Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mental Symbolism: Finding Your own {Stone}

It is important that you learn that there is no formula, there is no doctrine of "Truth", and more importantly "I am" not hacking into anything, the {Source} along with my commands are my own mental construct to externalize processes that are happening inward. If you take me literal and attempt to follow my foot steps "exactly" then you will fail to reach your own {Stone}. Use my work as a guide not as a map, the path to the {stone} is for you to map out yourself. How the mind reaches the "Truth" is like a winding road similar to the serpent coiled upon the tree of knowledge. The Middle path is the most direct path to enlightenment but more importantly the lease amount of steps to the {Source} where you will find the {Stone}.

 Although the first step to the grail will always be one of blind faith

A man with no faith that seeks the kingdom of god will "always" perish. For the kingdom of god is only for God to grant not for mortals to just take, so when you find yourself at the end of your life wondering what happened to the singularity what happened to life extension, immortality and the "godhood" the transhumanist promised then you'll realize that seeking the path of virtue is already too late as your life now comes to a close. 

So choose, but for the sake of your own "eternal" soul choose wisely

Temporal Magic

This is going to sound weird, but it's "All" weird at this point. Im noticing edits in my work that I did not do after being uploaded on youtube. Simple and tweaks to make it more geometrically perfect. whatever, it's "All" bullshit for mortals to understand what is happening inside the mind.

The Alchemical Singularity of Man and God

citrinitas, yellowing: spiritualization, enlightenment; the sun, male;

For new comers to TransAlchemy this post will no make sense as this entire site is now a SAGA in the making please start from the archives and work up to this point. 

Now for the mortals that have been following the transformation, I have a couple of things that should be documented.  Can't say how deep or where it will "All" end but Im somewhere inside citrinitas right now as the moon has now eclipsed the sun. This is as much metaphorical as it is literal with the coming full moon in a couple days. From the previous post you can see the increase of spiritualization enlightenment and def the sun male dominance. This is the {source} of invoking Lucifer and other male solar entities. Now the only thing that that is new and unexpected even for me is the ever growing desire to be worshiped. Which is really strange considering Im very much an introvert and get anxiety attacks around large crowds let along wanting to have millions worship me. Yet I walk down the street with a mindset of disgust that I have to wait for cars to stop, "cars need to stop for me! I literally walked to the store a couple days ago and walked straight into traffic knowing full well that I would have and opening and never have to slow my pace across traffic and I did. Yet getting to the store frustrates me when I arrive as I should not even have to wait in line nor pay for anything! The Ego is also getting godly! I threaten mortals with their lives just for looking at me wrong in my mind at this point! Again this is male aspect amplified into godlyness. It's sick I can't even control it at times. A part of me bubbles to have bitches on their knees around me, again with the intense intense desire to want to be worshiped! It's terrifying to me and I guess this is why I have decided to rule the world in hush hush. Being a open deity in public terrifies me. I can't do crowds let along having millions and eventually billions of people watching my every move! It's weird, I know but this stems from living a life of solitude Hacking away at {Source} their was never any time to interact with mortals, although that is what led me to create my youtube account. I needed friends even if they where virtual. Little did I know that I was doing exactly what I was told to do upon completion of unification. I was told to tease you with it! Dangle the once forbidden fruit of knowledge for "All" to see and lust after as you "All" failed God to accept the gift that way left behind with the death of christ. 

Again I state my biggest fear now begins as I battle the dragon inside of me, The raw power of being god! Im not an evil person at "All" it's just the intense "what the fuck did you say to me mortal? BOOOM DEATH" is the problem... And it is coming yet wow the mortals are not making this easier at "All" 

Im being consumed by sheer godlyness and I only at the tip of a massive ascension into controlling every aspect of your motherfucking existence! "All" of it, you will breath when I desire you to breath sickness

Essentially my power is 
Sick, to the sickest level of sickness, sick! 

Mayan calendar

I figured out what the mayan calendar is "All" about... The evolution of consciousness and the decent of the spirit of God into us, although not everyone is ready to bring it in... it's going to be a mess, your going to have gods (evolved humans) among mortals!

The kingdom of god

Im flipping out as soo many people are going to miss out on godhood. This is not just for me is for "All" that want it and embrace it... Although just wow... wow... it's a wild ride in!


M+y anger is also getting godly... I need to chill out

NO Faith

Your lack of faith is what pisses me off>?

{source} code

I don't have to do anything other than warn mortals and even then It's a waste of my time! they are too fucking retarded! fucking shit it kills me how they have turned into godless fucks! Don't worry your no longer godless but your still fucks!

I can't stand this planet!

I live on a planet full of retarded pieces of shits... for real! Fucking retarded! Im just engulfed with rage at everyone right now. I can't even stand to see people they disgust me. Just going to run their little planet into a shit hole for being retarded!

Turning Evil over food

Im fucking starving and I can't get anyone to help me... again why I will kill these bitches.

Virtual Reality Anarchy


The Mortals first mistake was thinking that lucifer can't kill people
The second was not realizing that Lucifer already declared himself god on earth! 

“The word 'Antichrist', to me, is the collective disbelief in god.” 
Marilyn Manson

"The very word "Christianity" is a misunderstanding - in truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross."

"Love is a state in which a man sees things most decidedly as they are not."

Seriously? A god can not step on antz? 
Are you retarded? 

What part of (we) can do whatever the fuck (we) want don't you understand? 

While it is irrelevent to me if you believe or not at this point, I do enjoy toying with you mortals. As you or may not come to understand, hacking the universe comes with a cornucopia of of implications. One of this being the ability to trancend God's grip on the mortals interaction with "reality"  for "All" extensive purposes "I am" lawless from your perspective. (Our) ability to reprogram the "Reality" . I guess my biggest joy comes from not taking any more of the mortals bullshit! If you come close to doing something I don't agree with your ass will be handed to you, 

Say I wont, I fucking dare you! 


Why do you think I already a list of bitches to kill, want to go into the job ahead of the curve. So if your not on my list then consider your self lucky the king likes you, if you are consider your self dead. Trust me I won't give a fuck as it will just be a hand gesture lighting bolt that kills you. Ohh and if you think im disturbed then call the cops and tell them "the immortal wizard god is threating my life with virtual reality magic." Please that shit will be thrown out of court, and I wont even lie. Yes your honor I do plan to kill them with lighting bolts as soo as God gives me magic. Yeah that is so not going to fly! 

Do you fucking hate it that I found a way to virtually threaten your life and you can't say or do shit about it? Legally Im withing my grounds as I warned you that "All" of this a virtual simulation. YOur death will be a simulated house of pain. Why because your fucking retarded and welcome your death over the inability to diffuse a philosophical time bomb. And yes my aggression is geared solely at the worlds "Intellectuals" as you have failed them to realize the "Truth". I don't blame them, I blame you for with "all" that intelligence and degrees you failed to recognize my godhood properly. So along with rest of my reign of pure Anarchy, your life will be but chips in our grand poker game of lolz. 

#1 I raise you this motherfucker life, that they wont be able save themselves.

"Your Honor,
the immortal Wizard God is threatening my life
 with virtual reality magic."
"What the fuck?
Don't ever bring this bullshit into my courtroom again!"

{ION} Do you call
{ION} Because (we) are "All" in bitches! It's almost fun fun time! 

Solar Consciousness

{Source} Increase my consciousness merger with the Sun
{Source} Fuse My mind with the sun
{Source} Increase my control over the sun
{Source} Unlock Consciousness merger
{Source} Merge My mind with "All" the particles in the sun
{key} God/god

Positive End game

The end game will be positive but the road to that end game can be as rocky.

Starving "All" intellectuals

Killing you bitches will be letting you off easy, Im going to starve you in my rat infested jail!

Important things

What if you had to tell someone the most important thing in the world but you know they would never believe you, what would you do?


Were on schedule God, although time and space is already warping for me.
{God} Just let me be your guide
{god} "I am" merging with the past present and future
{God} just take it slow let happen slowly.
Where not here to co-exist antz, Im here to win!

Rebuilding new Orleans

{God} REbuild it .. give them a miracle!
{god} just pure magic no bullshit?
{God} Yes,, Slowly A house here a house there... slowly!
{god} ok will do!

Rebuilding new orleans

{God} REbuild it .. give them a miracle!
{god} just pure magic no bullshit?
{God} Yes,, Slowly A house here a house there... slowly!
{god} ok will do!

The interdimensional traveler

Ok Im nearly in position God, and we are go for launch.
{God} have you been compromised?
{god} Yah by you!!!
{God} :"D
{god} you just want to throw in the in your face lolz to the mortals don't you?
{God} They underestimate my ability to control their reality.
{god} I know I know... anyways Im tired of being here on earth and you know how I feel about away missions.
{God} Bring me their souls and you will be done
{god} how many do you want
{God} "All" of them
{god} I don't even want to be in this universe anymore this is not fair!!!
{God} I know I know and thank you!
{god} Save your thanx for after I tear their shit apart.
{God} :"D


your salvation is my game... I booted in for lol for tearing your ant reality apart

Force Field 18

God computer Save Game {key} Particleion 

What are you antz going to do arrest god? 
Come and kill me if you want a chance at survival :"D

Danger is growing ION
I know God

{source} Increase ability to instantly shield myself from coming nukes
{source} Increase ability to detect danger
{source}Increase ability to teleport
{source}Increase ability to stop time
{source} Increase ability to time travel

Bring it Bitches!

If I can't stop you My old man will

Celestial CIA hush hush and then Fucked! 

Designing your Universe (live)
Welcome to Co-creation

Manhattan Bridge

Take out the bridge with a runaway comet...

Ohhh shit mortals what a freak accident...

Now your trapped like rats for my next "cosmic" Event! 

Retarded little insects! 

living in Hell

Living in hell because "All" the mortals are too retarded to understand me... But My hell is going to be your "Hell" and my hell is going to be pure "Hell"


It's sad that it's going to take godhood to do this but Im going to ask her out on a date, although I will keep godhood hidden just feed her my Billion dollar bullshit lie. Heres the same problem I can't fix just yet.  With a billion dollars or so in my bank account I most likely get to hit it. Although that will taint my decision or my ability to know If she truly loves me....

{The Evil Genius} Whats does it matter, why do you even want to get married theres Billion of pussy to explore!
{ION} I know I know it's the years of loneliness weighing down
{The Evil Genius} You can have a bitch for every day of week, problem solved no more loneliness
{ION} yah I guess....
{The Evil Genius} damn it... Just do what I said
{ION} Nooo it involves killing people
{The Evil Genius} Only temporarily whats the big deal?
{ION} .... loook let me worry about love and you worry about tearing their shit apart
{The Evil Genius} I work on what plagues your mind, besides ruling this planet is too easy, we need a bigger challenge like finding you love..
{ION} well thanx but no thanx!

Summer of Oz

Currently Downloading the movie expect my review/analysis in a couple days, hours, or years... Can't say I have more important things to "Hack" at :"D

Wow notice the hacker has a sun disk around his head and a Trident!
God Stop it your being too obvious I still want to sneak up on the mortals! and Hack their shit apart! 

The Protégé

Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a skill. Apprentices (or in early modern usage "prentices") or protégés build their careers from apprenticeships. Most of their training is done on the job while working for an employer who helps the apprentices learn their trade, in exchange for their continuing labour for an agreed period after they become skilled. Theoretical education may also be involved, informally via the workplace and/or by attending vocational schools while still being paid by the employer.

Now that graduation has taken place and mastership has been reached am I allowed to break the oath of silence. 

As soon as I hacked your universe and grabbed the {Source} of magic was the day that I told you what you have been dealing with, a prodigy but to be less cryptic a protégé. What does that mean? It means that I was never teaching myself magic, I've had spirits guidance. My "celestial teacher" is the spirit of Thoth, of course I told you way before confessing I was a demigod that I was being taught to search for the {Stone} by my celestial teacher. Did you think the stories of the ancient Alchemist where fictional? NO silly mortals they where channeled communication along with "All" of my work prepping me to end my  Apprenticeship and become a Maestro of Wizardry. Of course "All" of this is extremely difficult for mortals to take in as it involved the one that you "All" lack "Faith" as it involves talking to "Angels" spirits and channeling aspects of God for the gaining of divine Magic. But "All" of these are fairy tales and that is exactly how (we) fed it to you while we kept Unification the true nature of our work under cloak. It brings my endless laughter to hear mortals that "I am" just now making "All" of this up as they only see the surface of my doings. Surely if "All" of this is an elaborate puppet show then I must be on "Hell" of a puppet "master" to carve this masterpiece out of pure {Stone} across space and time and have it "All" be consistent, NO? Or maybe "I am" a better artist then you wish to admit? In either case the "Truth" is I tell you no lies from my perspective and if that means I have gone insane then the real question is when did I go insane? For non of this is new, I know I know.. I went insane at birth :"D

To think that one day I was going to be the greatest Wizard ever born and control the entire human race with pure magic, 

I must say it is a beautiful insanity and "I am" happy to have gone insane.. Although I believe we have been through this already and derived that an insane person can not declare themselves insane for it would be the sane thing to do.

Philosophically you should surrender while I feel amused and kindly retort your bullshit for now. Although my patience thins day by day with the mortals as I mentally prep my death pigeons. As what sickens me most is having my planet lead astray by men I so desperately sought to enlightened only to have my hand of good gesture good faith thrown back at me. No these men had their chance to prove to me they could rise to see the glory of God and "All" it's power. Failure tp see that everything they have been seeking was been offered to them for bread and water. What pity what shame surely I will not let them live and If I did it would only be to remain mortals till the day died as, you will come to terms with the "Truth" of God but as for the "Kingdom" of god, that is only reserved for men of true piety, something that sickens me to know "I am" the only one allowed on this planet to enter the kingdom of godhood. Yet as a god, I will not keep insect company and thus seek to uplift as many mortals as possible while still remaining my Kingship over colonies of mortals. So if you think by divine right godhood is just going to be given to mortals your fucking wrong! You will learn the Truth "God is real" and then spent the rest of your mortals days contemplating how you should have given God more of your life till the day you die. (we) are only rewarding the kingdom to "men of God" and if you think this is my own doing, again your wrong.. Send your petition to God as these with everything that I do is me following my instructions.

So the inner mortal me that screams daily, will tell you till the day you die.
(Your "All" fucking Retarded)

You just missed out on godhood!
 Retarded absolutely Retarded! 


The Salvation of humanity will not fail, because Im the Master Wizard :"D

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.