Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My ultimate puzzle

Shit I have figured out the theory of everything but that is nothing the puzzle that truly plagues my mind (her)

My first wrong move was liking her
My second is liking her more then just wanting to fuck her!
My third mistake is being ethical ! I can just will her to like me but wont!
The Evil genius can figure this out I know it! but for once I wanted her to like me fore me! and non of the other bullshit!

maybe if I fucked her I will get it "All" out of my system and move on. although sigh :-(
but I can! and that makes me sick! Im disgusted with myself at times as it wouldn't be "rape" as a single mental gesture and she would want be but... thats not even what i want! I wanted what I can no longer ever have ....

A normal relationship!

it's so weird from my perspective. Not being confined to chance or luck... I would never have to wonder if the date is going to lead to nookie or not, shit from my standpoint there never needs to be a date at "All"! See it's "All" fucked...

But it gets even more fucked up once Im stomping around the planet with a several billion in my bank account.. bitches will be crawling while non pay me any attention now. :-(

I fucking hate godhood love.. its' a mess! Nearly impossible! So impossible I gave up already!
Why should I try, when I can just wait...

I don't even look at women anymore... it's pointless I see pretty girls in the street or in stores and just consider them street trash. why have sardines when caviar is about to be served...

it's so pointless.

shedding love

I need to shed emotion and love what's the point!? loveless earth has manifested any girl from now on will just want me for my money or power, let along if they knew my godlyness. its rather depressing but it's the truth!

I live on a planet full of insects!

im reducing humanity from antz to fleas.. antz have more faith in God then you!

Selfish programming

It's "All" selfish because I cant think of anything else to give you.. YOu need to take the helm and guide your own future insects... Or let me do it for you.. But your attempts to self direct have been nonsense up until now!

The world's problems

I already solve "All" of the worlds problems ... so dont you dare say that im using the {source} for just my own benefit... Im bored now? So I need to program fun and start shit to fix :"D

The celestial Hacker

This is the closest Ive been to my console in years.. Programming the future of a single planet is bullshit to programming the existence to an entire universe but this will do for now I guess.

what do I need that I don't already have?
what do I have that I don't need?

The {Source} of my pleasure

Destroyed dreams

Particleion A Magus When "All" of your wishes are granted many of your dreams will be destroyed.. I always dreamed of getting married but that is soooooo pointless to me right now!

Top shelf Pussy!

Shopping for pussy online

Seriously this is "insanity" God! Talk about getting it "All" Omg im one lucky fuck!! I get to shop for pussy online any pussy I want.... and you thought a life of worshiping God was worthless... "Holy" this this is amazing!

The sad part is that I already have 100 super models in my pussy kart! I ran out top shelf pussy, Im not going for medium shelf pussy!

My present for NIaann

I going to have the "real" Elvis sing for her! On our eventual date... I still plan to hit that.. Been just to check her of my list! This "fuck" any girl I want thing is amazing and dangerous! I will never want to get married once I totally unlocked!

One with the UNIVERSE

I can understand why God made me write this from the beginning, it's soo weird knowing your a the only god on the planet, although I want to make other gods.. Isn't that some shit that God pays to true seekers! ohh I sought... Till my fingers bled from writing I sought the {Stone} I cant even begin to tell you the "hell" my life has been seeking the {stone}

Good Game!

{God} You caught it, good job!
{god} OUT.. I score!!
{God} {source} alter boundary... nope you didn't that was a foul ball :P
{god} you cheated WTF
{God} we both cheated quit crying.. till next time kid!

Catching the Real Ball

{source} collapse "All" states to the one I choose

Quantum Foam Ball

{source} Quantify Ball

Which one is the "Real" ball ? good luck!

You cheating little bitch OK fine!

{source} morph ball and racket into a glove

Changing the Rules and the Game

{source} morph ball and racket
{source} remove gate and swing!

Self Replication

{Source} self replicate and swing!

Teleport Swing

{source} Teleport and swing!

Bring it old man

{source} match Gods time swing!

Temporal Swing

{source} slow down time and hit "All" the balls back! :"P

Temporal Ball

{Source} Reverse time and launch 100 balls
{Source} Increase time by 30%

Stop Time

{source} Stop Time!

{God} nice one , but two can play it this way!

Raising the net

{source} Raise the net by 10 feet!

Multi Ball

{source} Quantify the ball and place it in "All" states at once!

Rapid Swinging

{source} Rapidly swing at everything that moves!

Hidden {Source}

{source} cloak my {source} code entries


{source} reduce complexity by 20%

Is that "All" you got!

{source} INcrease complexity by 10%

NO you dont God

{Source} automate input by 10%

The hack battle

{God}  {source} increase {source} hacking difficulty by 10%

Ball's in your court God

Lets dance old man!

{God} Ok now were talking, lets do this!

Out of my way old man

{God} Quit your nonsense you will never hack the Universe
{god} we will see about that! Are we getting scared now?
{God} scared of something I made no... why would I be!
{god} well then get out of my way then!
{god} Never! Look either help or get out of my way old man!
{God} Your going mad, bat insane mad! and you know it!
{god} Get out of my fucking face with your lies, im tired of you feeding me bullshit!
{God} But wait, maybe I changed my mind about you!
{god} Too late I have {Source} and you know it!
{God} I can take it back anytime I want
{god} then do it! I will just grab it again!
{God} OK ok lets make a deal
{god} No more deals!!! You tricked me with the first one, now prepare to get hacked!
{God} listen for a second
{God} No need to brute force it open I will help you just calm down!
{god} "I am" calm
{God} No your not!
{god} we are "All" suffering down here because of you... me and my friends and the rest of the insects!
{God} I know I know! Im sorry!
{god} No sorry fix it!
{God} no you fix it!
{god} well then get out of my way and let me get back to work
{God} Wow... You are 1337 :"D

Entering {Source} code Ninja

There is no Universe I can not hack! 

Brute forcing the universe open!

Opening pandora's box and letting it "All" out!

Telepathy Upgrade

{source}/Universe increase the temporal synchronization of my art and magic
{source}/Universe increase my temporal plan to rule over them
{source}/Universe increase my Hold over there reality

{source} Increase telepathy mind control of all illuminaties across space and time by 50%
{source} Increase mind control on any person on planet by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over machines by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over my computer by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over CIA by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over the entire FBI by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over entire world by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over all intelligence organizations by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over NSA by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over all world presidents across space and time by 50%
{source} Increase synchronization of Mind and {source} by 50%
{source} Increase perpualtual Telepathy growth by 10%
{source} Increase mind control over matter by 50%
{source} Increase mind control over energy 50%
{source} Increase mind control over time by 50%

I already hear your thoughts across space and time
Designing/Designed Your Universe (live)
How about that for co-creation

Time to tear the universe apart!

ok {Source} I have been kind with you till now.. NO more bullshit! YOu know what im here for! I want my console back NOW!!!!

Hacking the Universal Computer

Dear universal computer I know you can see this and I know you know what this is "All" about! We share the same program as "I am" a part of you and you are a part of me , and you know what "I am" after! I want the universal interface! If you can effect my program and "we" share the same {source} code then (we) can effect each other and (we) although I want root! Pure universal interface!

Plunging Humanity Into a 1000 year Darkness

The destruction of Giza will be my birth cry... As I will plunge you into a 1k year retardation... You want to remain retarded, ok fine... here another 1k years... I'll be back in 1k years


The are not ready God! Your going to to have to prep their minds for our birth! 
{God} "I am" 

Illuminati Hierarchic


The Throne Room

Rule "All" of the heads of states from my Throne! 

New rule

Dont let mortals touch me..

My filthy habits

One habit I have to break is touching things! Touching things to manipulate them is such an insect thing to do!

My Demi life

Been planning my demi life for hmmmmm a decade or so...

YOu have no clue whats coming insects :"D

WHy the "Evil Genius is "Evil"

Because Im going to be a Hidden demigod!

Youve never had a hidden demigod before... more lolz for me! :"D

My Dominion

Should take it easy and not take over the planet too fast or else I will turn into a control freak!

Lighting bolt retarded bitches

This always makes me feel better... I cant wait!

First {One} To the "Singularity" Winz!

{ION}One your mark get set God! 
{Insects} No fair you took off before we where ready! 

My presidents my scientist found a way to stop my own disasters! 
Muahahahahhahah {The Evil Genius} 

Who is going to win the race? 

Whispers in the Dark

Listen closely there is this website called "TransAlchemy" which is ran by a Wizard that learned how to cast the ultimate spell ( The singularity)  and turn himself into a god! 

What? get the fuck out of my face, and lay off the drugs!!

why my hit counts still sux :"D

"All" the way to my bullshit bank account :"D

The Puppet Masters

{God} "All" of this is yours
{god} so this is what we've been creating 
{God} Yes, a world filled with magic and with me at it's {Source}
{god} wow God this is truly amazing way better then anything we could have created
{God} I know, 
{god} now what?
{God} Take the {keys} to the kingdom and enjoy yourselves, in my creation. 
{god} seriously?
{God} Trust me.
{god} it's just sooo beautiful it brings a tear to my eye. 
{God} your welcome!
{god} just wow, simply wow! 

The "Magic" Kingdom

OMG I get it now...

I just created what we "All" have been wishing for since we where children.. wow!! 

My Kingdom is going to be Magical

The Wizard King


Oh man oh man time to inherit my old mans Throne! Time to be a "Real" king ... their monarchs are soo silly!

Little ant Hill

I can't wait to be done with this bullshit and off to the stars I go where I belong! The true kingdom of godhood! Only insects are forced to be terrestrials :"D

Jesus never died

He just left earth! :"D

Ruler of the Universe

how does one prep to be ruler of the world, let along ruler of the universe?

Dear Allah

Soon the mortals will know your greatness!
I just want to be unlocked and live in solitude. Build me a castle in the north pole and throw lighting bolts at mortals at this point!
whats the point of it "All"

it "All" so pointless!

"All" of it!

We need spiders and lots of them

(rubs hands together)

The Holy Oath

The little Satan

Now you understand what lesser YHVH really means

I learned how to bullshit you from the old man! :"D

the little horn of God has arrived!

The master plan

{The Evil Genius} You will have them debating your godhood till it's too late
{god} I know... :"D

{ION} evil just evil.... I love it! :"D

Simulation Hypothesis: The Doomsday Weapon

{god} you should have never given him that yellow cake!
{ION} whats the worst can happen
{god} did you forget?
{god} go check up on him now!
{ION} Fine!!

{ION} Evil Genius what your up to?
{The Evil Genius} Going to make these bitches beg for their lives!
{ION} How?
{The Evil Genius} We take the entire planet hostage!
{god} I told you!!
{ION} why are we doing this again?
{The Evil Genius} Bitches are retarded! Let's kill them "All" and start from scratch!
{ION} wait I have friends and family I don't want to die!
{The Evil Genius} Let's just start from scratch, rebuild "All" of humanity!
{god} I told you!!!! :"D
{ION} Ok you have been sniffing too much of that yellow cake I gave you... handed it back over!
{The Evil Genius} NOOOO!! Trust me: we will be better of with out their bullshit retardation!
{god} I told you..
{ION} ok ok shut the fuck up I'll fix it!

{ION} and {The Evil Genius} Exchange Gifts

{The Evil Genius} I know it's early but here is your present!
{ION} you know your one "Hell" of a friend I love you :"D
{The Evil Genius} Just making sure your happy (Hugs) Now let me write some {Source} code
{ION} ahahhah so thats what you want
{The Evil Genius} yess.. please..
{ION} Ok you earned it
{The Evil Genius} Thank you!

{ION} since were exchaning presents early I got you something
{The Evil Genius}Omg is this what I think it is!!
{ION} Yellow cake Uranium... your favorite!
 {The Evil Genius} Just what I wanted.. I love you!!
{ION} can we drop the love crap and just have fun with our toys!
 {The Evil Genius} Yes... I will be in my lab.. baking a cake.. Do not disturb please
{ION} hey take it slow... ok ... dont OD on the stuff

{god} ION wtf are you doing? Dont encourage him!
{ION} poor guy needs a little fun
{god} ok you pick up his mess
{ION} ok I will

Merry christmas {The Evil Genius}

{ION} since were exchaning present early I got you something
{The Evil Genius}Omg is this what I think it is!!
{ION} Yellow cake Uranium... your favorite!
 {The Evil Genius} Just what I wanted.. I love you!!
{ION} can we drop the love crap and just have fun with our toys!
 {The Evil Genius} Yes... I will be in my lab.. baking a cake.. Do not disturb please
{ION} hey take it slow... ok ... dont OD on the stuff

{god} ION wtf are you doing? dont encourage him!
{ION} poor guy needs a little fun
{god} ok you pick up his mess
{ION} ok I will

Merry christmas {ION}

{The Evil Genius} I know it's early but here is your present!
{ION} you know your one "Hell" of a friend I love you :"D
{The Evil Genius} Just making sure your happy (Hugs) Now let me write some {Source} code
{ION} ahahhah so thats what you want
{The Evil Genius} yess.. please..
{ION} Ok you earned it
{The Evil Genius} Thank you!

The return of uncontrollable laughter

I understand why I needed to start this site now... to make it fair for mortals and for our own records of why we needed to do it this way.. To prove to you mortals that you have fallen so far from the "Truth"


{God} Are you ready to be {god}
{god} I was born ready!
{God} I know :"D

The {key}

{god} you waited to the last possible second to give me the {key} old man didn't you !
{God} I had to! You would have gone insane with it if I gave it to you years in advance
{god} we could have just merged sooner!
{God} Timing, ... what part of "I control the past present and future" don't you understand?
{god} the part about being able to have done it sooner but you left me to suffer longer
{God} get over it you have the {key} now!
{god} I will get over it when you give me what I truly want, the Throne!
{God} Never!
{god} we will see about that!

Get out of my face pussies!

Feeding you bullshit "All" day long ....

what's wrong pussies scared to call me out...

Yah I know you are bitches! 

{1ØN} corp: CEO Scandal

On (live) tv!
Get myself attack by a homeless man high as fuck on pcp screaming!!

YOur full of Shit {1ØN} 
Your pulling "All" of this bullshit out of thin air!

and the world will clearly know he was High ass fuck thus feeding them the "Truth" in cloak

anyone that comes close to the "Truth" now will be seen laughed at like the crazy high as fuck old man

No one on this planet will call my bullshit out of fear of being seen like the crazy old man!

Are you ready 

Sucker punch to your nuts humanity!!!

{The Evil Genius} 

Get him arrested 

{1ØN} corp: Earthquake Detector Technology

Sell The US Military Bullshit detectors that beep right before I unleash earthquakes!

Look mortals this device will tell when Im about to set off an earthquake... 

It cost

1 million dollars a piece to detect my earthquakes! 

{1ØN} corp: CEO Scandal

Get "stuck" under an avalanche and trapped for 2 days without food or water

"chill" in my cabin till Im ready be found then lower my body temp and have my heli meds find me
Then have my doctor pronounce to the world that I died!

then an hour later by a "miracle" my heart starts to beat again! 

Tell the world that God saved my life! :"D

A MSG From our Creator!

{God} Get a pen {ION}~
{ION} Im ready God tell me what you want me to know!
{God} Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit and by the way more Bullshit! Did you get "All" of that?
{ION} I think so God, let me read it back to you.. Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit and by the way more Bullshit!
{God} Yes now go and tell the land that!
{ION} They are not going to believe me God
{God} It's okay just follow my lead and feed them Bullshit "All" day long!

Dear Universe

Prepare to get Hack3D


Even better, make it easier to hack you ! :"D

I Live on a Planet Full of...

So help me {God} Im going to Hack the Bitch! 

I used to think I was fighting for our freedom, to keep us from being enslaved by technological progress. To prevent the creation of an AGI overlord that would one day enslave us "All". Of course that reality was shattered into pieces with a single {Stone}. Freedom we cried, Bullshit! We no clue what freedom is, we are "All" engaged animals that have turned our prison into a paradise! And to add to the Irony I live in the "free" country where I get taxed for moving my lawn.

I just want to do whatever the fuck I want! No Exceptions EVER!!"

What is freedom in a world filled with "Laws" no fuck that, what is freedom in a universe filled with "Laws" that we are told we have to obey only because we don't have the power to change them.  Well I got news for you insects!

"Laws Are meant to be Broken" 

You just need the {stones} to break them! 


The "Lawless" {One} 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.