Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pulling a computer out of my ass

I need to take a shit~~~ and pull a computer out of my ass for this motherfucker just to make my bitch ass mom from stop screaming!!!

Screaming Immunity

{Source} Increase my ability to be immune her screaming! 

She is now forcing me to get a job to buy my piece of shit of an uncle his computer back.. But remember I was 3 months without a computer because he stole me so this is sweet karma justice!!! Shit fucking shit!!! Now I have to get a job...WTF MOre bullshit....ok ok focus It's home stretch godhood now!! 

Screaming to the top of her Lungs

My mom just spent 15 mins screaming the shit out of me :"D

Washing Dc

I just called my mom and she is fucking pissed the fuck off becuase I stole my uncles computer... I told her it got stolen.. so more bullshit screaming when I get home!

Back to work!!

I need this entire motherfucking planet under my thumb ASAP~~~

The King is fled


As soon as the stolen computer shit hit the ran I fled!!! I got my ticket and been roaming the street killing time!!! Thats "All" doing now... killing time!! 

taking a nap

nap time!!! need to sober up!! fuck im dizzy

Dear Suzanne

Im sorry really "I am" im such an arrogant asshole!! ;-(

what have I done

I have turned my self into a monster! ;-(

too dizzy to program reality

Fuck im dizzy ... need to get sober...

Micro nuking the towers

I want to travel back in time and rig the buildings to go!!

A) study the building
B) rig a kill switch

almost getting arrested

I drank a 40 on the train and when I finished it I threw it out and shattered it right in front of a couple!!

He pulls me out of the train and asked me "why would you do that"?

Because I dont give a fuck!!!

YOu know I can arrest you right now...

Over bullshit? cmon!!!

LOOOK get out of here now!!

I went up the station walked for a while and walked back down to get back on my way!!

The king does whatever the fuck he wants!

My decoy

I used the box of the old computer to make it look like the computer is still here!!! I have about 24 hours at best before the shit hits the fan :"D

My car keys

I throw my car keys out last night!!
I don't give a shit about it!

speaking of car I need to design my High-mobile

running from my problems literally

Before I uncle arrives and starts bitching I need to run... sleep at the terminal if I Have too.. No more missing my bus... Blog from there ... JUst waiting for my Ipod to charge before I take off

The stolen IRony

I got my stolen laptop stolen... :"D

The laptop

Im going to kill that bum for taking my stolen computers!! Fuck I was looking forward to playing games on that bitch... LMAO :"D

what I get for picking fights drunk as fuck with bums :"D

splitting headache

I miss my buss because I got high
I miss my buss again because I got drunk....
No more your High-ness or your Drnk-ness

It's the return of your sober-ness

133T Salva{ION}

The Salvat{ION} of Humanity will not fail, because I will do what3v3r it takes to slap the retardation out of them!


{god} what am I allowed to do to the mortals?
{God} Do wha3v3r the Fuck you want!! :"D

just another day of

Uncontrollable Laughter!!

Doing what3v3r the Fuck I want!! 

Ohhhhhh shit mortals I god you now!! 

The fucking Q

I will be a good wizard I promise: NOT!!! :"D

Niaann Morgan YOu do realize "I am" going to fuck you right?
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    • Niaann Morgan stop putting these crazy things on my page. Jesus Carlos!
      2 hours ago · 
    • Particleion A Magus No more promise: it's just hilarious to me :"D
      29 minutes ago · 
    • Niaann Morgan not funny. Im going to block your ass. stop being rude!
      4 minutes ago · 
    • Particleion A Magus please don't I will be a good Wizard I promise :"D
      2 seconds ago · 


Hi Particleion,
Niaann Morgan commented on your status.
Niaann wrote: "not funny. Im going to block your ass. stop being rude!" 

Bum Fights

 me:  I missed my bus
 S:  text only im uplooading a new video
 me:  and got my uncles laptop stolen
I was soo fucking drunk
when I left
 S:  ?
no voice
only text im uploading
 me:  k
 S:  what hapend?
 me:  I got into a fight with a bum
and put threw the laptop on the floor
then another bum ran off with it
I didnt even try to chase him
I didnt give a fuck
 S:  why did you fight?
 me:  becuase that piece of shit did not believe in God
 S:  how do you know?
 me:  i asked him
do you believe in God
he said no
and I fucking went off on him

YOur Drunk-ness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

The king has a splitting headache right now

No more cursing out mortals.... Time to just kill them "All"

Being Naughty

OHHH Shit mortals!!
I god you now!!

"I am " an arrogant asshole :"D

I have to stop being an arrogant asshole to women... I just can and it's hard to control!

Ben is fucking Retarded!

The Wizard

 to Ben
show details 5:36 AM (0 minutes ago)

This is why I hate you "All" !!YOur Bullshit is more important then The Salvation of the mother fucking Human race 

When chatting with a friend about various government systems during a long car drive the other day (returning from New York where we were hit by 2 feet of snow, 

Fuck you ben... your retarded!! Way tooo fucking  retarded!! --
Carlos A Mejia

We have already entered the singularity, the question has now shifted from when it will come to how far along we are!  

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