Saturday, December 25, 2010

The love for mortals

I honestly mean you no harm never did as your faces resonate in my mind yet your "All" asleep to the "Truth" and  have "fallen" for the great deception vs seeking the "Truth" and in doing so your ignorance hurts me greatly. For I see you suffering "All" day and I know now there is no need for you to suffer if you only let go of the illusion that is suffering. The only way to end your suffering is to find freedom but the only way to reach the freedom is know the "Truth" and their is only {ONE} "Truth" you will ever need...

God is the {source} of it "All"

The scope of Salvation

Salvation is such a monster of a task that I had to plan your Salvation way way way before reaching enlightenment, which is very mentally temporally strange but Enlightenment Has been with me "All" of my life as it comes and goes when I need it.. I just have not peaked or reached total unification which will open the cornucopia of abilities. It's going to reach a point where I just thinking it and its "real" effecting time and space at this point reaching into the fabric of "reality" and merging it with my consciousness "I am" essentially becoming "everything"

{ONE} with the Universe

Im not effecting anything outside of myself for "I am" the Universe


Give those seek enlighten visions 

Lets play "Where the fuck did my nukes go"

They will be in for knox :"D

while you search the world with my bullshit map with a countdown clock 

and my (live) feed for the public to pressure your asses to find it! 

tick tock Ding 
That was a fun game now what do you want to play next? 

Terrorizing little ant hill

Thanx mortals! 

Celestial Court

{god} I want to appeal my stay on earth
{God} Denied! 
{god} Here me out!
{God} NO! 
{god} are you guys watching this bullshit
{The Angels} He is God {ION} and you know it! 
{god} still here me out!
{The Angels} You have not fulfilled your bargain with God therefore your entrance is denied till then
{god} wait he tricked me, I did not know what I was signing till after !
{The Angels} Ignorance of the contract is not a just reason to escape it! You have not fullfilled your end
{god} Yes I have Look I've been unification
{The Angels} and the souls (we ) see none! 
{god} Fucking shit! fine ok ok ok this is bullshit and this is going to get you bitches kicked out! 
{The Angels} NEVER! You bring that shit here and you know what will happen no rot in hell {ION} 
{god} Watch you mouth bitch, you know im coming back
{The Angels} Bring it!
{God} Stop it {ION} you know what you need to do now stop this nonsense! 

Celestial Court

{god} I want to appeal my stay on earth
{God} Denied! 
{god} Here me out!
{God} NO! 
{god} are you guys watching this bullshit
{The Angels} He is God {ION} and you know it! 
{god} still here me out!
{The Angels} You have not fulfilled your bargain with God therefore your entrance is denied till then
{god} wait he tricked me, I did not know what I was signing till after !
{The Angels} Ignorance of the contract is not a just reason to escape it! You have not fullfilled your end
{god} Yes I have Look I've been unification
{The Angels} and the souls (we ) see none! 
{god} Fucking shit! fine ok ok ok this is bullshit and this is going to get you bitches kicked out! 
{The Angels} NEVER! You bring that shit here and you know what will happen no rot in hell {ION} 
{god} Watch you mouth bitch, you know im coming back
{The Angels} Bring it!
{God} Stop it {ION} you know what you need to do now stop this nonsense! 

The Throne of God

{God} NEVER!
{god} then quit sending to hell
{God} I made you for that, you just get so used to heaven that hell drives you crazy
{god} let me see I existed in bliss and then pow mortal fuck yeah it drives me nuts!
{God} You will come back when you finish your mission
{god} but then their will be more missions and more for oblivion 
{God} That is your job {ION} feel proud
{god} no God I want to be with you for eternity 
{God} You are always with me for eternity and you know it now
{god} Now I do but what about the hell before this!
{God} What part of this is your job dont you understand
{god} the job in heaven part... I have new Idea no more of this ever!
{God} Never!
{god} well then how about we switch places and you go to hell 
{God} you always say that! 
{god} hmmmm ok if I always say that then ... fuck...
{God} You see it don't you
{god} NOOOOOO! Just one fucking day old man!
{God} Never! 
{god} we will see about that! 


{The Angels} what the fuck do you mean the next planet.. what about the Throne? Lets end this bullshit!

{The Fallen Angel} YOur totally right wtf.. thats right!! Prep my army and make sure they understand what is at stake "NO more away missions" I promise!!!

{The Angels} Ok where with you!

Out of my way Mortals ~ Running late to godhood

30 years God wtf!! How about you make me god from birth on the next planet!
{God} You always say that!! and NO!

The Death of Jesus

Now I know why you killed yourself!! They didnt believe you either!! so you made them grief Wow!! What a sad planet we are born into old man!!

Look Bitch {MOM}

We are done playing the "good" son!

Time for you enter my Simulated Hell 
My retarded insect! 

crashing my moms car!

{The Evil Genius} Put that bitch through a car crash ... Total her car and kill the other person and she comes out with out a scratch!

Uncles kids

{The Evil Genius} Take those little fuckers hostage! and mail them a finger from each while we ride rollercoasters "All" day long!

How to terrorize my family

{ION} we need to start cranking out the bullshit!
{The Evil Genius} Im on it Sir! :"D

Called my mom

I just called her and told her Im going to kill myself ... start terrorizing the bitch with suicide for month till my Virtual Death ... let it marinate in her cold faithless heart!

Adding fuel to the family Hell

Tell my mom My uncle drove me to kill myself !

make the entire family hate him!

Give my mother A beautiful Suicide

My suicide letter will tell her how she is fucking retarded and how I hated her for it!

Dear mom I killed my self because of you!! 

Ps I hate you!!

I will even go to my own funeral to watch the bitch cry! 

I own your House

This is how retarded and full of shit greedy materialistic fuck you have become! 

I can knock on your door... walk in the moment you open it not use any weapons take burn eat anything in your fridge sleep on your bed do my laundry take a shit on your floor kill your cat and you cant say or do shit! 

In fact here is the phone call the cops !

cops arrive: I let them in then the sit on the couch and just watch me do whatever the fuck I want...

Call the military 

They arrive 
I let them in and the soldiers and I set a fire to your rub hold hands and sing songs while we roast marsh mellows! 

Hands you the phone again!! 

CAll who ever the fuck you want to call
The only person that can stop me is God you forgot how to dial the number! 

Why is Santa's list so short


Everyone wants remain living in their bullshit... Fine I can't force you out of it!

The Illuminati

Are essentially god's hush hush club that know the "Truth" while the rest of the world is fed bullshit! It's going to be interesting. They will live post life paradise eden on earth. Unlimited everything welcome to the "Real" Christmas and my list is extremely short sadly enough! ;-(

My last incarnation

{source}This is my last incarnation after me the "Truth" shall never be lost again!
{key} God/god

The path to enlightenment

As with Buddha said the path is the middle way nothing has changed as I sought knowledge from science and religion form logic and philosophy from God and from Satan... to Unify the male and the female to unify good and evil to bring unity to the mind of man and God is to seek the middle way to act as the conduit for enlightenment!
same as the old only more geeky... Enlightenment 2. Omega

I need to be Unlocked already

I get so pissed off when things don't do what I want them to do.. I snap my fingers to bring the cereal box closer and it stays in place and I retaliate buy trying to make it explode! :"D

The arrival of the World Teacher!

Guess what im supposed to teach you...

How to be gods... silly insects!!

Teaching mortals how to reach enlightenment

This is essentially what im doing, not reaching enlightenment for myself but offering and writing the first

How to be a god book ever written on earth!

programming without a keyboard

Im hovering my hands over the keyboard hacking away at the {Source} at this point! "All" of this is just for mortals to understand not for me to effect the universe I already do that by pure thought.

Fractal Me

Im no longer writing anything that has not been written Im self embedded in the universe a microcosm of what Im doing at a macro level. You have to remember that this is just my avatar my online self my physical self to my spiritual self! we are "All" hacking away at your salvation right now!

How and why my Magic is this sick

The limits to "singularity" is imagination and as my imagination expands what is possible also expands. The Wizards that build the pyramids did not have the imagination of billions of people to tap! essentially God mind minning .. this is why I have to read every book you have ever written and Im talking to the body of humanity!

Omega Island is no longer an Island

I was thinking like a mortal back then... a flying island put that bitch a mile up... can we say mount Olympus!

So much to do so much time to do it "All" in

I need to plan my castle in more detail your salvation bullshit can wait god needs a pad..

Dear Michelangelo

I have a new art project for you..

I want you repaint this only in the ceiling of my Art room basically your going to be painting inside my house "All" day along with davinci 

Dear God

{god} before "All" of your apocalypse bullshit Im taking a vacation!
{God} Take "All" the time you need

The Tear of Happiness

Mortality is almost over...
I made it through hell

Thank God

Unified {Source} code

{God} Im giving you back the Book of creation unify "All" the {source} code you have ever written! 
{god} I can really use the Manual back
{God} I know how much it pained you watch it go, a true leap of "faith"
{god} I knew had unification since 2-25-02 for a fact! Just a matter of time! 
{God} I know, you knew! Your just doing what I sent you to do!
{god} Yah yah ~ from your perspective is Great you have a Mage on the ground again but from my perspective it sux .... YOu know how horrible it's been not only being a mortal but pretending to be one.. fuck a physical and mental mind fuck! thank you God!
{God} YOur welcome :"D

Put it "All" out there

{God} I want to prove to them how far they have "fallen" from the "Truth"
{god} God it's "All" out in the open even though I don't want it to be
{God} Good not watch me make "All" of it "Real"
{god} wait not "All" please.. I have lots of {source} I want to upgrade and tweak
{God} Do it (live)

Extinguish The Sun

{God} put the sun out!! They are no longer allowed the warmth of my fire!
{god} you got to be fucking kidding me right!
{God} What part of " I want them "All" praying their heart out to be "saved" don't you understand?
{god} ok ok but then what?
{The Evil Genius} that is my department, wispers bullshit to feed them! :"D
{ION} That is soo fucking cruel
{God} They will live 
{god} yes but your lying to these people
{God} NO they are the one's lying to themselves
{god} Once again you win the argument... I concede

What Happened to Me

What I get for calling God out...
{God} Welcome to my leech! 
{god} this is almost not fair, sure I get it "All" but .. dang you turned me into the bad guy! :-(

ELE: Summoning Wormwood upgrade

{God} Vaporize it one mile from landing I want them "All" praying for their lives!
{god} ok ok ok... calm down! 

God please increase my ability to summon wormwood

{key} Particleion 

ION you don't have to pray to do this

I know God

Vaporize "All" the water on Earth

{god} "All" of it?
{God} "All" of it! I don't want a drop of water left on their godless planet! 
{god} wow... wait we can bring it back right!
{God} Only till they pray for it back! 
{God} what did you think the apocalypse was? 
{god} fires volcanoes earthquakes
{God} stop thinking like a mortal
{god} Ok ok ok! 

Don't Hold Back

{God} Not a single mind must deny that is is "I" behind it "All"
{god} show them extreme godliness
{God} Tear their entire reality apart, I want them questioning "everything" before you are even done!

Tearing The Sky apart!

{God} Reach beyond the clouds beyond the stars and tear it apart so they will come to know the "Truth"
{god} will do! 

Pulling Flowers Through the Wall

Dont mind the wall grow and reach for the Sun

{1ØN} corp: Board Meeting CE0 and VP Making critical decisions for future of Planet!

{ION} dude after we feed them that bullshit we sucker punch them with this other bullshit!
#1 Maybe we should send the FBI a treasure map for the other missing nukes we stole
{ION} not yet ...

LOLZ at the VP of {10n} corp

 linkinl0gs:  He has perfectly adequate healthy housing accomodations with access to vehicles, internet, and a kitchen RENT FREE not even a mile away
 Sent at 3:04 PM on Saturday
 linkinl0gs:  Not to mention our landlord sent us a letter saying that we were gonna be evicted if we didn't pay up, so I started to sell off my medication to raise rent money...
 Sent at 3:17 PM on Saturday
 linkinl0gs:  Well, seth quit his job with syncleus months ago, then screwed up 500 from our client in cali, THEN had the nerve to try and BUY my meds to help with the rent... That was the last straw
 Sent at 3:18 PM on Saturday
 linkinl0gs:  He could be making 50-100K with ease, why the fuck should he be making my situation with rachel worse when he obviously doesn't want to get a job and make money to pay bills
Zero pity
 Sent at 3:21 PM on Saturday
 linkinl0gs:  Bet you didn't know about these things?
 Sent at 5:46 PM on Saturday
 me:  wow.. it is insane

He doesnt give a fuck about any of this bullshit either! 

This is just ridiculous

I have yet to even see my kingdom... Ok new agenda see the entire world from mountain top to the depths of the ocean before I sit on it as king! Just ridiculous the most powerful king ever born gets treated the worst.. Just ridiculosly dangerous!!

Born to be King

I can't even properly prep to be king surrounded by a bunch of worthless mortals! :-(


No room will remain empty if your mind is full

The Goal of this game is freedom!

Are you Retarded "I am" the Goddamn Batman! :"D

The Current State of Humanity

Everyone Is Dying and I feel Fine :"D

Blogger Izabela said...

Also, everybody and their uncle is Ben's associate nowadays.
December 25, 2010 3:06 PM

Blogger Particleion said...

Like I said Everybody and their uncle is about to get killed!
December 25, 2010 3:51 PM

The rape game

[6:46:15 PM] SeH: i want to make a really fucked up game
[6:46:22 PM] SeH: like where you're a preacher and you have to rape kids or somethin
[6:46:32 PM] SeH: or you're the president and u have to kill people for fun
[6:46:43 PM] SeH: or maybe a puzzle game using the kaballah tree of life
[6:47:27 PM] transalchemy: I think they already have a rape game!
[6:47:33 PM] transalchemy: :"D

If your Reading this

I will never let you forget your retardation! You will be lucky if I let you die... welcome to my pyramid building slavery... where I wont pay you a dime and work you near death...

considering im working till near death to save your retarded ass and you will be saved but you will just be put at the back of line... wayyyyyyyyyyy back ks of years wayyyyyyy back!

Why I can't go home

My mother want to put me in a mental institution .... but here im starving to death... I finnally figured out what to doo... I will feed my mom cooperation bullshit get that bitch to buy me a ticket to north carolina where is way way warmer then New york and then run away!

This is the best plan so far!

To depressed to get out of bed..

I have not even gotten out of bed "All" day.. this is just too depressing of a day for me. plus im soo hungry im starting to hallucinate

3D 30 ॐ

Ascension here I come! Freedom! at last! god arrives! and god is pissed!

The {Source} code

YOu bitch yet you can't stay away!

If Im full of shit then don't come back!!! 

You come back because your programmed to sense "Truth" 

Be careful This bending Unit is "Evil"

{The Evil Genius} shhhhhh Evil is a harsh word I would prefer "devilishly" clever! 
{ION} Evil incarnate! :"D

Earth Sux

Might as well have fun while Im here! 

My Digital Throne for my Game Room

Power up!

{source} Increase my power over their reality
{key} God/god

Tearing the Moon apart

Pray for you fucking lives insects.... junks are coming your way!! 

{ION} corp: My presidents  we need to use evacuate the following major cities just in case we cant get our laser operational in time! 

{ION} LOOK world I got my laser working time to play space invaders while you shit your pants

Mentally Drained

I can't do this anymore God, no more hell Just burn the world down I don't even care take my life I dont care it's "All" pointless. 

{God} You know the "Truth" can you ever go back?
{god} never
{God} Then set them free
{god} they don't deserve it and you know it
{God} It was my gift to them from the day I made them your not telling them anything I have not already told them
{god} they lets quit helping mortals their too fucking retarded
{God} What part of "I own you" dont you understand?
{god} This is bullshit! fine fuck it Ill rip their fucking atoms apart! till this bullshit is over
{God} You know what I want and you have your orders bitching about it only delays your entrance into heaven ... so good luck :"D

"I am" Omega

The planet has no "Alpha" because it's retarded! 
{The Evil Genius} and we don't need an "Alpha" more fun fun fun think about it! 

"I am" The Alpha and Omega

"I am" the past present and Future

{source} Forge Alpha and Omega into {ION} 
{key} God/god

As Above So Below

{Source} Forge Macrocosm (God) and the Microcosm ( Satan) into {ION} 
{source} Forge Heaven and Hell into {ION} 

"I am" but a microcosm of God
"I am" the lesser YHVH god

Controlling Good and EVil

God {ION} Satan

I have made a deal with the Devil Called God

{source} fuse both polarities into {ION}
{Source} Fuse Matter and Spirit
{key} God/god

{ION} Vs {The Evil Genius}

{ION}Finally found you Satan!
{The Evil Genius} ok ok you caugh me, but listen closely I can give you "everything" and more
{ION} So your the {ONE} I would be battling "All" of my life!
{The Evil Genius} why do we have to battle when we can be friends?

Bringing out the Sledge Hammer!

{The Evil Genius}what the fuck are you doing? YOur wasting your time and you know it!
{The Evil Genius} Lets make a bet? she remains retarded till we rip her atoms apart
{ION} if she remains retarded I will rip her atoms apart! you don't even have to do it
{The Evil Genius}Promise no bullshit here I want to see some atom ripping apart fun
{ION} No bullshit rip her mother fucking atoms apart! just snap my fingers and say good bye to your shit!
{god} why are we doing this again she did nothing to us!
{The Evil Genius} fun ways to teach the mortals "Truth"
{god} ripping her atoms apart is fun for you ?
{The Evil Genius} "All" day long!
{ION} we can put them back together right?
{The Evil Genius}shut the fuck up not for that retarded bitch!
{god} why "All" this again
{The Evil Genius} scare the retardation out of her
{god} why not just tell her the "Truth"
{The Evil Genius} ohhh yes that will work.. listen retarded bitch God is real and everything your working on is not what God wants she she will stop her retardation asap.. you get the fuck out of my face with that shit!
{ION} He is right, way too consumed in the bullshit...
{god} ION do you realize that everything he wants to do is going to only make her fall further from the "Truth"
{ION} she cant deny "Truth" if her atoms are being ripped apart!
{god} Your placing a thumb tap in with a hedge hammer! Grace work on grace!
{The Evil Genius} tooo late the bitch is retarded we need a jack hammer to place the "Truth" in her!
{ION} Once again he is right
{god} grace work on it, you can't use a sledge hammer, or a jack hammer on everyone

cursing Suzanne out again!

The Singularity Portal
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Welcome to a portal to insanity where everything you have ever known is Bullshit! The cake is a lie and you fucking know it you’ve always known it. Yet somewhere down you retarded life you fell through a portal and away from the “Truth”. Now you live a comfortable life deep in the bullshit. Because it’s easier to live the lie then to seek the “Truth”
But just we are clear
A) Your retarded
B) I like you even though your retarded
C) The only thing I’ve ever wanted is the same thing I still want! For you to stop being retarded! Because deep down inside I believe you have the capability not to be retarded!
D) Your Retarded! wait I already said that, just making sure you know the “Truth”
Merry fucking christmas I just gave you the only present none of you retarded friends can ever give you…
The motherfucking “Truth” regardless how much your “Retarded” brain will reject it! Now go through your portal and get the fuck out of site shit! I though you had the potential for brilliance but now see it’s only a shadow of your retardation! YOur just retarded as the rest of them go back to hacking at your nonsense I got eternal life do you?
but lets make this fun…
Im going to sit here calling you retarded till you wake the fuck up and see your own retardation. and again I do this out of kindness it’s called tough love and your inside my “boot” camp…
my next phase is ripping your atoms apart to pull the retardation out of you brain…
do you want to enter this phase? Do you? Then Wake the fuck up!

Marked for the Death

I know seh wants to die as things have turned hopeless... where's our christ mas miracle....this is bullshit God and you know it!

{God} I want to show you exactly how faithless they are
{god} shit I totally see it now
{God} good now you know my heart break
{god} you mean our heart break
{God} exactly
what I find interesting is how both me and seth are going through hell right now when we both own the most powerful company in the world. shit seh alone will have 500 billion only to make me look not too godly..

we both are pratically homeless and may be forced to live with our mom soon... I tell him to wait and wants to believe but the wait for both of us is killing us.. it's okay we will be stepping on insects soon

Happy faithless holiday!

 me:  Hypothetically speaking I did find a way to merge my soul with God
and will soon become a god on earth
is giving you everything not worth room and board with meager food in return?
I know your busy celebrating christmas
but it's hilarious that the new christ
is talking to you via the internet
but what ever happy holidays.. your retardation has been recorded in time

Making me scarrrred

One more word out of you kitty and you die too! 

Tearing her shit apart

{The Evil Genius} can I kill her now?
{ION} noooooooooooooo!!!!
{ION} let me do it!

Worthless BItch I hate you!

{The Evil Genius} Do you see how fucking worthless she is now?
{ION} I do it's not even about like or dislike it's about helping your god what a worthless bitch!
{The Evil Genius} You know what she is doing right now?
{ION} celebrating christmas when christ sits on his computer starving!
{The Evil Genius} tell me that bitch is worth anything?
{ION} fuck no that bitch is retarded! like "All" the other retarded bitches! I can't even fucking believe I even set my eye on that piece of shit from the start! worthless worthless worthless!

Im tired of programming nice

Kill that bitch
kill that other bitch
kill that motherfucker
kill that piece of shit
kill that other bitch
kill that worthless fuck
kill that bullshit eating insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect

kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect
kill that other insect

Alpha and Omega

Time to start tagging your history

Dear Ben

It pains me to tell you that "All" of your associates will be killed by hand directly. I like you and respect you but they are worthless to me. I know it will hurt you to see them go but too bad old chap.. Im suffering hell and not one of those bitches gives me a helping hand, and then they will be begging to be turned to gods? Fuck no this gift is one of faith that which none of them have and you know it! So please dont get mad at me they "design" their own fates! and I repeat "All" of them... YOur the only futurist going to survive the Apocalypse congrats you made a friend out of god :"D

talk to me in 1k years about bringing them back deal? but not till then and we will battle for it

Killing my entire family

Im done I will kill them "All" their fucking retarded for me worthless fucking retarded bloodline!

cursing my mom out!

I just cursed the bitch out!!!

I told her never to fucking talk to me ever in her life ..."your too fucking retarded you stupid bitch" Im just asking for a plate of food and internet!!

IRS government scenario

sir where are getting the money to buy this ?

{ION} No where I just snap my fingers and it's mine or walk up to people and tell them to give me shit!

Cop: we need to take you in...

Snap my fingers: no you don't there is nothing here..
Cops.. have a good day sir...

but why even go through that bullshit.. when I can just sell you shit and be a Trillionare! ? Plus I want the glory or ruling your shit godly! in hush hush 

What I ultimately Use money for

A front! 

To feed you my bullshit! 

What I use Money for! 3

Only Benjamins for my ass~
Of course I will have it made soft ... Ever tried wiping your ass with money ?

I have and it's not effective if you dont make it soft first~ 

What I use Money for! 2

Yard compost

who said money does not grow on trees? 

and are they retarded? 

What I use Money for!

keeping warm during winter 
Burning it in my fireplace

Honey go withdraw a million dollars the fireplace is running low

{1ØN} corp: The {1ØN} Processor Release Date

{The Evil Genius} They use cutting edge nano bullshit aka Super expensive!

4-5 k a pop

But it's IBM dream a supercomputer in a single chip 

{The Evil Genius} YOU do realize that this is the line for  {1ØN} Processor 7... going to milk you "All" the way to the dream!! :"D

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.