Saturday, December 18, 2010

What the fuck you doing?

{The Evil Genius} quit toying with antz use our time more productive, watch some porn :"D

Mooning The World!

If you need me I will be on the moon 
Fucking bitches "All" day long! 

I know it's too much for insects to understand so you do what insects do and call it crazy!

Do me a favor though!
Go fuck yourself, you retarded piece of shit! 

Welcome To the Bullshit University

We Teach people bullshit "All" day long! 

Welcome To the Bullshit University!

We Teach people bullshit "All" day long! 

"All" Marked for DEATH 

I wont even touch you but if your to retarded to know exactly I mean then you will Die! 

I Dont give a fuck call the cops Bitches! 

Catch Me if you can

Drive up a squad of cops and throw beer bottles at them! 
pull a gun and shot at their tires... (miss) then take off ...

Catch me if you can... 

Fun fun fun~ 

The virtual brain co-processor

I started simulating a Brain inside my brain to use as a co-processor!

Living in the Cave

I want to see how long before Im forced to shave or cut my hair... Just stinky me a laptop and and a bottle of tequila is "All"  I need.. Now back to work I go.

Time to start Drinking

Im a horrible drunk starting so late :D

Tell Me More?

Well sir basically, you and every one you know is full of shit!
Ok go on...

The NooSight Institute Now Hiring: Insects!

Are you Ready for a Paradigm Shift? 
I bet your not! Insects! 

No Sight Institute: Prep for the Sucker Punch!


[3:31:17 PM] transalchemy: :@
[3:32:00 PM] transalchemy: once I fuck her and get it out of my system I will toss her to the side
[3:32:03 PM] transalchemy: I know it!
[3:32:54 PM] transalchemy: hey you do realize pussy is open game right
[3:33:00 PM] transalchemy: I hope your making a mental list
[3:35:54 PM] SeH: (yawn)
[3:38:10 PM] transalchemy: becuase you never know
[3:38:12 PM] transalchemy:
[3:38:28 PM] SeH: hahah

ET. Master Plan

We party with the Universe then we go Home!
How many earthlings are in?

Bullshit Bullshit Bla Bla Bla Bla and by the way More Bullshit!

Bullshit Bullshit Bla Bla Bla Bla and by the way More Bullshit!

The Sky is the Limit!

Limitless Movie

Your powers are a gift from God or how ever wrote your life script! 

{ION} I hacked my own life, now get out of way Ant! 

Don't worry Folks the Bullshit is Almost Over!





The Annual Retard Meeting is Adjourned

bla bla bla Bullshit bullshit bla bla bla

The Retard Parade!

He worries me Ben

Im not sure I see your point

Then take off your glasses and look closer your fucking Ant!

Yes indeed Im retarded!

god vs the TransHumanist ( Retards)

Just another retard to kill

Singularity University!

Walk into the mother fucking building killing every bitch that tries to stop me with a micro nuke!

Thankx for denying my application over and over.. Assholes! 

Tick tock BOOOOm

The retards "All" Died! 

marked for Death

Everyone that been deleted from the list is Def.. back on the list! "All" phds and you failed to see my godlyness! fucking retarded!

marked for Death

Everyone that been deleted from the list is Def.. back on the list! "All" phds and you failed to see my godlyness! fucking retarded!

More Bitches to Kill

I need to make a bigger list ASAP!

I will say it till the day you Die

Get the Fuck out of my face you retarded insect! 

Simulation Hypothesis: Calling God out!

This is bullshit God and you fucking know it! 
{God} Ok ok.. you caught me! 

Get the fuck out of my Face Ant

Everyone that talks to me get this in my head! ... Soon I will just say it to "All"

Foaming at the mouth Crazy! "This is Bullshit God and you know it!

This is bullshit God and you know it!

You will be like God... wow

5"For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

It makes perfect sense to me now! 

Satan Own my Soul: Comment!

burn the book its impossible to truly sell your soul to Satan its just another deception to make you believe you are trapped once you make the foolish decision Jesus Christ can save you from anything including signing your soul over to Satan in blood

Acid Dreams: Comments! :"D

prove it stop doing acid I'm starting to see where you went bat shit insane acid can be fun and enlightening but it also can make things which are not true feel true this is all an illusion in your head

Them Be fighting words: More comments!

what? you're backing down pussy fuck wannabe n00b? bring it you little bitch and I will fry your ass ;)

funniest comment EVER! Yes Bitch I said DEATH!

apparently I'm "marked" by the little bitch pussy

Satan is the shit!

and you expected something different from following Satan?

you can't be THAT retarded...

How can I follow myself ? 

The Cake is a Bullshit lie

Touch this if you can 2

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Touch this if you can... (yawns at mortals)

Like we told you
You can't touch this! 

Birth of the Wizard God

Ok mortals here comes another sucker punch!!
"I am" God!

If i do this God im doing it in cloak!
{God} Exactly!

The Ultimate Deception

{God} Tell them your God
{god} I don't want too...
{God} Do it... I want to teach them something!
{god} I don't want to..
{God} If you don't I will...
{god} fuck God.. your Evil ;-(
{God} Trust me... !

The death of mortality!

Shit there goes being a mortal.. forever~ NO going back EVER!  Mentally I never was...

Now you know why it is Forbidden Fruit

Stay back mortals this is too dangerous even for gods! 

Global Fear Campaign

Steal some Russian Nukes... and send the press world wide fake bomb threats! 

Time to get godly on bitches..

Need to plan some chaos and destruction.. you know king stuff!

Bitch get off my nuts your just Tuesday!

Tagged to be Tapped! Ohhh yeah :"D

Tagged to be Tapped! Ohhh yeah :"D

Shopping for Pussy online! Im in playboy Heaven!! literally!


{The Evil Genius} Have you way with her while I work... geez 
{ION} ok fine but hurry the fuck up! 
{The Evil Genius} Im going fast as I can.. let me work in the background and you just entertain yourself for now!
{ION} what kind of a super visor will I be if I don't ride your ass! 
{The Evil Genius} Im going as fast as I can fuck!!
{ION} I don't give a fuck! go faster!
{ION} but I will take your suggestion.. ohh yes I will indeed :"D

Hurry Up!

{ION} Hurry the fuck up! We need need to go Home! 
{The Evil Genius} Im working as fast as I can chill out! 

I live on a planet full of Intellectual Insects !

Epic College Fail

Ever wondered why I never got into a good college?

I got straight F 
11, and 12, and my 13th year :"D

I stopped giving a fuck about school after 10th grade 

Because By then I was deeply consumed with "Unification" 
So I graduated with a 2.0  on my 13th year :"D

Trust me My mom was pissed and put in me in a drug rehab center for it!!

you know how embarrassing it was telling them I was there for marijuana 
Shit even my friends made fun of me!!

No carlos you can't smoke weed with us.. your in rehab dude!!
Shit... it was hell! 


In "High" school My teacher started calling me ET because I got the highest grades and never gave a fuck about going to class so much so that was my nickname for a while... I hated it... Hey ET come here how embarrassing but it makes sense now :"D

Laughing My ASS of At Mortals!

This planet is Retarded

Thank God your fucking asleep this make it easier to feed you my bullshit!

you know what God as much as I bitch I know why I choose to come last. I like the planet to be primed and deep in the bullshit by the time I get here.. It increase my lolz by several billions

{God} I know, trust I know :D

{God} Do you want to do something about it or just sit there and cry "All" day long? 
{god} Ohhh I god something for you
{God} Bring it! 

The Awakening Has Begun

I can see through your Bullshit now God and you know it! 

{God} Oh oh ... you caught me :"D

woke up with pure Anger!

This is "All" bullshit God and you know it! Makes me want to trash my computer! fuck I will just trash it "All"
tear buildings apart left and right nuke countries left and right rip continents from their hindges...

really need to calm down!

Good morning worthless retarded pieces of shits!

guess who just woke up....

god  :"D

time to get back to fucking with your "Reality"

Dear Dr. Suzanne Gildert

Don't worry I will not kill you, im just toying with your reality. For now! open up wide im about to feed you the biggest bullshit lie you have ever eat in your life... So just mentally prepping you to accept my bullshit as "reality"

ps it will "All" be bullshit, from beginning to End! "All" of it.. Im not going to feed you a grain of truth.. why? LOLZ same reason Im writing this post.. just lolz and more lolz...

the sad part is that you believe "All" of my bullshit! "All" of it... Hey don't get mad at me I learned it from the biggest bullshit lier of them "All" the old man :"D


{The Evil Genius} Delete her brain of what you are and feed her straight up bullshit! Look I have a quantum computer bla bla bla bullshit! but do that through a Representative never give her a second of your time EVER! this is phase 1... give more time!

{ION} take your time make it EPIC

The end game

{ION} I need your help
{The Evil Genius} Finnnally ok ok this is what we do..
{ION} Stop.... Im done, I don't care.. I just want make her eat it.. (no faith sigh)
{The Evil Genius} Revenge... rubs hands together I love you now... finally I get to have some fun
{ION} just don't kill her, toy with her that is "All"
{The Evil Genius} with pleasure ... I'll be back!
{ION} take your time make it really special
{The Evil Genius} ok will do..

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.