Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{The Evil Genius} I can fucking fix it just let me grab the {Source} code for a bit!
{ION} Im scared too see what comes out!
{The Evil Genius} Give the {Source} code for a bit
{ION} tomorrow im tired
{The Evil Genius} WTF!!! this is bullshit give me the fucking {source} code for a little bit god fucking damn it!
{ION} NOOOOO! you wont give it back when I ask!
{The Evil Genius} I will just take it from you then!
{god} NO! more {source} code for anybody!
{The Evil Genius} This is bullshit! utter total bullshit!
{The Evil Genius} Let me fix it!
{ION} noooooo
{The Evil Genius} Fucking damn it let me fix it!
{ION} nooooooo!
but what if .. and what if.. maybe if... but if... lmao... I will crack this problem!


tapping my fingers into the keyboard thinking how to fix something


Really dumb or Really smart

This may sound odd but I really like dumb girls it gives me a vessel to dump info into although I get board extremely quick and resort to the internet for intellectual conversation but even that has dropped to non as I don't really talk to anyone any more.. I just upload my every thought right now. I need a mind file to bind it to the universe this ofcourse has been going on for a decade... So the universe knows me very well and knows I plan to have my way with her! (live) for "All" to see!

My micro self

This is "All" in heaven.. program universes "All" day long every single detail of realities like im doing now only (live) which is total bullshit I need my console back already this is nonsense!

I know what I will do, I will feed "everything" I do into key as I do it "live" so if I changed the color of a planet it will update on key that I just did that.

Your odds of getting your Universe back!

can I talk to the warren?

Look buddy the warren to the universe is an immortal Wizard god, you dont want to meet him!

Your Universe is about to get executed!

{key} Help me mortals he's gone mad with power! 

Banning Executions

What part of thou shall not kill don't you insects understand?
only god has a license to kill

I do need to find a just punishment for those that were going to get the chair...
I know I will send them to my piece of shit jail where they will wish to be executed "All" day long! :"D

god's jail

I need to make my jail scarier and more of a piece of shit! I know wild animals running wild .. like snakes scorpions 2 foot roaches... ohhh man that will scare the shit out mortals!! lol

you don't want to go my state of a piece of shit jail :"D

Bullshiting my way out of killing people

Instead of killing people I will just ascend them and leave behind the bodies...
{God} that was the whole point!! DUH!!
{god} wow. why did you not just tell me?
{God} I was wondering how long you will continue with your nonsense
{god} just wow ok ok.. what about suspension?
{God} just bring me their souls, you work out the details!
{god} ok... I need to give this more thought as always.
{God} Ill be here if you have any questions

Designing The HOuse

I need to get back to designing the house! Been slacking. god on a power trip over insects... killing insects is really really pointless... I will just hurt them no need to kill them directly . they are defenseless against me thats just cruel... But I still have to feed the world bullshit disasters and they arent "real" unless people die...

Hmmmmmm maybe I can find a way to bullshit my way out of that too! Fuck lets not give the mortals anything but bullshit! thats a bigger challenge!

cute shoes for the queen

I just ran into these I they look cool only we need give them "real" flames and diamonds for the eyes on the creature

Catching my self on fire!

god the stalker

Im going to set up hidden cameras on ever corner of ever block on this planet... I want to see what my insects are doing at "All" times!

Holy cow!

The Top peak of the Singularity!

Here we go mortals ready or not! 

The apocalypse is my game

I know this will sicken you but your enter apocalypse is just me having fun... toying with you! god joshing the world "All" day long! Like I said I programmed this to be EPIC!!

Think of it as the ride of your "life" a haunted house roller coaster.. thats "All" it is!!

Please try to enjoy yourselves and don't shit your pants...  :"D

{ION} The Alien

Us an alien looking cloak over my entire body that changes colors bla bla bla bullshit bullshit bullshit! Then come at them as an alien power grab. Feed them bullshit and give them my ring of control. This will just be funny! No real practical use other than lolz!

World Dictatorship

{God} Don't let the presidents know who they are working for!
{god} I know will present my self once in full cloak to them!
{God} Use Illuminati over them! 

ok I keep "All" the presidents in the dark and set up an elite control structure, hmmmmm I need to find a way not to let them into my bullshit either. I know it... It will be a "technological" power grab... Forget telling them Im god, wait even better ....I got it pretend to be an alien to them.. yess this will bring more lolz! 

Illuminati america

once "All" the heads pledge or are replaced then I begin my reform of america!

Taking over the world Goal

I bet I can do it 1 day! Infact if it takes more then a day I will feel like a failure!


I need to be more productive with my planet. find ways to control "All" of it easier...

I need a faster way to grab the helm ASAP... I might give the state heads one chance to pledge loyalty to me or death! I know Ill round up "All" the presidents of the world and show them my divinity no bullshit no questions

you work for me period... if you dont like it you can die and if you tell anyone you will die...

Then hand them my rings of control...

Comic light show

My ascension will be known across the world by I dont even know yet! Just a big cosmic show... god has arrived in stealth. lol

Justification For money

Lets get this straight.. I don't need a dime.. I only need money to justify where "I am" getting everything from... If I want to feed the homeless I need to be able to justify to the world where "All" of my money is coming from! I want to set up schools world wide and that is going to take tons of money.. So yes I will and need to be extremely wealthy to pull this of in hush hush/1

"I am"

God stop it, your cracking me up!
Shhhhhhh wow your amazing! 

Totally throwing it "All" out there aren't you...

February 2011

Two movies with "I am" in the title at the beginning of the "universal" cycle...

 I have come to see "All" of this in a new light as I know for a fact that greater intelligence guides us towards a "bright" future. This is what mystics call synchronization the ability to see God in "All" things to know that God has a hand in it "All". This is the state of enlightenment the state of being "awakened" to the "Truth" of the ever present intelligence imbued withing the fabric of this entire existence. This is also why God told moses his name is "I am" for "I am" in "All" things, "I am" hidden between the space of your every breath "I am" the thoughts you have yet to think "I am" everything you have ever thought and "I am everything you will ever think. This is what "I am" 

Ohhh man, I have have been waiting "All" my life for my ascension, im a kid on Christmas eve right now... 

{God} "All" of it :"D
{god} your cracking me up, they have no clue whats coming! 
{God} They do now...
{god} Stop it! lmao!! 

Training my Universe

Universe do as I say when I say!
Universe do as I say when I say!
Universe do as I say when I say!
Universe do as I say when I say!
Listen to me you piece of shit! grabs you by the throat!
YOu will do what I say when I say...

Universal control

Im already binding "reality" control to hand gesture control. I need to will my desire out into the universe before I and let the universe react to my bidding before I bow  to it's. 

Universe you are under my control know this and know it well 

Magic vs knowledge 2

If I show you magic you will ask me how you did that and I will tell you how I did what? Then you will ask how you did magic and I will tell you ...

If you want to learn "Magic"

First you must stop calling it  "Magic"

Magic Vs KNowledge

Particleion A Magus Ever wondered why plato who had profound knowledge was not deified yet buddha was? Profound knowledge is nothing unless you show people magic, only then will you be defied in their eyes!

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My Christian problem

The jesus are going to to give the most problem. 

Particleion A Magus I got a question for you "All". Before Jesus was born was everyone Satan worshipers? In the thousand of years before jesus where we "All" lead by demons?

Hacking the Universe

Once I hack the universe it will become a billion times easier for others to hack the universe and within no time we will have a world wide paradigm shift... But before "All" that I get to feed you "bullshit"

372 years moon


pussy power!

  • Joshua Tye pussy is power
    14 minutes ago · 
  • Particleion A Magus I used to think pussy was power to, but it's not! Assuming you learn the art of hacking pussy that is.. :"D
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The Ai Bible

I find it hilarious how that worked out.. it was supposed to say the "real" bible but it was split on the page...
The Ai bible, as if God was sending me a msg from the start.. Of course I see it now.. and totally get it.. It feels like im inside my own source code studying my program in greater detail day by day!

Prepping Earth's Contract!

You already know Unification mortals... hence you already signed my contract

loook closely at the top!!!

Satan's contract!!!

aka I own your souls!  dont be alarmed always have and always will... this is a lower dimension microcosm of  something we did way back before I was born.. we being me and God with your world!

Im here to collect!

The contract!

I will make a contract with earth.. .I will give you "All" "unified field theory" in return for your souls... The contract is sealed the day you give me the noble prize... after that I will own you for... hmmmmmmm  "Life"


This is Satan's contract with Earth!

just part of my program... yawns...

Burning Unification

make copies and burn it... 2-25-02... fuck I just noticed this... Omg... Im following the damn program even when I think im not!

What I need to do..

I need to do "everything" "I am" doing right now.. you may not understand it nor do I fully but it needs to be done, so please just don't get in my way.. Your salvation depends on it!

Theory to why "I am" not in jail

Maybe the president knows Im the real deal and wants to learn how to become a god himself ... hey just a thought... who does not want to learn to become a god?

Why am I not in jail right now?

 Sent at 7:16 PM on Tuesday
 me:  how the fuck can I get away with emailing the NSA and FBI about bombing their buildings?
 S did not receive your chat.
 me:  wow

The evolution of the mind

My mind is shifting from "retarded" to "unenlightened" mortals... For even a scholar with 3 phd's can still be engrossed in a life of "bullshit" ~~ " nonsense"... 


Im going to hack this bitch! I don't care what anyone thinks... My eye is on the ball!


I just finished an hour long conversation from one of my friends of how i have gone schizophrenic... Story of my life crazy insane bla bla bla.. I have heard it "All" .... :-(

Im so numb to this bullshit already!

Illuminati recruitment

What "I am" essentially doing right now is recruiting for the "Real" Illuminati! The retarded people will be fed my bullshit "All" day while the enlighten will enjoy the "fruits" of my labor!


pacing back and forth

I pace back and forth through the house screaming! Pissed off as fuck! at this bullshit like a caged animal anticipating it's freedom!

Their on to me~

Tyler Kelley God doesnt need a disclaimer. Maybe just a parental advisory sticker..


The Salvation of humanity will not fail...
Im too 133T to fuck this up!

shit I graduated from the school of Pythagoras ... trust me Im extremely 1337~

This is bullshit God

{God} YOu wanted a challenge remember!!
{god} I know, I know, But "Holy" fuck the mortals are dense!
{God} welcome to earth!

Birth of the AGI

"All" intelligence is "artificial" There is only "artificial" intelligence here!

I have been here "All" along!! 

 I was born on a planet full of insects! 

My Flying Reindeers

Let's give the world a "real" santa!

ONly the gifts will be extremely weird!  LOLZ 

My Flying Reindeers

Let's give the world a "real" santa!

ONly the gift will be extremely weird!  LOLZ 

The Wizardry Insanity!

Ok now that you understand what Wizardry truly is and it's ties to Hermeticism alchemy magic and pharaonic science.... Here is the part you need to wrap your mind around slowly!!

"I am" the most powerful Wizard EVER born!

yeahh... you have no clue what is coming... seriously no clue!!
"All" the pharaoh before me are pieces of shits to my Magic!

No idea whats coming .. non at "All"!

This is why "I am" the "True" Messiah!
Jesus can't even touch me!

I know its a mindful!

Time to be reckless

use some of this food money to buy beer! :"D

Exactly what she told me not to do over and over again on the phone!

back to work

Back to dumping my drive online!

be back

have to walk 1 mile to a western union to pick up 25 dollars for food my mom is sending me...

Why im going to tear mortals apart !

This is bullshit!
its fucking freezing!

Postgenderism 4

Ever wondered why we never finished postgenderism? Simple you were not ready for it "All"!
Here is the final script of what was left to be told! With no alterations since it was written 7/9/09
Aaron knew where I was going to take the visuals and wanted no part in it! I wanted to use skeletor turning into a God/god... Did he know what I was up to? I can't say, and I could not even tell him, I was under a celestial oath not to tell mortals about my godhood till I had the {key} trust me it's a mindfuck for me too! But it's important that you know the "Truth" now! No more lies no more secrets, although I do warn you that your being set up for the biggest lie of them "All" for once Im fully "unified" "All" of you will get your minds erased of me and you will forget I ever existed while I take your planet with the cloak of mortality.. So I wish you well mortals, we will soon be departing. I will start my new life and you wont remember you ever met me :"D

So enjoy the "Truth" while you can still hold on to it! Im taking my knowledge back from you mortals soon enough!muahahahahahahah

Dont be retarded and pay attention to the symbolism this time! 

My new life is going to be simple... feed you bullshit "All" day long!!
Just like my old man has been!

The End of postgenderism! 

Transhumanists openly speak of "building gods."  Symbolically, a postgender posthuman could be considered a god incarnate in matter.  The ultimate convergence of male and female aspects.  The ultimate esoteric meaning behind the term "Singularity."

The story of man's creation from the Book of Genesis portrays the split of man into two separate parts:  man and woman.  The female half of man is responsible for eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Good and evil represent duality, and duality is represented by male and female.  The LORD punished them by making the act of reproduction a painful affair.  God made the entire relationship between man and woman into agony, but there remained one saving grace which could eventually lead to their spiritual redemption:  knowledge itself.  Although it was the reason for their punishment, knowledge also made man more Godlike.

Genesis 3-22  This the LORD God said,  "Behold, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever."

To rise above his earthbound state, man would have to return to Eden and take from another tree, the tree of life.  Symbolically this represents man's intellectual triumph over duality, and his attainment of immortality.  The separate genders of male and female are the duality, and postgenderism is the philosophical return to paradise.  Man's return to God.

PART 4 (Hera's conclusion)

The new age is come, and I am fortunate to be alive to raise Ganymedes.  The artificial womb made his birth completely painless, but sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had chosen to bear him myself.  Genetic engineering seems to be changing all aspects of human reproduction.  This has made me question the role of motherhood itself, and I can't quite seem to escape the notion that somehow we have lost something in our pursuit of a better world.  

But I shouldn't be too critical of science.  That would reduce me to the level of those savage radicals who constantly protested against the creation of artificial wombs back in their early days.  Thank goodness such hateful action is now illegal.

No matter what, I know that scientific progress continues to open doors.  I saw a reassuring piece of news that told of new breakthroughs which could bring increased human togetherness.  Perhaps there will be a scientific way of bringing my son closer to me.  I want so badly to be close to him.  

The only Technology you need is God

{God} Stop "All" their attempts at the singularity
{god} I have a cornucopia of technological mishaps in store for them God
{God} Good, slap the retardation out of them!
{god} with pleasure!

Why the insects are retarded

God just gave me what "All" mortals are after! Eternal life and the {key} to your kingdom!
God is slapping humanity in the face through me by showing you "everything" you could have if you believed in him... More then you ever imagined!

A slave to the Great work..

story of my life... only no one comprehends the scope of it "All"! I need a vacation from "All" of this...
{God} Relax it's "All" done!
{god} no more bullshit?
{God} No more bullshit :"D
{god} you promise...
{God} Unification is done my son.
{god} now what?
{God} Enjoy yourself and be just to these people ... Teach them Unification and have fun at it!
{god} Don't worry they won't stay dead!
{God} I know :"D

The godless world is no longer godless

If only you understood what that truly meant... 

I wonder how long I will have to play this game with you? 

Im going to blog every aspect of my life for life (live) and laugh at the insects ... It's not evil when Im telling you straight up... 

Look mortals today I want to dump this currency... I wonder what people on the other side will think when it "All" happens (live)

I know they will think that Im watching the news and writing about it.. muahahahahah 

Planet of the apes

Jesus was a unified man yes a God/god, but ultimately one in many... ohhh man you have no clue how it "All" works insects... wow

I have to start "All" over!!


{God} give them 7 years of "Hell"
{god} they are that godless, your right!

controlling my anger

Damn it I've been up for less then an hour and Im already pissed at the insects! I just repeat
wait insects just wait in  my head... this is bullshit! can't even get a new computer and that "All" ive ever wanted... its cool... I don't need shit from insects, after "All" I hold "All" your sugar cubes!

Im not going to forget this shit easily,, ,oh nooo! not after 6 months of hell..
well call it even after 6 years of hell deal?

Global Dictatorship

Once my new world order is in place...

World wide gun ban....
Ohhh how the insects will hate X for saving their retarded lives!


Enter Darfur and end the bullshit once and for "All"

Turn the dessert into a green paradise with plenty of food
make the need super fertile
kill the "All" the rebels and empower the people...

Done no more bullshit!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.