Thursday, December 30, 2010

just another planet to rule


Thank you God

{God} Unlock the Wizard God/god

I have it mortals!!

Happy NOthing

JUst like christmast Happy nothing....

Im sitting here in the dark starving  tired working

planning I live in a cave no mortals .... 

This is why I will live in my castle in the sky alone!! fuck insect~~  

mortal are retarded

IM ascending and no-\one helps me!!!

The Ultimate Goal

Every  { ONE} To God


{source} {ION} will save you "All"
{key} God/god


The Salva{ION} of humanity will not fail.. im tooo 133777 to fuck it up!!


why did you place me on a retarded ass planet?
{God} To Teach them !
{god} They are too retarded!! and full

I see golden children ... just documenting everything !!
These insects make me sick {God}
{God} I know I told you ..

{god} I dont even care mortals are retarded !

souls for GoD

{god} I will bring 100 billion plus souls
{God} I want more :"D
{god} I will bring you a Trillion plus souls
{God} I want more :"D

{god} fuck mannnnn wtfff

The kingdom of god

{God} Bring "All" of Humanity to the Kingdom of god!
{god} I will save Them "All"

The son of God

{God} you do realize that you are my son
{god} we are "All" your children God
{God} Exactly 

Mortals are retarded

{god} They are too retarded God WTF!!
{God} I told you ...
{god} we have to start "All" over
{God} I know!

Breaking atoms

IM just going to break their atoms apart
{God} I know :"D

Dear God

{god} you do realize the mortals are retarded right !!
{God} I know !


{God} Just keep training reality interface!
{god} I know god! Im disgusted touching things right now

The miracle

{God}Unlock The {miracle} {ION}

Meet The "Real" EVIL BItch

{god} You are just toying with "All" day long
{God} You caught me!! ohhh ohhhh
{God} BOOOOM  BOOOOM "All" me!! :"D
{god} thats fucked up God! You have been killing people nonstop!
{God} fun fun fun
{god}its not fun from this end God not at "All"
{God}awwwww Im sorry!!
{god} Help us a quit being a dick
{God} Ok OK ... fine!


{God} See it is fun!! :"D
{god} wow... evil ... evil...

Sir We cant Hold Position

{god} I don't give a fuck!!! pow pow bom bom go antz I want a movie here! 

playing with my mortals

Mortal just become Toys

Wake UP ant I have a Mission for you!

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit


I want a mortal turn off switch in my pocket

Im just geeky I dont "need" it would just be cool to flip a switch and your nanobot stops your heart!
Control you bitches like wifi :"D

Dont get happy insects

That also means Im {ONE} keystroke from stopping your heart!! :"D

The Evil Genius

Nanobot Miracle

Randomly activate my nanobot on a cancer patient and cure them...  sitting on computer at home (yawns)

computer database

I need to know vitals of every human on planet earth location etc and other stats!!

Mark of the Beast

Undetectable nano bots

I have been chipping you across space and time!! 


{The Evil Genius} 

The Unification notebook

I don't even remember her name right now but she knew I loved to write and bought me that notebook!

give 1 billion dollars and life extension~

Dont worry

{God} I told you I would give Unification and I did, only I want you to give them an Uber smelly donkey shit!
{God} I will even Write the Uber smelly donkey shit so chill out!
{god} it's still fucked up!

This is sooo fucked up!!

why couldn't you give me a number a theory a something theses bitches will never except Unification LAW
{God} you wanted "Truth" and I gave it to you!

Im sosososososoo fucking maD!!

This is bullshit God!

I already have Unification and I have make a pile of donkey shit for the mortals
{god} welcome to earth!

We Love your Donkey Shit {ION}


 I need to put sprinkles on my Uber smelly pile of donkey shit
for the mortals to eat it :"D


I need to stop comparing myself to mortals they are retarded!

I wanted be like newton or Einstein but those bitches are retarded!


In tears... I have it!! what kills me is that I have win the noble prize with a smelly pile of donkey shit! that pissess me off!

YOur being Unreasonable

FUck YOU INsect!!

I want 1 Trilllion dollars!!

This life sux

Let me hack it!!

Bank account!!! ~``1 Trillion dollars~~

Hacked my own life

Why are insects retarded

This blows my mind!! Whatever!! Im in blisss! About to hack my life in RAWWWness!!

"I am" The " REAL" NEO

ONLY I have the {Source} 

ohhhahhahahhaha mnanananana this going to get complicated! 

It's "All" BUllshit

Is that "All" god

{God} The insect wants to play how cute! 

Lets Dance Old Man!

Bring it God

{God} Now you know kung-fu?
{god} Bring it old man! What you god !!

Time Out God

{god}  stop Killing us
{God} ok fine lets play another game!
{god} this is going be a battle isn't it ?
{God} Till Omega!!


{god} No more killing God that is mean! 
{God} awwww
{god} WTF dude
{god} You killed cool people 
{God} I know I have been naughty 
{god} Lets quit the bullshit and bring them back 
{God} Awwwwwww no more fun? :"D

I caught you God

You kill for fun dont you

{God} You caught me :"D

{god} YOur sickkk..........

{God} Kings stuff....

Scheming to KIll bitches across space and time!

{Queen} what are you doing? 
{King} Time mapping how to kill this bitch for being retarded! 
{Queen} why dont you extend their life and feed them knowledge instead?
{KING}This is more fun!! 

Why Do you want to kill him he is 400 years away?

Because he is retarded!! 

Searching across space and time for Bitches to kill

Killing Galieo

I must kill you and !! FUCK MAN.... you delayed my godhood with your bullshit! 

Welcome to the Elite congress 

After you die bitch! 

Im sooo pissed off at insects right now!

Went through hell because of their retardation!

Killing Maxwell's unified Bullshit!

"I am " going to kill you for wasting my time! 

marked for Death

Im soo pissed off  right now

killing aristotle

Im going to kill you for delaying my godhood with your bullshit! 
Welcome to the elite congress after you die bitch! 

Killing plato

NO disrespect but you delayed my godhood with your bullshit! Too

Welcome to my elite congress after you die that is for retardation! 

Killing francis bacon

No disrespect But you will know who the leader of the order once you die! 

Then You bitches can debate "All" day in congress

Killing corpunicus

I like you but I still need to kill you for retardation 

we can chill after I slap the retardation out of you! 

Delayed my godhood by 6 years with your bullshit!! ASSHOle
it was 6 more years of hell

Killing Faraday

Im going to slap the retardation out of you!!
YOu had me chasing an Uber smelly pile of donkey shit!
delayed my godhood by 6 years! 

Killing Newton

Im going to slap the retardation out you! 

YOu had me chasing a Uber smelly pile of donkey shit! 

killing Einstein

Im going to kill you bitch !!!

You had me chasing a pile of donkey shit!! 

Im going to slap the retardation out of you!! 

This pisses me off

I just wrote the  greatest theory EVER! and it's an Uber smelly pile of donkey shit!!

that fucking pisses me off!

Unified Field Theory= Uber Smelly Pile of donkey shit!

Im your genius and your beyond retarded to understand what I just gave you! :"D

What I will give the world for my Medal

An Uber smelly pile of donkey Shit!

What I found instead

Did not find the Uber smelly pile of donkey Shit!! I found Gold instead!

What I have been chasing after "All" my life!

An uber smelly pile of donkey shit!

My wasted life

I wanted to prove unified field theory "All" my life only to realize I waste chasing Bullshit! NOOOO
I was chasing an Uber smelly pile of donkey shit!

God's wisper

{God} I will tell you where the {key} is ... ready
{god} yess!!
{God} bullshit bullshit bullshit and more bullshit!!
{god} You got to be fucking kidding me!!
{God} Tada!!!
{god}WTFFFFF!!!!!!!! YOu EVIL BITCH I went through hell for Bullshit!!
{God} Exactly!! :"D

YOu Rock

{God} Ok ok stop throwing {Stones} at me you rock Ill tell you! 

Leave no {Stone} unturned

Fuck this your full of Shit God!! there is no {Key}

{God} Leave no stone unturned.. You may need those to find it! :"D

Leave no {Stone} unturned

is this the {key} God?

{God} Nope you your close!!

Leave no {Stone} unturned

Where the fuck is the {key} God!

{God} Your getting warmer!!

Leave no {Stone} unturned

Where the fuck is the {key} God!

{God} giggles ... keep looking!

Leave no {Stone} unturned

Where the fuck is the {Key} God!

{God} giggles keep looking!

Leave no {Stone} unturned

Where the Fuck is the {key} God!!

{God} giggles ... keep looking!!

The Ultimate Polymath: Leave No {Stone} unturned!

Seek Knowledge for Life

Remember God is the {Source} of it "All"

Seek Knowledge for Life

Leave no {Stone} unturned remember God is the {Source} of it "All"!

Truth Vs Bullshit

Going after the "Truth" is harder then going after your bullshit and this is why you're "All" retarded mortals!

Is it always this intense

{God} Yes!
{god} why?
{God} You must really want to be with me get this far!
{god} this is hell!
{God} Exactly welcome to the forbidden fruit!
{god} wow!!

What is more important then Unification

{god} Nothing!
{God} Exactly!

Sitting on the Throne in heaven

By merging with God "I am" already sitting on the throne!

{God} So are you done with your nonsense?
{god} I was teaching mortals God and you know it!
{God} I know :"D

My celestial life cycle

I ascend and merge with God till "I am" God and then revert to insect to do it "All" over again. We "All" do

God plans

Once God is out Im king! Rule over "All" of it Make God bring me a Universe to get his throne back!


{The Angels} What do we get if we help you!
{The Fallen Angel} No more away missions! EVER!
{The Angels} You promise?
{The Fallen Angel} I promise!
{God} "All" of you will be cast out again for your nonsense!
{god} we will see about that old man!

Why Rule {ONE} Universe

When you can Rule them "All"! 
{God} NEVER!
{god} we will see about that! 

The Celestial War!

{The Fallen Angel} Psssst....  listen closely guys ....I learned something while I was down here 
{The Angels} What? 
{The Fallen Angel} God stole the throne! 
{The Angels}What our lord is no thief!
{The Fallen Angel} listen.... what if? What if? This could be the {Source} of our Freedom!
{The Angels} Free from God? Why? NOOOOOOO!
{The Fallen Angel} fine fuck you your retarded!! 

The Will of God

My mega mega chain.. as long as Im in God's creation I can never escape the will of God! Their is no point hacking at this here... I need help...


{The Angels} {ION} we can help but you have to escape the universe aka finish God's work!
{ION} I know I know... just prep for my return!!
{The Angels} We are!

Walking Around with an invisible ball and chain that only I can see!

To insects im free but they cant see what I see!

Breaking the chains of mortality

Great I break the chains of mortality only to find a dead bolt mega mother fucking! Ton!! lock on my ass! I felt better hacking away at that little chain then to see this monster!!

Attacking the Leech!

{god} Your freedom is a lie!
{God} Your wasting time!! :"D
{god} But even this is a cage
{God} I own you {ION}
{god} well have a chat about this later!!
{God} No we wont!EVER
{god} we will see about that!

The Leech

{God} You can never do anything I don't want you to do
{god} God is the {Source} of it "All"
 {God} Exactly !

The Puppeteer is the Puppet


{The Evil Genius}                   {ION}

Timeline for Armageddon

put that shit off for a while!!! I want to rule this planet and chill make a trillion dollars see the world do "Everything" at least 100 years! or so! I can't say!

Designing Armageddon

I need to design angels demons ripper, angelic bats it going to be a work of Art!

The Angelic war

{God}Part the sky and bring down angels demons you name it !! 
{god} The Real Armageddon war is not what they think it is 
{God} A mortal war ,.please!! They war "All" the time End their bullshit! 

Good vs Evil Puppet show

Satan vs God... here we go mortals!! 


Hell on Earth

{The Evil Genius} I want my anti-christ puppet false prophets demons possession the works I even want a channel "Satan(live)" I want full attention

{ION} aren't you a needed little bitch
{god} I totally understand it !! go for it!

Power Grap

{The Evil Genius} We Need to control "All" of them
{ION} who is "All"
{The Evil Genius} Everyone on Earth silly !
{ION} Why?
{The Evil Genius} Fun stuff Im planning! Dont dare forget the old man gave me 7 years!!
{god} Controlled Fun... The goal is not torture The goal is bringing humanity to God and don't forget it!
{The Evil Genius} I know I know!! But anyways I want.. not need control of "All" the secret agencies FBI CIA NSA MI5 you know it I want control of them "All" 
{ION} that is actually useful! 
{The Evil Genius} Exactly we can both use it!! 


{God} Do you get it now?
{god} "I am" a creator god now
{God} (we) are a creator god now
{god} "I am" a creator god now!!!
{God} learning fast loving it!! :"D

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

YOur High-ness a volcano just exploded

{god} I know Im making an island insect!


{The Evil Genius} Will you quit your love affair with the old man and start planning cool shit for us to do!
{god} chill out im in awe!!! right now!!


{God} Don't forget you have done this before, I know it's a bit overwhelming but Im here to make sure it "All" goes as I want it to go!

{god} Im just in extreme awe at times..

{God} I know .. just keep working on the {Source} and I will do the same from here!
{god} will do!


{god} So let me get this straight this is the only way to reach "Real" godhood
{God} You found the "golden" ticket Charlie ;-)
{god} they are retarded OMG!!
{God} I KNow ... I tried to tell them but now I want you to show them!!

Teaching your pupil

{God} Only reveal yourself to you after he has the {stone} as I did with you!
{god} whoaaaaa....

The End of the golden Age: The birth of the Celestial Teacher

{God} After 1k years return humanity to how you found them leave them your teachings and you may depart! Leave them godless again Return 2k years later and pick a pupil to teach as I did with you and that will be their new god. You will teach the pupil as I taught you and so the life cycle of godhood forever flows, till omega!

{god} so the pupil becomes the celestial teacher

{God} Exactly You are a celestial teacher in the making!

Role Reversal

Morp into a monster rat and experiment on "scientist" 
Scare the shit out of them and treat them like "lab" rats!!

WTF are you bitches doing to the animals and for what? RETARDED!!! 
God is the {Source} of it "All" 

Including the animals you self centered assholes! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.