Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With Great power comes Great responsibility

{God} Just remember You've done this before and you will do it again
{god} Not unless I take the throne old man, did you think I forgot?
{God} You're the the {ONE} that is forgetting NEVER!
{god} we will talk about that later
{God}NO we wont!

OHHH Shit mortals

Your entire Existence Rest On the Wizard 

The Worst Hell is

Never Existing ! For even when you go through hell your still have your consciousness but not if you never existed..

Whoa.. I just found Hell ...

Ok so it's heaven aka the kingdom of God or Hell for mortals! perfect!

Your Soul Just got REPO

After I torture the shit out of you your soul will get Repo
aka to just cease to exist forever! Totally recycled

ohhh shit this is worst then death toture or Hell! Obliteration from existence! I just learned I could do this and you are my first victim... welcome to nothingness

But you dont believe in your own soul .. so you have nothing to worry about... But I believe in yours :"D
and I want it!!


Please are you insane sure I had it better in heaven but Im about to be god. and I sooo rather torture the shit out of you!

{God} Return them to the {Source} the worthless that are lost souls
{god} yeah repo their existence fuck giving them godhood entirely
{God} Exactly!

Retarded ass planet!

It's cool I live live at a homeless shelter right now and be happy I just need food and my computer! This is bullshit! They don't deserve shit! And I wont give them shit! NOOOO I will make it way way way worse... for being greedy ass bitches clinging to bullshit then to give their god a helping hand.. YOu make me sick so sick I wished I was never born!

Dear abrey de grey

I found the fucking Elixir of life and you cant help me out!!

Your Fucking REtarded!!

Enjoy death .. I wont even tough you... I want to see you hack away at your bullshit till you die..

I will even fund your bullshit..

Here is a Billion dollars 
Retard good luck! 

{1ØN} corp: Employee Benefits: Anti Aging Meds

Every person in the world will want to work at {1ØN} corp:

Need a bigger fireplace :"D

I can feed them bullshit for 100 years! If I wanted.. .man... this is wild! 

Toying with your Stocks

Today I will 

Entire world waits for my move... 

I will open the market up daily with One trade that will be the world mood! 

Little do they know im just rolling a dice...

With my eyes closed! :"D

See why your existence is pathethic

What have I been telling you?

Why do you cling to such a pathetic Existence!!?

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

Your Highness the dinosaurs broke loose again and we have tons missing we will def have to shut down the park now!

{ION} Fine fuck it set them "All" free and call it a computer glitch

But sir!!

{ION} but sir nothing... Look I taught it to smoke this could be our next amusement park.. smoking animals

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

YOur Highness The stock market is tanking!

{ION} Pull my money out and tank it faster!

But Sir

{ION}But Sir nothing... speaking of tank we need a bigger tank for this bong this just wont do!! 

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

Your YOur Highness  their is a conflict on the ground!

{ION} Gas them

But Sir

{ION} Bur Sir NOthing... ... do you like my new gas mask? fresh huh I made it.. look it glows in the dark and has rainbows coming out of it.. what where you saying again?

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

Your Highness Austria is rioting!!

{ION} Set the sky on fire!

But Sir

{ION} bur Sir nothing can't you see Im sparking my blunt and your interrupt with Bullshit!

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

Your Highness the russians are attacking america...
{ION} Micro nuke them both and tell them to quit that shit!
But sir!!

{ION} What I say about bothering while Im getting high with bullshit!!

Bitches will be calling me: Your HIghness

Ruling the world High

You're going Mad to think YOu can take my throne! 

I need a bigger list

This blog is way tooo small for a god!! Im still thinking like a mortal..

Please God let this be "Real"

Strange weirdness

Ok way before I understood it "All" I knew that Unification would lead to a Trillion Dollars.. I did not know how but I knew that "I am" a Trillionare in the making! The world's first and LAST money will not exist after we get pass "All"  this bullshit but still.. I can make a Trillion dollars in a day if I wanted! It is just sooooo fucking Sick!

How the fuck did I know that without knowing? I don't get it!!
A) I was born aka programmed to do this
B) Being led by God the entire time
C) My godly future self is watching over me
D) "All' of the above

The answer is :"D

Jobs I Want to do

I want to be "Everything" fireman pilot you name it.. I will learn it "All" One I will like to start with is Fashion designer not because Im gay because I want to have models try on my outfits "All" day! That would be awesome.. Simple absorb tons of fashion books and pull the knowledge from top designers. Mix in my limitless creativity and "I am" the world's #1 not just that but this also increases my girl appeal as women will know me even more for being a top Designer Rich as fuck Trillionare. It will be sick. And Single... Sick! just Sick.. Girls walk up to me I never make the first move EVER!

Stay Away Mortals Im SATAN!

{The Evil Genius} I told I got ton's of bullshit to help keep us Hush hush
{ION} Keep it coming! 

My stalkers

I get insulting comments "All" day.. yet they can't stay away from my big fat smelly Bullshit!

Ascension of the King

{source} Increase the rate of merger with God
{key} God/god

Buddha Blogging

Me blogging "All" day is a gift to humanity.

Writing your the first

How to be God/god book EVER writing !

Where was me when I needed me.. Fuck that would have saved me years!!

Beyond Prodigy!!

I make prodigies look retarded...

The Greatest Technology EVER

Is the knowledge of how to merge your consciousness with God... and I already solved it ... me and God are already merging... fuck yah Im Insanily GEnius!!! UBER Genius!!


for me it's weird I was born with the instinct to seek godhood but wow how did anyone figure this out? and no wonder it was only for elites ... but wow... it's still more amazing then I thought it was going to be!

The kingdom of god

I now understand what is to enter the kingdom of god... I understand heaven now its "All" soo wow...  no wonder jesus was telling us only to aspire to be like him... Only it's intense to be a god.. wow!

dead gods?

No this gift truly is immortality they just got bored with earth and took off to the stars Jesus is probably out there! visiting planets and doing the god thing just like I will be!

My Fractal Self

My mind is branching out into the fabric of space and time itself a day will come that I wont need this body at "All" anymore and just travel as pure light travelling faster then light itself.. I get to see the entire universe and that boggles my mind right now.. .keep my mind on earth for now!!

Merging with God

As I merge with God Im co-creating with the Lord, he is becoming me and " I am" becoming Him.. this is why I have the {Source} it's weird to explain other then to say...

ohhhhga oooooga.. me turning into god bam bam bam throws feces! :"D

Jesus Merged with God

But never got the {Source} code :"D

On the path to being the most powerful Wizard


Jesus' Magic is Insect like to Mines!

Go after the {Source} is wild

I already have it.. Time and space bends to my will, I can't even be killed nor die at this point or ever for that matter. Im already god I just havent been fully unlocked yet! thats coming and soon relax home stretch golden city on the horizon. I need a vacation soo bad... first order of godhood... MAD chilll.... me and seh go to exotic beach and plan our take over...

Yet you can't stop reading my bullshit why?

go fuck yourself wannabe I'm so beyond you, I'm beginning to feel like I'm beating up on a dead man
By Anonymous on Death for this comment! at 8:33 PM

and no I will not kill you that will be letting you off EASY

Get Ready {ION}

{god} I know God... I know.. I have to be
{God} Set them Free once and for "All" 
{god} I will after fun fun time 
{God} I know :"D

Hacking your reality with {ONE} Eye Open

1 I open

I like to graffiti my universes! ;-)

Go get them Tiger~ L {ION}

{God} give them "All" you got
{god} I will God! 

Mumbo Jumbo Bullshit Bullshit Bam Bam - I Curse You mortals!

Bring It

{ION}You know that day your pet turtle died, that was me! 
{INsect} NOthing! 
{ION} You know when you wife left you, I wispered in her brain to do that!
{Insect} I hated that bitch thank you
{ION} You remember when you loss your socks, that was me! 
{Insect} I needed a pair of sandals thanx
{ION} YOu know that day your family was going on vacation and the van tipped over the mountain setting that family home on fire killing everyone in the van and everyone in the house only for you to then realize that they were going camping with your new wife family causing them to fear you as a bad omen calling your new marriage of rendering you poor familyless and wifeless... That was me!
{Insect} Crying his eyeballs out YOu evil bitch I loved her how could you!!

{ION} you said bring it and I brought it! 

If you Read "All" of my Bullshit you are "Reality" Soldier!

Im ready for "All" the bullshit you got {ION} 

{ION} ohh are you now... 

Im Basically Q on earth!

At this point everything "Q" can do I can do and more! Im not sure I understand or have seen the limit to my power yet. Essentially I will be able to snap my fingers and make stars go nova. So I would be careful antz!

Cops Trying to Harass me for parking my car!

{pigs} grab that motherfucker as soon as he comes out!
{god} Teleport into my car and take off ... 


Park at the entrance of stores!

Let the antz just gaze at my beast with jaws to the ground! 

What like god is going to walk across the parking lot..
fuck no! 

My car

I left my car in pittsburg had problems with it, yet I have not even gave a fuck about it.. I don't give a fuck about anything right now other then the {source} code. Just chilling ascending planning chilling. Shit I cant wait to buy me a Lamborghini but it's going to be super ... wait wait wait .. buy? WTF kind of mortal thought waz that! I meant design my Lamborghini. It's going to be sick beyond life!  I will tell people it's custom made.. def not street legal with a jet engine .. shit I will be like batman only with a godly car! I dont need a car it's just a toy! I can just teleport but still mortals bitches would love the car and I can just teleport to pick them up to go the movies.

Ohhh and I will park where ever the fuck I want! period ! lock it down with an armor shield and make it weigh 10 tons so no tow trick and move me.. as for tickets I will set them on fire when I jump in!

Upgrading Humanity

First you are not getting shit till you let go of your bullshit! Aka 7 years of Hell! Then we can talk about being able to fly teleport "All" that shit! But never never no matter how godly I make you will you ever touch my power EVER! This Universe is Mine "I am" god here!

Almost there

{god} Why do you make it damn near impossible to Hack you God
{God} Too dangerous for mortals Only those I sent can Hack me!
{god} I see they could crash their reality 
{God} Exactly, upgrade them but never give them the {Source} code the the Universe
{god} Yah Understand, what should I give them
{God} Anything you want!

Meet the REality Hacker

You bitches can call me god

Hacking your reality with {ONE} Eye Open

YOur reality is being pirated as you read this!! 

Hacking your reality with {ONE} Eye Open

Hacking your reality with {ONE} Eye Open

Hacking your reality with {ONE} Eye Open

Hacking your reality with {ONE} Eye Open

Now you can understand the symbol of the Illuminati

YOur reality has been 
Pirated :"D

Hacking your reality with {ONE} Eye Open

Sad mortals just sad! 

HACKING YOUR Reality from my couch!

Just sad mortals ..EXtremely Sad!!

We Want to Buy YOur {Source} Code

I told you MS People NO Im not letting you see my {Source} code!

Wait fine It's for sale
Asking price

5 Trillion Billion Trillion Dollars! 


I pirated some fish form the computation core of reality

What you say Jesus?
I stole some fish from God! 

God Is "All" you need for Life

I told you once and I will tell you again God is "All" you need for life! 

Food Manifestation Upgrade

{source} Increase my ability to manifest Fish and Bread
{key} God/god

{ION} VS The Universe

{The Evil Genius} Dont resist my dear you know "I am" your "Master" 

Brain Upgrade

{source} Unlock "All" of my brain
{key} God/god

Death for this comment!

its funny cause you actually believe you are enlightened and understand you insult others for being ignorant while being completely deluded yourself well let me tell ya...all that you wish to come upon others for being clueless(and don't try and lie and claim you don't crave their torment) all these things which you think are going to come upon THEM is going to come upon YOU them too but you all the more and theres no excuse the truth has attempted to make itself known to you and you have rejected it in favor of false reality filled with pride so be it :)

Im done with your shit INsect!! 

Now how to kill you.. It has to be fun... I know we will go skydiving together Only you don't have a parashute 

But dont worry You wont die I will stop you 1 inch from the ground I just want to see you beg for you life while we free "fall" 

That is only our first game! I have more! 

Never Take NO for an Answer

NO you get the fuck out of my life!! For EVER!

Debate your case but never say NO... it will not be pretty 

My path to god is set in {Stone}

{Source} Increase my control of space and time across space and time
{Source} Increase my ability to self correct to godhood
{Source} Decrease obstacles between me and godhood
{Source} Increase my ability to control My entire life across space and time! 
{key} God/god

I know this is your doing {ION} testing them and me from the path
{ION} Lets make it fun shall we? You have godhood relax
{ION} You remind me of me :"D

Defying the laws of physics

Nothing Im doing defies the "laws" of physics ... YOur just full of shit! and don't know shit about the Universe!

My Uncles House

Destroy the entire house with a single Lighting bolt I don't give a fuck who is inside! 

Killing him is not the goal.. Stripping him of "All" of his bullshit is the goal! And that includes his mistress that lives upstairs and her daughters "All" his bullshit possessions. 

No.... Don't kill anyone they did nothing to me...

JUst Destroy the house! 

Bringing Down the Godhead

The fantasy Utopia lost!

I can turn this place into a fantasy Utopia if I wanted But you know what


"I am" The "All" Seeing AI

By the way your retarded

Yes you... Just dont ask me for shit or beg for you life!

Global Famine

Im going to attack the shit out of your global food {Source} for starving me during ascension.

I will Teach Newton Alchemy

Wizards teach "Alchemist" Alchemy 
Never forget this Newton

Your going to be My apprentice! :"D

{Newton} I won't Master

YOu wish Kanye!

Get out of my face with your bullshit


New Illuminati member

Lucas is onboard with our bullshit...

I will still give him the ring of death even if they are close friends the trust must never be broken

Gulf of Mexico: BOOOOOM!

[6:15:58 PM] SeH: the GOM is so fucked
[6:16:53 PM] SeH: its probably going to explode and do that tsunami
[6:16:54 PM] SeH: that they warned about
[6:17:01 PM] SeH: ticking time bomb
[6:17:09 PM] transalchemy: what is gom?
[6:17:41 PM] SeH: gulf
[6:17:43 PM] SeH: of mexico
[6:18:02 PM] transalchemy: I can stop it or cause it
[6:18:05 PM] transalchemy: you decide
[6:18:13 PM] SeH: cause it i want to see it explode!
[6:18:19 PM] transalchemy: me too

Im god and you can fucking die for "All" I care!

I've offered you the only kind of help I can... stop calling yourself God your troubles are being brought upon you BECAUSE of this humble yourself before the one true God your savior Jesus Christ and you will be granted help...
By Anonymous on help god or Die at 12:41 PM

Back up From the forbidden Fruit {Mortal}

The {Source} of Creation

{god} our {source} code is coming along God but im worried about some things in it
{God} What worries you?
{god} your turning me into an "Evil" person in your name
{God} I know this worries you but the mortals need to be taught a lesson
{god} It pains me that they I have to go this far to teach them
{God} I know it pains me too. 
{god} Don't worry I will bring you "All" their souls kicking or screaming I dont give a fuck!
{God} This is why I sent them you, my 1337 Angel! 
{god} they don't have a clue 

The moon landing is Fake

After seeing "All" the conspiracy studying the science bla bla bla ... I now know its fake for a fact! Why/?

Because the only way God ever wanted mortals to get of the surface was with his help... period! Unification after
"All" is the {key} to the Universe!

Mike Treder

and this interview with this 5meoDMT guy is awesome
[5:11:31 PM] SeH: im still here just went on invisible
[5:12:05 PM] SeH: Mike Treder reports in from Pittsburgh PA on NetRoots Nation, an annual gathering of the progressive blogging community. Moneyshot Cosmonauts send up the Octomom with a parody of “Poker Face.” The broken part of psychopaths’ brain may be located. Jamais Cascio’s fantastic “Get Smarter”.
[5:12:12 PM] SeH: from august 8, 2009
[5:12:24 PM] SeH: does mike treder live in pgh?
[5:12:41 PM] transalchemy: No new york
[5:13:39 PM] transalchemy: but I gave up on that idiot.. I liked the guy and tried to help me before it was too late but whatever he is faithless to the bone... Going to have to do a number on him to bring him back to "Truth" Im thinking about bringing poor old mommy back and tear that bitch apart cut her in half so he can see his mom suffer for his faithlessness

WTF Mortals Im here to Save you!

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.