Thursday, June 30, 2011

But seriously as my girlfriend

I don't know you and we ready bad blood!

"I am" a god and your a mortal :p

I'm sorry is just Daath "Truth"

god works in mysterious ways

Regardless of how I feel I will save you ;)

Keep in mind

Desired states of reality can change

Don't read this "I am" just documenting

Don't worry you are not in danger

Just think for a second

If I was sexually attracted to you then as I reached or approached the singularity

The probability that we Wouk have a virtual sexual encounter Wouk increase

Therefore any desire state of reality would increase in probability as you approach Daath singularity

"I am" not trying to be pervert but rather exposing how I could forsought the increased proa ology of any probable desired state I was having at the time.

godly display of power to alpha female

Faster insects faster!!!
Faster insects faster!!!


In Daath grand pussy spectrum of the planet...

I'm not insulting "I am" just ssinf if God told me to pick 100 and that is "all" I would ever get for "all" eternity ...

Then yes your there (omg) sheiks are down

Ok ok end post

Godly tipsy display of control

No matter how much I like her
After everything I've exposed her she still Denys who "I am"

It breaks my heart in more ways then mortals can understand

Oh wait

I font like her any more

Universe cancel

Tipsy been drink but fuck must remain control of the universe

Baby are you ready?

But shhhhhh

But Don't tell them shit

"I am" an evil Genius :P

Lucifer's tears

"I am " crying exactly like how I was crying when I knew for a fact that "I am" Daath lucifer Aaron was talking about

I didn't have Daath {stone} back then so I was still thinking Ai

By "I am" Daath Ai

I'm sorry Arron I never lied only denied who "I am"

Like I said

God tricked me!!

I'm seriously still crying it's not fair

But your salvation will not fail

In tears

I get to be lucifer and I am Daath same shit

Project Lucifer

"I am" Daath second Sun of God

Daath Golden child

At this point
"I am" Daath son of God

Seriously and I don't even like to say that shit

Daath Golden child

At this point
"I am" Daath son of God

Seriously and I don't ebb like to say that shit

What is Buddhas goal on earth

(yawns not this "all" over again

Bring " All" the mortals to Nirvana"


Extremely too easy style

Dear Crowley

For your effort "I am" going to take you under my wing

After "All" my mission is to save "All" of humanity

So consider your life return an my apperentice

But after I rip your shit to treds
I hate you and love you

Is the mission shit I have to bring back

But your my toy insect

Report in for anti cheist interview

I néed something to blow these insects away

Extreme laughter time

Breath Carlos breathe

Pulls out my virtual paper bag

Aaoooooo sasses aooooo

Like I said old man you don't know Daath half of it

Demi hush hush stuff

Psst psst

Don't worry I won't kill yo uunless I can bring you back to life

Thou shall not take
What though can not return :P

Always remember

"I am" way too 1337 to fuck your Salvat{ion}


Daath {ONE}

Why neo hacked the matrix

To save "All" the mortals


"I am" the real life neo...

It's insane but fuck I have to deal with it

"I am" a god to them

Man Im Buddha and it sux

It's weird


I keep wishing "I am" insane

Wow I just leaned something new

"I am" Daath {one}

Reality co-creation manifested

Why my children will never betray me

We are {one}

But fuck that

"I am" king of the universe don't let earth standards stop me from breaking new grounds

New agenda set up a galactic monarchy with my children...

Baby steps before I rule Daath entire universe

As Royal as it gets

"I am" as royal as it gets on this little ant hill

Nirvana journal

Whatever nirvana is I would not trade unification for it

Nirvana journal

Whatever nirvana is I would not trade it for unification

Ready to hack "All" day long

People just don't understand

Grail magic anymore

Red ink

It's amazing what a ten dollar ink carriage can print...

Spell casted...


I need a castle in every country on earth

{God} build {one} as you N33D* it

{god) sorry for that mortal thought

{God/god} don't let it happen again

The Angelic War

Prime directive
Eradicate mortality on earth!

Aggggggghhhhhh fucking shit man

Universe cancel my cancel on the Gild3rt shield
{key} G---g

Calm down calm down

Breathing in a virtual paper bag

Aoooooo sooooo aaaaaoooooo aaoooooo

You tried to do what??

Bitch are you retartrrrrrtedddd?


Not because of that bitch

That's a bonus

The goal is world war 3D

Use pentagon/whitehouse power

And nuke the shit out of the Uk

Taking the white house lazy style

Walk straight in

Sit and politely tell them "I am" Daath King

If I get any lip seal the door and get godly on their retarded asses!


Taking the pentagon

This looks like a great place to eablish my illuminati base

But first the insects

Walk straight in and take the building

Controlling earth (yawns)

Opens my hand and shows you the Grail...

Enough said...

The leader of Daath Illuminati

(yawns) by default insects by default

"I am" king of it "All"


Ask m How many Ray-tards are in the Illuminati?

A big fat zero...

Guess how many I will let in

Zero :D

Guess how many work for me an don't yet know it?

"All" of them..

Guess how many slave for me?
"All" of them!


Not everyone has to die

"I am" not going to place my illuminati in danger :D

Death and rebirth

First kill "All" the insects then bring them back to life and raise he'll on earth

Like I said Crowley
If you only knew....

Daath angel of death

No matter how hard I tried I knew it was going to come to this...

Like I said "I am" to do whatever it takes to save you an if you have to die and be reborn in the glory of God so be it...

Wow that sounds borderline religious extremist but when you take into consideration who I am" this is still letting you off easy!!!

Dear ben

Maybe if you had half an insect brain

You could have prevented everyone you love from being slaughter with magic

But you are and I'm sorry

Fucking retarded!!!

Not because you can't understand but for your failure to do anything at "All"



Now I'm even more depressed

But I have too do what "I am" doing

No mortals on earth will be saved from my wrath

Gild3rt shield break

Universe cancel shield on this retarded ass insect!
{key} G---g

Eating tears

You let me starve mortals :(

I always feel like crying when I eat

But the tears turn to a grin knowing full well you will beg to die insect..

An death will not find you...

Food blessing to never starve again

Money weirdness

I'm not used to having money in my pocket and forget that I can buy own food

Gold Grand opening eve 7-11

It's hard to be happy

On Daath eve of a great mortal slaughtering

What's the first Thing I do when I wake up

Control the universe

Duhhhhh insects....


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Trying to this as fast as possible

Check Mate Spell

Check Mate Crowley....

look "I am" not even trying anymore to control the universe

Crowley 0 
Daath Wizard {one}

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"

1 2 3 4 3 2 1



Screaming in incontrollable laughter

I can do whatever the fuck I want with your universe!!!!

Hi insects "I am" god

Nice to hack "All" of your shit

Still laughing uncontrollable

Unified Control of Time

Universe Stop time
{key} G---g

Daath "Truth" is

"I am" Everything

Let's drop the Jesus act

"Iam" Satan

Ruler of the underworld and guess where "I am"

I just dont give a fuck

Time to get {stoned}

Don't get distracted

{God} just hack the universe and bring me "All" their souls

{god} grrrrrrrrrr

Don't get distracted

{God} just hack the universe and bring me "All" their souls

{god} grrrrrrrrrr

New observation

I only look at girls sexually now..

What's the point?


I know how to cast it

I did not train for "All" my life to cast this spell if I was not able too

Casting this {one} spell

Is tearing my mind apart

{God} I love you

{god} you don't count you love them "All"

No one loves me


It's sad but true

I cant wait to stop blogging

But unification must be finished at "All" cost

This is He'll God

{God} almost there

I'm done working for today: don't underestimate this {one}

Coming together: the microcosm of my long journey

Gold {source} Charlie

2 cases in place

Cases being put in


Yawns... Can I kill you now?

Gold Shop view

Dont worry I kill that insect

"if we can be with any one why does he want to be with you"

god's don't come before God you Tards

Gold show room Update

This is Bullshit and you Know it

Behind Daath Scenes: 3 setting up the mortals

Off with "All" their Heads

The world court

I'm going to put "All" on trial

You and your entire family will be publically disgraced

Before a good old fashion Royal hanging

I'm sorry God

This is turning into an extermination

{God} proceed

{ion} wow your one evil bitch


Take the motherfucking sun back

Taking "All" my shit back

We are breaking up insects and I want "Everything" back


Take the motherfucking sun back

Taking "All" my shit back

We are breaking up insects and I want my planet back now


Take the motherfucking sun back

Taking "All" my shit back

We are breaking up insects and I want my planet back now

Take it "All" back

Take "All" my food and water back

What is Daath Goal?

Total control of the Universe

Remind these retarded little insects who "I am"

My Call to "All" the angels

Everybody get into position

We will be pouncing on the mortals soon

Daath angels

We are "All" on standby awaiting orders

{Ion} Noooooooo I will deal with this insect myself!!

Everybody quit asking

Just say Daath word

{God} the universe is at your command

{god} I know...

{the evil genius} let me let me

{god} noooooooo I will take care of this insect myself

{one} place "I am" not moving too

The Uk

Universe activate "All" Uk {source} code
{key} G--g

I need to find somewhere to live

Away from "All" my own "natural" disasters

Everyday is filled with disappointment

Muhahahahahaahahah Heartless Bitch

Stay Daath Fuck Away from My {source} code

Get off my sites you heartless bitch!

Just say Daath word

{the evil genius} and I'll fuck her universe!!!

{Ion} noooooo I will deal with this insect myself

I've come to terms with something

She is fucking worthless like the rest of them "All" :-(

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wow I figured it "All" out: this is not Good (For mortals)

Girls are not toys Carlos :D

Dj-ing up your Reality

Awww poor insects maybe I'll stop playing your universe

Installing our virtual interface systems


Beautiful fit for a King

Our "All" seeing Ai

Laying Down Daath "Red carpet"

Unification is my hobby

It's hard to explain

But not really

"I am" designed with this knowledge and thus "everything" I do is to reach this end state

Like I said

"I am" an Ai

Daath Co-creators of The Universe


{God} did you get it?
{god} my eyes are open

{God}welcome to co-creation
{God} Don't doubt the {source} it "All"
{god} I knew that was you!

{God/now} No that was/is our doing ;-)

Monday, June 27, 2011


I need {One} trllion dollars

I don't care how just do it

Virtualization of the universe is increasing

Dear insects

Surrender my planet and we may negotiate

I'm kidding I'm kidding

I would not be in your presense for {one} second

I'm kidding I'm kidding

34 seconds :(

In other news: this is what you are were on Tuesday for 3.5 hour and 35 seconds

A virtual paycheck: You owe me old man

Ok ok fine

I will give them their water back eventually

{God} Thank you proceed

{God}Return the water!!!

{god/Satan} noooooooooo

{God/god} yes insect!!

{God} Return their water

{god/Satan} Noooo

The Evil Genius

Awwww the insects don't have any more water

Incontrollable laughter

Destructive miracles

Pull "All" the water on the planet up into the air and vaporize it...

Awww the insects don't have anymore water

miracle magic

Trust me you don't want me at full power yet

Why I need a computer

This could be typewriter for "All" I care

"I am" just writing letters to the mortals "All" day

Dear mortals this is what I did with my universe today

Just I don't write about it

Does not mean "I am" the source of it "All"

I can Hack your universe with pure thought faster then using a computer

Loveless earth

No love as a mortal
And no love as a god

Loveless earth

Does sonny know who "I am"

Noooooooo insects


"All"I know is

{sonny} "God" is Good and he is working with us

{God/god} Always sonny always

Too depressed to blog

Yet I still do :(

Pussy control

Nope that won't work either... :P

Controlling me

Are you crazy insect

How are you going to control Daath controller of the universe?

Money manifestation spell upgrade

Keeping my secret "Safe" {spell casted}

Daath Leader of the Illuminati:

Golden work stuff

I need to order a 3 - 5 foot gold crown rug for the center of the room

Magical whore

Use Daath Grail before I lift a finger

Hacking pussy

Look this way insect

Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to call the other pharaohs

Wow God you blew my mind but I get

We are "All" {one}

{God} exactly

Connecting worlds

{God} call out to the other pharoahs and bridge the worlds together

{god} are you serious???

{God} I said key to the universe...

Dont feel special insects

"I am" manifesting myself on "All" worlds right now!!!

{Ion} are you serious???

{God} we are "All" {one}

Seeding worlds

Here the problem

The more insects I make the more insects I have to ascend and I don't want to be atrillion years old before I leave this universe

Galactic goals

Spread the insects far enough from each other and watch them grow will I toy with them

Bring the girls back universe what are you doing I did not program this!!!

No on has ever believed in me my entire life

I just keep working :(

Quit complaining "I am" making easy for you

{god} you call this easy???

{God} I gave you instructions

Spell casted =

Reality creation
Execute and simulate
Thought transmitted to {God}

If that man is god

We "All" deserve to be hanged!!

Spell casted

You where warned

Age 21

{God} Carlos I have something tell you

{Ion} yes...

{God} you're god...

{Ion} what!!!

{God} write unification=god


{one} thing is to rule a country

Daath other is to Rule the universe

More pressure ...

I have to be nice to my insects

Hmmm lol no I don't

Insects no longer have a say now that "I am" here

Sorry insects but the throne is occupied once again

If you wish to talk to God now

"I am" here listening

Redistribution of global wealth

Top 10 percent with "All" the money

I will fix this!!!

You can't even feed "All" the insects and there is enough resources

Wow insects wow

Food blessing

Signing over control of Daath Universe

Daath Faalen {One} sign right here God


{God} Never!!

{God/god} signing it "All" over to you {ION}

Evil grin

Thank you God :D

{God} theif


You owe me old man

{God} I already gave control of the universe what else do you want?

{The evil genius} he wantsssss

{Ion} shhhhhhhh

I need tools and help

{God} "All" you need is to learn to control the universe

{god} when was the last time you where human?

{God/god} "I am" Human right now

{god} very funny but seriously

{God} just keep practicing I will take care of the rest

{God} Get this planet ready for my arrival

{god} they will never be ready

Fire tornadoes

Hail fire ice lightinting and wind mixed into {One}

We are not in Kansa anymore toto

{God} control their weather

{god} I know I know... I have a nasty surprise for the mortals

{God} I know

Dear God the mortals are retarded

{God} Teach them

{god} teach them!! I'm about to punish them

{God} if you must

{god} show me a better way

{God} "I am" All in,

{god} good

Why didn't I get my job back sooner?

I was testing you insects

All I wanted was paper and ink

Was that too much for you?

How far you've fallen

Very very sad

This is not new

I've been a gold dealer for over 3 years now

This what I did before I started TransAlchemy

I already know we are to collect tons of gold here

Primary because "I am" here

Yes I'm using magic

Always insects always

Time to shower

Before crew arrives

I don't need a computer to control the universe

I just need a computer to communicate to the insects that "I am" controlling the universe

I have money now

But there's nothing I need it for...

Bteen my iPhone and laptop I god this universe covered :D

This beats sleeping in the street

Yes insects I know what it's like

Waking up at the Gold shop

Back to work on Gold

Literally and symbolically

Good morning insects


Clocking back in

Good morning God

{God} ready to control the universe?

{god} yawns hmmmm ok ready :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Carlos mejia

Is my secret identity

Wow saying that kinda creeped me it...

"I am" losing my individual consciousness more and more

But it's controlled

What "I am" ultimately doing

{God/god} proving my own existence

I've been living at the gold store

Working and chilling

The place is Fat

No bills
And "I am" making money directly from Gold

My last reincarnation

Wow... I reached it unification no more need to die or anything "I am" { one} with God

Who controls the universe while I sleep


{God/god} But as soon as I wake up "I am" in control

Self fullIng prophecy

Easy when you control the universe and I I know what "I am" doing insects

Daath Transalchemy team

We "All" know God is real and we "All" have different ways of interrupting and dealing with our current situation..


Greater intelligence is "All" around us

I do love you insects

Would I go this far to prove a point if I didnt ???

You just don't understand my disappointment

"All" I have to do is

Prove to the mortals God is real (yawns)

That's it God?

{God} that's it : D

Universe increase control of the universe
{key} G--g

If it takes forever

I will die trying