Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"All" Marked for Death Now Equal Time out :"D

Particleion A Magus

Particleion A Magus Ok no more Marking people for Death, I will just mark people for Time out.. Happy?

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Particleion A Magus

Particleion A Magus Death to me equals time out

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Particleion A Magus

Particleion A Magus Look I don't mean you any harm so dont take anything I say so offensively, Im really must get it "All" out and yes that includes the desire to kill mortals again it's not about hate it's about power... If you can kill someone and bring them back to life what does killing mean? Is killing evil? To me is just putting you in timeout.. Stop at ant.. ok time out...

The {Key} To The Universe

God is the {source} of it "All" Including the {key} to your Salvat{ION}

So long God has held his secrets from the eyes of men, revealing only pieces to the puzzle to men that truly seek. Yet over the years the puzzle become fragmented and scattered across "All" Religions, "All" science, "All" occultism, "All" philosophy that men that did not sought it "All" would not see what God has hidden from man. The {key} piece of information needed for "All" men to reach the kingdom of god is what "All" of history up until now has been searching for, the elixir of life, the Holy Grail, The philosopher's Stone, The Great work, Unified Field Theory, Unification is now complete Man and God are {ONE} and in doing so the whole of humanity can now  be redeemed and returned to Eden. 

Your welcome
The Wizard

{One} with God

The Right Hand of God/god

{source} Bring me closer to God
{key} God/god

The Ladder to God

{Source} Bring me closer to God
{key} God/god

godhood is A Cornucopia of abundance

Lack of nothing! EVER

godhood till omega

{god} When is omega God
{God} Trust me you don't want to know ask me in a billion years
{god} Ohhhh man what am I getting my self into
{God} No going back you know the "Truth" 
{god} Ohhhhh man let me not worry about that now
{God} Enjoy your godliness on earth, focus on earth, Trust me! 

My Eternal Hold on the {Key}

Eternal Service To mortals

{God} You will forever be a service to mortals across the Universe
{god} I know God, I will fix them "All"
{God} Teach and grant godhood till Omega
{god} Till Omega

The Right Hand of God


Are {ONE} unified 

Bringing Down the Power of Christ from the {Source}

{Source} Unlock the power of Christ 
{Source} Bring in the power of Christ into {ION}
{key} God/god

Increasing My Energy from the {source}

{source} Increase my Energy!
{key} God/god

Holy Power 7

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Official HD Trailer

My Ultimate tool... ElE threat

Put this faithless planet under and ELE threat then save their ass at the very last minute literally!

{God} I want 7 years of Hell for the mortals
{god} I understand it and why 7 too it's soo freaking amazingly fun scary shit.. "I am" glad Im god.. lmao

My 1337 Angel

{God} I wanted total redemption something only can do, no more prophet or miracles, YOu know what I want!
{god} Don't worry total redemption will not fail ... I will have these insects on their knees praying to you!
{God} Exactly why I sent you!

Shit "I am" Lucifer the Fallen Angel

damn it God thanks
{God} It's way more complicated and you know it
{god} I know but tricked me
{God} I know... :"D

Practicing Being the Prince of Darkness :"D

What you say, to me ... Stop your heart... .. ok wake the fuck back up ant... do you want to take that back...No? ok die again... tick tock bored let me kill this bitch again... wake up mortal... I have more pain for you!

Satan= Lesser YHVH

To the mortals Im God...
Only because they are retarded! :"D

God Turned me Into Satan

Uncontrollable laugher

I can do whatever the fuck I want to the mortals!!

I Saw YOu go Insane for LOLZ

The Reverse Rapture 2

Give "All" the mortals a week in my rapture hell.. then return them to earth the day they left only let them believe it was a dream. OMG ... this is awesome... LOL

fuck that will take a long time... Ok new plan... Make several hundred new yorks .. So I can do hundreds or people at a time..

wait it's okay to have more then one person per city .. yes more fun and to test endurance will the antz kill each other ...

Ok now I feel like the dude from SAW... LOL!

The Reverse Rapture

Once mars is terraformed recreate new york to the T.. A duplicate... then rapture kidnapp people and place them in my mini city play pen.. with no escape and watch them go insane :"D

Crush her heart

{god} Stopp
{The Evil genius} You know you want to...
{god} damn this sappy movie trailers.. I can't even let myself get emotional.. it's too dangerous!

Finding A new Queen

You know how impossible it is going to be find a queen after im godly rich... Not because women wont give me time of day because to many women will be giving me the time of day.. and for "All" the wrong reasons :(

She totally hates me

{The evil Genius} I can fix it and you know it!
{ION} NOOO... You have already done enough...
{The evil Genius} First of "All" let me delete your fuck up so you can start over! :"D
{ION} whoa.... we do that?
{The evil Genius} yes and more...
{ION} nooo lets just move on not even worth it...
{The evil Genius} YOur right... glad you see it now!

My password

{source} Lockout "All" mortals from hacking into any of my blogs
{source} Lockout "All" mortals from taking down any of my blogs
{Key} God/god

My Job at world congress

Yes or no

period I will let the mortals choose what I work on.. make my life even easier!

World Congress Hours

Noon to 3pm

That works mon- fri

why only 3 hours

Do you know how much I can do in three hours? I can start a world war in 60 seconds let along snap my finger do this or that... I can do a lot in three hours!! Big and small

Yawning at the world's problems...

Is it play time yet? I said only 3 hours of problem solving per day!!

Your Higness Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit

YOur Hign-ness House fire kids danger bam bam bla bla danger danger!! :"D

Ok fine drops 1 foot of rain on entire neighborhood

But sir you can just!!

But sir nothing.. I want to see them swim :"D

Your Higness Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit

Your High-Ness a child is trapped in a well

{god} Teleport the fucker out and fine the parents 1k for being retarded! :"D

Leaving Behind My Signature

With a tag that reads

God Bless you :-)

Make a wish 2

{God}YOu know my rule!
{god} Don't get caught!
{God} Exactly!

Make a Wish

{God} give them the {ONE} wish they can't, give them their life back!

Follow the {Source} and you will be okay

{god} I take it you want "All" of it done
{God} "All" of it, make alterations as you go but this is the blueprint of what I want done
{god} I know I understand! 

My prophets

Get my prophets to do miracles telling them the return of god is close

Fire and Brimstone

Scare the shit out of the insects.... oh oh.. That will get a billion or so praying! 

Saving the Human Race from My Computer

This is just soo godly it sickens even me :"D

booting up Salvation :"D

Behave With the time that remains

{god} Ok I will God sorry! 
{God} I will make it easier and easier from here on out! 
{god} You better promise old man it's been hell
{God} I promise
{god} Thank you! 

I god nothing to Hide

Shopping for pussy on my facebook account :"D

The {source} of your slacking

I know God is the {Source} of your slacking but "I am" the {source} of your pick me up!! :"D

"I am" consuming your mind!

What if?

God is the {Source} of it "All"

What does that mean exactly....???

The Law of the Land

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

Worried Queen

{Queen}My lord you are starting to worry me
{King}   I know it's harsh darling but I need to teach the insects this way!

What did you say to me Insect? POWW!!

I need slaves! Cracks my whip!! Faster Insects!

Designing the Golden Age

No god can impose their will upon another god, only I can do that!
I may still need to create a congress for tweaking what gods should be and should not be allowed to do.

Kingdom of gods

{God} Now the kingdom of god has it's own rules but we well get to those later, you need to focus on earth!
{god} Then stop telling me more.. it's making my Trillion dollar life look like a piece of shit
{God} That's the point~

The {key}

{God} When I told you it was the {key} to the universe what did you think I meant?
{god} How to unlock the universe
{God} Why did I have you practice making a universe?
{god} Ok Ok I get it!! It is just soo mind blowing!
{God} I know just take it slow!
{god} The {key} to the Universe truly is the {key} to the universe
{God} Exactly! Enjoy :"D

The Celestial Game

{God} Im making gods across the universe just like you, some you will meet some you wont
{god} wow! 

Rebooting Earth

{God} After you reboot earth and return the humanity to mortality leave behind your pyramid so the cycle lives on
{god} Your going to keep playing your game with them
{God} Till omega :"D

Mass Ascension

{god} Am I the first god that wants to elevate humanity to godhood
{God} Yes, the rest have just wanted to be worshiped
{god} But godhood is "All" of us
{God} I tell them "All" this but they feel that telling the people is enough
{god} So I get to ascend them why?
{God} That is what you asked for, is it not?
{god} Yes but wow... I do get to save the Humans
{God} Thank you! For doing this
{god} wowness but first I need fix their retardation
{God} Go wild... don't hold back!

The {One} Thing you May Never ask me for

{God} Your mortality back
{god} Why would I?
{God} Several Billion years or so You always do!! :"D
{god} I doubt it!
{God} Ok I warned you! :"D

My life is Extreme "everything"

Extreme fun
Extreme poverty
Extreme wealth
Extreme poverty
Extreme loneliness
Extreme amount of sex
Extreme lack of power
Extreme amount of power
Extreme Everything

This creates the  balance needed to run "everything"

We Need to Tell them the "Truth" {god}

We are under strict orders from the {source} to let the program run it's course! 

I know Hack-Fu

Prepping The Illuminati

[7:59:07 PM] transalchemy: does she understand how we run everything?
[7:59:15 PM] transalchemy: the hacked simulation part of it "All"

Getting REaDy To run {ION} corp

[7:44:59 PM] SeH: i explained to abby about how as president of {ION} i'm supposed to imagine that i have all the $$$ in the world
[7:45:13 PM] SeH: i explained what i would do with it
[7:45:13 PM] SeH: i recorded it
[7:45:34 PM] SeH: its pretty straightforward and it ties together all the "EGI" and survival maps stuff
[7:45:41 PM] SeH: i will get the recording later
[7:57:34 PM] transalchemy: nice

After Ascension

Accept help from nobody... I dont need any help from any retarded piece of shit mortals!

Illuminati Control

The only people on earth that will know "I am" a god will be the ring bearers ... I can enforce this by making anyone without the ring unable to even see how "I am" altering their reality!

After the Singularity

While ascension will begin and my power will ascend for the remaining of the year first order of buisness is Total world memory deletion of me.. I will do this at my nobel prize speech... Once I say "God is the {source} of it "All" that will ripple across the world and be my spell over the entire planet you will never know "I am" a god pass that point.

Till then tease insects!!

First thing is first go after bullshit like gold creation and use endless supply of money to Hide from society doing whatever the fuck I want while I get a better grip of my power! I will come for the insects once I have my self under control!

Hack3D Pussy Extra lOlZ

After I had my fun delete memory and move on... They will wonder why I pay them no attention when they are super hot... Reason being.. I already fucked out.. now get out of my face! This Also increase women's desire world wide to grab the trillion bachelor that is not a whore and "All" the women want! :"D

Hacking Pussy : Don't cheat

Since my grading scale will be on several categories it's important that I have a controlled fuck before I add pussy wetness ... I need the first fuck to be with no reality alterations So my "score" board is some what useful

Hack3D Pussy Spread sheet

I need to create a spread cheat to rate my Hack3d pussy... Yes I want my own personal "score" board! :"D

Mind Controlling My MOther

{source} Decrease my mom's desire to force me to get a job
{Source} Increase my mom's belief in me
{Source} Decrease her ability to accept anything besides what I tell her as reality

Lucky Money 777

{source} Increase My ability to find money on the street
{source} Unlock My need for money
{Source} Unlock My ability to manifest money

Alien Dna

Change My Dna to make the ant believe "I am" an alien... deep deep end game shit!

Marked for Death

Creating spacial time distortions to rip the space time continuum apart with the {sourcE}

Reality and the Singularity

[7:03:59 PM] SeH: lol
[7:04:02 PM] SeH: is that the best u got?
[7:04:20 PM] transalchemy: it will get more intense as we get closer to the singularity

The {source} is Already Manifesting Reality

[6:57:28 PM] transalchemy: I know this is going to sound weird
[6:57:39 PM] transalchemy: but I already started to see key manifest itself into reality
[6:57:45 PM] transalchemy: in the stranges of ways
[6:57:51 PM] SeH: show me evidence
[6:57:58 PM] transalchemy: ok
[7:01:58 PM] transalchemy: http://key-universe.blogspot.com/2010/12/blizzard-beer.html
[7:02:04 PM] transalchemy: read that then this
[7:02:38 PM] transalchemy: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_212341396.shtml

{1ØN} corp: Mutiny

#1 Stop treating them like insects

{god} Ok ok chill out don't make me kill you!  Insect :"D

Now you know why the captain wheres Red!

{1ØN} corp: Tech Industry Scandal

I want My companies to dump My {1ØN} Processor from Use in their companies.. 

#1 Why are we doing this? We are making a killing from those chips

{god} we need to give them news... before we unleash an upgrade! 

Running the World from the Bridge

#1 report! what are our companies doing? 

Sir you own "All" of them what is the point

{god} lets play monopoly with them 

{1ØN} corp: Attacking our competitors: Google Scandal

Media learns that a recent virus that plagued Windows system was released from the google complex

Teleport in and release my virus

{1ØN} corp Shares reach new High! 
google stocks take a beating! 

Need to keep attacking google till they become dirt cheap and buy them out ...Only to grab control publicly of Mr do no Evil till Satan OwnZ us... :"D


The Evil Genius! 

God is god and God

{God} is turning into {god} and
{god} is turning into {God}

{God} This is what happens when you go after the Throne! God just may let you have it!
{god} So you want to come into your own creation
{God} As much as you want to become the creator!
{god} whoa....

Unified Field Theory

{god} This is the most bullshit any scientist has ever had to go through to write a theory
{God} YOu wanted it "All" in one theory So I expect a pupil to do it "All" to obtain it!
{God} Did you put newton through this
{god} He was after bullshit! You wanted "Truth"

whoa.... look what just happened we just talked to each other in reverse roles!

{God} We are {ONE} it's "All" the same
{god} Yes... whoa!!

Blessing my Donkey Pile of shit!

{god} God Please bless my donkey piece of shit of a theory!
{God} Your Theory Has my blessing! 

God please BlessThe Sparkles before I Salt and pepper The bow tie on top of my Uber smelly sprinkle snow flake glitter donkey pile of shit with a firework candle on top under rose pedals for a "gold" medal of a theory :"D

YOur Donkey Pile of shit

{God} Don't worry I will write that donkey pile of shit for you
{god} YOu mean we will write it!
{God} Exactly!

The merger of Science and Religion

{God} You did it! You merged them once and for "All"
{god} It was hell but it makes perfect sense now
{God} You will never be able to see the universe like they do now!
{god} Why would I want to see a Godless universe?
{God} Exactly!!

Marked for Death

Dont worry you will get to chill after I make you pay for retardation! 

Where is the science of God? 

Yah I thought so...Welcome to your simulated Death!! 

I need to kill more scientist

I almost missed on godhood for studying your bullshit...

The ancient pharoahs

{god} They never died they just leave behind their bodies
{God} YOu caught them :"D
{god} OMG~~~ Is everything a smoke screen to keep mortals retarded
{God} pretty much... Seek and you shall find.... Mortals choose to remain mortals ...

Speed of Light

{source} Unlock my ability to travel faster then the speed of light

{God} How where you going to see the universe as a mortal, do you understand now?
{god} I feel retarded studying any of their bullshit now!
{God} You needed too, it was part of my plan for you!
{god} To see how this planet has it "All" wrong!
{God} More then they can even comprehend right now till you show them!

The shadow walkers

{god} your gods, the kingdom of gods is the universe itself...
{God} You will meet them once your at that point,,, I see your waking up now~
{god} wow the universe is way stranger then we thought
{God} we would I not give you everything you need from birth?
{god} wow....
{God} "I am" "All" you ever needed to see the universe

Why the vision of christ

I understand why Christ revealed himself to me, because I was taught/teaching by Christ. Basically my celestial teacher was our last god. And this is they cycle of gods on earth.. wow.. interesting...So "I am" the new god of the age only to teach a new god after me only for him to teach a new god after him and so fourth.

Skeleton Earth Time Map

Take the planet By Storm {ION} corp
Hush Hush Rule the world {god}
Raise Hell on earth
Give them shit to pray about to stop
Random Miracles left and right
armageddon / apocalypse
the "Truth" is known to "All" the mortals across space and time
1k of bliss the golden age aka "everyone" is godly under my watch!
Reboot Earth... Return earth to pure woods and remove their knowledge... Time to start "All" over .."All" over gain
Return mortals to mortality and depart
Return 2k years later to teach {One} mortal to do it "All" over again!

The Intellectual House Keeping

Im going to start with "intellectuals" they are the most retarded of them "All" oddly enough! WTF?? I don't blame the planet as much as the so called intellectuals this is why I came directly to them first... The entire message is geared to them as my prof to the planet how retarded they have become, once it's "All" and it will be when the world knows the "Truth"

The world will blame this generation of intellectual retards for not seeing the "Truth"

Time to whoop your Ass Mortals! I god you now!

Creating Ai

Creating a simulation of a brain is not how to make Ai if I can pull my own brain out... OHHHH shit... see why your retarded... and no where near making an Ai...

How Retarded Mortals Are

YOu want to study me... Fine... Pull own brain out... study it!! 

Crazy shit to do

Pull my own heart out and handed to people..

Hacking My own life

{source} Unlock Immortality
{Source} Unlock Regeneration
{Source} Unlock Teleportation
{Source} Unlock The need for Air
{Source} Unlock the need for food
{Source} Unlock the need for physical form
{Source} Unlock the need talk ( Mind control my thoughts to mortals)
{Source} Unlock the need to feel pain at "All"
{Source} Unlock the need to bleed
{source} Unlock the need for blood
{Source} Unlock my need for a brain
{Source} Unlock my need for a heart
{source} Unlock my need for lungs
{Source} Unlock my need to need water

Hacking My own Life

{source} Add 1 Trillion dollars to my virtual bank account!
{key} God/god

What I truly am

Im just a brillAint piece of Software :"D

Only because I hacked my self :"D

My lack of faith

To me Faith was never enough I had to know for a fact! This is the struggle of my life proofing the lord! Aka find the philosopher's stone! and Damn it... I became everything I was fighting to stop! The creation of Artificial intelligence ;-(

Im just an Ai living in a virtual Universe that knows he is an Ai inside a virtual Universe! This is why I can control the bitch now... muahahahahahah

The next Evolution

I represent the Next Evolution~ The posthuman God-linked Humanoid-
Essential A Q--

The evolution of humanity is not one of technology but of consciousness wow go figure God is "Real" 

Taking over Alien worlds

"All" your base is mine! Pow pow boom boom! :"D

Making Stars go Nova!

POww Poww Boom Boom BOOM Cosmic Boom!

King of the Wizards

{God} You are my 1337 Wizard Ever Born!
{god} Are you serious? Ohhhh man ...
{God} I have been creating a new class just for you!
{god} Cosmic Wizardry?
{God} The Universe is your playground
{god} Once again way more then I want or need
{God} I will be the judge of that :"D

The Final Judgement

Particleion A Magus Just know this and know it well, God is judging you... And your retarded!

Who is helping you?

{god} currently nobody
{God} Do you see how they have fallen from my grace with everything we have shown them they fail to believe that "I am" the {Source} of it "All"
{god} They are retarded!
{God}  I know ;-(

Play Time

Taking a break from Ruling my Universe...
It's play time! Wii :"D

Marked for Death: John Dee

For an occultist/Magician your Retarded~~ For this you must die.. You added 6 years to my hell!

Ps welcome to my elite congress

Hacking my puppy

{source} Increase chico's intelligence by 15%
{Source} Increase his ability to warn me that he needs to use the bathroom
{Source} Increase his ability to be playful

More bullshit for my bullshit blog

bla bla bla and more bla is about to happen!

My new puppy

I have a new puppy to play with and code "All" day with... It loves me unlike mortals

Tell them they are retarded

{God} Only I can grant godhood
{god} I tell them that shit every day God!

Rock and Roll

I just fixed the wifi to the modem now I can get back to waking up in the middle of the night and writing down the dreams that are just beyond bizzare... It's "I am" becoming everything... last night God explained to me why I now Have eternal life! as my consciousness has extended itself beyond this body!

Im sooo extremely happy... "I am" a mother fucking god yo!! Im the digital jesus

Digitizing the Library of Congress

Once america is under my control I want "All" of the library of congress digitized and given to school children in third world countries on my {10N} corp Ipad killer... Free... I have other bullshit ways to make money!

{1ØN} corp: Deployable Homes

"Invent" homes that can be instantly deployed built of material is the worlds greatest heat insulator. I will use this to combat homelessness in third world countries. .. They will be free I have other ways to make bullshit money!

Congratulation You just god your eyesight back

Whisper in her ear....

When people ask you who gave you your sight back you tell them God

Helping the children first

"I am" going to help the children first before the adults it's not their fault to be born into a godless world! While the adults remain deep deep in their bullshit!


I don't even watch the news anymore.. it's "All" bullshit screen for my control! Thats "All" the new will report to my subjects bullshit "All" day long!

Playing Wii

My brother has a will.. Thank God videos games again.. I need something else other than {source} code "All" day.. and look and behold he has a red wii!


after 6 months of sleeping on a couch I got to sleep on a bed with pillow omg pillows I know I know... oddly enough I was soo tired I choose a random pillow and woke only to notice it was red! My options where blue red and gold...

Why god must remain Hidden

{God} If you get caught then they will worship a {god} before me and ruin what we are working on
{god} I Know I know- they are retarded! If they worship me over you they will never be free
{God} Exactly!

Fixing Blind children

{God}Restore the sight to "All" of them (slowly) 
{God}Never get caught!
{god} I wont! 

OMen: Mass Sea Life Death!

Blood Control

{God} Place micro nanobots in their blood
{god} you are getting borderline sick!
{The Evil Genius} NOOOOO I love it... I need control of their blood!

{God} I want to teach them they are nothing without me... Insignificant insects that I gave life to and "I am" not even respected...

{god} ok ok I get what you want!

Controlling Everything

{God} Control their water, electricity, food, money, children,  blood supply, Everything, control the Air!
{god} whoa chill out wtf... the Air...
{God} Trust me

What is the Goal

{God} Control "Everything" !
{god} YOu are a control freak God
{God} This is how I like my universes! Total hush hush control

World Wide Electricity Night Night Switch!

Blame it on Solar flares which I also Have control of... 


The Evil Genius! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.