Monday, December 27, 2010

Give your soul to satan ... oh wait I already have them "All" :"D

In other words your saying there is no devine intelegence so give your soul to satan. Good luck.

@richeart333 Yes thats exactly what Im saying you Insect!

Off With Their Heads

OHHH shit mortals

Know you im the "Real" deal ..... now what is your next move.. I know mine :"D

Why "I am" the Anti-Christ

Go to the {Source} of it "All"

quit your Christ Idol worship! 

Dear Christians

{God} What part of put no other gods before me did you not understand?
 {god} they got it "All" wrong don't they
{God} Not "All" of it but they don't understand the Trinity at "All"
{god} I know God I try to tell them but Jesus is more important then you
{God} You know how to fix this...
{god} unfortunately I do, but I need time
{God} You have "All" the time you want
{god} Sigh I know their a piece of work
{God} Welcome to earth!

The VR Game

{God} Never take it down even if it starts to happen (live) it's part of how we teach them
{god} ok ok  but what about the hush hush
{The Evil Genius} I got tons of bullshit for the blog don't worry
{god} wow hmm ok I get it now!

Thank you for trying

Roberto Gutierrez

 to me
show details 8:40 PM (4 hours ago)

A) Is your universe real? (yes it is.)

B) Are you real? (yes i am)

C) Who currently has {source}? (i have source)

D) What is {Root}? (it is source code)

Sends you 1k for trying! 

Hell for the Retards Singultarians

your back
your back
your back
your back
your back
your back!

"All" day long!


Get deep in their shit!!! After I kill them "All" at lease once for being retarded then just use them as slaves under a leech they can not see!

How to go back into hush hush

once it kicks round up faithful... take everything down but my youtube account
Go down the list of "All" futurist and mind erase them "All"

Meet them  "All"  over again for the "first" time :"D
then start my lolz as they attempt to recruit me into their bullshit :"D
play along and get deep in their shit ... Grab the helm of the Singularity movement and use it to feed the world my bullshit!

Why is this still mind blowing

Ok I knew what I was after but to know for a fact that i have it now is just soo mind fuckish... How do you prep to rule the world? I have a 10k page agenda and that is not enough by far!!

"All" Mine

Exotic shit to do

Cut the top of the great pyramid of giza and make a pool ...
Throw a pool party roast a pig, smoke bud , do whatever I wish.. Fuck at the top of bitch for "All" I care the whole thing is mine! I should paint it ... better yet restore it.. wait fuck those guys I can make something better.. def deface it instead! 

Arriving to Dinner 30 minutes late

{Michelle} your late as usual
{god} I got held by some bullshit!
{Michelle} Look they want our picture lets pose
{god} You know how I feel about pictures,,, They creep me out.. steals my soul
{Michelle} you kidding right, you just don't want to be seen with me
{god} yes I was kidding but I don't want pictures of me being sold on ebay for cash those rats are not going to make money off me like that! ** Thinking: This is how I keep bitches from seeing me with other bitches wink wink :"D
{Michelle} Ok fine look im starving lets eat!

Stay and Spend The Night

{Amanda} How come you have to go every time we finish
{god} I told you I have an emergency board meeting
{Amanda} But you have the top scientist in the world and they need you "All" the time
{god} those insects wont know what to do without me! I get there and get pissed off at the "bullshit" they called me for in the first place..
{Amanda} Are you coming back tonight?
{god} I will call you
{Amanda} You promise
{god} we can never promise anything only God can sweety
{Amanda} love you
{god} you only love my shadow not me
{Amanda} what is your problem
{god} You don't know me
{Amanda} then let me know you
{god} It's complicated with "All" the bullshit I have to do "All" day long!
{Amanda} I understand
{god} sure you do... look I'll call you okay
{Amanda} ok fine! but promise to call me
{god} I already told you... bye!

Here we are

{god} Look I know it's I screwed up today got our times "All" fucked up but let me make it up to you!
{Amanda} and how are you going to do that
{god} same way I always make it up to you, "Bringing Down the Thunder"
{Amanda} ohhhhhhh that sounds Electrifying
{god} go inside be in a few need to put off this board meeting bullshit they need me for!
{Amanda} Hurry up

{god} Michelle the vet is really full let me "check her IN" and meet you at dinner In about {ONE} hour
{god} Laura make let me pick the location I got a nice place!!

Need to make sure they dont both pick the same place that will get complicated!

ok great now for some fun fun time!!

Incoming Text!!
{Rachel} are we still on for the midnight showing of ********
{god} yes we are!!

If he does not show up Im done!

{god} hey laura sorry im late
{Amanda} You know Im sorry but your full of shit were done!
{god} aww but I was looking forward to it and {ONE} of my secretaries called called laura and damn it I hate this everyone pulling at me when I just want to spend time with you..
{Amanda} awwww ok look take me home and we do something tomorrow since your busy
{god} that works!

Incoming text msg

{Luara} I thought we where doing dinner tonight
{god} Yes we are at hmmmm 10ish
{Luara} thats really late
{god} I know but something can up make the reservations and txt me the location meet you there!

Im Here

{god} Hey Amanda sorry im late I got you chocolates
{MIchelle} My name is Michelle
{god} yah whatever, here hold this ... I forgot to drop my bitch at the vet
{Michelle} Since when do have a pet
{god} It's not really mine it's a stray I found on the way here .. My poor heart could not see it suffer I will be back
{Michelle} let me go with you...
{god} no how about you work on our dinner reservation 8ish is good..
{Michelle} ok fine but hurry back!

Where the Fuck is he

{god} Hey Michelle sorry im late
{Amanda} My name is Amanda... 
{god} ohhh in that case I will be back im extremely late for something!  

How to prep to be god

I need to be organized with the hoes :"D

why not my phone? 
That is where girls always check first LOL!!

Mind Interface

{source} Increase my ability to alter the {Source} with my mind alone!
{source} Increase my ability to instantly alter the {Source} with my mind alone!
{key} God/god

Temporal {Source} Control

{Source} Increase my ability to alter the {Source} code across space and time


{God} Anything you write in the {Source} can come true so be careful
{god} I know I know Im fixing stuff as I go and will alter reality (live)
{God} Just making sure you know!

Suspended Lighting

Hold a lighting bolt in place! 

Explain that with your bullshit mortals :"D

The intensity to Merge Is mind blowing

The last 5 months puts the last 10 years to shame! I can see the prize I can see the core of the {Stone} 

I god this... 
{God} I know you do

{God} I god a new task for you {ION}

"{One} with God" till you cant anymore!
{god} are you serious
{God} Do you want to be god?
{god} this is hell God and you know it
{God} welcome to my school my son

Making a mess of the floor

{god} fuck this! you clean this fucking floor, you paid in coins! 
{God} You can quit
{god} This is my company WTF! No im not quitting im firing your ASS!
{God} ONLY The CEO can do that
{god} fine that what I will do.. get my job back and fire your ASS! 
{God} thats the spirit :"D
{God} ohhh by the ... makes a bigger mess of things... You missed a spot! :"D

Here is your Paycheck!

{God} good job with the floor here you go
{god} WTF!! I have 5 million shares in this bitch!!
{God} keep it up and I might promote you!

On Probation

{God} Im giving you a janitor position
{god} but im ceo WTF
{God} work back up to it!
{god} mopping the floor with Anger!! This is bullshit!

Kicked out of my own company

Hey lady see that company building!! I built that bitch from the ground up!

{women} lay off the crack!! 

This bullshit God!! 
I want my company back! 

{God} clean your shoes were letting back into the building! 
{god} thank you .. fuck this is bullshit! 


I go from making Universes to ruling a planet!! thats like founder of company to the janitor,,, no not even the janitor the homeless guy that lives outside the building begging for money ... WTF!!

The the ancient gods

awww sand faces on mars thats cute
{Angels} Awwww ruling little hills that cute!!
{Angels} we have it better and you know it!!
{god} just wait till I get back.. bitches! This is bullshit!

The Ancient gods on mars

Now you know how the old pharaohs got on mars...

Connecting One and Zero together

High speed space tunnel

Links both worlds together in 33 mins

but to pull this off I need a Binary synchronized rotation so the faces of the planet never fall out of sync
Kinda like a binary star system only for planets around a single star

Rename Neptune and Uranus

I cant name them both {ION} so I will split it!

One and Zero

{1ØN} planet problem

Mars is smaller then earth.. New plan.. bring in neptun and uranus inward and Build Mega Super EARTH instead with "All" the insects EVER!!

50 billion per planet..
this is a much better plan!

That should be enough space! 

{1ØN} corp: The {1ØN} Plantet

Terraforming mars to be perfectly  able to support insects

I will rename mars to {ION}

exactly like only perfect! utopia no lack of anything! "All" we do is have fun "All" day!

This is where the "raptured" will go while earth remains my naught evil bitch!

"All" you have to do make it here is know the "Truth" thats it!

I will transition the mortals slowly!!

After that take out earth entirely!

Mind blown

That last post blew my mind... Im still thinking too small ... wow!

Energy Available to me

{God} Don't use it "All" at once }:D

{1ØN} corp: Time Machine!

Tell the world that we invented a time machine and open a "portal" to the pass and bring people to the future!

I need to flesh this out way more... This is golden bullshit that needs to be polished!

How am I doing God

{God} Loving it, give me more!
{god} You do realize this is too much fun
{God} OHHH so now you love your job again
{god} always did just the mortal part sux, lets skip it next time
{God} You will never stop asking me that and I always tell you NO! 
{god} ok whatever we'll play lets make a deal later, back to work! 
{God} NEVER!
{god} I said we will talk about that later!
{God} And I said NEVER! 
{god} we will see about that! 

godly display of Magic

Strike the earth with a lighting bolt and leave a 33 mile crater

Explain that with your bullshit mortals!

Hacking Your "Reality" Apart!

Word Congress Refutes my Decision

MY lord please reconsider!


call me when the next bill is up for review :"D

Minimizing my work and Increasing my Fun

This is bullshit I don't need to do any of this... Let world congress debate "All" this shit

I just say yes or no!

Prison Reform

If your in here for pot related crimes get the fuck out!
This is bullshit! 

The rest of you I will judge on a {ONE} To {ONE} basis! 

Abolishing Homelessness

It sux dude I know been there!

Abolish global homeless (slowly)
Start with America! 

Funding (infinite) 

{1ØN} corp: Scandal

Get our corporate building attacked by a cruise missle on live tv by my Terrorist 
Revealing to the world our force field hush hush technology

{ION} Fuck now the world knows our top secret bullshit :"D

Sell the world shields at 
a billion dollars a pop for tanks 

develop anti shield missiles a year later
sell them at a billion a pop

Goal: 500-1 Trillion in shield technology sales!
On day {One} of sales.. I only have to sell the world 1k tanks :"D


Just so we are clear mortals

This is a hostile take over!!

Your Universe is mine!

Fucking Finnally

{1ØN} corp: The Movie

{God}Hide the lie with the "Truth"

Make a movie telling them "All" of my bullshit straight up.. 
A hackers dream comedy.. then at the end of the movie it shows me waking up from a dream lmao :"D

Movie Studios

Buy several movie studios publicly own them "All" in hush hush 

The Magic of the Movies

{source} Increase my control of "All" of Hollywood across space and time
{source} Whispers the decent into the mortals mind through their dreams

Building {10N} corp

[7:06:26 PM] transalchemy: as soon as gold is free we have lots of work to do
[7:07:07 PM] transalchemy: we have to create our "start up"
[7:07:26 PM] transalchemy: {10N} corp
[7:07:27 PM]*****  : i was also thinking about a church that uses lsd as its sacrament
[7:07:40 PM] *****: how **** wants to create a church
[7:07:44 PM] ***** : or a religion i mean


At the end of the day what "I am" doing to earth is nothing short of Perfection! YOu get honor of  seein a Master controlling the universe (live)

Living on water for 3 days during the holidays

[6:06:11 PM] SeH: thats not bad
[6:06:25 PM] transalchemy: yah
[6:06:28 PM] transalchemy: but with no food
[6:06:34 PM] transalchemy: nothing
[6:06:41 PM] transalchemy: just water
[6:06:43 PM] transalchemy: form tap
[6:07:06 PM] transalchemy:   I will never let this motherfucker forget this shit
[6:07:14 PM] transalchemy: EVER

pulling things out of magazines

I can pull anything out of a magazine into "Reality"

The King is pissed!

This planet is retarded and does not know how to treat a "Real" king!

Run Insects! Run!

How to counter praise

Don't focus on my money please its "All" pointless bullshit!

#1 Agenda


My Hovering Throne

Sit on my throne and hover about telling mortals what to do... 
Go to conferences and float above the insect chilling listening to their bullshit! 

It need machine guns on the side to intimidate insects with while I descend on them "literally" 

What I need

I need guns
I need a sword
I neeed a tank
I need stealth shield for my tank
I need Unlimited rounds for my guns
I need foot soldiers
I need turrets
More to come

I dont need any of that shit... But I need it :"D

what do I want

Need to forget about teaching insects and return to planning my Raw ass life!

what do I want? more importantly what do I need?

Everything is going to plan

strangely though everything is still going according to plan. I can't explain it nor do I need to but it is. Scaring away is also part of my plan.....


Never forget
I want it "All"

The Queen program

I wrote the Queen program as a mortal man and probably not before I was born. The timeline is not broken just makes things way harder. It's not even about difficulty as much as it is about balance. without a queen I will ascend into it "All" and that is somewhat dangerous for insects but again

I god this! 

My original program is fucked

I just woke up again and my dreams im just being hammered with RUBEDO queen and king must wed Rubedo...bla bla bla ... this shit is just not going to follow my original program... need to build a  new timeline for earth.. I failed to take in consideration the retardation of mortal women into my first program...

Mining The Mind of God

That is what dreams are for, to bring more of the infinity into the finite so that {ONE} day "All" of it well be dreamt....

Now back to dreaming I go not sleep for "I am" already awake!

A new type of Dreaming

I just fell into a new type of dreaming ... totally asleep yet wide awake in my head making stuff. I was making it's was different I knew I was in my head only I did not know I dosed off


It seems like the mental training to be god never ends and could it with the scope of "Everything" that needs to be done?

Hey ant get away from my cage don't you see the sign?

MY livestock

Keep bitches locked up! "All" shapes and sizes :"D

Im soo mean

putting their faith through turmoil ~ if it makes you feel better I will wear a tie while I smoke weed...

does that make me a professional god now?

What I want to do till my ascension

chill play videogames drink beer smoke weed... vacation pretty much ... :"D

Nice and easy

Need to ascend Humanity slowly rapture the enlighten to mars :"D
while I keep putting the retards through Hell!

Playing both sides is the shit!! :"D

Launching the Digital Rapture

{Source} Boot Rapture Faith protocol

{Key} God/god

Teaching The Illuminati

Ok mortals here is the "Master" Plan
we feed the mortals bullshit bullshit and more bullshit "All" day long

And if they ever call bullshit we counter it with pure and utter grade A bullshit!


The Contract

{god}So let me get this straight you want me to feed the mortals bullshit and nothing but bullshit
{God}You forgot the fine print
{god} the fine prints reads "and more bullshit"
{God} Yeah basically :"D

The Joys of Ruling this Little Universe


Turn me back please

Not till you tell Mr cuddles that he is not an ugly puppy

Statues of My Enemies

Turn my Enemies to stone and collect them like pots! 

Why I dont need a closet for my clothes

"Everything" I take off I burn 
I wear new clothes everyday nothing is reused EVER!

I need really weird Hats

Tagged to be Tapped

Golden Dawn

I just met her on facebook and added her... please dont come to my blog :"D

MY life is Theater

Magic is the Easy part 
The theater of concealing my Magic is the Hard part! 

{1ØN} corp: Start up

I need our first baby product and clients. But before "All" that need to establish bullshit years of research front. OHHHHH I have an Idea!!

Turn stuff to gold and sell it pure cash... I know where I can go to convert gold to cash off the books! Rent a massive apartment or house and fill it with computer equipment need to give off Super Extreme geek vibe before I we can start feeding them bullshit!


The Salvation of Humanity will not fail because their salvation is my salvation!


Ruler of the Underverse aka


What part of "I can do whatever the fuck I want" don't understand?
Don't let your retardation get you killed...

 I will break your atoms apart, for fun and lolz

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.