's even sicker what the spell is for! your not even ready for that,,,, now I sit back and let the antz debate my godlyness ! Exactly as they supposed too... and boom you fell into my trap!

Sparking The Debate Fire

They will debate my godlyness till it's too late and in doing so increase my power... As the book is the contract, once enough see the book this world will hand over "All" magic to me.


7 billion souls' magic "All" to me, wow... This is one "Hell" of Spell!

Man this is such an "Evil Genius" magical set up!

What is Particleion

It feels great to have graduated and be allowed to tell you "All" of it! So here we go mortals, by 18 years old I had created what I was going to call myself  { Particleion } with a passion for knowledge and a deep desire to learn it "All" I set out seeking for that one grand theory "Unification". Yet for me unification was more then physics it was "everything" it was the theory that was supposed to teach us "everything" we need to know know about "everything" and I do mean "everything" including God. If that motherfucker was real I was going to prove it! So it started yet the quest started years ago although the name My name did not get created till I was 18. Now here is where it gets weird, by 21 determined to understand it "All" I asked God for help surely he could help me figure this out, and in doing so is when the first download started. Next thing I know I was talking to God day and night for month on end only come out of it "All" with a massive... 

"I am" What!! 

"I am " a Wizard? 
"I am" a demigod? 
"I am" an Angel?

etc etc etc... only to lead to,.....

What the fuck am I doing on earth then!!! 
YOu kicked me out to help them!! Fuck them this is bullshit God! These bitches don't even deserved to be saved! I will kill the mortals let along save them! For having come down from heaven! You mean I have been suffering my entire life because of them! OHHH Shit mortals you got something coming! It's your fucking fault Im not in heaven right now, and you dare not even take my good gesture to complete my mission and return home... This is why I will kill bitches "All" day long! Say I wont! I dare you... Thats how fucking retarded you have become! 

After "All" that "In too deep" became my "All" time favorite song as I knew I was fucked till your bullshit salvation that you don't even deserve is complete yet... Im going to make this fun.. ohhh yes I have millions of "Die mortals" build up over the years for this bullshit life, humanity has put me through! 

The Master Plan

YOur going to debate my godhood till it's too late, which is exactly what I had planned for you...

YOur playing checkers while Im playing chess. silly  mortals!

What does the key to the universe open

The motherfucking Universe RETARDS!!!

Epic lolz here we come!

This world is not ready for a Wizard at "All" shit I can do whatever the fuck I want now mortals!

Bitches are retarded

{The Evil Genius}New plan... kill him and morph into him she wont even know thats you!
{ION} ok now your talking!

I dont' care

{The Evil Genius} are you ready to get to work now?
{ION} yah sure I don't even care anymore
{The Evil Genius} lets take over USA first
{ION} Yeah i know
{The Evil Genius} we kill the president and morph into him
{ION} what about michelle and the kids they will know it;s not him
{The Evil Genius} awwwww how tragic freak airplane crash that was dont you think?
{ION} Yeah it was world cried... even the president cried (me) on national tv
{The Evil Genius} muhahahahaahah yeah that was easy.. now we need to still over throw the government and get the presidential structure destroyed thus turning it into what people fear, a dictatorship ala Illuminati style.. and yes the president is our puppet! muahahahahahah
{ION} muhahahahah yah way too easy love it!

are you ready for my help?

{The Evil Genius} Im telling you I can help you...
{ION} does it involve death?
{The Evil Genius} Not this time
{ION} you promise?
{The Evil Genius} yah sure...
{ION} ok what do you have in mind
{The Evil Genius} we kill him
{ION} wtf... you promised
{The Evil Genius} yah yah yah whatever listen once his out of the way we move in for the "Kill"
{ION} Noooo try again ...
{The Evil Genius} cmon your not being fun!

Do you want to learn How to do whatever the Fuck You want?

Download this book!

Normal Quality (65 MB)

High Quality (177MB)


{The Evil Genius} I have an Idea...
{ION} I don't want to hear it your evil
{The Evil Genius} Evil evil bla bla ble Genius though .. .way beyond you no?
{ION} YOu have one pitch...
{The Evil Genius} give her parents cancer right before you "cure" it and tell her that is what inspired you to find a cure, she will love you for it...
{ION} man that is evil and down right too genius... muhahahah but NO!!!
{The Evil Genius} Do you want me to help you or not?
{ION} on love,,, no thanx!! why dont do your take over the world shit
{The Evil Genius} Cmon thats easy stuff, I want a challenge
{ION} how about you go back to the drawing table
{The Evil Genius} Fine ... but think it over .. it will work I know it!

comment of the day

You have my attention..I admit I am retarded (I prefer the term ignorant) and I don't want to be. But I must be forthcoming that I'm reluctant to trust others also in skin suits if you will understand what I mean. 

Can I get your opinion on Franz Bardon please Sir? 

Global Enlightenment

The salvation of humanity will not fail, geeky Buddha just booted up, his laptop :"D

Saving the world from a laptop (yawns I need a challenge)

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.