Sunday, December 26, 2010

Auditing Opec

I don't think oil is worth as much as you say it is.. Im calling bullshit but its worst then that Im holding a board meeting and were to go through "All" of your books with a team of international lawyers and a team of international accountants..Ill sit back play some video games and when they come back with the end result and I find you have been lying tear "All" of Opec apart start by micro nuking the building with the board members inside! 

How to find the Queen

{source} Increase telepathic link between the Queen and the King

once I can hear your thoughts I will know who you are but that means I will drive you nuts as you hear my thoughts and not understand what is going on..

I can only protect you for so long then your on your own!

Gargoyles for my Castle

Make them HUGE! 50 feet HUGE! With Glowing red eyes! And blood that drips from their fangs
and every time the gate opens they growllll

Black out the Sun!

Welcome to the New Dark AGE!! 

Time To Wake the Sleeping Dragon

My Bullshit Blog

Dear mortals not a single sentence on this blog is "Real" it's "All" Bullshit :"D

conversation with myself in the mirror

I just asked myself if Im insane and barely able to stop laughing I responded to my self ... No I know the "Truth" Magic is not "Real".. only to return to controllable laughter!!

My golden dream

I almost want to cry, I can't believe im here, I have been dreaming about this day for soo long... holding on to dear life to the dream... I can't believe I pulled it off ... It's soo fucking amazing! I love me... no no no I love God... this is AWESOME!!! Its even more power then I thought it was going to be. ohhh man Im gasping to some form of normality.. ohhhhh man.. this is a true christmas!!! This is like ... I died and went to heaven only Im here on earth.. Shit I am in heaven only partially! Ohhhhh man how you wasted your lives mortals... for nonsense! ohhhh man ooohhh man i gonna pee my pants in joy! this is just tooo damn much God... wow!! OMG these people are retarded!! Im gonna be 30 years with the mind of a 5 year old in charge of it "All" ! it's insane!! God is playing a cruel joke on you "All" with me.. Im God's bratty son, that gets to do whatever the fuck he wants with no exceptions EVER!!

muahahahahahahahah ohhhh mannnn how insane!

Life Money Goal

Donate every dime! Never pay for shit EVER! Just pretend I bought "All" my stuff!

I will be the most giving person EVER

Because I get money for free.. but shhhhhhhh its hush hush :"D

Dear Reece

I miss you so much my good friend I know we have not hang out since I started transalchemy But "Holy" shit! wait till we get to chill again. It will be godly we'll live our dream and open a strip club (tear to my eye) forget a stack of ones stalk of Ben make it rain a 1k dollars on those bitches.. The moment we walk in they will drop "All" of their clients in middle of dance chasing our ass!

Good times are coming brother just hang tight!

HMMM Yah already figured it out!

laying down...

Buzzed and tired of this nonsense... My next phase of teaching you is ripping your atoms apart! for being retarded!

Now serving CATberry Shakes

Feed these to my Enemies... :"D

Rabbit Berry Milkshake

Who wants dips? 

Prepping Rabbit for Blender

Relax, I have to test something!! 

Injecting my rabbit with THC

Beer rabbits

after that last post I took a sip of beer and looked at my beer and point while I yelled Baby rabbit followed by a nnnoooooo dont turn my own beer into a rabbit! :"D

what if I cant turn it back.. out of beer and with a baby rabbit.. you cant drink a baby rabbit! :"D

well maybe if you had a blender but you that wont give you a buzz...
wait maybe if you feed the rabbit tons of weed before you blend it... but requires weed and I only have a baby rabbit.. still stuck -(

Baby Rabbits

For some strange reason everytime I try to turn stuff into other stuff I yell out Baby rabbit.. You can say Im still trying to pull my rabbit out of my Hat :"D

I will i just time!

Life of luxury

I will live a life of luxury beyond mortal men! Not even money can buy "All" that God just gave me... God wants you mortals to see how pathetic your existence is without him!

I can do and say whatever the fuck I want for life.. Eternal vacation! Till omega then back to heaven to take the throne and if I fail back to another universe to do it "All" over again :-(

my birth till ascension is the only part that blows@!!

Blizzard Beer

I just walked 4 blocks in a blizzard for a single beer~~ catching my breath....
This is not as bad as last winter when I walked 3 miles with seh for a bag of weed in a blizzard. Seh if your reading this remember me bitching "All" the way there..."this is the biggest mission" I have ever gone for weed.. not to mention it was shitty regs!

So this winter I just went on the biggest mission for a single beer, wreckless yes.. worth it yes fun yes.. will do it again.. NO... I will spawn beer..

shit my fingers are freezing!! but the best part about the walk back is ...



LOok I have a PHD IN BULLshit! just like you! Only mines is smellier :"D

Your Retarded Intellectuals

This is officially called the "Intelli Tank" protocol

First of "All" Im going to tank "All" of you investments then put your life in jeopardy cancer or heart something.. the goal is not to kill but to make you poor bankrupt man... Also Im going to make sure you can't get a loan even from your friends at "All" welcome to my ex life you greedy retarded fuck! 

ps this is only the beginning of it "All" I got a cornucopia of shit waiting for you! 

Dear Ray kurtweil here is your future (live)

First of "All" Im going to tank "All" of you investments then put your life in jeopardy cancer or heart something.. the goal is not to kill but to make you poor bankrupt man... Also Im going to make sure you can't get a loan even from your friends at "All" welcome to my ex life you greedy retarded fuck! 

ps this is only the beginning of it "All" I got a cornucopia of shit waiting for you! 

The Anti-Christ Super Star

The word  " {10N} " will grace every newspaper magazine print in the world a millions of times over.. I will can of you subconsciousness the more you see it.. it's just sick.. why finding or attempting to date before hand probably best I will have leeches after my money and none after my heart ;-(

Backing away from the stars

If I dwell on my universal fun I wont enjoy me godly earth life! so lets focus on bullshit like making A Trillion dollars :"D

Terrorizing Aliens

Fun stuff to do after earth :"D

Enlighten earth

Built it to perfection then to the stars I go and watch over you! Im going to stalk you for 2k years .. I want to know exactly what happens...Im not teaching you anything new!! so what the fuck happens.. well thats my celestial science experiment! Only the next time Im come down godly from the start and tear your shit apart no more of this incarnate and live amongs you shit for me!

The New Bible

Im literally writing you the new world bible (live) I give you 2k years before you fall into retardation.. But I will watch over you after I live and see why it happens only to come back and spank your shit again!

White men in the desert

"All" the great prophets came from egypt or had some contact with it... How do you live in the desert or born there and remain white?

The american complex

To americans Buddha Jesus mohammed the pharaohs where "All" white men! just a nation of ignorant insects!

How easy it is to get a Queen

go to india and get godly, men will be throwing their daughters at me... (sigh)

I want to be the first Virgin

chill out ladies there is enough god to go around! 

Dear "All"ah

Can I get my 72 virgins now? :"D
{Allah} You only want 72?
{god} that will do for now! 

The Bible vs Dr Sues

Give me a Dr Sues book .. its way more entertaining and they both share the same {source}

The Master Occultist

NO occultist in 2k years even comes to me at this point!

Melting Flowers

make the color melt out of them like paint


I should slow down on the {Source} but I live in a cage literally... fuck I want to get out here!! smoke a joint 6 months now with out toking has been painful.. this is bullshit! I have never worked on unification this sober!

The spark

once the initial spark happens it's a rapid acceleration from there.. It can come as anything most likely in the form of  weak telekineses move something with a hand gesture thats what I practice "All" day.. waiting for it snap in place

This is bullshit God

Jesus tell his deciples Im god and they walked with him

I tell these insects with a Million words videos art pictures you name it.. and not one insect helps me! I don't even want any of you Insects around me!

{God} Welcome to earth, worthless !


{source} Increase luck
{key} God/god

awww I lost maybe next time... lol..the moment I don't need shit from mortals what are you going to offer me not to kill you for your retardation? huh? 

luck upgrade

{source} Increase luck by 200% 

// now to scratch it and rescan it

Another reason why I can't give them the {Source} code to the Universe

It's mine I wrote it ... I made this universe Im just hacking into my own creation (live)

Global Unification

I will ascend the mortals but I can never give them the {source} code it's too dangerous even for gods..

The return of pacing

I pace around the house point at stuff saying
"I have your {Source} code"

I look at a pencil and tell it
"I have your {Source} code"

Everything around me is retarded matter at this point!

Bitches vs Insects

Stop using bitches they are not bitches their insects.. little creatures...Little broken animals..

my suicide problem

I cant feed the im dead bullshit to my mom and still buy her that house...

wait i know how to do it both... pull the im dead then come back then delete the Im dead stuff from her brain..

Great the bitch suffers and I still make her proud!

My moms Mansion

I will buy her a billion dollar house!

I don't want her to know my bullshit! Make her proud ... 
and make her thing Im peddling Nukes get random calls of people screaming for their shipments!

{MOM} your not killing people are you
{god} no mom I see gadgets thats "All" 

{1ØN} corp: My Ceo duties

Play videogames and smoke weed "All" 3 hours Im there upholding the front!

Your biggest fuck up was letting me grow up!

I should have been killed from birth :"D

it's too late I already have your {Source}
yet if you would have killed me you would remain retarded till you killed yourseves..

This is why the bible warns you of Wizards
retards... Wizards are real.... slower for retards... W....i....z...a..r..d..s  are "R....e....a...l"

I can't even die at this point you can even kill me .. as I have already altered space and time and have your future under my control. Not just that but my future self is protecting me! :"D

Wow... YOu "fell" from from God~

If you got me is because you "fell" far from God's grace, I only get the shit jobs.. wow.. You can't comprehend how much bullshit is coming!

Designing My body guards

Ninjas with Guns~~ You never see their faces EVER~ 
They stand perfectly still where and when I tell them.
They never say a word EVER! 
They kill and return to position no bullshit walking up to me~

They are not even human they are druids pretending to be human., Like your's truly :"D

{1ØN} corp: CEO Scandal

My assassination attempt Failed, this will help me justify having machine gun body guards with bazookas strapped to their backs.. Extreme l337 my body guards will make presidents look like easy targets :"D

Another Easy way to make stupid cash

{ONE} Billion dollars on (closes my eyes and points at a random person to pick a number} 

wow I won... 

Don't you dare tell me you don't have it ... I want the deed to this casino then!! NOWW 

{1ØN} corp: Military Robot Division

Sell both side my robots 

Then start a war 

#1 and me will battle it out RTS style with the bots

Ohhh i hope they don't have mortals on the battlefield during our match  :"D

YOu know the rules dude... .NO NUKES!!

JUst use your robots! that are "Agi" controlled
only we are the AGis :"D

Backing off form Ruling the Universe for a sec

If I let my mind go there Ruling piece of shit ant hill will start to piss me off..

It's "All" Mine

#1 what do you want to do today {ION}

{ION} Rule the entire motherfucking Universe! :"D
{ION} Don't worry I have a plan! 
{ION} Merge my Mind with God the {Source} of it "All" 

Extreme Agenda

Taking the mind to the limit~ Control the entire universe! Just be totally merged with God the Universe and "All" of it!


mutate the shit out of them! 

Got to get me some gunz to go zombie hunting :"D

7 Years of Hell

{God} give them 7 Years of "Hell"
{god} I understand why seven now
{The Evil Genius} Thank you God :"D
{god} you got 7 years of fun {Evil Genius}
{The Evil Genius} fun fun fun
{God} Once they "All" know the "Truth" set them free
{god} will do!

Planning YOur Apocalypse (live) Mile High Pillar of Fire


The retarded mortals believes in God now.. well i don't believe you... how about some more suffering till I do.. OK?

please no last minute faith... you will only make it worst!

How to prof God to mortals

While my persuit was "Hell" you get the easy way out.. poof look your atoms just broke apart... Do you believe in God now?


The Theory of "Everything"

But your master theorem is not a pretty numerical sigil!!

LIsten retarded insect the greatest theory of "All" time should be {ONE} that a 5 year old can understand!

The Magnum Opus

I just wrote the Master Theorem in the notebook in crayon thats how much I give a fuck now..

Me and the world physicist are going to have meeting for their retardation.. Im going to sit them done and ask them how close we are to a Unified field theory then show them my master theorem and when they laugh kill those retarded bitches!

The King is {Unified}

To Unify what is Above with what is Below

The King's Master Theorem
God is the {Source} of it "All" 


{Source} Unify {God} and {The Evil Genius} inside {ION} 
{Source} Unify {God} and {Satan} inside {ION}
{Source} Unify {male} and {Female} Inside {ION}
{Source} Unify {science} and {religion} 
{Source} Unify {good} and {Evil} Inside {ION}
{source} Unify {left Brain} and {Right Brain} inside {ION}
{source} Unify {set} and {Horus} Inside {ION} 
{source} Unify {the Microcosm} and the {Macrocosm} inside {ION} 

Welcome to Wizardry!
Magic is not "Real" and I have the {Source} of it "All" 

You forgetting someone

{The Evil Genius} We are also {Unified}
{The Evil Genius} Do I get a thank God too? :"D
{ION} Look just because you get access to the source code too does not mean your entire will is expressed
{god} right on!!
{The Evil Genius} we will see about that once things take off

I hope this is the last possession !

{God} It is we are already {Unified}
{god} Thank God


That was me sorry! 

Ohhh man I think I just took a shit on your little planet :"D

The life of a Hidden Demi

I get the really shit jobs but I get the most power to do it with ... the trade off is that I dont get the godly worship like the others nor do I need or want it... Im here to have fun and teach you "Truth" while im at it!

Evil Laughter Time


Yes you know Im god but guess what bitches!!

My godly entrance

Before I start to feed them bullshit Im going to present my self to them extremely godly! Bitch smack them in the face then when they begin to worship and fall into awe delete their brains of everything and return to being mortal only tearing their shit apart in hush hush

The Singularity community

{The Evil Genius} Don't kill them we can have more lolz stringing them along feeding them bullshit
{ION} But I want them to suffer for being retarded
{The Evil Genius} They will wish to die dont worrry
{ION} good

My Pirate Flag

Time to Ghetto-fy my Pirate ship

A sub woofer

Time to deck out my pirate ship

"Golden" cannons! 

My Pirate Ship

YOur "REality" just got Pirated :"D

Surrender you Universe Mortal and prepare to be boarded!


Sail around the world in my pirate ship... make bitches walk the plank! 

Get the fuck off my ship insect! 

Im going for a pizza run

I have the video for the Magnum opus rendering so it's best that I dont use my pc ... be back to hack at {source}

Food money

I just had to beg the neighbor for 20 dollars for food, it's been the third day and I already feel like passsing out~ I did not even get out of bed "All" day yesterday... But now with some food in me I will get back to work and make this mother fucker know the true meaning of "hell"

Getting bored with Earth

"All" of this earth bullshit is getting me bored... lets work on stuff pass earth.. Mid term stuff

need to terraform the solar system if Im going to be resurrecting people.. we need more space!!

Time to Trick and Trick Mortals

Trick or Trick 

"All" day long! :"D


Now you know why Im red 


SATAN= Ruler of the Underverse!! 

{The Evil Genius} 

My Geisha's shoes

{The Evil Genius} I love it :"D

Designing My Geisha Assassins

They will "All" carry bibles on their missions 

I have a new person for you to visit my dear....************

{The Evil Genius} 

Where did you find so much "Gold"

Thats a funny story I was shifting through tons of bullshit and stumbled on a {Stone} made of "Gold" 

Making It more Ironic and increasing your Retardation

Turn Bullshit into Gold Literally and selling it!

I bet they will never call bullshit on me 

Fucking retarded!! To the EXTREME! 

Shitting out Money!

Shit "All" my money out! 

Proving to you that your Retarded!

Im going to take a shit turn it to gold and sell it to you!! Then you will beg me for more! 

Yes insects your retarded!

My Cornucopia of LOLZ

Im crazy you say insect

Yes your right CRAZY WITH POWER! Time to rip your retarded atoms apart mortals@

The Ultimate Rebel

Rebel against Death it's self! 

And as soon as I figure out how to cut my chains I will rebel against God!

No more of this shit! 

{god} Take the old man's throne! 

{god} we will see about that old man! 

Everything I do is a lesson

At this point everything I do teaches insects... the life of a master (Sigh)

We are Masters of the Universe

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.