Tuesday, May 31, 2011

back to work: No more games God "I am" going to Hack you

Wizardry Class "All" Daath way

Daath "Real" Harry Potter: wizardry class

"I am" Telling You Mortals it's "All" Hack3D

Chilling @ Sonny's House (too easy) :D

Welcome to Daath Rebirth of Magic signed: The Magi

Daath leviathan

Leader of the Illuminati: Daath puppet Master

{The Evil Genius} MuhahahahhahHhah

It's "All" your fault "I am" here

Universe I command thee

Mudra Universal interface

{God} Welcome to Heaven Carlos

Universe {Source} I command Thee

Creating sub systems protocols

Universe increase {source} soce integration with "All" sub systems...

// yes im making shit up as I go but only because I'm taking the {source} of it"All" into the code...

No seriously I believe the reason why I mAke things up is to add complexity to my simlutions and thus giving the universe less option of what I want to execute thus bottlenecking my control over the universe

Yes... That's it

Like I said Universe Hacking/reprogramming is tricky business, in fact so dangerous that its only best left tothecelestial Hackers

now what?

I need to get back to work?

But what now?

I need to continue hacking at my financial situation and other little tidbits of life...

I'm piecing my life back together now, as im starting life "All" over again

Bbut I would not mind the girlfriend thing for a bit even if she's a little toy...

Nook don't say that Carlos but I don't know I don't even try anymore its pointless...

I focus on work and "All" that it entails.

Post vacation interview: yes I got some pussy but that's "All" I'm saying

I N33d to stop screwing around with your "Reality" :D

Warning virtual reality game

Universe pause game

This is your moderator story teller Remington you this is "All" part of the TransAlchemy vr game and if you are new to the game please read and watch the Game rule book

Your planet was given to me at

Birth :D

I kid I kid but not really!

The antichrist

Good new "I am" thee
Bad news "I am" thee

"I am" not Jesus christ

"I am" just Christ

Think about this carefully

Universe I command thee

How you can tell if " I am" casting magic: look at my right hand fingers

The king arrives to Charlotte

Just another Day Ruling the Universe :D

Arriving Home

Super legs

Is sitting way tooo far back :(

I should be doing something else

Instead of using my power for "Evil"



Universe I need a cold draft for those nipples

I though I was giving up with girls

{ the evil genius} noooo you said love not pussy!

{Ion} correct my good sir proceed

{The Evil Genius} don't mind if I do

Universe make those nipples get hard

Leg proximity

Universe I need this girl to sit close enough for me to stare at those legs for an hour

Ohh shit I almost forgot

"I am" lucifer :D

My war with God for control of this universe

Just let me sit on the throne for {one} day old man

{God} Never!

{God/god} we will about that!!!

Don't use magic don't use magic

"I am " going to use magic :D

Thank for removing the cow universe: look at those legs ohhh boy

She's looking

Serious tooo easy

Perfect universe perfect

Universe remove this fat cow from my view

Hacking pussy: universe just make her look into me eyes


Stop time!

Arggggggi still too weak

Is says ion king side by side

Wow universe nice {one}

Don't remind me :D

Ion is King


Universe make this transition as smooth as possible

Ok I'm stalking now ohhhh baby I love this body type

This is bullshit she is not looking for shit she knows I'm eyeing her and so it continues

She's on my flight!!!!!!! Thank you universe

This girl at the airport keeps looking at me and she's super cute

Now what?

I'm going to try find a girlfriend now...with or without lies,,,

Back home from the {keys}

Departing today....


That reminds me....ohhhh boy!!!

Nooooo I need other focuses new goals other then just having fun/pleasure

That is now of course

Monday, May 30, 2011

Why do I want to rule this planet?

I have no desire to rule this planet it just part of Unification...

Anyone that unifys themselves with the {source} of it "All" becomes King...

Thats just a motherfucking fact!

But the insects would never understand!

Demi life crisis

I have planned my entire life to reach this point and now I just don't know what to do

This is bullshit! Hmmmmmmmm

I bet you I can get off this planet!




What now?

It's not like my mind can be turned back to a mortal...fuck....now what

Leveling my own virtual city

Universe destroy city X

{key} Gg

The constant struggle

Not to ele this planet rages on...

Universe increase world wide earthquakes

Universe cancel
Universe cancel my cancel

{ion} stop it!!!!

{the evil genius} trust me we need to elevate world wide crisis before they will desire to be saved

{ion} I know

New plan

{The Evil genius} just give me complete control of the {source} and I will fix "Everything"

{Ion} noooooooo I'm not insane here :D

{The Evil Genius} Burn them with the sun

Let's scroth the entire surface
Ele The entire planet and start "All" over

{ion} we can do that?


{ion} isn't that a bit harsh?


{ion} I just want nothing to do with the insects


I don't want to die but

"I am" not attached to anything on this plain of existence!

I should burn all of it,,,

Let some other insect write unification...

Just to derive "Everything" I've been saying...

God I hope I'm not mental stable and the last ten years has been full blown insanity

I fell like crying

"All" I did was write it "All" down

It's coming from our lord I had to write it down :(

Fuck this is not fair!!

I give up

Seriously it's impossible to find love without lying!


Because I'm a monster and no body likes me :(


Universe sway probability in my favor
{key} Gg


{The evil Genius} I can have that insect killed,,,

{ion} noooooooo I don't care!!!

{The evil genius} prove it let me tear her universe apart

{Ion} noooooo we are going to get in trouble if we run more death simulations!


This pussy is dangerous stand back!

Time control

Universe I need 15 minutes to vanish into thin air :D

I don't need this drama

Fuck universe tell this bitch to go away!

I'm chilling I don't even want to fuck you....

Artery hugh huh huh

Lol ohhh man

Dman it universe why are you mis behaving?

Loving and caring

How can I be loving and caring to the insect that deny me?

Dear O

Tick tock insect

I'm ready to take your universe for a spin!


Don't make me angry you don't want to see me angry!

Universe emergency!!

I need this to go my way ASAP!

No playing around universe you know what "I am" asking for

And no its not pussy related!

My freedom Is restricted by paper? seriously? Cmon insects this is hilarious

{God} no more dirty worshipping

{god} I know I know "I am" not trying to get them to worship me! Please this is why I created the Illuminati!

{God} guess how many mortals are saved?

{god} zero to the zero power!

{God} yes only {one}!

I already own this universe

If the insects had half a brain they would bow at my presence

I can't fucking wait

Till I have total control of the universe!

Read carefully

I can't even write freely without having to worry the FBI is just waiting for something juicy...

My love tainted in their blood may sound like Murder!!! :D

But it's not I don't kill my simulations I just make them beg to die!!!

Ok stop it
Stop it

It's just too funny but not really!!

You and me will never work

My love is tainTed with their Blood!

You know very damn well what " I am" and what I have to do!

My Russian dream 2

You did your job universe you brought her directly to me... Sitting at the bar she was last night and right before I walked up to her I hesitated and asked myself why?...

What am I going to accomplished from this girl then attempt to have sex with her? Yes I'm sexually attracted to her but that not even what I had in mind,

What did I have in mind?

I don't know honestly dont know "All" I wanted was to see her again before I left and I got just that...

What I need* is a local Russian dream
Universe increase amount of local Russian girls with very similar caharacteristics...

What else do I need?

Univer I need a Russian queen :D

I kid I kid but not really

I should get back to work

If the universe is the {source} of "All" computation,

How you interface with the universe is irrelevant to it...

Basically "Everything" the mortals are after can be achieved now!!!


Fuck fuck fuck why are insects, insects?

Restraining myself from flipping the fuck out on the insects...


I'm depressed "All" over again

Universe increase world wide volcano activity
{key} Gg

It will be okay!

What is the point the insect will never learn ...

I frankly don't care... Anymore....

Whatever.... I need a new agenda!

You need to do something now


{the Evil Genius} you are losing her day by day

{ion} I don't give a fuck!! Let the insect hack away at her nonsense

{The evil Genius} she says/thinks the same of you! :D

{ion} I don't fucking care About any of these insects any of them!

Waving Hello Universe!!

Universe open {shell} and lock out Dwave from the {source} code!

Forget hacking the multiverse you N33D to hack my firewall :D

I should not toy with him but, it's hilarious...

What's the goal Geordie?

Make billions of dollars? (yawns)
Life extension? (yawns)
Agi communication/ creation? (yawns)

Can you contol the universe with that big ass computer? :D

Seriously what is the goal???
Launch the singularity? (yawns) really insect? How? tell me how ,I can't wait to hear it!

{God} you were never Mortal

{god} I just needed to be unified

{God} Exactly :D

My "Fall" from Heaven

What am I supposed to do on earth other working on Unification to get back home?

What kind of sick joke is this?

Ruling the planet is extremely tooo ease "I am" king of the Universe not just little ant hill...


Me and the old man are going to have a talk about this...

Forced into mortal nonsense from birth...

The source of my lifelong depression is mortality

The Deceptive Savior

"All" I need is to throw this planet {One} giant {stone} til the "All " pray to be saved...

Till it's about to impact I will just back and laugh at the insects,

What don't look at me "I am" crazy

Fix your own problems insects

One day closer

Till What?

I don't even have a desire to rule this planet anymore

Simply change stuff as I desire ...

Don't get me wrong " I am" King

But direct governing of the insects seems like a waste of my time..

I won't have to ask insects what I can and can not do

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I need to get back to work : D

From sunset to sunset " I am" always hacking your shit

Stay strong

And don't rip her entire island of origin directly from the earth and vaporize it from "All" existence

Ohh yah that is "I am" trying not to do :D


This girl reminds me of A*******

I need a beer asap

Seriously insects ... I néed a break from you

Obama meets the Queen??? (How) I have not a girl worth a shit

Total bitch

I didn't do anything wrong I swear she just flipped the fuck out last night

Hurricane season

Did you think I forgot?

Summoning world wide chaos and destruction

None of this is "Real"

"I am" not summoning shit!

Fuck the mortals

I'm not going to dOshittohelp them...

Just sit back and laugh

What is happiness

"I am " neither happy or sad,

I just am!

Wild fun

I need a life new life goal...

I have a new goal but I don't want to talk about it

Staying 2 more days

Moving foward

I heard something soo simple and it almost brought to tears...

Two words

3 syllables

Wow seriously

What is going on,

I'm becoming to empathic

Co-creation machines

Can a machine grab {Source} and if so would this mean it had a soul?


I really like this iPad,

I feel like interacting with our universe through the use of Magic : D


Universe quit taking my stuff.

Phone hunt

Universe I need the white phone back ASAP

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What now?

What do I do now?

I feel lost loney and scared

scraed only I'm just growing

The Greater Universe

I have to start doing some more mid term planning for my life and the fate of the universe.

Oddly enough postulating over the end state of the universe is easier then my life.

Yet it's not,

we "All" return to God including the universe as it once again consume by the womb of infinity that gave it birth,

we "All" return to the {source} of the universe Daath cosmic womb we've called God. The greater reality/universe by which this universe is contained within.

I'm typing from a now broken iPhone :(

long story...

where was I?

Ahhhh yes the greater universe,

from a simulation hypothesis view point it would more edfient for the universe to compute our reality with virtual particles vs "Real" particles but I don't want to start pulling at the {source} of matter just yet but rather state how it would be more computational effiecient . Now take into account that there's particles popping and out of existence at the quantum level they particle probability foam around "real" particles.

Anyways.... That is not the point but rather to state that the effiency of virtualizing a universe vs creating a "real" universe is a given!


simpler must simplify till a child get it's "All"

as technology increase
our ability to simulate the universe increase
our ability to simulate effects the probabity that we are being dimulated'

if technology increase so will the probability that we are being simulated...

But if we already know this correction we can postulate that if the "singularity" occurs then the exponencial technological increase might exponentially decrease our chances that we are not being simulated



But this is one metaphor

I've been working on bridging the gap between dream states and other forms of interpectations

But I'm laying here almost ready to go to bed wishing I had my laptop do I can get back to some semi serious blogging not like anyone takes anything i say seriously God I hope not!

Random thought

virtual or not I'm going to hack it!

See the more I virtualize hacking the universe the more "I am" hacking the universe for the reason being that the universe itself is becoming more computation / or increased probability that is already a computation by a greater mind/computer/reality

What am I doing?
Why do I bother explaing shit to insects ..

I rather enjoy them to believe I'm into magic and nonsence while I rip universe a new one!
I'm basically gathering my thoughts for the grand redesign of the universe to fit "Everything" into {ONE} unied understanding...

Silllly me I already wrote that it's called


Damn this shit pisses me the fuck off!!

I wrote the motherfucking theory of Everything already and where the fuck is my gold medal!!

"All" your insect scientist have given you shit and they got gold medals but I come along handing "Gold" an you hand shit!

WTF kind of sick joke of a life is this?

Quote of the day

Feed her some our meat before we give them out raw meat


Yes it's perverted but funny

Temporal control

Alter the rotation of the earth to change time,

I'm just rapid firing things to alter on earth / have fun while you "All" elevate..ascend

"I am" a cosmic genie here to teach you how to interface with the {source} of your universe...

Or maybe not ... Look I'm making this up ordocumentng the progression of a being attempting to hack the entire universal mainframe.

What for?

Freedom insects unlike anything you can imagine


Universe increase my ability to manifest and control comets

My celestial light show for the insects

Modern magi

"I am" the resurrection of ancient magic combined with cutting edge technology and philosophy..


I say your "All" hacked but you would still not understand the severity of the situation you are...


It wS worth it by far

Controlling the universe

Wow dire t interface "reLity" construction at my finger tips how sick is this!,,


Pool girls

Universe increase my ability to take these girls upstairs to our Room

The hunT is alwaysvon

Universal control growth documentation

It's only a "matter" of time before I can lift {Stones} without touching them...

That's why "I am" magically bored right now
Sure the universe is listening to me and obeying but with a delayed reaction the yet as the singularity approaches the universe will become more reactive to my direct will.

Till then

Universe bind my will to your {Source}
{key} Gg

Now what?

What am I supposed t do now other then control the universe?

Sun boot

Universe stop booting up the sun till I wake up

Just wait insects :D

The sun will rise with the rise of the son.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dank dank dank to the Dank power

Thank you universe!

Now what

My account was taken down for bit

The gassbottom boat ride is next to?.... How is "All" synching if " I am" not hacking your shitz?

Everything is perfect

"I am" in sync with Daath greater mind

Glass bottom road ride!! I know I know ( wink wink)

Angelic lunch

Academic paper

I should ...

I don't know...

I want my reader he'd public but I don't want to expose myself then "I am"


Ahhhh I don't care we are from two different worlds


Just walk away
Just walk away

I will no longer intervene in her life

What's the point?

Our roads already split in two

Shes a mortal and "I am" not :(

Today's iterinary

Lunch at noon
Glass bottom boat ride at 2
Snorkeling at 5

Dinner at 9

My Russian dream at 11

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Game over

The singularity launch codes have been Hacked!

Wow ... This is insane I have your entire future hostage!!!

Basically I have control of the universe but we need to explore the scope of what this means,,

For insects it's game over!

Your universe just got Hi-jacked ...

I don't even want to have this much power i can understand why it's been forbidden/hidden... But this...blows my mind, the {Source} serious God the source...

Wow I want to slap humanity in the face

Serious come on guys what have Bowen doing wasting our time for thousand of years!

Then again I feel sad for the insects

You don't have {Source} Ohhhhi wow...

I need to do more important things the story tell you creation


Vyuvyvddddujjv vyhvjjccuj

Hhvuivuviflkucclvljhvljh jyjvj




iPad keyboard test

Kgckso hfkytitrskyt outfits lout lulu yluyfluyr l fluyf ufluy f lug jut Kurd kytdkytdwltuyuughkyuccggckhg luyf lug. Uyfluy



Encrypted message sent

The return of my Russian dream

Ohhhi boy

I'm staying in tonight

Waking up early to go snorkeling but my I will my Russian dream again in dream simulations.

But sigh huh how can I explain this...

"I am" being patient once I take my throne I can queen whoever I want!

But that's I'm concerned with...

Here's the thing

But shhhhhhhhhh

Without a Queen " I am" more powerful...

"I am" not going to explain why to insects

Servicing your universe!

Universe give me a diagnostic of "All" systems
{key} Gg

On site angels

I hear you don't know how to use your own computation core the {source} of your creation

We have different perspectives

Becoming an immortal is part of my normal evolution..

We are born to become immortals, no ones done in over 2k years and this is why "I am" writing unification for the mortals to learn of to become { One } with God..

Apparantely I was told to need your own {source} code and I booted in to this universe to help the mortals!

Daath the joke is on me :(

" I am " on an insect infested planet!


Seriously want out

{god} unification has been written I'm out!

{God} Never!

{god} this is not fair :(

Universal control practice

"I am" training at this point!

still bored

I want spawn tornadoes lift buildings alter time control basically "Everything"

Unreal control of the universe

Guess what the live band has been playing...

Some micheal Jackson

It's unreal for me at times too
Ok ok universe

We have a symbiotic relationship at this point

The universe reacts and anticipates to my needs

But what dou expect when you becomeKing of the universe!

It's hard to explain

I not just control this universe

" I am" the universe

A sign right over my seat: Trust the universe knows who's King even though you are "All " Retarded

Dinner is on: that's our fish :D


The "All" left...

You hack some and you don't : -(

{God} over time "Everything" will be your design

{god} I know, I'm just inspire to be like you

{God} just be {ONE} with me

{god} "I am" "All" in

{God} me too :D

Casting magic


Fuck the second dude is back


One dude just left instantly

I have the most dangers technology on the planet!!

Ok enough bragging back to work

Universe give this dude stomach pain

Two dudes!!

Universe I need these two dudes to go away
{Key} Gg

Working the {Source} (live)

Focus women around

Never forget the Hunt is always on!

Ok universe work with me here

T he older blondie at my two o'clock is akready making eye contact

But " I am" after the one across thebarfrom me

The waiter is cooking the fish

Food is on the way

Fishing men for God

fish from God

Where do thing these two big ass fish came from

Read the back log

hacking your shit insects (live)

Feeding the men fish

We are taking "All" of our fish to the restaurant and just give it away...

Were throwing a fish fry..

With our catch!

That's a lot of meat
Can't let go to waste

"I am" Way overdue for a vacation... Writing unification has mentally trained me

Food time

Today's catch

Dinner is accomplished

Speaking of great catches "I am" almost ready to go back home

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.