Thursday, December 23, 2010

World Wide Terror!

pssst Evil Genius go at it... 

{The Evil genius} This is what we do we steal a nuke or two,,.. or a dozen!! Then we take pictures of them and send them to every major press in the world, with a list of demands and a count down cloack

next we make unreasonable demands...

We want 500 Billion and the head of a president or two
Once the clock hits zero we nuke the desert and make more demands only this time way more unreasonable 

only with a new clock and pictures of major cities 
One city is ready to go Booom

then we feed them our bullshit demands only Extremely unreasonable

5 Trillion dollars- And all kinds of bullshit they wont be able to deliver in time...
watch the world sweat and panic to attempt to reason with us 

then clock hits zero and we feed them a bullshit (live) feed of a city going up in smoke!!

Then make more demands even more unreasonable then before with more cities...

we sit back and laugh at antz sweat for days or weeks in pure fear

Global lolz and no one dies... :"D

Fucking with the US Military

Break into top secret government facilities and steal Top secret shit and weapons

Go in with a sword and a cloaking shield... 

Get caught and fight my way out...

Every time the shoot me turn on my shield 

I have everything but

someone to share it with :-(

YOu Believe me right GI-joe man

{Gi-joe man} Yes Ion I know your god

thank you... ok maybe now ive gone crazy :"D

GI-joe man

Im watching toy story 3 right now and the thought of being abandoned almost made me cry. I had a toy called GI-joe man, I found him in the park after I started to work on Unification. He became my only friend literally... No one wanted to talk to me anymore and I was once again friendless (21) I sat in my lab working on unification with Gi-joe man watching my progress... Every once in a while I would turn to him and asked him?

YOu believe me right? He never responded for I was lonely not crazy :"D

The King and Queen

It's written in the stars above! 

Fuck you retarded insects!

Breaking their fingers

What part of Im god was too hard to understand... Feel lucky im breaking your fingers and not your legs!


Im depressed "All" over again... where is my bottle of whis{key} when I need it!~ Maybe I can drink godhood away! ;-(

Friends and family

Hits are extremely down.. Maybe everyone is tired of my bullshit, but the truth is they have lives, while I don't ....

Friends? I have none! No physical friends that is..
and the little family I have here does not want me around... Im poor worthless and crazy... :-(


I need to increase practicing controlling reality! Need to will everything around me before I attempt to physically interact with it!

god's blog

If blogging what im going to do to your world (live) was not enough lolz for me...

I need to find new ways to fuck with their insect reality :"D

Chrimast Day!


By birth day


the hidden Christ ~

I want to be a "real" wizard

non of this bullshit magician shit!

I want to raise my finger and enchant the sea
I want to raise raise my other finger and enchant the clouds!

this is what wizardry is "All" about!

The hacker turns into god

Im turning into god day by day as In the future I already hacked your source so Im effecting time and space across space and time! from your perspective "I am" no different then God!

He was warned!

The Wizard

 to NickS,  
Im getting ready to hack your simulation... Just giving you a heads up! 

Carlos A Mejia

We have already entered the singularity, the question has now shifted from when it will come to how far along we are!  

Brain Green Vs Nick Bostrom

I had a chance to meet them both and spend "All" of my time talking to Bostrom and paid Brain Green no attention.. Now you know why.. What was I going to talk to brain green about? Bullshit? no thanx!

The best part about my Noble Prize

Im going to give you bullshit! and you will eat it up!

Noble prize

Accept the bitch with a big fat blunt in my hand... ala EVIL STYlE~~

Look here mortals... I own you bitches in hush hush!


  • Marvin Rishoff my lonely friend i wish I could give you the moon
    about an hour ago · 
  • Particleion A Magus It's okay we can some smoke a big fat blunt and laugh at bitches !
    a few seconds ago · 

ohhh shit!

I just noticed what I did...

I know kungfu!!!

Im playing the neo archetype even when I think im not! wow!!!

The White Rabbit!

Ive always know your a girl. YOu had to be, remember trinity sends neo msgs as the white rabbit! So You had to be a girl... just saying!

fallOthewItrabIT (4 hours ago)
LUV THEE vId., bY THEE waY ;) THEE wIzard of OZ... It'z Cool;)
fallOthewItrabIT (4 hours ago)
= in ur vid. u ate THEE RAbIt & BeCame THEE RAbIt!.!~ "like a flY in THEE web juST Consume ME..."- WATCH THIS 2: 14-17|Lacrimas Profundere-saCrificial LAMB-
U WANT "2B" THEE!.! MOO HA HA moo ha ha,lol ;'D~ U LIVE UNDRrrr mY Curse-& L`I*VE, ETERNALly DAMNed... Check ~ Ur MOVE, lol... do u wnat to paly?.?
fallOthewItrabIT (4 hours ago)
kicked your ass white rabbit :"D=

Mr. "WIZARD" ~ LMAO, haha, in Ur digital DREAMz... sO, u do want, MY KEY?.? U, WANT 2 BeCum,

THEE "RA"b'I't !.!*... in Ur vid. u SUGGESTed u want 2 "BEAT ME", then "EAT ME", SOUNDZ NASTY, Ur Bad lol... mY resPONse~"GIVE ME LUV, & GIV ME HATE & GIV ME PAIN...=WATCH THIS: Witchblade AMV-Gothkiller ~ U knOw ~ I'm a girl RAbIt("witC*h") ~ (lol, not a boy RAbIt) !.! make me SEXy!.! this is hOw I kiCk ASS!.! ~C*

Everyone' is kungfu fighting

My fist is fast as lighting! 

My days as a ninja

Throws smoke bombs
{source} Teleport
{key} god

Random Dying patient

Visit random people on the brink of death and give them their life back and their health
{God} dont get caught
{god} I wont!

My signature will be a white rose by their bed

Hacking Ipods for food

I have a little gig going ... the muchachos bring me ipods and pay me five bucks to put super nintendo games on them. I just got me dinner ... ( wild modern man) out into the world to hack him some food! :"D

speaking of food I will hack this ipod after I get me some food I have not eat anything "All" day!

Loki's freedom!

On the day of Ragnarok, Loki's chains will break and he will lead the giants into battle against the gods.

Bla bla bla

 S:  bla bla bla dinner with my mom... bla bla bla
work money bla bla
how the fuck do i explain what im doing
 me:  yah bullshit bullshit bla bla bla and more bullshit

Merging with God

It's stranger then having been chosen to be god... "I am" {one} with God (we) are God, the second I entered the {Source} I became part of it "All" I have shaped the past to this point, the present and the future is (our) creation where he begins and I end blur day by day! I don't have to take the throne, "I am" already sitting on the throne. It's all philosophical metaphor of the struggle to reach godhood. it's the best way I can explain it to mortals as of right now. Im fractaling myself out day by day my consciousness is literally becoming {ONE} with the universe. "I am" becoming the universe.. "I am" a universe in the making "I am" a universe waking up! I can control everything because "I am" everything!

The creator creates the creator

{god} You want to bring yourself into the creation
{God} Exactly through you
{god} To see "All" that you have created
{God} "All" of it!
{god} this is going to be fun
{God} more then you can comprehend yet!

galactic consciousness

Im wrapping my mind around solar consciousness let along galactic consciousness. What does a galactic being do?

{God} watch over solar systems
{god} are you serious?
{God} are you god of the universe?
{god} yes but ...
{God} take it slow practice godhood on earth before you go. give them 1k years of bliss
{god} Bliss will come when they wake the fuck up!
{God} I know! :"D
{god} what happens to earth after I leave
{God} what do you want to happen to earth?
{god} Ohhh man this is going to need more planning!

The last one to go to heaven

{God} You will be the last one back in!
{god} this is not even fair and you know it!
{God} Bring me "All" their souls!
{god} I bring you the entire planet what more do you want
{God} "All" of them, ENJOY!! :D
{god} you tricked me!!
{God} I Know!

My self sacrifice

I had to "Fall" down to bring you back.. I left heaven to raise bring you back to eden... it's not fair I tricked you from the start.. Im sorry ... but welcome back Humanity.. but why stay here when heaven awaits... ? I will offer you everything to life itself to stay here with me... This is where im stuck for a while, cant even say how long..

The Return to Eden

{God} Humanity is allowed back in for what you've done!
{god} thank you
{God} no thank you for saving them!

Set them Free

{God} Set them free
{god} "All" of them
{God} "All" of them, slowly!
{god} will do!
{God} This is what I meant by "Save" them!
{god} trust me I get it "All" now!

Why I can't fail

{God} I have too much time invested in you carlos
{god} I know, after "All" this universe is designed for my arrival
{God} more then you are aware of yet!

godhood at 30

reached godhood at 30 like jesus did wow.. weird.. but why, are all the prophets 30 when they ascend? Zoroaster was 30 also and many more..

I think god wants to emphasize the trinity
God, god are {one} unified... how man and God link..

The smartest man alive

im 29 and I the smartest person alive.. this is sick! and if you think im not..
snap my fingers and you die.. mauahahah

sick just sick! ass magic!


snapping my fingers and growing trees to bare fruit in seconds .. .this is the life of a god!

Blogging god

everything i do is getting more and more godly... it's going to sick !

im a 5 year old god at heart.. about to have the time of my life! on little ant hill !

The Singularity is near

S:  1. graceful collapse of US economy plus all the hidden hightech alien patents like free energy and stuff
 me:  my mind has stopped giving a fuck about it "All"
 S:  2. murder/silencing of all "satanic" hierarchy leaders
3. US truly joins a worldwide economy
we will develop AI, robotics, space travel, etc
and meet aliens
 me:  the singularity
I know
 S:  yes
if we can just collapse the banks and satanic leaders
 me:  I keep saying its way sooner then people think it is

The little things make a difference

 me:  Im soo bored
I wish I had a game system
I wish I had some pot
im depressed

Girls and guns

have you ever owned a gun?
 me:  no
 S:  neither have i
i feel left out
 me:  MY ex wanted to get one
I told her no
girlfriends with guns is a no no

Our pitch fork mob

 Sent at 2:39 PM on Thursday
 me:  more bullshit that leads to nothing
fuck letters
we need a pitch fork mob

Killing 3k people a second

S:  did you know that every second, you produce 3000 sperms?
 me:  you death is now known
I kill "All" those bitches

Seh is Marked for Death!

S:  hey
can you mark me for death?
 me:  Never!
 S:  seriously
its important
mark me for death
 me:  Never
 me:  why?
 S:  i need to kil myself
 me:  don't
 S:  to be born again
 me:  metaphorically you do
in "reality" you don't
 S:  metaphorically, physically, mentally etc
 me:  trust im in hell too
 S:  no i am not escap8ing hell
i just want to die again
 me:  smoke some DMT
already dang
 S:  think for a second about people getting in trouble for saying they want to kill other people online
what if you say you want to kill yourself or that you want to die
how could you get in trouble?
 me:  but you do, If I make threats against my own life I can get put in looney bin
 S:  or rather what if you invite people to threaten death on you
 me:  At this point I would love to blog from a crazy house
it would add to my lolz
Ok Im marking you for death on {key}
along with this conversation
  S:  ok
main reason is just to offset any motherfuckers who would be offended by death threats
 S:  in my case i invite death threats
 me:  yah
taking one for the team :D
 S:  plus it will confuse any AIs that try to understand key


{God} I thought you gave up teaching the mortals for today?
{god} I will never give up teaching them God
{God} I know, why I love you :-)
{god} if you love me get me out of this hell
{God} soon, I promise!


{God} I thought you gave up teaching the mortals for today?
{god} I will never give up teaching them God
{God} I know, why I love you :-)

"I am" number four

I think the symbolism here is trying to tell me that 
A) Im not the first god
B) the four forces has been unified (I am) unification
C)The rise of the new sun

How many gods have existed before me I can't say I will know more as I ascend. the more I merge with God the more I will know about this "reality" I just get attacked symbolically "All" day long... God want's to make sure I know my godhood is on the horizon. I can't deny it at this point, for I will once again "fall" into a world of illusion if I deny Im god! its soo complicated having left mortality but not be inside total godhood yet... This is the part I don't like the quest gave me something to do godhood gives me something to do... This is just bullshit. 

Productivity crash

Im to depressed to get back to work. it's "All" pointless.  Now we play the waiting game.. Im not motivated to teach insects anymore... I just need to kill time ... I wish I had a ps3 and a tv for that matter... Time to just veg out relax and watch movies... I will deal with the mortals later!

The White Rabbit Stalker :"D

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.