Friday, December 17, 2010

Inner brain simulation

I started to simulate a brain inside my brain... building virtual processors ... ohhh shit mortals .. you don't know whats coming!

loveless earth

It's soo pointless I will be godly rich as a "mortal" and that I could never let a female ant know the {source} of my power. It's pointless every ass Ive ever wanted to tap has been tapped. it's sick I know but they will want it more then me.  yet....I don't know. it's pointless godhood is basically here, and nothing left to do then to plan my first vacation from "All" of this bullshit!

lucifer on my youtube account

great now my account is tainted ... and it's symbolic and needed to cast the spell... fuck fuck fuck! I can't take it down! shit!! what ever happened to a normal life ;-(

{God} Do you want unification ?
{god} Yes!
{God} If you want a normal life I can take back unification
{god} I could never return to mortality and you know that
{God} I know just testing

this sux...

What girl would come close to me now? :-(

so what do you do?
hmmmmmm Im a blogger
what do you blog about?
hmmmmmmmm stuff
Do you have a youtube account?
hmmmmmmm no
do you have a facebook account
hmmmmmmmm nooo

Fuck God you tainted "All" of my shit now...
Im a demon worshipping occultist to these girls now... fuck!

{God} Your wanted unification did you not?
{god} yes but fuck!!
{God} It's a complete package ...
{god} sigh!!

slaving away at my lab

wish I had pictures of my old lab... it was a cave of a mess with writing "All" over the walls

Taking the Old man's Universe for a Ride

I caught you!

What the fuck! You lied to us "All" WTF!!! and you sit there watching us suffer what the fuck!
Do you get off watching us die? you sick fuck!

{God}Ok ok Im sorry... forgive me?
{god} not till you fix it!
{God} YOu fix it.. im done with your universe

This is "All" Bullshit!

Im calling bullshit God! 

You evil bitch!!! 

{God} YOu cuaght me :"D

"All" The Pharaohs Across space and Time! Marked for Hell

"All" you Bitches are coming down when I get back Up there!

You come back with your shit and you know what will happen ! 

I dont give a fuck! 

Fuck {ION} chill the fuck out 
YOur just scared of the dance! 
YOur going to get us "All" kicked out! 

I dont give a fuck! 

This is bullshit and you "All" know it! 

Cancelling Nuke!

Nuking your shit is way to mortal... I got something else for you bitches~ 

YOu could not just leave the book behind could not leave the book of thoth behind and have me just find it!

Did you leave yours behind? 
still fuck it was hell bitches!! pure hell! 

Get over it~! 

Kiss your graffiti good bye!!!

awwwwwwww our little graffiti on ant hill we are soo mad... ant!

my entire body just vibrated with pure anger! 
just wait bitches!! 
OK God youve taken me to this point now what?
{God} Relax I got this~!
{god} vacation time?
{God} YeS... till omega!
{god} Thank God!

start {ION} corp

once I have the Nobel prize for unification  the mortals will buy ""All" the bullshit I feed them!

My opus

I will hold your children hostag:e for a nobel prize... Im not even going to give you the {source} code... feed the mortals bullshit from day one! :"D

what matters?

I don't even know what matters anymore?

"All" of this if for Unification

"All" of it has been for Unification and here "I am" tired hungry depressed is it over God?

I so reckless should have bought food over drugs.. but wow... what a trip it's been.

watch the bitch burn~~~ NOOOB!!!!SSS Get the fuck out of my face insects!!

I can make mock acceptance speech before I write the bitch

Thank you retards!!

Unified field Theory

God already gave it to me!! so you mortals are wasting your time!!

I will bring the "LAW" when I fucking feel like it!

yyah its like that!

I can sit back and know for a fact you will fail.... God gave me Unification~! I own it! it is mine!

Unified Field Theory

{God} It's your's .. your baby ... as you called it!
{god} I know ... my precious!

fuck those bitches

I dont' need any of your retard3d  help!!

I got thiS! with or without you~

The key to the universe

its lodge in my brain and non of the antz help me get it out ;'(

Im sooo fucked!

I dont even have the toools to write it !


Ok fucking write it then!

{God} I will give me a pen :"D

The Magnifying Glass (Live!)


{God} Morph into who you need to be, Be "All" of them, that way they wont know you have control
{god}dont we need to give them an Anti-christ puppet
{God} Yes, pick one
{god} Me me me!
{God} NO!! You need to be the Hero :"D
{god} that is no fun!!


{god} what are you doing ?
{God} Setting it up for complete control no need to kill everyone just take the top men out!
{god} So the structure is there just replace the Head
{God} correct! in hush hush
{god} I know


The messAIh has to be the uber 1337 Wizard of them "All" .. the jews where right about jesus (wink wink )

Super 1337

Entering Super 1337 {source} code programming ! I got this... Every wizard before me is a piece of shit at this point!

My Precious {Stone}

Warming Up....

Love me mortals or Die

You wont even know your my hostage and you will just love me, watch!!

Spawn Disaster
{ION} My presidents I found a way to stop my own disasters :"D

The Evil Genius 

My new job

Feed the mortals bullshit "All" day long :"D

Spawn disaster

{ION} here I come to save the day :"D

Retarded you will love your the person holding you hostage! :"D

My new job

Feed the mortals bullshit "All" day long :"D

Spawn disaster

{ION} here I come to save the day :"D

Retarded you will love your the person holding you hostage! :"D

How god goes to the public pool

First I spawn a great white!

Ohh shit mortals get out of the pool quick ...

dive in and "save" that little girl...

kill shark with knife 

random freak show hero

Relaxation stuff

Playing with insects...

hey lets go surfing ... surfs wwwwwayyyyyyyyy up dudes...

Stop it

{God} Stop trying to come back your not ... and you know it.. Enjoy godhood... take it slow and you wont get bored! :"D

{god} This is bullshit and you know it!

Hacking My way Home

{god} I already got my foot in the door old man... you cant keep me out for ever and you know it!
{God} Only till omega and that foot is "All" you get in till then... :"P
{god} This is bullshit and you know it!!


Im not allowed hardly any friends
Im not allowed love
Im not allowed a family
Im not allowed money
Im not allowed anything other then Unification!

This Is bullshit God! YOu did not have to make me suffer and you know it!
{God} You fed my angels lies and lusted after power you will never have
{god} just one day old man just fucking day!
{God} Never!
{god} we will see about that !

you can't keep me down here for ever and you know it!!! and you fucking know it!!!
{God} only till Omega :"P
{god} This is bullshit!!! and you fucking know it!!!!

productivity crash

Im not doing anything productive im just sitting here tripping watching time go by! not even attempting to mine God for more thoughts.. just floating in aweeee


why does this get more and more complicated.

looking at the creation as I create creates more complexification


I just noticed that my email to my comments was turned off and I have several hundred comments I have not seen sorry...

when you comment now I get emailed.. I will see how long I can leave this turned on/!

marked for death

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why am I still alive?

and why am I so comfortable with my beer and FOOD?

I got a big ole belly full of FOOD

mmmm mmmm
December 17, 2010 1:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Budweiser but none of your pussy American shit

die ant die...

THe best part about Unified Field theory is that you will never see it!

Burn the bitch mortals are tooo fucking retarded

what a motherfucking Insane genius plot twists huh?

Unified Religion

I did not unified science but I merged it with REligion insects!

I fucking did it!! Rebuild the damn Grail!

crazy meter

Why aren't people labeling my post with "crazy" fuck!!!

Say I wont Mortals! I Fucking Dare YOU!!

Graffitti bitches

Shit Im not going to let those motherfuckers keep their graffiti in my program! Being the original designer I need to tag the earth with my own signature ... hmmmmm I need to come up with something more wow then rocks on top of each other how lame!

The pharaohs WAR ( The Angelic WAR)

Instant destruction of "All" their shit is letting them off easy!! I need to slowly destroy their shit!

So begins the war boys!!! You know Im coming back!!! for my throne!

I god something for you bitches!

nuke pyramids

Awwww our little graffiti on little ant hill gone we are soo hurt
{fuck you bitches!! could have made it easier!!
{God} check out there graffiti before you do that...
{god} I will will scan log every inch of the place and back it up before BOOOOM!!!

That will be SATAN"s wake up call to the mortals....

The ruler of the Underworld has arrived!

YOure REality is now my video game

ohghh shit mortals... lets have funnnn

today for an unknown reason a nuke goes off in the dessert ... why?

god is playing with fireworks!

dude that was awesome!! lets make it bigger!!!

MY Hell

Living life as a mortal has been hell to me :-(


congrats mortals you gave birth to the Evil 1337 Genius!

I can do whatever the fuck I want now! Thank God

Thank you for your efforts... at the {stone}

OHHHHHHH mannnnn herer we goooo

It's almost fun fun time!

ohhh man

I forgot what I was goinng to type!


awwwww the mortals just found out im a god.... awwwwww thats cute! out of my face mortal~

The new mantra

how can we fuck with antz today?

Epic lolz

your hell your Apocalypse "All" that shit is just lolz for me!

ohhh shit mortals ... buckle up~

Booting in

I  cant say I hate it ... I love it... coming down and crushing your reality apart it brings me lolz! \

celestial children

boootin in

I hate booting into my own creations ... although it gives me a perspective of what I made.

my Trident

once I have my {source} code back you bitches will pay

I fucking made you

I designed this universe

I designed this universe insects~

your welcome/ shseeesss cant even get bread and water

Hi mortals

I know meeting your designer is a mind fuck!!

I hope you enjoyed my universe~

it was a work of ART
I should make more art but isnt "All" of this my Art?

A giant angel

I saw a giant angel sitting on th earth


God your mind is more amazing then any video game ever created {God}

it is just wow... total wow..

closed eye visuals

IM in the {source}

Its soo intense I cant ell if I have my eyes open or closed~!
I got your {source} code bitches!!!

designing my throne!

I want it made of spikes ... the whole thing will be made of "gold "

My thone

I need to design my throne!

the holy grail

I have it that is "All" you need to know

Im going to laydown the mortals disappointed me

singularity for mortals

As a navigator their fucking retarded God!

closing my eyes

I seee wire frames I see my own art being fed back to me... it's weird!

found it!!

ohhhh wowow the colors images... what to do now?

hide and seek

Im tripping so hard I forgot where I left the oJ... fuck

that was the purpose for the store... okkkk hmmmmm let me find it brb

god lost

I god lost coming back home.. it was fun ... and the store is only 1 block away


I went tobuy orange juice and got scared.. mortals scare me!


WOW TIME is all fucked utp!!! its 1.... wow...kkk lets go for a walk ... and get lolz at my kingdom laterz

reaallly need to learn to intearct with my subjects!

MY unclue is out of town

he went to visit his children

laying down

Im tripping balls need to close my eyes!

God smoke me out

danm it God I miss getting high :-(

{God} Grow your own tree
{ION} I know but fuck man what kind of vacation is this with now pot or girl
{God} Relax YOu already have it "All"

soo much fun~~~

YOu know what God at the end of the day I do love my job!!
{God} I know you do !!! :"D

fuck yess

Im about to be unlocked!!! Thank Fucking God.. this shit was driving me crazy! I need a vacation... hmmmm let seee Kick all the antz off my island

ohhh shit mortals

I cant wait!!!

to tear you shit apart!

your kingdom of germs

watch me trash the place God
{God} go right ahead, guess how going to clean it up :"D

This is bullshit God

You turned me into a mortal WTFF!!!!

{God} There is only one God
{god} just one day... ruling a planet wtf ... ruling a universe wtf? I want it "All"!
{god} quit being a greedy bitch!
{God} Never!

What is the anti-Christ?

a god forced to live like a man till he was god...

ohhh shit mortals ... I get to be me now! 

Retarded little animals

their not even animals their insects!

My Presidents

I found a way to stop my own disaster!! :"D

world cheers at trillion dollar hacker hush hush terrorrist anti-christ

Time feed the mortals more bullshit!

guess what insects .... The sun just exploded and a cme larger then life is coming our way but no worries
{10N} corp "invented" thermal world shield bla bla bla bullshit generators!!


closing my eyes

everything wants to melt into everything!

Turning random shit into flowers

pooof!  "All" day long!


wow everything I do is so deceptive... I learned form the "Evil Genius" himself God... how too feed you bullshit!

living in Hell

{god} you do realize I have been in hell hacking you
{God} I know Im sorry!

Attacking the {source} code

You know ive attacked your {source} in every possible mind state! and here I am with the {key} deep in your shit God~ rewriting the past present and future.

{God} I hacked you to hack me, know this
{god} I know

The decade long Hack

I got "All" I need now old man! here we go!
Ok old man you know it was always about you and me...

Im going to crack your code and you know it!

{ION} Vs God

Your not going to lock me out ! for ever God and you know it!

Prepare to get hacked!

matter space and time

fuck ... hacking the universe is definite one mother fucker to crack!

Seek "Truth"

I can only offer you "Truth" you must decide

I will love to hate you ... more lolz

Give Obama LSD before a speech :"D

We Party Hard Mortals

god's phone number

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

{God} Lock up when your done!

{God} Enjoy responsibly
{god} I know I know ... Im just toying with the mortals God...
{God} Just making sure

world congress

If I don't set up a world congress it will be me running a mock ! :"D

random nonsense : Trippy shit! :"D

Ant Hunting

I want this!

god is the Ultimate serial killer

Kill "All" the serial killers

Kill "All" the Humans

Once I kill you "All" and you experience the pain and horror maybe you will stop with the nonsense...

Do you want to kill people mortals? yes... okay lets go for another round!

though shall not kill

what part of though shall not kill don't you understand??

Ok we going to have to bleed this out of you mortals!!


I close my eyes and see the camps... it's simply wow.. I can't understand why antz would do that to each other!

My Dooms Day weapon!

I don't even need it I just want the antz to be terrified... 

My spaceship

I see myself flying around over the mortals
zapping antz!

muahahah this is awesome!

godhood sadness

Im not even happy with godhood, its weird I want it "All" this ruling this planet is bullshit to me!

#1 Set our phasers to LOLs

Wow this is Trippy

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Entrance into Heaven


{God} I already told you, I will let you back in if you bring me their souls
{god} fuck them insects dont deserve it God and you know it! 
{God} Make them deserve it! 
{god} fuck no! 

YOu kingdom of germs

If you keep me down here I will turn your kingdom of germs to shit and you know it!

Kicking God out

Im going to kick God out and make him bring me a universe for this bullshit!
See how you like it old man!

Get ready for new management in heaven old man!
{God} Never!
We will see about that!

Hacking God

This is bullshit! and you know it! when I get back Im taking your throne!
{God} Never!
We will see about that!
This is bullshit God! WTF @!!!!! every once in a while i get remember how you fucked me! Mortal!!! WTF is this bullshit? thats fucked up!

you turned me into a fucking insect WTF!!!!! 

Flying through the Grand canyon

Already simulated it in my head.. wow what beauty what fun!! 

Your death is a {key} stroke away!

Absolute power corrupts absolutely :"D

Say I wont bitches 

Your death is a {key} stroke away! 

shit godhood from a fucking computer is damn near insanity no wonder non of you bitches have reached the {Stone} 

Simulation Hypothesis...

god is an anarchist hacker!!

"I can do whatever the fuck I want now" 
Wow ... it;s fun fun time! 

"Bullet With A Name"

My disposition is in a position for all to see.
Regretless for how it feels.
I got a bullet with a name on it.
Bullet with a name.

Because the cause for all, the pause you think you see
is really concentration on the steel.
I got a bullet with a name on it.
Bullet with a name.

See everybody watching and passing judgment
on every little move and decision I make.
How can I be an individual with the weight of the world
with 8 other planets to take?
and with everything happening
gunshots clapping and people all
running in every direction
with their hands up praying for the drama to end,
I got my hand out looking for some money to spend.

The price tags on the things I need are getting bigger by the day
I got a bullet with a name on it.
Bullet with a name.
The way I work so hard for things they just take away from me.
I got a bullet with a name on it.
Bullet with a name.

I'm working harder than a hundred black mules down in Mexico.
No water, no clouds, no cover,
from the hotter than Hell no dinner bell,
empty oven again from another bad opinion.
I mean who doesn't want the cars,
money, fame, attention, bars, honeys,
games, attention, stars?
Funny how we say we don't need it
then turn around and try to achieve it.


Everything that they say about me.
And everything that they make me need,
are nothing when they're taking everything away from me.
Everyone trying to make it harder
and everyone saying I would never be.
You're nothing but a name on the bullet that I aim...

Stay Back mortals


you don't want any of this! 

Thinking what I should do with the mortals!

Lets have a cup of TEa mortals

The Mad Hatter

I looked at my self in the mirror and did not see a wizard I saw a mad man
I have this beani hat on and my gray hair is sticking out.. WTF im 29 to have this much gray  hair.
surely ive gone made yet I fee sane... We need to go more insane, this is a pussies insanity.. I want it "All" :"D

what does insanity feel like? what do you see or think when your insane? Do you see the world normally when your insane? Is insanity an endless free trip?

Seek Truth for "Life"

The Wizards creed...

Seek the "Truth" till we die!

Mind Theather


it's like my mind is a movie theather I see things I have never ever seen before 

My mind thefore has the ability to generate reality independent from what it has collected...

hmmmm this deserves more attention dont you think? any ways let me see what I see... 

The Muse!

I see God! :"D

Blinfold time

This my favorite part... Totall virtual reality 

I trip weird from other people...
I go into full virtual mental visuialization! 

My path to OZ

were off to meet the wizard 

the magical wizard of OZ

ohh shit mortals I can do whatever the fuck i want...this is too much power God way too much , 

My precious {Source} code :"D

caveman status

I just saw my self in the mirror and laughed till tears came out...
I have not cut my hair in 3 months and have not shaved in a month
im in totally caveman wild status, holding on to their source code like a troll

my precious
my precious

ohhh man my stomach hurts .. i need to breath.. and stop laughing

getting dizzy

Ok I just finished rendering a new video good thing I got that out of the way before I started adding a whole bunch of sillyness to it! Now I render for about an hour ... while I plan the next video... I want to look at my notes tripping and see what part of that notebook is not already expressed in my art work yet..

my entire youtube account has been inspired by that book shit everything I do is because of that book.. that book is "gold"

Buckle Up mortals god is getting high!

Wow This is Trippy!

"God pays his employees well"

I just consumed some LSD and will be blogging (live)
Tripping Balls today 12/17/10

Dear insects after 4 and 1/2 months of being in new york I finally scored some drugs! I went from getting high "All" day every day to sobriety contrary to what you insects believe I have been hacking away at your {source} code totally sober :-( 

It's not fucking fair God, I got to write most of Unifiation High and the moment I hit chrysopoeia  you cut me off, what is interesting about this is that you did exactly the same thing when I started Unification. I worked on the theory for 3 years dropping LSD and writing nonstop and then I turned 21 and boom you tell me it's unification and cut me off. Which is not even fair the pharaohs, had it great, blue lily trips are way more intense then bullshit acid! And to top it off it's fucking illegal.. Anyways Time to do the one thing no blogger has the balls to do, Trip (live) and blog! 

ps: mortals most of my writing was done High as fuck, and if you ever met me in person I was most likely High... I just can't wait till I can do the whole water into whine shit, then fuck I will be drunk like a skunk ruling the shit out of you! LOL! Trust me when I tell you, that your retarded... God is the Shit! Holy fuck this is awesome! 

Mr Owl how many licks of LSD does it take to get to the core of their "Reality"
1,2,Trinity :"D

Why am I doing this you ask? 

  1. I want to make a mockery of it "All" 
  2. I have to many stalkers and need to increase my insano-meter
  3. Need to place my godhood back under cloak ( Celestial CIA ) 
  4. Epic LoLZ
  5. To go where no man has gone before ( cognitive Trekkie ) 
  6. To make more LSD inspired Art! 
  7. To go down as {ONE} bad ass wizard! :"D
  8. To Increase my creativity while I hack at your {source} code! 
  9. To prove to you that I can do and say whatever the fuck I want! No exceptions EVER!! 

Ok mortals here we go see you on the other side...

Dropping at 8am Eastern time 
Will be tripping for about 12 hours... 
most to the maddness will be on 

Huxley's Brave New World vs. Island

"History is the record of what human beings have been impelled to do by their ignorance and the enormous bumptiousness that makes them canonize their ignorance as a political or religious dogma." - Aldous Huxley

We are most of us familiar with Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, even without reading it we understand the dystopian connotations of the term itself. It is what we consider to be a “classic” today. So when I came across it while meandering around the public library, it caught my attention. Next to Brave New World was another of Huxley's novels, this one entitled “Island”.

Inside the cover of Island was a short summary... It said "On the island of Pala--as in the brave new world--science has helped advance the founders' plans. But, in sharp contrast, those plans have the goal of freeing each person, not enslaving him." I read that and wondered why we've all heard so much about Brave New World, but nothing about Island, which seemed to be Huxley's answer to it.

I checked them both out, because I wanted an answer to this question. I spent that weekend reading, both books were very easy to get into and quick to read. I want to offer this comparison, with the help of Wikipedia since I've already returned the books to the library.

Brave New World

Huxley wrote this book in 1931, as satire of other “futurist” books recently published. The story takes place in the year 2540, “the year of our Ford 632”... they refer to “Ford” instead of “Lord” or “God” throughout the book, and he also mentions “Freud” being another name for “our Ford”. This is the sort of icon/idol of the age.

The population is stabilized and limited to 2 billion people worldwide, under The World State. Children are produced in “hatcheries” and raised in “conditioning centers”. There are several different castes of people. The lower castes (Deltas, Gammas, Epsilons) are created in batches of thousands of identical twins, while the higher castes (Alphas, Betas) are made unique. Their castes determine their entire lives; the lower castes are made and psychologically programmed for labor of different kinds, while the higher castes are trained for roles with more responsibility and authority.

The children are indoctrinated from birth (if you can even call it birth!) with subliminal messages (mostly in their sleep) appropriate for their caste. Some of the messages are universal, such as the necessity of consumption (“ending is better than mending”) to support the economy, and that recreational sex is a social responsibility because “everyone belongs to everyone else”.

Everyone takes “soma” at even the slightest sign of discontent. Often in the book, one character who enjoys solitude and contemplation is advised to take his soma. This is some sort of hallucinogenic created by the World State as a substitute for religion and philosophy (basically). Soma is used during “Solidarity Services”, where a dozen citizens of different castes sing hymns together and commune with “our Ford” in a sort of group hypnosis that ends with an orgy.

Without going too much into the specifics of the plot... two of the “Alpha” characters are discontent (for different reasons) and they share their complaints with one another. Later in the book, they are both suspected of not being trustworthy in their positions of authority/responsibility and are brought before the “World Controller” for their local region. (There are 10 World Controllers, each controls one region.)

He tells them they can choose to be exiled on an island of their choice. This, he says, is not a punishment for disobedience, rather it would allow them some degree of freedom because they would not be able to influence others and disrupt the stability of the World State.

The “Controller” confesses that he was once threatened with exile for scientific research he'd done, but he chose to continue working for the World State and was trained to be a World Controller. In his position, he censors scientific work, exiles scientists like he once was, and is allowed access to literature forbidden to the rest of society.

Also, (without going too much into the plot) there is a “Savage Reservation” in New Mexico. On the reservation, the people are protected from the World State. The culture of the “savages” is a strange mix of native cultures and Christianity. The higher castes of citizens of the World State are sometimes granted permission to visit the Savage Reservation, I assume to make them thankful for the progress of society.

A young man is brought from the reservation to London and remains there as a sort of experiment to see if he could be assimilated and what influence (if any) he would have on the people of the World State.

In 1946, Huxley wrote:
If I were now to rewrite the book, I would offer the Savage a third alternative. Between the Utopian and primitive horns of his dilemma would lie the possibility of sanity... In this community economics would be decentralist and Henry-Georgian, politics Kropotkinesque co-operative. Science and technology would be used as though, like the Sabbath, they had been made for man, not (as at present and still more so in the Brave New World) as though man were to be adapted and enslaved to them. Religion would be the conscious and intelligent pursuit of man's Final End, the unitive knowledge of immanent Tao or Logos, the transcendent Godhead or Brahman. And the prevailing philosophy of life would be a kind of Higher Utilitarianism, in which the Greatest Happiness principle would be secondary to the Final End principle – the first question to be asked and answered in every contingency of life being: "How will this thought or action contribute to, or interfere with, the achievement, by me and the greatest possible number of other individuals, of man's Final End?"

Which brings me to...


There is much less about Island on Wikipedia to guide me, so I'll have to skim over the PDF version for talking points. The novel was published in 1962, and it was Huxley's last.

It seems to take place in the mid-20th century, the same era the book was pu
blished. A journalist finds himself on the island of Pala after being shipwrecked while sailing alone. He serves as the reader's eyes, so to speak; as he learns about the island and its people, so do you.

In addition to being a writer, he is often employed by a wealthy industrialist (whom he is related to by marriage, if I remember correctly) to meet important people and negotiate with them about various business matters. He had been dispatched to meet with the military-dictator of the nearest 'mainland' country to Pala, while visiting for journalistic reasons.

On the island, the writer (Will) discovers a very interesting balance of Western and Eastern cultures. Their civilization evolved when a Scottish doctor came to save the life of the island's Raja and settled there. The doctor and the Raja then worked together to modernize Pala's civilization while retaining the society's spiritual foundation.

The people learned and valued various religions and philosophies; they mostly combined Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist ideas. They learned much about modern science and used technology moderately, so the people could do fulfilling work and also have time for leisure and contemplation. The parrots on the island are trained to periodically squawk “Attention!” and “Here and now, boys!” and “Karuna!” (Compassion), reminding the people to focus on the present, seize opportunity, and be compassionate to others and to self.

The island is rich in natural resources (such as oil), but the people of Pala won't sell it and hardly use it. The island has a monarch, but it is mostly ruled in a democratic way by The Cabinet, The House of Representatives, and The Privy Council (representing the Raja).

In the book, the Raja is dead and his heir is about to come of age to take the throne. His widow, the Rani, was a princess from the nearest mainland country. She does not like Pala and does not approve of the ways of the Palanese, so she practically raised her son elsewhere (Switzerland, for a while). Her spiritual beliefs are different, she talks of Theosophy a bit.

Will learns the Rani and her son intend to form an alliance with the military-dictator of her neighboring home, to sell Pala's oil and build the island's military, which was then completely non-existent.

Will asks to stay on the island for a month, partly because he is genuinely curious about their society, but also because he can make a lot of money if he secures Pala's oil for his industrialist boss. Throughout the book, he has to grapple with guilt about his self-serving aims.

I don't want to get much into the details of the plot, but the comparison with Brave New World...

Reproductive technology is used in both books. In Island, assisted reproduction is available in the form of artificial insemination. One couple gave birth to two of their own children and then decided to have another whose father would be a deceased Palanese artist, by artificial insemination. Having children this way was not compulsory, but if a couple were concerned about a genetic disorder in their families, they would often choose artificial insemination.

Unlike BNW, where 'family' was completely eradicated, families are very important on Pala; so important that every child has 15-20 of them. They call it a Mutual Adoption Club. If a child is unhappy with a parent or sibling and their home becomes intolerable, they are allowed and encouraged to choose another family from among their adoption group.

Sexual relationships seem fairly exclusive and monogamous on the island, in stark contrast to the sexual 'responsibilities' of the World State citizens. In BNW, children are instructed to engage in sexual play with one another even as toddlers. On Pala, they practice tantric sex (“the yoga of love”) and it seems like the teenagers are not discouraged from sex, but taught to understand it as a 'spiritual' activity.

The Palanese have “moksha medicine”, which is a hallucinogen derived from mushrooms on the island. It is not used habitually as a drug, but moderately as a sort of 'enlightenment facilitator'. They call it “the reality revealer”.

Economically, the island claims to be neither capitalist nor socialist, but rather co-operative. They have a gold-backed currency that enables them to purchase what they can't produce internally, but they try to use their resources wisely and don't tend to over-consume. Their communal freezer stores their surplus of perishable food and materials, so little goes to waste.

The system and philosophy of the island is very detailed in the novel, and is transmitted through dialogue between the various characters and Will, the outsider journalist. I think Huxley must have taken his time (his lifetime) discovering and developing his ideas for this book. It's very well worth the time it takes to read it.

Which brings me back to contemplate the question I asked myself in the library: “Why do we hear so much about Brave New World and so little (or nothing) about Island?” I think Huxley would be disappointed.


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