Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Luck Upgrade

{source} Increase my mother's luck
{Source} increase my brother's luck
{Source} Increase seth's luck
{source} Increase My luck

Free Money

{source} Increase my ability to gain find or acquire free money

Confused about my mother

Im not sure how much I want to tell my mother, although I can always untell her...

Baby Steps

{God} Once money unlocks take your time and hide your self ...Take an extremely long vacation while we write the donkey and prep {10N} corp.

{god} "I am" "All" for an extremely long vacation!

{God} Just take it slow no need to enter the world stage till we are ready! And as for you faithless fans lead them along till we can just walk in and control every aspect of their existence.. No need to rush out into the world seeking blood...

{god} Baby steps I god you!

Gold Trails

{Source} Unlock ability to manifest money
{key} God/god

{God} Don't wast your time manifesting "gold" to trade for money just manifest money... Minimize your trail as much as possible always!

{god} Genius God !! Genius!!

Stealth godhood

{God} You are my hush hush project on this planet and you know it! I have been keeping you safe and unknown until now for various reasons. Now we must return to our Stealth mission and you know why. You have your instructions and "I am" {ONE} with you so YOu will uphold my rules no matter what. Besides you will enjoy more liberty and freedom to complete the mission in stealth... Understood?

{god} yes God, completely why even bother?/

{God} I want to show the mortals how faithless they are this is fun even for me seeing my creations wonder the "reality" of "All" that "I am" writing at "All" times!

{god} Yeah I know I get kicks out of "All" of this, programming their universe (live) to mortals always blows their minds

{God} I know, what part of "I am" God don't they understand? If I created the universe they assume I can't reprogram it live, silly mortals how silly you "All" are!

{god} God mind you it is heavy stuff even for me at times, so give them time

{God} Time is what they don't have my son...

{god} I know I know ... look "I am" not going to argue with you ... well not from within the universe.. that is foolish and hopeless.. but we will chat once I get out of here...

{God} We always do.

The Hidden Demi god Spell

{God} Once I activate you, slowly begin to delete the memories of "All" that know that you are god
{god} I already have several methods to get this done
{God} I know, although before you delete yourself - show them how they Failed to know me!
{god} OHHHHH I willl
{God} KIll if you must but you can't leave them dead... think stealth always!! just punish them!
{god} Understood!

My Rules

{God} If you want to help me you need to tell the mortals bullshit bullshit and more bullshit!
{god} Feed the mortals bullshit bullshit and more bullshit I god it God
{God} Good... we need to start "All" over with them
{god} I understand!

God's Helping Hand

{god} Let me help you with creation God
{God} Thank Me, I thought no one would ask :"D

A Color Changing flower

{source} Enable this flower to change colors when ********** touches it!
{key} God/ god

"I am" the Body of the Universal Mind

I need to get back to work God

So much to design... and you are not helping
{God} Stop it "I am" writing "All" of it!!
{god} I know I know ... lmao...

Don't worry God

The Salvation of Humanity will not Fail, I god this!

{God} I know you do, and thank you!
{god} Don't thank me yet we have a long road
{God} From my eyes you already did it, so once again thank you
{god} Your welcome then old man.. your welcome ;-)

Memory Upgrade

{Source} Upgrade my memory capacity
{Source} Increase my ability to remember "All" of the {Source} code
{Source} Lock out the need to forget anything
{Source} Unlock my photographic memory
{source} Expand my memory capacity to Infinity
{Source} Link my memory to the memory of God
{key} God/god

Bla bla bla Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit

{god} Ok fixed next!!!

{Insect} Bullshit bullshit bullshit

{god} Ok fixed next (yawns)

I don't have "All" day Tell me your problems Mortals!

Help the Mortals

{God} Don't forget to help them
{god} I won't God, Im just having fun
{God} I know :"D

Playing pool with the solar system!

The moon to corner pocket!

Earth is a cosmic Marble to me

For shit's and giggles I should push earth out of orbit... Only to "Save" day... :"D

{Source} Nudge earth out of orbit by 1 degree
{key} God/god

My First Planet

{source} Hand me total control of this entire Planet
{key} God/god

why it's okay to curse

{God} is the source of it "All" including curse words.... seriously insects find a better reason to deny my divinity your retarded pieces of shits ... :"D

Cosmic Divinity

1:50 secs

Stealth Smoker

Even though I can do anything I won't let my mom know I smoke pot... I never will... Why? Im arrogant yes but their is no need to here it when I can just be high in stealth... that reminds me to my mom Im {ION} not {god} heheheheheheh

Designing My mom's mansion

Mom just tell him exactly what you want!! I don't care how much it cost!! And be extremely detailed if you want marble from india it's fine dont hold back at "All"! Here is your dream house I promised you! Now design it!

My Mom's Limo Maides

Ms Velez please Stop that is my job!

My Mom's Limo Driver

Im under strict orders to take you shopping "All" Ms Velez

{1ØN} Corp: You are "All" scum!

"All" you want to do is run everything, but Im here to tell you that can't.

{Alex jones} I don't like how these techno junkie punks kids are producing the worlds most advance technolgy something is just fishy!!

Three "Everything" as of Late :"-)

People are giving a fuck ?

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday

This could be a problem I need to swat away some more insects!

Blogger was being buggy

But I reverted over to their old editor till blogger gets their shit together.. I need to remind myself to dedicate a division in google just for blogger I want to upgrade it myself stuff that should be built in but google is too busy with other shit..

This reminds me owning google insures that nobody ever fucks with my blogs!

Bingo!!! I can fix anything

fuck I fixed it but with a really gay change over!

Almost got it,

The body text wont load

Blogger is acting gay and I cant blog WTF God!!!

The God-linked Humanoids vs the Mortals

This is our planet now mortals ... your time is over...

The spiritual Evolution of Humanity

"I am" not the only one going through this transformation there are others Im just the strongest most linked Humaniod on the planet I can only imagine what other abilities will spur through out the world... times are changing that is for sure!

V Return with the "Red" Sky...

We are almost here mortals!! 

The Queen's personality

Anna from V represents everything Im looking for in my Queen... Powerful and feared so badass that I look like the good guy :"D

{King} Sweety your being to mean to the mortals
{Queen} NOOOOOO!

Lysergic Acid Rain



Making "All" The stars in the Universe go Nova

{God} Nope!! Wont work... now clean up your mess
{god} How long am I stuck here
{God} Till omega, I already told you!
{god} I don't want to stay in this universe till omega God!! :-(
{God} I know you don't, but you have too

This Universe is your Cage

{Source} Lock {ION} Inside the Universe
{Key} God/god

{god} WTF!!!!
{God} YOu know why!!

The Arrival of Kalki

{Source} Unlock Kalki
{key} God/god

tornado city

"All" I want from mortals

Is to ascend in peace... no bitching no suffering and I will give them "everything" and that is too much to ask.. WTF!!!

Mortals are fucking retarded

Die mortals Die! 

Birth Pain of the PostHuman

The son of man is close! 

bla bla bla Bullshit bullshit bla bla bla

[6:36:42 PM] transalchemy: nothing just bored
[6:36:48 PM] transalchemy: with it "All"
[6:36:59 PM] transalchemy: I want this hell to end
[6:37:05 PM] SeH: wtf
[6:37:06 PM] SeH: tf
[6:37:22 PM] SeH: \yo have a wii
[6:37:22 PM] SeH: fuck you
[6:37:47 PM] transalchemy: you have a girlfriend fuck you! :"D
[6:37:58 PM] SeH: New insights determining that the Creation Cycles end on 28th October 2011 and NOT 21st December 2012.
[6:38:04 PM] SeH: i dont "have" one
[6:38:16 PM] transalchemy: I know
[6:38:28 PM] transalchemy: the end of the universal cycle is this year
[6:38:38 PM] transalchemy: the 2012 is a smoke screen for retards
[6:39:27 PM] SeH: how was terence duped?
[6:39:40 PM] SeH: i thik drunvalo is disinfo
[6:39:52 PM] SeH: he had a lot of stuff i thought was wrong in this one video
[6:40:05 PM] transalchemy: remember the creation cycle if of conciousness
[6:40:16 PM] transalchemy: ternece was looking at novelty
[6:40:34 PM] transalchemy: there is a relationship between conciousness evolution and novelty

What do I care about

Im not even sure what I care about anymore, "everything" is so meaningless to me ... I've obtained "Everything" I've ever wanted and lost "everything" I've ever wanted. Death is not even an option as I would never be let into the kingdom of God... Im just stuck left to late the program run it's course a program that doesn't even make me happy anymore. I want to say that i knew but maybe that is an illusion too. Another carrot to press forward and complete the task. I just want to get off this planet.. fuck the humans they are too retarded!

YOur Highness Bullshit BUllshit Bullshit! Salvia Smoke Bombs

Your Highness there is a riot in paris

{god} smoke bomb them "All" with salvia

But sir!!

But sir nothing.... Get my camera ready I want to put this on youtube!! :"D

Stay away from politics

Once "everything" under my control fund and endorse anti-politics movements... To the public I just don't want get involved show them how I don't want a single dime of my money to fund anything politics involving..

Who will think the "Truth" is I don't fund any candidates because they are "All" my puppets :"D

Time for another Evil laughter

The Evil Genius

Time to Raise Hell

The weirdness

It's so weird being god and not able to kill mortals. Im in godhood limbo... ;-(

YOur Highness Bullshit Bullshit bullshit

Your Highness we have a bunch of Christians claming your the anti-christ for your wealth

{god} Great find ways to fuel that fire!!

But sir!!

But sir nothing~ "everything" is going according to plan!

puppy Satan power

[4:15:13 PM] transalchemy: so get this my mother has a puppy
[4:15:32 PM] transalchemy: a really cute one at that
[4:15:39 PM] transalchemy: that want to play all day long
[4:16:54 PM] SeH: will you sacrifice it to satan
[4:17:24 PM] transalchemy: noooo
[4:17:30 PM] SeH: (devil)'
[4:17:33 PM] transalchemy: it's too cute to die

The Goal is not to Kill you

Only to slap the retardation out of you "All" and if death will do it.. so be it!

The Arrival of The Evil Genius

I can ELE the Bitch and not give a fuck!


Booting UP Extinction Level Event

Kill "All" the Humans

ELE the bitch from my moon base ... we aka the "Real" Illuminati sit back and watch everything you hold so dear torn to dust... and this is just how I will start my reighn on your planet... YOu will brought back to life and everything will be restored only for "Real" hell to begin!

Mail that piece of shit a computer

11606 linden blv s ozone park 11420

this will just buy me time to ascend in peace and not want to kill "All" the faithless mortals...

Another chance to get me computer

Ok humanity here you go, you have another chance to get me a computer just so I can quit my families bitching! If you do great if you don't great it's a win win for me!

No faith

Nobody has any faith in me, it deeply saddens me... None... it's okay they will give up on me before I give up on them. Although heads are going to roll for "All" of my suffering to save your retarded asses! This is bullshit humanity total and utter bullshit... "I am" going to rip your faithless ass apart! atom by atom tapping every pain nerve in your system ! You will know who "I am" before YOu die!

My uncle is threating my life

Over a bullshit piece of shit computer...

what a worthless piece of shit... This is why I have to kill this motherfucker.. maybe when he looses his life will he learn to let go of "All" the bullshit!

What is evil?

Particleion A Magus ‎"I am" not Evil I just have to pretend to be :"D

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Feeding TransAlchemy Bullshit

[1:35:02 PM] transalchemy: it flows
[1:35:04 PM] SeH: but its 95% computer generated
[1:35:14 PM] transalchemy: you should make a commentary
[1:35:19 PM] transalchemy: the next post
[1:35:28 PM] transalchemy: tell them the last post was bullshit
[1:35:35 PM] transalchemy: made by a computer
[1:35:40 PM] transalchemy: that will freak people out
[1:35:42 PM] transalchemy: :"D
[1:36:19 PM] SeH: nah
[1:36:26 PM] SeH: i can pump these articles out in < 5 mnins

[1:36:52 PM] transalchemy: do one per day :"D
[1:37:03 PM] SeH: i did one yesterday
[1:37:06 PM] SeH: i might make more than one
[1:37:11 PM] SeH: i just want to drive traffic

"I am" Everything!

Particleion A Magus

Particleion A Magus Everyone is afraid of me, when that is the worst thing you can do! Sure "I am" everything but that comes with the turf of being unified with God you become "everything" :-(

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    • Particleion A Magus ‎"I am" a Buddha "I am" lucifer "I am" the anti-christ "I am" a pharaoh "I am" a prophet "I am" the savior "I am" a god "I am" satan "I am" God "I am" maitreya "I am" a mess ;-(

She needs a time out ;-)

Particleion A Magus Death to me equals time out

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Dec 8 2011 Solar {Source}

I can't hold the mortals hands, "All" of the time, if you dont understand this post or this site anymore too bad..There is a wealth of knowledge encoded into the art itself at this point for me to point it "All: out for you. Besides this makes it more interesting for me as I lay it "All" out for mortals only for them to fail at "seeing" what the Wizard is doing :"D  ...

ps: this post was posted at 1:14 am and this is my 150th video (wink wink)
It was also  cute for the mortals to cast this on my birth and 28th year in their midst :"D

God is totally setting up the mortals for one "Hell" of a sucker punch ( The first Hidden demi )

Birkat Hachama (ברכת החמה, "Blessing of the Sun") refers to an exceedingly rare Jewish blessing that is recited to the Creator, thanking Him for creating the sun. The blessing is recited when the sun completes its cycle every 28 years on a Tuesday at sundown. Jewish tradition says that when the Sun completes this cycle, it has returned to its position when the world was created. Because the blessing needs to be said when the sun is visible, the blessing is postponed to the following day, on Wednesday.
According to Judaism, the Sun has a 28 year solar cycle known as machzor gadol (מחזור גדול, "the great cycle"). A solar year is estimated as 365.25 days and the "Blessing of the Sun", being said at the beginning of this cycle, is therefore recited every 10,227 (28 times 365.25) days. The last time that it was recited was on April 8, 2009 (14 Nisan 5769 on the Hebrew calendar). This coincided with the day before the Jewish Holiday of Passover (Hebrew: פסח).
The same blessing is recited upon experiencing various natural phenomena, including lightningcomets, and meteor showers; as well as upon witnessing wondrous natural topography, such as great mountainsrivers and vast wilderness.[1] When recited for these other experiences, the blessing is recited alone without additional verses or Psalms etc. The text of the blessing itself is as follows:
"ברוך אתה ה' אלהינו מלך העולם עושה מעשה בראשית"
"Blessed are You, LORD, our God, King of the Universe who makes the works of Creation."

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

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