Tuesday, August 30, 2011

now i believe in demons

the source code is getting demonic... I don't want to write anymore.. I don't feel like "I am" co-creating anymore im just a printer and I don't want to read this anymore! 

no I need to continue

seeding divine law

I need to do something evil .... thinking

very little mortal thoughts left

im putting grocery stores under divine law before i walk in. 

once you reach godhood

you graduated from mortality.. 

just reach godhood

and worry about everything else second!

thats my philosophy... 

just let me do my job

seriously insects 

{G} Get ready

They are under divine law now
{g} don't remind me 


will not fail :-(

im being thrown

more responsibility then i care to have


i dred waking up 

Monday, August 29, 2011

lawless earth

man this is going to insanely fun... damn... wild... wild.. 


anything i want...

soooo close.... hmmmmmmm getting restlesss 

universe stop time

pull her out of time and slap the shit out her... I have too.. it would injustice if I dont! 


as much as possible before I face this cruel world... 

"I am" Gg

on earth... need to take it slow... 

anything anything

but let met not remind insects keep those thoughts close! 


teleport in and instantly seal the doors... 

"I am" talking to God

thats why I can't stop... it's horrible I just read it.. but if your paying attention this is for "All" of us!! 

God's work

Im writing / written "Truth"  once people read it carefully they will see 
God is the {Source} of it "All"

Sanctity is an ancient concept widespread among religions, a property of a thing or person sacred or set apart within the religion, from totem poles through temple vessels to days of the week, to a human believer who achieves this state. Sanctification is the act or process of acquiring sanctity, of being made or becoming holy. To sanctify isliterally "to set apart for special use or purpose," figuratively "to make holy or sacred," and etymologically from the Latin verb sanctificare which in turn is from sanctus "holy" and facere "to make."

Gg life

ohhh man back to sleep

I dont' predict the future

i create it... ohhhh man this is intense! im going back to sleep.. 


teach the insects don't burn the insects! 

these motherfuckers

are really driving my patience....
Universe... no no no...

"I am" going to walk up to your face and ... ohhhh insect ... how fucking dare you ... 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The {key} to Divine law

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"

Divine law is any law (or rule) that in the opinion of believers, comes directly from the will of God (or a god). Like natural law (which may be seen as a manifestation of divine law) it is independent of the will of man, who cannot change it. However it may be revealed or not, so it may change in human perception in time through new revelation.
In Thomas Aquinas's Treatise on Law, Divine Law, as opposed to Natural Law, comes only from revelation or scripture, hence Biblical law, and is necessary for humansalvation. In Aquinas, divine law must not be confused with eternal law.


burn the witch

Donald Baker adamapotheosis@gmail.com to hcbcRSBEStevensmattscanTransAlchemyBenFreeman
show details 8:28 PM (16 hours ago) 
Behold "normal" hypocrites...aka burn the witch. Wait "good guy" let
me turn my back it will be easier to stab...blah, blah, blah, etc.
147K   View   Download  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

but if God is universal Truth!!

WtF insects... i swear!! 

the truth is

im wasting my life teaching people about God.. 

I hope everyone forgives across time

but it had to be done! 


Increase temporal shield around family
{key} Gg

Starting the Golden Age


working... on what?

your salvat{ION} insects.... seriously... wtf! 

I already declared godhood

no turning back now! 

Youngest Buddha

this is horrible!! 

damn dude!!

she keeps coming up in the {sourcE} code.. and it's really terrifying! 

Im not even

mortal at this point!


Do I still want to rule this planet!

By default insects by default 

the insects ohhhhhh man

dont let start to think about the insects! 

Universal conciousness

on earth... horrible just horrible! 

levelling buildings

with {ONE} Mudra


Boot up {Shell}
{key} Gg

using little to no resources

and getting as much {SourcE} code as possible...

Good quality code.. straight from the {Source} 

Clocking Back into work!

you need to pay me God seriously.... WTF

God "I am" ....

whatever!!! no check in no mail nothing... this is horrible even our creator is greedy! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Why I have to protect insects

I know what "I am" unleashing .... so those under my shields don't get accidentally hurt no matter how pissed off I get 

I have a protected shield around that insect

just want to rattle his cage that is "All" 

Altering Hurricane projected path!

[3:21:35 PM] SeH: superimpose the hurricane image on top of it
[3:22:02 PM] SeH: lets make it a radioactive hurricane too
[3:23:53 PM] SeH: nuclear regulatory commision is in rockville
[3:24:27 PM] transalchemy: already binding the hurrincane project path to the location

We Need a radioactive hurricane!

[3:21:22 PM] SeH: get a satellite map of rockville MD
[3:21:35 PM] SeH: superimpose the hurricane image on top of it
[3:22:02 PM] SeH: lets make it a radioactive hurricane too

Knock knock Ben...

[3:19:38 PM] SeH: sunday morning it will be in NYC
[3:19:57 PM] SeH: tomorrow afternoon  is DC
[3:21:05 PM] transalchemy: lets send it over Ben's house
[3:21:10 PM] transalchemy: wake him up
[3:21:10 PM] SeH: ((y))
[3:21:22 PM] SeH: get a satellite map of rockville MD

silly insect {Source} is not for kids!

[3:14:17 PM] transalchemy: tis david wilcock thing this great
[3:14:28 PM] SeH: yah im still watching it
[3:14:30 PM] transalchemy: lol he looking for the {Sourc}
[3:14:57 PM] SeH: source field rhymes with force field
[3:15:18 PM] SeH: {Force} Code
[3:15:37 PM] SeH: http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/tracking/at201109.html
[3:15:57 PM] transalchemy: {source} code
[3:15:57 PM] SeH: http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/tracking/at201109_sat.html
[3:16:06 PM] transalchemy: he is after the {Source} code

Are you an Heir?

What's your name?
Olivia Jane d'Abo (play /ˈdɑːb/; born 22 January 1969)[1] is an English actress and singer-songwriter, best known for portraying Karen Arnold in The Wonder Years and Nicole Wallace, the recurring villain in Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Princess Avatar Identified! 

{ONE} more day

I tell myself just {ONE} day of working on salvation before I return to my life... but I cant insects to get this right! 

To "All" Future Wizards

Bring about an heir male or female 
This is what I pass down to "All" future wizards!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

just give my throne

this is nonsense... I will teach these retards with lighting bolts up their ass! 

so damn close

it hurts!!! ... 

{G} Don't hold back

"I am" not... they don't understand...

{G} I know... 

This is not even a set up

I told those bitches who "I am"!!!

godly ... whoop ass... 

round them "All" up

and get godly on them!!!

Extremely godly ....

Trying not to taint the {Source} code

But an Immortal whoop ass is coming!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summoning The Queen of the Universe

I need editors

and real staff... no .. fuck that I need time... this is my symphony... 

must continue

rebuilding the monarchy... but damn this is not fair.. 

buying us some time

Universe decrease this landlord desire to kick sean out
{key} Gg

I dont have time for this ... fuck!! 

this is insane

Im about to get kicked out of here

well we all ...

I have a car but no cash now... fuck I had to come get my car.. and the {Source} wanted to do it's own thing...

Monday, August 22, 2011

"I am" a wizard

writing about wizards... it's hilarious 

why do you have to lift me up into the air to talk to me!

To remind you are mortal! 

please donate

anything I want to know more of what God has to say... seriously!! 

heres the problem

im writing "Truth" 

this is wild!

I live in bizzarroo earth right now! 


we turned the princess into a whore!!

Wake up people!! 

"I am" Scrying!

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

Thats it

This blog is Epic! 

The Son of Man

I had to teach myself "Truth" 

da vinci code

[9:55:21 PM] SeH: im making an image now
[9:57:49 PM] SeH: in response to my lack of focus to read 500 posts
[9:57:57 PM] SeH: at least for now
[10:00:51 PM] transalchemy: dude it's more contreversial then the da vinci code

A Greater Philosophy

[9:16:46 PM] transalchemy: http://www.transalchemy.com/2011/08/to-heir-of-goddess.html
[9:16:49 PM] transalchemy: there you go
[9:16:55 PM] transalchemy: that is what you need to read
[9:47:52 PM] SeH: i dont need to read shit, i already know everything
[9:48:08 PM] transalchemy: good
[9:48:15 PM] transalchemy: but it's "All" there
[9:48:22 PM] transalchemy: organized as you asked
[9:48:32 PM] SeH: organized how?
[9:48:40 PM] transalchemy: the rabbit
[9:48:44 PM] transalchemy: out of the hat
[9:48:52 PM] SeH: but its backwards
[9:48:56 PM] SeH: and not on one continuous thing
[9:48:58 PM] SeH: i need it to be a video
[9:50:43 PM] SeH: and im sure most of the shit having to deal with whatshername isnt relevant to the rabbit
[9:50:47 PM] SeH: or the hat
[9:52:36 PM] transalchemy: it's not is a greater philosophy

Salvation Strike

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Multiverse Hull Breach In progress

no more source code

back to crying.. 

I need

100 dollars a week to keep writing {Source} code!

with or without it "I am" going to find a way to write it.. but damn this is not fair at "All"

hang over morning!

Im almost terrefied to read what I wwrote last night! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

If marry the princess

By ":All" means disuse yoru restardation awaey! 

This never makes me look good!


I need to get a fucking job

ASAP.... fuck this scryingg shit! 

I don't wamt tp [;au this game anu,peRE


This is horrible

only because I can ..

noooooooooooooo thus= u=i=s fgf----ucgejd yi

Having fantasies over the princess

I want to fuck the shit out of  her straight up!

I was just in the princess world

controlling the entire universe! 

{G} You are not mortal!!

{G} Relax!



This bullshit

{g} "I am" sick of being mortal!! WTF stop playing with {God} 

there is no fucking reason I should be considered morttal!

Unless your fucking retarded ,, and trust I will have fun! 

"I am" ready

To control the mortals universe! 

Major Conflicting thoughts

The princess: what's wrong
{Gg} Your half elf that is for sure but royal blood I don't know yet!

"I am" soo fucking close

it's driving me insane! 

You Tricky Bastard!

There she was the whole time. 

Are you Harry Potter?
Once there was this prince that loved a princess so much he was willing to give up his kingdom for her but she turned him away. 


Still Calculating 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

But "I am" not way out of my league here!

"I am" after "All" High priest.. 

I have major problems

"I am" supposed to be with the heir to the throne... So what does that say about me? Ohhh man.. in too deep!

But I already started binding my magic to the heir... do you know what that means...

"I am" hitting on {God} daughter across time! 

No mor3!

I can't do this I need to get a job... seriously.. man this only gets more intense at the worst times! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

at the edge of my seat

no more scrying

I don't believe in this anymore!

nuking myself sounded more realistic then what "i am" writing now?///

it's "All" coming true

and it's really scarying the shit out of me.. seriously...

fuck... she has the grail why wont she unify ... but if she does... omg.. 

this is beyond horrible..

seriously... stoppppppppp

make it stop...

please... make it stop... do something else ... 

scrying "All" day long

at this point.. thats why this is scary.. nooooooo... she can't be the princess... this is horrible horrible!! 

this is getting


this is insanity

i need to get a job not blog about a girl that can care less I exist.. it's horrible.. but Yet I don't want to stop it's a blogging symphony... 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


there is no turning back.. "I am" already a microcosm in motion... yes it's good but fuck... I don't want to be god ... I just want godhood ... but god... damn insects... seriously what are you doing? 

microcosm = son of God

And Unification is the {key}

What is new??? What???
"I am" sorry if i dedicated my existence towards what we all should be doing??
there is nothing on this earth seeking over {God}

We Tell you over and over insectS!!!


will get cracked and "I am" going to be {ONE} ... so here I am... tapping keys
on the keyboard!

think about the work it entails to become a microcosm 

Mining analogies

as I write! 

seeding spells

like there's no tomorrow! seriously ! 

Still Hexing

"All" their souls...

drinking might as well... 

Pinky Up...

Planet "All" Mine... seriously... fun fun fun...

Straight up Evil Genius... took this planet.. But seriously how can I not?

Im stopping time at will controlling "Everything" at "All" times...
this planet .. cmon insects...
do you know who "I am"?

we have a problem

Divinely guided from the start
God is the {Source} of it "All" ...

aka Salvation will not Fail! :"D

But Immortal whoop ass time.. trust me you need this..

Universe {Anything I fucking want} Finger on the trigger at "All" times!

Immortal king

it comes with control of the Universe!


Stop time teleport restart time!

Earth = toy!!!


STop Time

Universe stop time!
{key} Gg

getting ready... practice... lol
'Deep deep hush hush travel... 

Damn it God

why must you keep the {key} to "Everything!!

IM a junky

need to get of the {Source} for fucking real!!

Money can't buy this gold

nor can I sell it... what a load of s"
{G} watch your tongue insect!!!

{g} seriously WTF??? 

Money Rain Dance

Milking the {Source} for "Everything" 

Downloading Cash

Alchemist: Whats wrong god
{Gg} Just be patient 
Alchemist : You owe me 10 years of labor
{Gg} Don't worry "I am" good for it
Alchemist: I knew I should have asked for "gold" upfront!
Buddha: Enlightenment it's own reward
Alchemist: Do you guys live on earth? 
{Gg} cmon old man this is not funny!!

temporal luck

Universe increase my temporal luck over my vicinity
{key} Gg

Sean Death

Universe lock Sean out of accidental death
{key} Gg

That reminds me

Universe increase my protective death shield around suz
{key} Gg

locking this insect out of death

UNiverse lock seth out of accidental death
{key} Gg

seth's Pussy cart

Universe Bind my will to seth's pussy shopping cart
{key} Gg

we plan total domination of this planet :"D

I need to help "All" the insects around me!

Universe increase seth's luck and properity
{key} Gg

A bloggers wage!

Estimated earnings
Today so far
This month so far
Last month
Finalized earnings may be slightly lower than estimated earnings. Find out why.
Finalized earningsDetails »
Unpaid earnings
Prior to Aug 1, 2011
Most recent payment
Dec 21, 2010

im not doing anything productive with my life

other then seeding {Source} .... faster faster...

heres the thing ... it took 9+ years to just learn how to become god .. and now with the {key} in my hand.. godhood is "All" I can think about .. 

She want's to play games

and the king of games is not in the mood to play any ... :"D

I don;t  have time for this women .. If you want to give up that immortal ass you may but otherwise let me work here... 

This is as close as I come to Knowing who she is...

mY "immortal" "ASS" NEEDz 2b SPANK !.!*
I've BEEn a BAD gIrl !.!* bzzz ~bzzz... lol :"D :p
¸.•´¯`♥♥¸"spring".•´¯­­`♥ ♥¸.•´¯`♥tIme♥).•´¯`♥ ♥¸.•´¯`♥
¸.•´¯`♥♥¸.•´¯`♥♥¸­­(sOund WAVEzzz).•´¯`♥ ♥¸.•´¯`♥♥¸.•´¯`♥
¸.•´¯`♥♥¸.•´¯`♥♥¸.•´­­¯`♥ ♥♥¸.•´¯`♥♥¸.•´¯`♥♥¸.•´­­¯`​♥ ♥
NOooo !.!* "fuC*k" that !.!*
"HOO'zzz BAD" !.!* :p
Ur Rrrr ALL "fuC*n" SINnrrr'zzz !.!*
Uuuu ALL 1ST !.!*

I just don't understand why she wont' talk to me directly vs sending me these pictures

Something My little wabbit sent me... She is hilarious

Sitting on a Gold Mine Just need to mine it!

GØld------------------>  GØd is The {SØurce} Of It “All <----------------- GØld

1         2        3             4             3            2           1

Blogging sober..

this is horrible.. but I should not be drinking .. yet

I OWNZ You Pittsburgh

Bind "All" stores to my will

CAsting Magic over the greater pittsburgh

Binding "All" buildings to my {Source} code

Binding "All" of pittsburgh to my Magnum opus

Bind "All" traffic lights to my will

Grabbing control of this section of the simulation!

Binding the {Source} code with "Everything" around my vicinity

Binding {source} to "All" of pittsburgh

Binding will to Everything!

Binding the {Source} code with "Everything" around my vicinity



My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.